Headed To Poverty.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Well, today, we are headed to poverty.  However, saying “headed to poverty” would indicate that at one time we were not in poverty.


Seriously though, we are headed to the pyramids of Louisiana today.  You heard me. Pyramids. I had no idea either.


Have you ever heard of Stonehenge?  Well, Girl Person tells me that persons will know what that is and that Poverty Point is kind of like that. But in Louisiana.  Actually, I would have been quite content to stay in New Orleans eating beignets or arresting alligators in Louisiana.  But Girl Person says that since we have a really long drive to get to an Arkansas place next week, we have to keep going to another part of this state.  I would rather go to Well Off Island than Poverty Point though.  I may have to hide some money for beignets in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV just in case we get too poor this weekend. I also may have to eat more jambalaya to get my strength up. Oh, by the way, Girl Person will be making a dog-friendly jambalaya recipe LIVE on our Facebook page, Sunday at 4 p.m. CST.


Girl Person told us that we never have to worry about being poor because we are rich in the things that count.  And I know what she is talking about.  The last few years were hard for our family when it came to that money stuff.  I saw the persons worry and fret, even more than me as a Sheriff. Have you been there too? To a Poverty Point?  Girl Person says that sometimes things get better.  But sometimes they don’t for awhile, and that almost everyone has had to struggle.  I know that after we went through hard times, the good times seemed so much better.  We learned to appreciate the small things.  We learned to appreciate the things that we took for granted.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

And it made us realize that we never wanted to get caught up in things that didn’t matter anymore. It really is a wonderful world if we give it a chance and leave the things out that don’t matter a bit.

That is part of the reason we decided to do this trip and visit rescues and shelters all across the country like the one here in Louisiana this week, the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana. Because our lessons learned were better off being taught to others.  We learned that things would never be perfect to do a trip like this.  We learned that sometimes, going to Poverty Point makes you rich in other ways.  Never think that you are the only one going through hard times.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They’re really saying I love you

We have learned that life IS the small things.  Looking up at the stars at night.  Realizing we are fortunate to even see the stars.  But what is most important to us, even besides the rescue visits and the fun we are having?  Being together.  It is as simple and wonderful as that.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world

Whether we are in Well Off Island or most likely Poverty Point, the fact that we are together..for this day and the day after that is what makes us rich.  Girl Person told me and Digby Pancake today that she would love us forever and a day and a million billion days after that.  But do we have to go to Poverty Point?  I can read about it perhaps.

Girl Person says we have to go. So we will be there until Monday in one of our favorite places so far, this Louisiana place! Then we will head out again to somewhere called an Arkansas place.  There is gonna be a lot of driving. But we can do it. I think.  Remember now.  Digby has his weekly book report today below! It is his last one for February.  Don’t miss it. And don’t miss our remaining time in Louisiana this weekend!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Today is the last time in February that I will be reading to you from our favorite book, The Endless Path. I really liked when Girl Person read it to me and Sheriff Brickle, so I wanted to share another one of my favorite parts written by my friend Gunny, the chocolate lab, who is almost as handsome as Brickle.


This is out of chapter 24 if you want to follow along, but I am an excellent reader, so you should probably just listen to me.

You asked, ‘What is life’s purpose as I see it?’ Interesting question.  One thought up by someone other than a dog.  Some dogs are given tasks to do, some are trained for their owners to command, some dogs are given the job of companionship, some are mistreated and neglected, some take off on their own or try to.  I would imagine the answer would be very subjective but I want to think about why dogs are so loyal to their companions , especially when mistreated.  Does it go beyond necessity?  I know in my case (I’m not mistreated) it is partly because of instinct and partly because of an internal mutual attraction and need to love and to be loved.  So one conclusion is there is something in our core that instinctually makes us trust and love until proven otherwise but even still we persist as any abused, human or animal, even when it may become unbearable.

What do I take from my friend Gunny?  I have been to many states.  We have been to many rescues.  I have met dogs that have been through their own war.  But every dog I have met has still wanted love.  Every dog I have met has hope.  They want to realize THEIR purpose, their path.  They are no different than me.  Or Brickle. But what do I really think is my job? My purpose? Brickle’s purpose?  You may think that we may see our purpose as rescuing other animals.  That my friends is the persons’ purpose for us.  OUR purpose is also just to be loved.  To be happy and to make our persons happy by helping others.  And that purpose, our path, our Endless Path will always be that.

Thru the month of February, the book’s kind author is donating $5 for every book sold to 2 Traveling Dogs and our rescue mission! Plus, every book is autographed. In order for us to get credit, you must order only thru this link!

Thank you Laurie and Gunny, and to all of our fans for their continued support!

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Don’t Feed The Gators. Seriously.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle reporting to you from this Louisiana place.  You know, sometimes my job is overwhelming.  Sometimes my job is hard.  Sometimes, my job requires much thinking, planning and delegation to the Deputy.  Sometimes, he is no help.  Actually, always. He is always no help.



I decided yesterday that I was sick and tired, and tired and sick from looking for that shoe that Girl Person lost in the Florida place.  I pretty much figured, and wrote in my report that the shoe was ultimately and probably stolen first of all by a raccoon who had a hankering for stinky hiking shoes.  However, he was hired by the camper person with the white pants and white trailer and white car with swept leaves who knew he was a shoe thief in order to make us mad since he didn’t like dogs.  That is what my preliminary report stated.  I held off on releasing my synopsis until this Louisiana place because if it turned up, I didn’t want to be wrong.  I am never wrong. So I gave it one last shot yesterday before I closed the book on it in Louisiana.  I was tired of reading this book in my mind.


Wednesdays are usually the day we visit with each rescue we go to in each state.  So we had a big turnout from our visit with the Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society of Louisiana.  They brought some dogs and many, many people. Each one was a suspect in my eyes.  Did they know where Girl Person’s shoe was?  Seems as though they had a lot of beads on that were purple.  The same color as Girl Person’s stolen shoe.  Did they like purple?  So much so that they conspired with the Florida place criminals before we got here and had a handoff in the Georgia place, then Mississippi place and then..gasp, this Louisiana place?  It was all making sense to me all of a sudden. I started looking at everyone’s shoes very closely. Did they all match?


I tried to get the Deputy’s attention, because there were too many shoes to examine, but he was too busy being tricked by the suspects.  They were trying to play with him, with all their beads on and diverting his attention.  They were pawtying it up. This Louisiana place is obsessed with having a good time, but when you are all bizzzneeessss, it is quite irritating.


My Sheriff brain was now working overtime.  How did this all slip by me?  How had all of these states tricked me?  I am so done with looking at Girl Person’s water shoes that she tries to pass off as hiking shoes because she has no time to go buy some, and Boy Person brought them home from the drugstore which apparently sells shoes and that in itself is arrest warranting.  Why would he buy her water shoes? Sometimes, she goes in the water on purpose to pretend they somehow serve a purpose. I am sorry to say this out loud.  But sometimes, she acts like a fool.

When your dog thinks you are an idiot. #becauseitstrue • • #2travelingdogs #louisiana #neworleans #swamp

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Anyway, I have not went off track, because I never do that, but I will get back to my point.  After looking at all the shoes, the beads, the suspects on our rescue visit, something happened.  And the criminal of all criminals in Louisiana showed up.


The rescue volunteers stopped to show us this criminal in the water.

Oh yes, I saw the signs everywhere.  “Don’t feed the gators”.  That is actually when I realized that my report was going to be concluded.

These rescue partiers knew it.  Everyone knew it.  Gators cannot be fed in Louisiana, so they must find their food elsewhere, even if that means hiring a raccoon in the Florida place to steal a shoe, deliver it to a clean camper, make a handoff to the gopher turtles in Georgia who deliver it to the people in Mississippi trying to forget that their state’s name is annoying, and then make a final delivery to the gators in Louisiana.  This happens every day my friends.  It is mind boggling I know, but these criminals, the gators have a huge crime ring going on.  And they thought no one could ever figure it out.  But I tell you what.  I am a Sheriff first.  And a catahoula rescue mutt second.  Catahoula you say?  The state dog of Louisiana you say?


These alligator criminals had no idea that a Sheriff who was the state dog of Louisiana would be coming here.  Oh, but I did.  And I am shocked at the amount of effort it took to eat Girl Person’s shoe.  It must have been a pretty good shoe, but I am a pretty good catahoula Sheriff.  Louisiana?  I must say this to you.  As I do not know which gator ate my shoe, and since all you partiers tried to distract us with purple beads, and since you distracted my Deputy…this is long and coming.  You. Are. Arrested.

What can get you a lighter sentence? I think that is pretty obvious. As obvious as Digby’s bad breath and as obvious as a pair of unattractive water shoes on an uncoordinated Girl Person.  I don’t want the shoe back, I realize that is now gone in a gator’s stomach.  But come on.  She wears a size 8.


-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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If You’re Happy And You Know It, You May Get Arrested In New Orleans.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Is it appropriate to arrest your own Sheriff?  Is it appropriate to be embarrassed of your Sheriff?  Also, is it illegal to act like this in New Orleans, Louisiana when you are served beignets?

He really likes beignets. #2travelingdogs #adventureofalifetime #louisiana #cafedumonde

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I know you are probably speechless.  I mean, a Sheriff can act like this when he is supposed to be upholding the law?  If this is what happened when everyone got served beignets at Cafe Du Monde’ in New Orleans, what would this world come to?  Girl Person says that is the least they have to worry about with all the parades going on.  Instead of throwing beads, can you imagine if they threw beignets instead?  I don’t want to imagine it if they acted like Sheriff Brickle here.


Since I am the one that loves pancakes so much, I thought that I would be the one to go crazy.  Who knew that beignets could bring out the Sheriff’s happy side?  Is there anyway that I can get a few more bags of these to save for an emergency and or bribery when the Sheriff is moody?  Seems like it would be a good idea in fact.


New Orleans surprised us.  One day was not enough.  We will never forget our day here filled with all kinds of happy people, music, pretty buildings, the bayous, the moss covered trees.  And we will miss New Orleans.  We will be back one day for sure.


I have to wonder.  Is there a limit to how happy we should be?  I have never known this limit if there is one, and limits here in Louisiana are made to be broken!  They have drive thru places for daiquiris, big cakes, cajun and creole food everywhere you turn, and people that are happy and proud of their great state.  I think Louisiana is a lesson for us…about happy.

You see, Sheriff Brickle doesn’t show his happy often because he works very hard to uphold the law.  But just like the Sheriff, we can all find our happy somewhere, although I do not suggest you do this in public. If you have something that makes you this happy…even if it is something you may think is a small thing, or an ordinary thing, give yourself a chance to find your happy today.  You may not be in New Orleans to find this happy, but if you are, Sheriff Brickle has already broken the law doing this, so feel free to get a beignet and go crazy.  But warning.  If you’re happy and you know it, you may get arrested in New Orleans.

Today is our rescue visit in Louisiana is with the Magnolia Chapter of the Humane Society in Franklinton, Louisiana!  They need our help very bad. One of the dogs that they have under their care is a little bit like the Sheriff.  You see, the state dog of Louisiana is the Catahoula Leopard..which is why Brickle may feel like he can do whatever he wants here.  But we will talk about that tomorrow.  Until then, meet Sassafrass.  And don’t forget our video with them and article will be on Sunday.  Until then…find your happy today.  And perhaps get arrested.


-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Jambalaya And A CrawFish Pie

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Well.  You know what’s coming.  Welcome to Louisiana everyone! We made it to our #36 state on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And it’s true.  My handsome is just adding to the beauty of this state already. We are ready to have a great week.  We have our camping spot all set up here until we move again to another Louisiana camp on Friday.

Welcome to camp! #2travelingdogs #adventureofalifetime #louisiana

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Girl Person says that Louisiana is a state many people want to visit.  They like the music of this state, they like to dance and they like to party.  I like to pawty.  If pawtying means policing, upholding the law and bossing the Deputy around.  If that is the definition of pawty, I like to do that.  But partying?  Get ready Louisiana, I am here to make some arrests.  Because I hear that your partying, your food and your music make people crazy.  The pawsabilities for arrest are endless.  Oh yes, it is going to be a good week.

Apparently, gumbo and jambalaya are not the same things here in this Louisiana place. We aim to find out the difference. Also, pancakes are replaced by something called beignets in New Orleans.  PLUS, Girl Person says they have places that you can get a frozen daiquiri at a drive-thru! You heard me…a drive-thru.  I have a feeling that my arrests here in Louisiana will be the most out of any state so far. And the most dangerous yet.




But as Sheriff, I am not afraid of much.  Unless you count bridges, metal grates to walk across or tile floors.  I never put it on my resume I was not afraid of aforementioned things, and therefore, it is not in my job description.  What IS in my job description however this week is showing you what a great state Louisiana is.  And today, we will be starting with…New Orleans.

So are you ready fans?  I am.  My badge is on.  My handsome is sooooo on.  And let’s do this!  By the way, if you see us walking down Bourbon Street today, I can or cannot guarantee that Girl Person will have a frozen daiquiri in hand and Digby may or may not have powdered sugar all over his mouth.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Joy To You And Me, Mississippi!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a week we had in this Mississippi place!  Thank you so much, Mississippi!  But I guess it is time to say goodbye.  Seems like we just got here.  Oh…we did a week ago!  Time goes by fast.


This was our first week back on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And it was a little hard to get back into the swing of things I guess.  We all seemed to be very tired.  Which was appropriate because we visited with Tired Dog Rescue in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Here’s the video in case you missed it!

We also had a big write up in the Sun Herald.  Yes, someone actually wrote about US for a change!  Sheriff Brickle got a bigger head than usual, I was downright embarrassed of what they printed about me! The important thing was that the rescue we visited here got some exposure too.  And that is what this trip is all about.  Well, that and having a good time!

Good morning #Mississippi #gulfcoast #adventureofalifetime #2travelingdogs

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We concentrated our visit in Mississippi to the coastal areas.  Why? Well.  We love the water.  We love the sand.  It makes us feel good.  And it was the perfect way to get back into the swing of things.  What the persons didn’t know was that this area like many is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina which happened a long, long time ago.  Even longer than I have been alive.  And so as we drove around, we were a bit surprised that there were still many houses that were not built back. There was still debris and sadness from a storm that destroyed so much.

But there was also so much beauty to see, and it made us joyful that the people here love their home so much.  They are trying to rebuild and recover.  Slowly but surely, they will do that!

How can sadness bring joy?  If anyone knows joy, it is me!  Sometimes you have to experience a bit of sadness to appreciate the good in life.  Sometimes it takes losing something to make you remember why you needed it so much.  And we can only grow from what we go thru in life.  Life goes on…no matter how we react to it.  We can pout like Sheriff Brickle does sometimes, or we can roll in whatever stinks, which is what I do!  Life goes on.  We just have to decide how we are going to feel about that.

#DrivingWithTheSheriff in #Mississippi #stayinalive #beegees #camingwithdogs #jeep #jeeinwithdogs #waveland

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And Mississippi taught us that. Even the “Hurricane Katrina” trees taught us even though these trees did not make it thru the storm, their beauty can live on.


We never expected Mississippi to teach us to appreciate what we have right in front of us.  I hear that for persons, sometimes it is hard to let go of things that they wished they had done in life.  It is hard to let go of beating themselves up over mistakes.  Or regrets.  But just like in Mississippi, life has went on here. Time goes by fast whether we want it to or not. Time goes by faster it seems the older we get.  I can tell you that.  Time also goes by fast when you first get a plate of pancakes and then they are gone in five seconds.  Stupid time.

We can’t let the past rob of the joy that we can have now.  So Mississippi?  You not only showed us the surprising beauty of your beaches, your state parks, your people and your food…like those collard greens Girl Person made us.


But you showed us that moving on can be joyful.  It can be cleansing, like a hurricane.  And it is necessary to be happy.  Thank you Mississippi!


Now.  Today, we are headed to somewhere called a Louisiana place, the #36 state!  Girl Person says her family used to live there.  I am interested in something called a beignet that I keep hearing about which apparently is better to some people than a pancake because it is a french doughnut!  Gotta find out what this is about.


Beyond that, I haven’t really listened to what else we are up to.  The rescue we are visiting with though is in Franklinton, Louisiana called the Magnolia Chapter Of the Humane Society of Louisiana who really needs our help.  They have animals like Harper here who was a stray for a long, long time.

Magnolia Chapter Of The Humane Society Of Louisiana

So fans? Are you ready to let go of whatever is holding you back this week from joy?  Let’s find our happy together, roll in whatever stink you need to, get that over with and jump in this Big Blue Treat Wagon for a trip to Louisiana!  Let’s go! Joy to you and me!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Well. It Starts With The Same Letter At Least.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days just don’t go as planned.  As Girl Person says, “you can’t win for losin'”.  I don’t know what we lost though except for our minds yesterday in this Mississippi place.

We had our day all planned out.  We were going to visit a place called the National Seashore near Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  We had our lunch packed.  We had our snacks packed.  And we had our backup snacks packed.  We knew we had a while to drive, but it was all good because we were driving along the water.  And that is one of our favorite things. Plus, we were headed to a beach.  Right?  It had to be called a National Seashore for a reason.  Seashore. Beach.  Yeah, makes sense.  Except I guess not in Mississippi.

We pulled into the seashore and we didn’t see a beach.  No beach in sight.  Nope.  None.


I knew right away there was going to be an arrest.  How did I know?  Seriously though…


So the persons got out their brochure.  They went in the visitor center.  So, yeah, hey, where is the beach I can eat my snacks at?  There is no beach here they said.  There is a bayou though.  A bayou?  Well, huh.  I thought to myself, self?  Bayou and beach start with the same letter at least.  And since Girl Person is always bragging about how she won the sixth grade spelling bee like eighty years ago plus a day, did she simply concentrate too hard on the letter “b”?  I found this to be the only logical explanation.


I may be a dog, I may not know how to spell, but I know a beach from a bayou.  Because anything other than the beach is not a beach, so a bayou would not be a beach.  How could the persons make such a mistake?  They explained to me that this is part of traveling.  You learn, you make mistakes, you enjoy what is in front of you and you don’t worry about the rest.  You appreciate that at least you can spell things with the letter b and you laugh about it and eat your snacks on aforementioned bayou that is not a beach.

After you learn what a bayou is though, you realize that since alligators live here, you may not want to eat your aforementioned snacks on the aforementioned bayou.  And so you take your snacks to a picnic area overlooking the bayou which is not a beach but starts with the letter b as spelled by Girl Person.

I can tell you what else starts with the letter b.  Beautiful.  No, I am not describing Sheriff Brickle, although yeah, Brickle starts with the letter b too.  I am talking about beautiful Mississippi.  We have loved our time here so far.  We have much more to explore and enjoy, so stay with us thru the weekend!  We met Tired Dog Rescue and their awesome people and animals which we will be telling you all about Sunday on our Facebook page with videos and other fun stuff!  Plus, Sunday at 4 p.m. CST, Girl Person will be live on our Facebook page cooking up a Mississippi dog treat.  So thank you Mississippi for teaching us many things this week so far.  We learned what a bayou is, what it isn’t and how wonderful it still is.  Because so many times, the unexpected events in your day turn out to be the best ones.  And that is how Mississippi has been for us.  Thank you Mississippi place.  But I do not thank you for having a name so long and giving Girl Person bragging rights she can spell it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

P.S.  I have more to say…I am on a roll.

This week, we visited Tired Dog Rescue from Gulfport, Mississippi.  


We were so impressed with their love and care to many dogs that may be ill, senior, or in the last stages of life.  They value each and every one of these animals, and it made us think about our favorite book The Endless Path by Laurie Duperier and her dog Gunny.

Sometimes, persons may wonder if their dog is truly ok with living life even though they are old or sick.  Do they appreciate all of the love and concern that is showed to them by their person or persons at a rescue or shelter?  Gunny explained how he felt when he was undergoing this kind of situation with his Girl Person in The Endless Path.

“I know we have walked this walk together so many times. Why is letting go so difficult? Not just for you but for me also. I have to be honest about that. It hasn’t only been your need for me to stay but mine also because I keep finding a new surprise around every corner in this amazing life I share with you. We both have a choice, a say in our future together or apart. But I believe as before we are still held together by mutual love and will find each other again in the mist of eternity.”- Gunny

Simply put, every life matters..and every minute matters together.  Never take that for granted..even if there is only one minute left.

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Thank you Laurie and Gunny, and to all of our fans for their continued support!

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Where You Came From. You Know The Place.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. When you have to spell Mississippi as many times as we have lately, you work up an appetite. When you work up an appetite, you ask for more pancakes. And when you figure out that the word Mississippi gets you more pancakes, you learn to love it. I love ya, Mississippi place.

When we planned on visiting Mississippi, (pancakes please), Girl Person got real excited because her favorite singer of all time was born right here in Tupelo, Mississippi (pancakes please).

I have say, I am a dog, but I know music.  Music that I like to howl to.  In fact, I will howl to just about anything as I explained yesterday on the blog.  But Elvis Presley?  Now that my friends is music.  I have not been paid to say this by Girl Person, but in fact I have if I say Mississippi (pancakes please). And I must be honest about that.


Now, Elvis was just a person, like all of you persons out there.  Even though he traveled far and wide, he never forgot where he came from.  Because we all come from somewhere.

If you are a rescue dog like me, sometimes you may want to forget where you came from.  But even I can remember good things about it.  I learned to be a hound dog and even though I wasn’t a good hunting dog…I became a good Digby dog.  Life for me didn’t go according to plan, or someone else’s plan.  And I guess I could have dwelled on that for the remainder of my days.  Life probably doesn’t go according to plan for most persons.  But when you step back and see the good in where your life has led you, you begin to appreciate every step along the way.

For everyone, life’s steps began at a place they called home…just like Elvis from this Mississippi (pancakes please) place.  I could have never imagined where my Digby Pancake steps would have taken me.  How did I end up in a RV traveling the country and living every day to the full with love?  If I had not been thru hard times, it wouldn’t have brought me to the good. The hard times I went thru prepared me to help other animals out there like the ones at Tired Dog Rescue in Mississippi (pancakes please) this week.

But what about your home?  You know the place where you came from.  How did it change you?  What can you learn from it? What did you take from it?  We don’t know what tomorrow brings, even Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle, as shocking as that is.  No one can ever take away where we came from though..because that started who we are…for good or for bad.  It is what we make of it…what we make of our steps along the way that will make for our future days.  Make it count.  But never forget where you came from.  Elvis didn’t and can I tell you where he was from?  Mississippi.  Pancakes.  Please.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Our rescue pick this week is Tired Dog Rescue in Gulfport, Mississippi!  Check out their many adoptables like Ms. Bella here on their Facebook page and give them a like today!


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The Digby Blues

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. You know, I am diggin’ this Mississippi place so far. I don’t dig spelling it though. Good thing that Girl Person does the typing. Plus, my paws are a bit dirty for that computer thing. IMG_3891.JPG

Being a hound dog, my howling is not welcomed in many places. I know, it is shocking to think that. And how can you tell a hound dog not to howl? If you do tell a hound dog not to howl, it will howl anyway. Just letting you know. A howl is love in my opinion.  And all my love is just in vain. It’s a terrible thing…you know?

So when I heard that they sing the blues here in Mississippi, I was pretty thrilled about that. I feel like singing the blues! Girl Person told me that the origins of the blues in the Mississippi Delta are as deep, wide, and muddy as the river that gives the area its name. easy to listen to. So much learning in this Mississippi place. So diggin’ this. And maybe Mississippi understands my hound dog howling.  I think maybe they do.  And I am going to listen to some Mississippi blues for inspiration.


As you can hear, the blues are full of the blues, but they could be made better with some howling in my opinion.

Yeah, you can see my point.  Everything is made better with a bit of hound dog howling Digby style.  The persons tell me to shush when I howl at other campers.  The persons tell me to shush when I howl at squirrels which apparently are in a lot of pants here in Mississippi. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you missed a blog and Sheriff Brickle says You. Are. Arrested.  Which makes me want to howl.  Which makes me get shushed.  And honey, when you get shushed in the south, you better shush. And when you get shushed for howling so much, well, you just gotta sing the blues Mississippi style.  And today, I will be singing the blues.  All. Day.

Today is our first rescue visit on this Adventure Of A Lifetime again.  We are going to be filming with Tired Dog Rescue from Gulfport, Mississippi.  I know for sure that their dogs like Frank and Oliver who are 14 years old WERE singing the blues! But now they have a chance thanks to this amazing rescue.


Now, I have one last thing to say.  What are YOU singing the blues about today?  I know there is something.  If it as serious as a problem as my howling issue is to me, I sure feel sorry for you.  But I can guarantee that if you sing the blues..Mississippi style, you will sure feel better.  And it may not seem so serious.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


A big thanks to our sponsors for this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Do you know what they are doing? Donating some seriously cool products to every rescue on our trip! Stop by their Facebook pages today!  Check them out!



The Biscuit Barkery Of Northern Colorado


Bowser Beer





The Endless Path by Laurie Duperier



The Captain Has Turned On The Fasten Seat Belt Sign

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Allow me to be the first to welcome you to this Mississippi place!  Yesterday was a long, long drive.  Let us recap it for you. But first, Girl Person has an announcement to make.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt. And also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position.”

Definitely riding dirty today. #doghairdontcare

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Yeah, we drove from the Florida place to the Georgia place Friday.  Then yesterday, we drove from the Georgia place back into the Florida place,  then the Alabama place to reach the Mississippi place.  Already tired of spelling that by the way.  We drove and it was quite relaxing.  For the Deputy.  Digby is the only one that can sleep thru anything.  We have the captain, Boy Person, the passengers, me and Deputy Digby.  And then.  Well, then.  There is Girl Person.  Her job is apparent.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  But Girl Person loves this job.  She really does.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to serve us snacks and treats all day?  Who wouldn’t love giving directions to the Captain, getting him refreshments and making sure we are all ok?  All day long?  For over seven hours?  None other than Girl Person.  Seriously though, she is the only one with two legs who can balance with this Big Blue Treat Wagon going down the road.

“If you have any questions about our flight today, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our flight attendants. Thank you.”


Now, we told you it was going to be a long drive to this Mississippi place, and you waited a long time for us to get back on the road after our break.  But the wait it over, the drive is over, at least for another week, and we have landed safely.


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Waveland, Mississippi.   Local time is whenever you are reading this and the temperature is 70 degrees today.  If you require deplaning assistance, please remain in your seat until all other passengers have deplaned. One of our crew members will then be pleased to assist you.”

Actually, I can’t assist you.  I am too exhausted today. When I can’t look at myself in the mirror as much as I want to in a day, I get exhausted worrying about it.  It’s just too much.  All day, constantly, I think to myself, self, it is a shame I can’t look at you now. On these travel days, I am a man of constant sorrow.  Constant sorrow. Sit back for a moment, and enjoy. This is part of your inflight entertainment. And yep, this movie was filmed in Mississippi and is one of Girl Person’s favorites.

Now.  Itinerary.  Tomorrow is our rescue visit with Tired Dog Rescue and we get to see some of the animals they have up for adoption.  If you get a chance, the Captain and the flight attendant would like you to visit their Facebook page to learn a little more about them and what they do in Gulfport, Mississippi for dogs like Tish here.

Tish, available for adoption thru Tired Dog Rescue

So…once again, I will ask you.  Are you with us this week?  Are you ready to have some fun in this Mississippi place?  We have a lot to learn about this place, its people and its animals.  I am ready. So ready.

“Please check around your seat for any personal belongings you may have brought on board with you and please use caution when opening the overhead bins, as heavy articles may have shifted around during the flight.”

If you leave your peanut butter cookies though, I won’t mention it to the flight attendant.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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We’re On The Way, Mississippi Without Squirrels In Our Pants.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and…here we go!!  This is it! The official day that we travel to our #35 state on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  But easier said than done.  Kind of like when you don’t want to admit that I am the most handsome dog in the world, and you deny it and it is hard to do.  Very hard.  We have about 7 hours of driving today.  And it is going to be a ruff one.


Now, here is the deal about Mississippi.  I know almost nothing about it.  I have never saw the need to spell it either.  Girl Person says that when she was a kid, she practiced spelling Mississippi over and over again to win the spelling bee at school.  I don’t know what a spelling bee is, but I know that she won’t let it go that she was the sixth grade spelling champion.  Guess I have Mississippi to thank for hearing that story about a million times.

Girl Person also says that when she was a kid, her family used to play some funny song about Mississippi and laugh about it.  This is pretty much torture to me, and I am glad the squirrel got away, but here it is anyway.  Don’t blame me for this one.  It is supposed to get you excited to go to Mississippi.  I swear if I have to spell that one more time.

Now Mississippi place?  We are on the way, but without squirrel in our pants, because we don’t wear pants. If that is a law there, I was not informed of it as a law enforcement officer.  Probably because you are too busy trying to teach people how to spell your name.  Can we just shorten it this week about as long as my corn dog tail?

Girl Person says we have a lot to do this week.  We will be visiting a rescue called Tired Dog Rescue.  They are probably tired from spelling Mississippi.  There, I have solved that problem.  But seriously, they are doing some great things in their state and we aim to show you their awesome animals up for adoption like  Keller here!


So are you ready to join us? If you have a squirrel in your pants, or squirrels for that matter, please don’t come to Mississippi as that is apparently a problem here. But if not, let’s see what this Mississippi place is all about this week.  Mississippi. Our first state after our break.  We are ready to get back in the groove.  Let’s do this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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