I Don’t Play The Piano And I Won’t Play The Organ

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  First off, thanks for your concern this week when I wasn’t feeling so good.  It means the world to me, although, in lieu of well wishes, I would have preferred bouquets of silver dollar pancakes.  Just putting that out there for next time.

It is Thursday, and on a Thursday, you may have wondered many, many times if I know how to play the piano.  Why? I don’t really know.  But it seems like a question you might have today.

But you see, the piano is something that I have never considered playing.  They say that it takes a special type of ability to play that thing.  You have to be attentive to detail and fast, and perform many tasks at one time.  Seriously.  Unless it is putting maple syrup and butter on my pancakes at the same time, I do not multitask.  I will leave that up to piano playing cats.

So when we went to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument yesterday, I fathomed what I had been thinking of doing for awhile now.  Should I take organ lessons instead?  Seems kind of cooler than playing a piano maybe.  Could I become the best dog, organ playing Digby in the world?  It was a consideration.  I was willing to look at these Organ Pipes.


Person said that these were very special types of cactus called Organ Pipes. She said that this type of cactus is rarely found in the United States, but mostly in Mexico.  She also said that the Organ Pipe Cactus is attuned to rhythms of sun and not much rain.  It loves the heat, and the hotter it is, the better for it.  But, I was disappointed beyond all imagination when Girl Person said that if I tried to play this thing, I would get stuck.  Real stuck.


Now, I tried not to take offense at her lack of enthusiasm for me playing an Organ Pipe.  I would get stuck?  Did she not want to pay for my lessons?


She told me that it wasn’t because she didn’t think I couldn’t play it, but she said that this was not what I was thinking it was…

As I surveyed the desert before me, I thought about what I really wanted to do with my musical ability not yet realized.  Would it be worth it to play this thing and be the best organ playing dog in the world if I had cactus spines in my paws?  How would I ever pour maple syrup?  Nope.  This would not be worth it.


As I told Sheriff Brickle that his Deputy was not in fact going to be a musical genius, he told me that he had already sent out a warning to all organ teachers not to accept my application.  He didn’t need a Deputy stealing his fans away by playing an organ.  Or a piano.

Apparently, some dreams are not be realized.  My dream of playing the organ will have to be revisited on another day.  But not in the desert.  It’s hot enough out here to melt my butter before it even hits my stack of pancakes, which you did not get me when I felt bad.

But I have something to tell you about all of this. Some things you may have wanted to learn or do when you were younger may seem out of reach now.  But unless you are trying to play a cactus in the desert, you can still do those things! If you want to learn how to draw, or paint or play some kind of instrument, do it! If you want to learn how to cook, I totally recommend that.  Life is all about learning and growing.  If an Organ Pipe Cactus can grow like it does in the harshest environment ever…you can too.


So! Today we leave Gila Bend, Arizona and are headed to somewhere called Benson, Arizona for almost a week! We have some fun things planned….did anyone say the OK Corral?  Stay tuned!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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You’ve Got A Friend In Me

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some days when I wake up, well, I look out the window, and I have to ask myself a few questions.  First, why am I so handsome today…and second..where am I?


Well, the answer to the second question is that we are in Gila Bend, Arizona.  The answer to the first will never be known.

When you can't even just can't even. #noteven

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We are taking it pretty slow headed back to that Florida place, but the good thing about being slow is that we get to see more sights and we get to enjoy the journey a bit more than we did the first time around. Or second.  Or third, or fourth, or fifth.  Have I mentioned before that this is our sixth time across the country?

When the road looks rough ahead
And you’re miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you’ve got a friend in me


Yesterday, we decided to rest from traveling a bit.  Deputy Digby was feeling pretty tired.

Some other folks might be
A little bit smarter than I am
Bigger and stronger too, maybe
But none of them will ever love you
The way I do


I decided that as long as Digby was napping inside, that I should work a bit on my tan.

IMG_0647.JPGAs you can imagine, the gazing looks of passerby campers was overwhelming.  Just overwhelming. I know that it was not normal for them to see the most handsome dog in the world lounging in the buff by a picnic table in the middle of a campground in Gila Bend, Arizona.  But even with all of the adoration, I found myself lonely.  My Deputy was nowhere to be seen.  Actually, he could be seen on my dog bed in the RV air conditioning, but you know what I mean.  It was still lonely out there, and I felt myself seeking companionship.  And there he was.  Our raven.  Our raven that we found in Bodega Bay, California.  Our raven that is always ready to fly.  Our raven that likes any campground we visit, as long as there is a breeze.


The raven seemed to understand that he was needed, I think.  He provided just the right amount of shade. And he provided just the right amount of happy that I needed to cheer up with his flying wings, yet without being annoying. I was sure missing Digby.

In the desert, everyone needs a friend.  And as the raven kept flying, flying, flying away without going anywhere, he told me the story of a cactus he once knew.  And can you believe that this cactus lived in Arizona of all places?  Raven sure gets around.


The raven said that when his friend the cactus was born, the desert was too hot for him.  He said that all up and coming cacti grow by being shaded by other trees that they call nurse trees.  This particular cactus was a Saguaro Cactus, and he found it too hot to grow up properly.  He was afraid that he wouldn’t be let into the best cactus prickly universities or have the best life if he didn’t get some shade and some direction.  So a friend came along and said he could grow under him.  This friend loved him so very much that as the Saguaro Cactus grew up, he gave up everything he had…including his own life so that the Saguaro Cactus could be the best cactus he could be.  And thus was the cycle of life.

You’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got troubles, and I’ve got ’em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together and can see it through


I’m gonna tell you what.  The raven depressed the heck out of me with this story!  Yet, I got the raven’s point.  The raven was telling me that friends and family are worth more than anything in this world.  If we find people that love us…that truly love us and would give up anything for us, including their life, how special is that?  I was missing my Deputy Digby even more.  I love the raven, yes.  But no one compares with my Deputy.


Not one of us knows how long we have with each other.  The things that annoy me about Digby would surely be missed if he wasn’t around.  As we both get older, a little bit slower and a bit more tired, we get a lot more appreciative.  He’s my friend.

When life gets you down, and it will get you down, don’t forget the ones who are there for you.  Don’t forget that there are people that love you.  Don’t forget that you may have helped someone else to grow.  You may have provided them shade, a place to be their best.  We all need each other.  We all need to help each other.  We all need friends like I need my Deputy.

And as the years go by
Our friendship will never die
You’re gonna see it’s our destiny
You’ve got a friend in me

Digby and I may have traveled more miles than most dogs, visited more states than most dogs and probably visited more animal rescues than most dogs.  But our biggest accomplishment is that together, we found a friendship taller than a Saguaro Cactus in Arizona.


Deputy Digby is definitely big enough to give me some shade.  Did I say that out loud?

If you have a friend, thank them for being there.  If you are a friend that needs to help another friend, do it.  Because at some point in our lives, we will all need help, we will all need some shade to keep growing and living.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Organ Pipe National Monument now that Digby is feeling a little better, and then?  Wait and see!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

We want to thank the KOA in Gila Bend, Arizona! They have been so pawsome to us during our stay.  We sure needed a rest!


Seriously, when you have a dog park like this…how can you not love them?  Please stop by their Facebook page and tell them thank you for us! They were definitely a friend to us!

It's such a great day at the campground dogpark! #2travelingdogs #koacamping

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Prickly But Beautiful

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  For probably the sixth time in our lives, I have something to say. Welcome to Arizona.  Again.


It was a very long day yesterday.  Even longer than when I stare at myself in the mirror.  And that is long.  It was also longer than my corndog tail, but we won’t go there…now will we?


We thought we would never get here, and some of our stuff did not.  Including Boy Person’s hat and our broom.

Now, I would have taken a picture of said missing things, but since they are gone, I suppose that is not possible.  What I will say is that first of all, when you are traveling through the high wind areas of the desert, you should not wear a hat with the windows down and expect it to stay on your head.  Also, if you have a broom at your campsite in the middle of a desert, you should not leave your campsite and expect that if you leave it outside, that it will be there when you get back in a windstorm.  Brooms and hats are necessary in our world, and now we have none.

But..what is also necessary at this point in our trip is to remain positive, even if we have such not great days of travel, or if we lose stuff, or if we get lost.

Welcome to Arizona. Again. #thesixthtimesthecharm #2travelingdogs

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Because we have to focus.  Some of the places we visit may also be less than hospitable I say.  But even if they are prickly, we are making an effort to not sit on the pricks.  Digby, move over, I need to sit down. Bahahaha!


When we drove thru the hot desert yesterday, Digby was still looking for his pancake trees, and I was still looking for my peanut butter cookie trees.  But all we saw was cactus after cactus after cactus.  And really big ones at that!  With no pancakes.  Or cookies.


And it got me to thinking.  I wondered how long they had been out there being prickly and beautiful.  And I thought that they were just a little bit like me…except they were a cactus of course.  A Saguaro cactus.

Now, I know a lot of things, but I suppose that I have never found it necessary to ponder the existence of a cactus.  But when we saw these giants out in the desert, we knew we were fortunate to have stumbled across their beauty.  Much how you probably feel about me.


Life can be prickly, that is for sure.  There are plenty of things to stick us. There are plenty of things that try to get us distracted from the beauty around us.  But just like life in the desert, that are some things that thrive and flourish, like the Saguaro Cactus.  They would not want to be anywhere else. The desert is essential to the ones that live in it. They need its harshness, they need its environment.  And they appreciate it.  If you have found yourself in life’s desert…do you appreciate what it can teach you too?

For us on this trip, we are going to appreciate every single place we go to on the way back to that Florida place…prickly or not.  I mean, the persons love me, prickly or not…right?  Instead of always worrying about what is next, and a schedule, we are going to embrace where we find ourselves.  Even if we are in the middle of a desert with a prickly and beautiful cactus.  That’s me.

What is on the agenda this week?  We will be going to Organ Pipe National Monument, traveling to some caverns…and then who knows what?!  That’s is the beautiful thing.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Blooming In The Desert

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  You know that I have been looking for a pancake tree for years and years.  I have not found one yet, even though we have been across the USA six times now.  And therefore, I believe it was highly unnecessary that we had to go to a desert where there are famous Joshua Trees, which in fact are not trees, and they are not pancake trees.


But.  We did.  We headed to Joshua Tree National Park this weekend.

Girl Person told us that that the desert would be very hot, and indeed it was.


Might I say it was so hot that you could fry a pancake?  And as we drove thru and looked at all the Joshua Trees, many cactus (yes, I know proper grammar is cacti, but that word looks weird) and hot sand, it became clear to me that this was a place that was unique and special.


It was special even though it did not have pancake trees.


If you have ever found yourself somewhere that you were not used to, like we felt in the desert, you might feel out of place. It also might take you a minute to realize that maybe, just for that moment, you are actually meant to be there.


Because as we gazed into the expanse of the desert and felt the calming peace of it surround us, we stopped.  We didn’t worry about taking a picture right then.  We didn’t worry about where we had to go tomorrow, or what time it was.  It wasn’t the place for that.  The desert is so overwhelming and majestic that it does not let you worry.  It makes you concentrate on your breathing, what is around you, and the feelings you have right then.  It makes you stay present.  Yep.  Just like a dog lives every day. In the moment.


Life is not easy for persons, and sometimes, they don’t end up in life where they want to be.  That is what Girl Person told us. Maybe they feel like they have the wrong job, or not enough money, or they worry about things that have happened to them, or things that will happen in the future.  And they may feel like they are in a desert with no chance of survival, or refreshment.  But did you know that when you find yourself there, it may be where you need to be just for a moment, even though it is hard?  You may have to really look to find what is wonderful in your life.  You may find just enough water to survive before you can carry on.  But when you find that water?  Oh, won’t it taste wonderful?  And you will remember your time in that desert.  And you will indeed remember its beauty and how you learned from its lessons.


Not all plants or trees can survive in a desert.  But the ones that do survive, well, they flourish! They bloom, they are beautiful.  And even though it doesn’t happen every day, the beauty is unmistakable when it does.

We are definitely not desert dogs, it is no secret we love the water.  But we wouldn’t have traded our time in Joshua Tree National Park.


First of all, we got to see a part of the country that is how is is supposed to be.  We saw nature able to live up to its potential. And although I didn’t find any pancake trees…still..the Joshua Trees, who only grow here, were just as sweet.  But yep.  They were a little prickly.

Joshua Tree National Park was medicine for our souls. Nature is such an essential part of life, and provides many lessons for us all…if we just breathe in what it is trying to tell us.  We have to be present to listen.

Today, we are headed out of this California place and on our way to Gila Bend, Arizona!  Who is with us?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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They Tell Me I Have A Senior Dog…

Maybe I am the only one that has irrational, obsessive thoughts about my dogs.  I adopted my boys from a Tampa, Florida animal shelter when they were young.  Brickle was actually six months old, and when we adopted Digby, he was about a year and a half.  From the moment we welcomed them into our home, I had that irrational, obsessive thought.  How long would I have with them?


Like many, I had loved and lost…lost other furkids by the passing of time or illness.  I found myself comparing every moment I had with Brickle and Digby to the furkids before them.  And I knew this was unhealthy.  Yet, as many circumstances do to us in life, they affect us.  And I couldn’t push these thoughts away.

So that was about seven years ago.  Now, my boys, Brickle and Digby are nearing their ninth birthdays in 2018.  It literally seems like yesterday that they came into our lives.  Yet, why can’t I remember my life before them? Where does the time go?


I know this sounds odd, but even though I have always tried to prepare myself for their aging process, I never could have prepared for the feelings I have now.  I look at them, and I don’t see any senior dogs.  I don’t see any old dogs…although so many people make comments when we walk by them like, “Oh, look at those old boys”. At first, I wonder who they are talking about. My dogs?  How can they be old?


When did this happen, and why do I even care about their ages?  They are healthy and happy.  And it is just the plain and simple truth that as each day passes, well, I get older too.  Do I think about this everyday?  No.  So why should I obsess about it with my dogs?

I know the facts, or at least the facts as I have been told by vets and research online.  There seems to be some magic formula that when your dog reaches seven, that he is now a senior.  And there is all kinds of research on how long each breed can live.  I could spend all of my time reading this and taking my dogs to vets.  Wow, would that be a lot of time wasted with my dogs.  And so, now, every time that I am told I have “some old dogs”, I feel proud.  Because although they are getting older with each passing day, and I am too, I feel compelled to tell others that their worth grows day by day as well.


If we let numbers or terms dictate how we live our days, are we not living for others and their standards… not our own?  I see my dogs and their gray hair.  I see their slowing strides and longer naps.  But I also see that with care and devotion, the time we can spend together will be as long as we can make it.  That means not giving in to an age or a standard.  What it does mean is taking responsibility as their person to give them the best life and the most healthy life possible.  Exercise, travel and eating right are part of the routine in our house.  And I won’t change that no matter what age they are.


If we simply give up on our dogs by just calling them seniors or old, it will rub off on them and their worth.  I know this to be true.  Treating them differently because they are old emotionally isn’t healthy for them, and it is not healthy for us.  When I changed my attitude, and my thoughts from concentrating on how long we had left together, to making the time we had now special…well…it changed our relationship. And I saw a little more spring in their step.  I saw their happiness. And that is because they saw mine.

Yes, I am a crazy dog person.  A dog mom.  But I wouldn’t change anything about my life, because my dogs are in it.  I appreciate the times I had with them when they were young, but I could have appreciated the time more if I had not been obsessed about the future.  I won’t make that same mistake now.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.

So they tell me I have a “senior dog”.  Well.  That’s awesome.

-Rachael Johnson, Girl Person, 2 Traveling Dogs

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Crackers And Quarters

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you have ever thought something was quite ordinary, well, imagine you didn’t have it tomorrow.  For example…and I like examples…hot water.  Crackers.  And quarters.

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world

Imagine if one night you realized that you were out of quarters, which meant that you could not pay for a shower with cold water.  Why cold water? Well, you don’t expect that you would go to camp and pay for a shower and actually get hot water now.  Do you?  Puleeze.

I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay
Ain’t it sad
And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
That’s too bad

You guessed it.  Girl Person and Boy Person realized that they had spent all of their quarters on laundry before we left the last camp.  And so, when we got to the new camp in the middle of the desert, we had no quarters.  And they were dirty. Real dirty.


And this camp? Well, they charge to shower with quarters.  And baby, you get one minute for that quarter. Maybe I should open up a shower business.

They said that they couldn’t use the shower in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV because we had no hookups or something to dump the water, and we are here for four nights.  And so they frantically were looking everywhere for quarters.  In purses, under seats, in the car. It was very important to me that they take a shower.  Why?

Aha aha
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world

Well, there are a few things that I really like in life.  One…myself.  Two…looking at myself.  Three…peanut butter cookies.  Four….matzo crackers.  You heard me. Crackers.

Well, the persons in all the laundry haste and moving campsites forgot to buy me my crackers at the store.  I have to have exactly four crackers at bed time.  And if that does not happen, I don’t know what I shall do because that has never happened.  But now, here we were in the middle of the desert and they were dirty and wanted to take a shower before they went to buy me some crackers at any store they could find.  And thus…it was very important to me that they find some quarters! We needed some money.

Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world

They looked and they looked and they looked some more.  And finally they found four quarters so that they each could take their shower. Oh, joy. To. The. World.


Well, Girl Person turned on the water and out came the cold water.  But when you only have two minutes to wash yourself, and you are dirty as can be, you jump in that cold water screaming.  Because you have to go buy your dog matzo crackers.  And as Boy Person jumped in his cold shower yelling words no matzo loving dog should hear, he tried to rinse the soap off, but nope.  The shower.  Was.  Out.  And you guessed it.  He had to finish his shower in the campground sink.


Now, as a cracker loving dog, I certainly appreciate the efforts that the persons go thru to make me happy.  I will admit that.  And you also should know that they went to go buy me my crackers, and it was a good night.  Because I have never not had exactly four crackers at bedtime.  No matter if we are in the desert, nervous from all the wind and fires around us, I still got my crackers.  And next time, I would highly suggest to them that if they want to shower in a dirty sink, they use their quarters elsewhere.  I would certainly take my money and RUN.

So, the next time you eat your crackers, or take a hot shower, you probably should think about if you didn’t have those things.  There is always a lesson in life if we look for it everyday.  Even with crackers and quarters.

This weekend, we are going to Joshua Tree National Park!  So tune in to our Facebook page for live updates, pics and videos this weekend!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Take Me Home. Where Is That?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yesterday, we officially started back in that Florida place direction.  And we were a bit emotional about it.  And a bit tired about it. But we aren’t worried about it.

Take that look of worry
I’m an ordinary man
They don’t tell me nothing
So I find out what I can

As we were packing up the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV yesterday, it occurred to Boy Person that we were officially heading back in the direction of Florida.  We were really on the way.  And although we have one more stop in Joshua Tree before hitting the road Sunday again, we know that we are on the way back.  But we don’t know what we are going back for…really.  Seems quite crazy.  And many will say that we are crazy.

Take that look of worry, mine’s an ordinary life
Working when it’s daylight
And sleeping when it’s night
I’ve got no far horizons
And I wish upon a star
They don’t think that I listen
Oh but I know who they are


Sometimes, things are the way they are and you can’t change it.  We wanted to stay in that Sonoma place.  But things didn’t go as planned, the fires came, things became more complicated, and even I could see that as a dog.  So instead of trying to fight for something that may or may not come, we gathered up what was important to us and realized that home didn’t mean one specific location.  Home was where we could be happy, comfortable and loved.  And if you want to simplify things like Deputy Digby, it only goes to reason that if you simplify, you have to figure out what is most important.  For us, the water, the ocean, the sunshiney, well.  If we can’t have that Sonoma place as our home, we will find another one where those things are.  So, that is where we are going.  But where is that?  We still haven’t found it.


Seems so long I’ve been waiting
Still don’t know what for

We think that the Florida place will have a home for us if we head back there to find it.  But we are still keeping other options open too.  Maybe even North Carolina or elsewhere.  Having traveled for so long, we see that this world and this country is a much smaller place than we thought.  There is nowhere that is off the table.  I wish we had a table in this RV, but alas, like everything else, it has been turned into a dog bed.  I guess that isn’t so bad either.


This trip seems like it just started, but it has been a year and a half now.  And in dog years, a long, long time.  It is time we go home.  And so instead of being sad that we are officially starting our trek back, we are going to think of it as the official start of  a new life.  And a happy one.

We think that this part of our journey will be just as exciting as the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Why?  Because maybe, just like us, you have looked for happiness everywhere that you could find it.


Maybe, just like us, you thought that happiness was dependent on one thing, one place or one person. But if you look deep inside yourself, and push aside the unimportant things, you will see that happiness only is dependent on you.  We have wasted enough time in our lives reaching for things that didn’t matter.  Actually, only the persons have done that.  We are happy we got to visit 48 states and 48 rescues.  We will never forget that.


But now?  Take us home Big Blue Treat Wagon.  Show us the way.

So take, take me home
‘Cause I don’t remember
Take, take me home

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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He’s A Good Dog

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever had a really bad meal, and then, when you have a really good meal, it makes you appreciate the good one even more?  Well, I have never had a bad meal, but if I had, I would guess this to be true.  I also would guess it to be true that bad dogs have more fun than good dogs.

Unless you are me and you can be both.  Two for one is always a good deal.


I have been feeling real good lately, let me just point that out a little bit.  I am not a pointer, I am a foxhound, plus I heard it is bad to point fingers, but I only have paws.  I have had lots of good days and have been full of energy.  Girl Person says that she is glad that I feel good, but that her arms and her back might not be as glad since she gets pulled in all directions.  I have even been giving Boy Person a little of that action as well.

Which way? #gumby #2travelingdogs #hikingwithdogs

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I like to smell stuff, and eat stuff that I find when I smell the stuff, and there is a lot of coyote poop around here.  And old bones.  And old meat in grills.  And all day, all I hear is some person telling me not to eat that.  Don’t smell that.  Stop pulling me.  Leave it.  Don’t chase the ducks.  Don’t bark at hot air balloons.  Don’t try to eat the squirrels.  Don’t roll in that poop.  Or that poop.  Don’t bark at random and scare me. Should I go on?  I would, but I see poop.

Boys will be boys, bad boy, bad boy

And as you can imagine, being told no all day is exhausting in itself.

Get me feelin’ breathless, nothin’ but trouble
Boys will be boys, bad boy, bad boy

By the end of the day, when I howl at the top of my lungs for my evening treat, I am done for the day.  Until it is time for the persons’ dinner where I try to steal it.  Especially if there are pancakes. Or nachos. Or anything actually.


And finally, when I hear all of the no’s from the day winding down, I finally relax on my couch, which actually is a table turned into a bed in this RV, which everything is.

Always gettin’ so restless, nothin’ but trouble

And when I am finally being still, that is when I hear it.  I hear Boy Person telling Girl Person that I am a good dog.  I hear Girl Person telling him all the stuff they told me no for during the day.  I hear them talk about many things I have done since I was adopted, and I snore a little louder so that they can comment on how good that is too and that I am so cute to do that.


Every night I think that maybe the next day I won’t be so bad.  But then, when I hear how much they love me, I think that I don’t need to change.  If I am a bad boy, and they love it, who am I to disappoint them?

So often, the things that we complain about in life are what makes it worth living, more interesting, and yes, more lovable.  If the things you complain about weren’t there tomorrow, would you miss them?

Bad, bad, bad, bad boy, you make me feel so good
Bad, bad, bad, bad boy, you make me feel so good, knew you would

I know that I would miss being bad if I wasn’t bad so that they could love me even more when I am good.  And I see nothing to change about that.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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It Can Turn On A Dime

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some people may say that the only thing that is guaranteed in life is change.  And some dogs like me may say that people have too many sayings.  But I will agree.  Change is certainly something that our family knows about.


Change keeps us our toes and on our paws for sure.  You never know in life from one day to the next, or one minute to the next what WILL change.  And sometimes, it can be scary, even for a Sheriff like me.


So Sunday night, after a long day of resting, we made our way to bed.  As Girl Person always does since we left the Sonoma place, she checks the weather, because it was just a normal night when we went to bed a few months ago that all of the fires happened there.  Yes, it was scary. And so when she was checking, she was nervous when she saw that there was a high wind and a fire warning for where we were near Temecula.  And that was that.

I knew it had to happen, felt the tables turnin’
Got me through my darkest hour
I heard the thunder clappin’, felt the desert burnin’
Until you poured on me like a sweet sunshower

She woke up Boy Person, and they decided that they would freak out just like they normally do.  So they packed up all of our stuff and thought that maybe we should just go ahead and leave.  And after the freak out, they sat down, all tired at 1 in the morning and realized that they probably overreacted.  Oh, just like any normal day.  But it was the middle of the night.

Now, as Sheriff, I am all for giving orders and barking orders, and I thought that perhaps we should wait a bit before we left, because, duh, what were we going to drive into?  It isn’t a good idea to drive your big house RV down the road in wind, and so as I blocked the steering wheel access, Boy Person got the hint that we should sleep on it.  And wait till the morning.

As it always does, the morning came, and we checked the weather.  Again.  There was still a warning, but it didn’t look as bad as Digby’s breath on a hot summer day.  Yes, you can see his breath on a hot summer day.  That is a saying of mine.  Don’t judge or try to take it, because as I mentioned before, you have too many sayings anyway.

So we decided that perhaps we should stick with our plans of going to the San Diego place, get a little ocean therapy and then see if anything had changed again in a few hours.


Because why? Change.  Just like the weather, even change changes. Like that saying? You can look one minute and the skies are clear.  You can look the next minute and there is a storm.  One minute, the winds are calm.


The next, they are gusting.  And that has been a hard, hard lesson on this trip for us.  You can’t count on anything remaining the same.  You can’t take it for granted that what you think is constant will be here tomorrow.  Because for us, no matter how many times we check, or think we know, life can turn on a dime.  Can you roll with it?

As Sheriff, I think it is good to be prepared in life for change, but I also think that perhaps Deputy Digby has the right idea too of enjoying life as you can.  You see, even though we were worried about the weather, it would have been a shame not to enjoy San Diego for the day, worrying about what would come next.  We saw Balboa Park, the ocean, took drives around the city, and laughed about all of the weather phenomenons we had found ourselves in on this trip.  This was just adding to the list of pages in our book.


Just like a book, life’s pages keep turning, but only if we turn them.  Only if we want to read them.  You can’t stay on one page forever.

So if you’re tired of the same old story,
Oh, turn some pages
I will be here when you are ready
To roll with the changes, yeah, yeah

And for us, learning that we can’t control everything in life that we want to, we have to go with those changes.  We learn to prepare, but enjoy.  Life can turn on a dime, as you persons say.  Roll with it!

Oh you got to learn to roll with the changes
Got to, got to, got to, got to keep on rollin’
Keep on rollin’, got to learn to, got to learn to,
Got to learn to roll

Unless something else changes, we will be here in Temecula, California until Wednesday. Then we will be headed to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park! Will you go with us?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Give Peace A Chance

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I learned that today I made an executive decision when I am not even an executive. And that already is quite a feat, not being an executive or anything. Although, I would like to be paid as an executive. Maybe we can arrange that.


The persons are so tired that they couldn’t decide if we were in fact going to go somewhere today called San Diego or somewhere called Joshua Tree. You see, they got a bit travel weary and sore last week from our trek through the jungles of Los Angeles. And they are still a little sad about leaving Sonoma.  And they were beginning to think that they were just ready to call it quits and go see a chiropractor or something, and not go anywhere. Sometimes, you get so tired that you can’t even think of thinking.  It took us all days to recover from our travel day, and at this point in our trip, or trips I should say, we are running pretty slow. And so Sheriff Brickle and I decided that maybe we should help them, and decide for them on where we should go today and this upcoming week.  And so we decided that we should go both places.  Because seriously.  What is the hurry?

Now, I can’t read a map, and even if I could, I would pee on it before I could read it. Or I would eat it, but that would be before I would pee on it. As an executive, I have a schedule and that seems like a good plan.  What also seemed like a good plan was going to San Diego today so that we could hide from the coyotes.  Or, as Girl Person said, we could give the coyotes their space here in Temecula.  You see, she told me we were guest in their neck of the woods.  Or the California desert.


It seems like everyone is so scared of coyotes.  And then we go somewhere else, and everyone is so scared of bears.  Or alligators.  Or spiders.  Or wolves.  Or everything! And although we know that we have to give our respect to the creatures that are just protecting their own and their homes, we do understand that we all share this earth together.  What gives us a right to be somewhere and not something else?


It makes sense to me that a lot of the problems that people think the animals cause for them are in fact problems that they caused for the animals.  And so at night, when we listen to the coyotes make their noises, and we get a little nervous, we now respect that nervous.  We listen from afar, but we don’t want to harm the coyotes.  And all I am saying to everyone…is please.  Give peace a chance.  Can’t we all try to understand each other and give respect most of all to each other?

We have learned from our travels that this world is very diverse.  Very different from place to place.  We may be tired, but we recognize the beauty still in every single place.  Someone may like the ocean, but someone else may like the desert.  And the animals are different too.  They all have their favorite places, routines just like us, families just like us, and lives just like us.  What gives us the right to take their lives away?

Isn’t there enough wrong in our world? Isn’t there enough things going on to try and get us distracted from what is really important in life?  Persons start to think that they have a right to do whatever they want to do, whether it harms someone or something else.  So take a moment today and think about the things, the animals, the earth around us and how they ask for nothing but to exist, to live.


And so today as we head to San Diego to see its beauty, we will let the coyotes take a break from our visit.  And we will look forward to hearing them tonight!

All we are saying.  Is give peace a chance.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page today for our trek through San Diego, then we head to Joshua Tree on Wednesday!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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