Welcome To Ohio…And…The Raccoon


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. One day in Ohio and I have already had to call for backup. Nonetheless, welcome to Ohio! I really don’t know where to start today. Usually Deputy Digby Pancake is the one lost for words.

Our day yesterday was pretty easy going from the raining West Virginia place to the Ohio place. It wasn’t too long of a drive. We got to our campground and first things first on the recap. Our electric cord was too short from the Big Blue Treat Wagon. So, after pulling in and pulling up and back and forth nonsense, Boy Person finally got it taken care of. Then. He forgot we had to fill our RV with water because there was no water here. Off we went again to the watering hole and then the dump station, which I hate talking about. Gaaaross. Me and Girl Person decided to survey the campground while the Deputy helped Boy Person and that’s when we saw it. The slinky slanky masked bandit. The raccoon.

Now, I know a criminal when I see one. And normally, I would have surveyed this gentleman for a criminal. I mean, he had a mask for goodness sakes. But he wasn’t moving like a criminal would. And I wanted to talk to him, so I kept trying to get to him and Girl Person said that she was unsure if this was normal behavior for a raccoon in Ohio. I thought nope. I don’t think so. He wasn’t getting up, just sleeping, and everytime we talked to him, he covered his face.  It was like when Boy Person talks to Girl Person.  Or something like that.


So Boy Person and Digby came back to our site and we talked about it a bit. That’s when Girl Person went to get the ranger who told her that they were checking on him all day and thought maybe he had ate something and would snap out of it. Girl Person and Boy Person kept watch on him for hours and tried to make calls, but no one would help. We felt pretty helpless. Even the camper next door with a cat named Pooter was unable to give us an answer on what to do. Even the other camper down the way with a pet tortoise in his RV was also unable to provide assistance. This Ohio place was already making us exhausted.

So, I finally called for backup. Even a Sheriff has to sometimes get assistance from other law enforcement in another area. Yep, even me. Because I thought to myself, self? You really need to not worry about how you look for once, but help this Ohio masked bandit. That’s when the Sheriff came and they transported this gentleman somewhere out of harms way where he could recover on his own in a safe place until the morning. That way, other campers could not get to him. But then the gentleman decided he better run because perhaps he was on probation or wanted or something. I put that aside and the persons helped him find a safe place to keep an eye on him. OH, we were tired, real tired. And I hope, very much hope, that by this afternoon he is doing better. And not committing crimes with his mask. I also hope that the camper with a cat named Pooter thinks about why he named his cat Pooter. Just adding that in.

We will make sure and give you an update later, and we have to say Ohio? We are still excited to be here! The sunshiney is out, we can see that you have so much to offer, and we are ready to explore! Let’s go!

By the way, this weekend, we will be visiting a really cool rescue and its unlike any rescue we have been to before. Did someone say…wolves? Lions?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

See Ya Later, West Virginia!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And West Virginia?  You have done rained us outta here!  We can definitely see why you are so green and beautiful, but you made my brindle coat wet for the last time, you got gum on my butt, and yep.  You. Are. Arrested.

I was trying to take a break in the sunshiney on Saturday.  We had been on a long, gorgeous hike and we were tired.  So we were taking a break while Boy Person tried to fix the leaking Big Blue Treat Wagon.  And so I sat down in your grass.  And you guessed it.  Gum on my butt.


Boy Person saw it first, Girl Person panicked, thinking of the time a little boy had put gum in her hair in school. Her hair had to be cut off, and she knew she had to tell me.  She went inside to get the scissors and I panicked too.  My.  Fur. !

She took off as little fur as possible, but you can imagine that I have every hair on my brindle coat accounted for.  Its not like Digby Pancake’s fur which is always a mess, and he thinks that is a style.  Nope.  This was affecting my handsome.

So Girl Person had a talk with me.  She told me that I would be more than valid in arrest this West Virginia place for the rain and for the gum.  But she told me that I should probably think about coming back here one day so that we can see more. And since we are coming back, to go light on the arrests and see if the behavior improves.   We got to see a lot of this beautiful state like the forests and the mountains but we really want to see more.  Much more.  We are sorry we couldn’t do everything that we wanted to.


But when your RV is leaking and rain keeps pouring down, you gotta do what you gotta do as well as get gum out of your butt.  West Virginia?  I know I am arresting you, but I want to thank you for showing us how beautiful you are, and especially your people and animal rescuers like the good folks we met in Morgantown, Homeward Bound WV.  


Thank you West Virginia for a memorable week.  We love you, but yep.  You. Are. Arrested.  On we go today to Berlin Lake, Ohio!  Ohio! Here we come!


-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Carrots And Bikes Only In West Virginia


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and it’s the weekend, just in case you didn’t know! You. Are. Welcome.

We have “had a time” this week as our Granny used to say. The rain came down in buckets, the Big Blue Treat Wagon started leaking through our air conditioner, the shower still didn’t get fixed, and Girl Person has had to wash dishes outside because there is no hookups here or something. Now, the last debacle could have been solved by having Deputy Digby and I lick the dishes, but no one asked us.

So needless to say, this West Virginia place has tried to put a damper on our fun! But we won’t have it. The campground is beautiful, the mountains are so peaceful, and the air is so fresh. It has made for some wet hikes, but with scenery like this, it only adds to the experience.

It finally has stopped raining today, so we are planning to go on a really long hike at a place I have never heard of called Cooper’s Rock. Then we will see what trouble Digby Pancake can get into. Sounds like a plan.

Now, first things first, I do have to say that an arrest report is pending on the Deputy himself. I have not made a full arrest yet because I need his collaboration today in this West Virginia place. What did he do? Thanks for asking. We always eat al fresco, you know, outside, because the Deputy gets food everywhere. Spaghetti in the bathroom, chicken in the chair, carrots in the shower. I know, this makes no sense, but he eats so fast and so crazy he flings food everywhere, and the Big Blue Treat Wagon is dirty enough without Digby’s all you can eat buffet. So we were eating dinner outside, and Digby decided he flung a carrot too far and had to get it immediately. Girl Person was holding onto our leashes and sitting in her wet, unsturdy chair, right by the persons’ bicycles and Digby pulled her so hard she fell right on the bicycles.

Girl Person decided not to tell Boy Person about it because it sounded crazy. A carrot, bicycles, falling. So that night, when Boy Person saw all her bruises, he asked. What happened this time? Girl Person told him it was unsafe to eat carrots by bikes. And he asked no questions, because he knew that it made sense. Somehow. Somewhere. Only in West Virginia.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


No Complaining In West Virginia


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And I have a dilemma, different than my normal dilemmas. So there is a lot of dirt here in this West Virginia place. And a lot of mud. And a lot of rain. And so a lot of this gets on me. Gets on my feet, on my head, everywhere. And then it gets in the car, on the persons, on Sheriff Brickle, and you get the message. I get arrested.

Girl Person says we are not allowed to complain about the deluge that has seemed to set in over our trip the last few weeks. She says there are people in areas that have lost their homes due to rain and we cannot and will not complain. Well, she doesn’t speak fluent dog, so I am going to complain now in my own way. Ruff ruff ruff and ruff. She cannot read that and it says if this rain does not stop, I am going to roll in mud until I cannot roll anymore. If you can’t fix a problem, roll in it I say. Make the best of it, I say. So.

Part of my agenda today as Deputy will be getting muddy. Dirty. Wallowing in the rain. Wallowing is something I was taught as a southern lad. Kind of like lathering like with butter. None of this is making much sense right now other than there is rain in my ears and it must be going to my brain. Kind of like Sheriff Brickle’s handsome goes to his brain.

Now, you don’t know this, but I did hear Girl Person complain. About what? Our shower in the RV is still not fixed because Boy Person got the part to fix it and it was wrong and it takes weeks for us to get our mail anyway. And well, the showers at this camp are over a half mile away. So you do the thinking here. Walking in the muddy rain to a shower may seem ok. But the walk back? Not so smart y’all. And getting in the Jeep full of dirt and mud? Not helping either. So I heard her complain. And I am sure it wont be the last although apparently we are still not allowed.

West Virginia? I know the rain isn’t your fault, but we would like to see what you have to offer. I am not complaining, but hey, a dog could use some lathered pancakes to wallow in.

P.S. Seriously though. What is with the gnats spelled with a g?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Peace And Gnats


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and sometimes, I am even surprised. I am not surprised by my handsome, or by the majestic beauty of my brindle coat. I am not surprised at Deputy Digby’s lack of decorum or love of pancakes and all smelly things. But this West Virginia place has surprised me.

It’s a rare thing to find true silence and beauty in our world. Even when we think we are isolated, often we can hear the hum of traffic in the distance or the nagging worrying of our own minds. Maybe that’s just me. But in this West Virginia place, I will say that there is a lot of peace here, and beauty. Maybe its also because I have arrived. Could be it.

The winding country roads, the creeks everywhere and beauty of the mountains is enough to make anyone stop and take notice. This West Virgina place has certainly been a welcome retreat for our trip. We have been going so much and working so hard that sometimes we forget where we even are. This state is #17 on our list of 48. But for now, for today, we won’t think of that. Otherwise we will miss it and it will fly by. We are only here for a week, West Virginia. And we thank you for letting us visit.

Today, we are headed to our rescue pick for West Virginia called Homeward Bound. We can’t wait to hear all the good they do and how they do it. I will make sure and keep a report for you.

Yesterday, we had fun exploring the many hiking trails around us and there are some great plans ahead for the week. As you may have noticed, some days we simply take it all in. We may not have a specific agenda, but often, we find the best things that way. Kinda like when Boy Person found me at the shelter. He did not know I would be so awesome.

I do have a few questions though West Virginia while I am here. First, why do you have so many gnats and why is that bug name spelled with a g when that makes no sense? Also, why is it sunny one minute and rains the next? Why are there hunting signs everywhere in the woods and should we be nervous about that? Who do I need to arrest in this instance? Fill me in.

Those are all the questions I have for now except will I get handsomer tomorrow? Never mind. I know the answer to that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Welcome To West Virginia!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake and I have the distinct honor of welcoming you to West Virginia!

Yesterday was a really long drive from that Pennsylvania place because wow, was it raining on the roads.  It was only supposed to take us about four hours to get here, but with the rain and winding, winding roads it took forever and a half.

Normally, I would not have minded sleeping on the way, but with all the twisting and turning, it was enough to make me want to jump out of this Big Blue Treat Wagon.  Sheriff Brickle tried to arrest the rain and the roads, but apparently he hadn’t got jurisdiction here yet.  Today he is good and the arresting may continue.  He said that he was too tired to arrest this West Virginia place already because he just had to arrest Pennsylvania.  I think he just wanted me to do the dirty work as always.  Which is why I precisely roll around in so many dead things.  Just in case you needed to know my reason.


But I tell you what.  When we got here, it was like an oasis.  Beautiful countrysides, trails forever, pretty skies and green grass.  We know this year is going to go by so fast and sometimes because we are working so hard, it is hard to remember to stop and appreciate what we are doing, where we are going.  We do not take it for granted.  IMG_4477.JPG

So will you join us for a great week in this West Virginia place?  We hope so.  Tomorrow, we are visiting a great rescue called Homeward Bound.  We cannot wait to meet them.  And we really don’t know what is in store for us this week, but we are open for suggestions from our fans!  If you have a favorite spot you think we need to see or a pancake place, you know the drill, please do let us know on our Facebook page!


-Deputy Digby Pancake


Pennsylvania? You. Are. Arrested.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and we are leaving you today, Pennsylvania. You tried not cooperate during our stay, so, unfortunately, I hate to say it…no, I don’t actually…but. You. Are. Arrested.

Now, first things first, let me butter you up like Deputy Digby’s pancakes. You have some beautiful scenery, mountains, parks and people. We had fun visiting with your shelter called Strayhaven in Greenville. But your rain and humidity made us remember what that Florida place was like, and you about did us in. We had to stay inside a lot, because I can’t handle the heat like I used to, that’s for sure! So in-between the rain, we tried to see as much of you as possible. We know that we missed a lot of places that you have to offer, and hope to be back on another visit. As long as you stop raining, thanks…


Girl Person reminds me that you need the rain, so we just have deal with it knowing that it is good for the animals and plants that live in the Pennsylvania place that you got rain. Ok, I will give her that, but I won’t give her a pass for making my Philly Cheesesteak late last night. Yes, that is what me and Deputy Digby had for dinner, and it was pretty good! If the persons weren’t vegetarians, they would have shared but I guess their Philly lettuce sandwich was just as good…not.


We are appreciating all the memories that we are making together on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We will admit that camping every day is hard, very hard.  Some things we knew would be hard, others have been a learning experience.  But we know that it is our duty and our job to make a difference this year for the animal rescuers across our country who get no recognition for what they do.So on we go today to some place called West Virginia.  The most awesomest things we will remember about this Pennsylvania place which is arrested?  Our train ride.  Our first train ride. And the forest and the parks, and the nice people.  But on we go. I thought we already went to that Virginia place, now we are going to its cousin’s place or something?  I am confused.  I don’t know anything about it, other than I will probably want to arrest it.  And I am so ready.  Pennsylvania? WE thank you again for a great week despite the rain.  Because your beauty was almost…not quite, as good as my corndog tail.  And this corndog tail will be back.


Here we come, West Virginia!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

If you missed our interview this week, or any others, catch it on www.youtube.com/yourdogsdiner/videos




Digby’s Den And Godzilla



This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever loved something so much that it is all you can think about?  Like an all day, all you can eat pancake buffet? Tell me where those are on the map please, thanks. Or like maple syrup with pancakes on top?  Yes, I realize that is how I typed that.  Sometimes I like to switch it up and put pancakes on top of maple syrup.  You should try it.  Anyway, as much as I like traveling, and eating and exploring all of these new states, I have found another thing to love.  My den.  Digby’s den.  Another addendum to this blog, why is the computer always trying to change my name to Rigby?  Auto-correct is incorrect.  Sheriff Brickle says the computer.  Is.  Arrested.  Who is Rigby?!

So.  My point is this, I am circling back to it because a circle is the shape of a pancake.  I prepared a den in the Big Blue Treat Wagon.  It is my space, and I squeeze into it to get away from the Sheriff.  Yes, I know technically it is behind Girl Person’s office, which is a chair, and it may seem uncomfortable to some, but to me? It is my space.  And the persons say have fun.  I only come out when I am ready to eat or sleep in my bed which is pretty much the whole RV.

Yesterday, we had a great time in this Pennsylvania place at a bridge called Kinzua that looked like Godzilla toppled it! But Girl Person said a tornado got it. I say that in fact, it was Godzilla and it is going to give me nightmares which is making me want to go to my den.



When we were on that bridge thing, I got very, very nervous because we were up so high! Which again, made me want to go back to my den.


I mean, I am a history buff and all, and yes, buff in the body department too, but going on this bridge once was good enough for me.  Thanks for the memories Pennsylvania.  Let’s leave it at that.

So I have no point of all this, other then a few things.  One.  I like pancakes.  Two.  I am buff.  Three.  Godzilla ate this bridge.  Four.  I like my den in the RV and I invite you to join me one day.  If you bring some maple syrup and pancakes.

Have a great weekend everyone! We can’t wait to see more of Pennsylvania until we leave on Monday for….West Virginia!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

P.S.  If I am scared of Godzilla, and I am not saying I am, do you think he would try to get in my den and or eat my pancakes?





This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And Pennsylvania? You are about to get arrested. Warning.

I am not sure what you are trying to do. Are you trying to make us remember how hot that Florida place was? Or how humid? Are you trying to bring back our memory with the rain? Well, you are doing a wonderful job of it. And I am not liking being hot. Or having my hair messed up with the humidity, although it can never really look messed up. I also do not like rain in the least bit, it has kept me up for two nights now panting and kept the persons up too. So again, warning PennsylRAINia! You are about to be arrested. One more chance, one more chance.

Yesterday, we got to meet with some nice people at Strayhaven Animal Shelter here in Pennsylvania. They braved the heat and it was a good visit. Because we went back inside the air conditioning of the Big Blue Treat Wagon. I can only sign pawtographs for so long you know. Look for our video and story coming soon on these really good people and what they do.

If the rain cooperates today, we are going to go sightseeing in this Pennsylvania place. It sure is a beauty, shame it is about to get arrested. Good looks won’t bail it out. If so, can you imagine the power I would have? I am only here for a short while, so I do not think about arresting, I just do it. I also need to find a Philly Cheesesteak to have peanut butter cookies after I eat it. Priorities.

So enough of that, I need to save my energy for my arrest report which I feel is coming. I also need to go look at my hair.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle