If It Quacks Like A Duck

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If you did not have your foot taped up, wrapped up and covered up this weekend, well, then, I can only assume that your weekend was probably better than mine was. Or maybe not…if you know me! They say if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  And many assumed as they watched me walking happily thru the campground this weekend that I must be sad because I had a duck tape foot.  Yes, I know it is called duct tape.  But that is no fun.  In fact, feeling sorry for yourself is no fun either.  So I don’t.

Persons are always assuming things.  Like, they think that all ducks quack.  Girl Person said that really, there is only one type of duck that usually quacks.  She tried being all fancy and explaining it to me like she talks to Brickle.  She said that female mallard ducks make the classic “quack” sound while males make a similar but raspier sound that is sometimes heard as “breeeeze”.  Ok.  What. She kept talking and said that despite widespread misconceptions, most species of duck do not “quack”. In general, ducks make a wide range of calls, ranging from whistles, cooing, yodels and grunts.  All I really heard was blah, blah, blah. I don’t have the time with a duck tape foot to learn how to identify ducks.


But if you want to, you are welcome to start learning.  You can always learn something new..even about a duck.

Listen.  No, not to the quacking.  But to me. I think I deserve a bit of respect with a duck tape foot. This duck tape stuff might be a little uncomfortable.  This duck tape foot may look a little odd.  But if it is doing its job, why should I be sad about it? Because I look different with it?  Not everyone who is different feels bad about it.  And when we start feeling bad for them for no reason, who does that hurt?  I certainly don’t need to hurt anymore.


Things that make us different sometimes we didn’t ask for them.  Sometimes, the different parts of us are temporarily like a duck tape foot.  Sometimes, we have to learn to live with them for all our days.  Sometimes, we turn that different thing into something to sing about.  You can either cry with a duck tape foot or prance with your duct tape foot.

No one can make us feel bad about ourselves unless we let them.  I know that today, my new shoes are supposed to come in the mail.  If they fit, well, I might not have to wear the duck tape.  But I am sure someone else will feel bad that I have to wear shoes.  And well, isn’t it all about perspective?  Even I have it, laying in the sunshiney with a duck tape foot.  I can even see it down there.


What I have come to realize is that when you are happy, you make others happy.

When you embrace your day and the good things in it, it gets passed on to others.  If you feel bad, if you feel sad, if you feel sorry for yourself, you lose that light in your heart.  And you can’t do that.  You have to shine even in the rain.  You have to prance even with a duck tape foot.  Because you know why?  Someone with a worse day than you may need your example, your encouragement, your light. They may need to smile at a duck tape foot.

So if you are going thru something, or if you are different, and others expect you to feel bad about it, you don’t have to.  Imagine if all ducks that did not quack felt bad about it when most of them weren’t mean to quack in the first place! Maybe what makes you different is what makes you YOU.  Just because it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it might not be a duck.  It may be a duck tape foot.  They say that duck tape, or duct tape can fix anything.  Can it make pancakes? My hungry belly needs fixed.

Oh, and did you miss the first episode of “Ask Brickle” on our Facebook page this weekend? Let me fix that now…

-Deputy Digby Pancake 

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A Love Letter To Digby

This is part of our Saturday Editorial Series. Normally, we let our dogs do all of the talking!  Join Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake every weekday for their take on life at 2travelingdogs.com

If you have followed our blog this week, you know that it was a rough one.  Digby hurt his paw.  It was just a small cut, but it wreaked havoc on our emotions, our schedules, and put any plans we had for the week on hold.  But through it all, Digby rarely showed signs of being depressed or unhappy.  Sure, he was uncomfortable, but he was definitely a good patient.


If you are like me, you love your dogs.  Well,  you more than love your dogs.  Your dogs are your life.  Yet, most of us don’t tell our dogs the full reasons why we love them.  We don’t take the time to tell them why they are so special, how much they mean to us or how awesome they are until it is too late.  And what happened to Digby this week really made me think.

I have seen the posts on social media when a dog or pet passes away and the outpouring of emotion.  It is touching to read how much our pets mean to us in these posts.  But I often wonder, did these pets know?


Sure, we show our love in many ways to our furkids.  Feeding them right, exercise, major life decisions based on their happiness and much more.  And we take it for granted that because we do these things that our dogs know how much we love them.  But do they?  What if we took a moment today to write and read a love letter to our dogs?  What if we outlined exactly why we love them…in this moment of time?  In the years to come, what if we could look back on this day and feel in our hearts that our dogs knew…because we told them?


So for this week, I choose to dedicate our blog editorial to Digby Pancake.  Next week, I will address Peanut Butter Brickle.  I know that there will be something special I leave out.  Yet, I know that time will dictate I write another letter later on.  For now, this is in my heart.

Dear Digby Pancake,

I know that I am taking up your time today from napping, waiting for treats and maybe even making your favorite time of day, dinner, a little late.  But this is important.  We talk everyday, it’s true.  Many times I am telling you not to do something, or to wait or to lay down, or to go outside.  Many times I tell you not to bark in the campgrounds or not to step where you just used the bathroom.  Why do you do that, by the way?

I want you to know that most of the time, I hate telling you these things.  I want you to be able to run free as you want to, I want you to do whatever your hearts desires.  But I do these things to keep you safe. I know that you didn’t ask to travel with us.  But I hope that you have liked it.  I actually hope that you have loved it.  You are the best traveler ever! Have I told you that before?  You are so calm and love looking out of the window.  You wait patiently when we get to our campsite and are so excited at the new places.  Sometimes I feel guilty that we don’t have a house without wheels yet.  But I want you to know we are working on plans and it is all based on you and your brother.  And we will always be together even if where we live changes.  Being together will never change.


I want you to know that I see your body changing and how you are getting older.  Do you know you are older?  I wonder that so much.  Because you never let your bumps and lumps and aching bones make you cry.  You try so hard to do everything your brother does.  And I want you to know that we will make everything as easy as we can for you in the days to come. And there are going to be more good days than anything.  That I will promise you.

I look at you Digby, and I get lost in your brown eyes.  I have never looked into eyes with as much pure love as yours.  All you are is good.  All you are!  We joke with you about your personality and the funny things you do.  But I want you to know that without you, life would be boring and so not fun.  Thank you Digby for keeping us focused on the good things in life.  Because you are one of them.


The first day that I went to the shelter to meet you because Nathan wanted you in our family but was away on business, I was unsure.  I was unsure if we were good for you.  I was unsure if you would like your brother Brickle.  Yet, I knew that we had to try.  And when you walked through our door, our lives were never the same. I will never know everything you went through, or how you ended up in those shelters.  I will never understand why it took so long for you to get adopted, except that you were meant for us.  You are special Digby.  Don’t ever think that you deserved to be in a shelter.  Never think that you were not good enough.  Because did you know that you are the most special Digby that there ever was?  I am telling you that you are.


And Digby? I want to tell you thank you. Thank you for giving me a purpose, a reason to wake up everyday. Thank you for helping me to realize that even though I did not have human kids like I thought I would, that I am still a mom to you and Brickle.  Thank you for all of your hard work with pictures and videos.  Thank you for your patience with us. Thank you for helping us to make a living so that we can spend more time with you. You are such a good worker, Digby.  You went to 48 states with us and more trips than that! You went with us to shelters and rescues on our trip, and I know that you were probably confused on that.  But did you know that you were helping those animals there?  Oh, you did so good!

I am sure Brickle tells you this…but he loves you as much as he loves me.  He loves you as much as he loves Nathan.  You keep him young! You keep him happy and give him a purpose.  And you are the best brother he could have.  And you eat his green beans.  He would do anything for you, Digby.  You compliment each other.  You are the best of friends.  You have been through so much together.  You have shown what a good brother you are.


I know there are many things I am leaving out, but that is ok.  Because in the years to come, I will write you more.  I will tell you more.  We still have many years to come and exciting things to do!  I will try and realize what you like and be aware of that.  I will make mistakes.  I know that you know that.  I am sorry for the times I am short with you, or get frustrated.  It is not your fault.  And I will work on that.  Because you are everything to me in a perfect, Digby package.


Lastly, Digby, I want to tell you today that in my heart that bursts with love for you when I hear you snore or I see how excited that you get for dinner, that there will never be another dog like you.  You matter and you have mattered since the day you were born.  There are many people that love you including me and your Nathan.  I know you two have a special bond, and that is ok!  Don’t ever feel guilty for it.  I know that what we have is special too.  And for the rest of my days, I will strive to be the best person I can for you.  Because you are the best Digby.  I love you, Digby.


Me.  I have no idea what you call me.

-Rachael Johnson, Owner and Girl Person of 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

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