He Can Actually Hear You

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I’ve told you many, many times before how amazed I am at my new life. I’ve told you how much I am enjoying learning new things, traveling and seeing new places. But some things amaze me not in a good way.

We went hiking this weekend in a beautiful place! I was really happy at seeing more waterfalls and something called gorges. Even though dogs weren’t allowed in most of this park, we got to see some neat things from a distance.

A lot of persons were also on the trail. They wanted to pet me which I like. And Brickle likes the attention too. He told me that as he has gotten older, kind words mean a lot. And a little attention and acknowledgement means a lot.

But what persons don’t understand is that we listen to your words. We know your tone of voice and your mannerisms.

We know when someone is good and when someone is not so good. But what matters the most are your words. And when you tell the persons that Brickle “doesn’t have long” or that he looks very old or that his time is running out, he hears you. He actually hears you.

Why do persons think we don’t understand your words? Brickle doesn’t need to hear things that may question himself. Or his time. Or his looks. Those things are hurtful when you say them. It’s ok to be respectful of his age like I am. It’s ok to ask how old he is. Or his name. But please don’t say negative things to hurt his feelings. Because we want all of his time to be positive and happy. And I love my big brother.

And I need him to know how much we all love him. And how wonderful he is doing.

It’s easy to forget our words matter. But when you think about it, what means more? Words have such an effect on others. No matter if you have fur or not.

And if you’ve said hurtful things in the past, it’s ok to change now. When we know better, we do better. But no one does anything better than my Brickle.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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