A Pancake Mechanic And A Stalker Sheriff Looking For Work

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I thought this Florida place break was supposed to be a break! But it seems like Boy Person is working more now than we were on the road. And that’s working very hard. I would think that the persons would ask me and Sheriff Brickle to help them. But they think they can get it all done by themselves!

Yesterday, all of the things we have that have wheels here seemed to break.  First, the Jeep decided that it would leak as much oil as syrup on a pancake.  Then, Boy Person saw that the Big Blue Treat Wagon tires were bad…worse than four burnt pancakes, and that my friends is bad.  I guess traveling to 34 states will do that to tires.


My suggestion as a trained Pancake Mechanic was to replace those tires, but with pancakes.  You see, when they go bad, you can take them off, eat them, and then get four more new pancakes.  And you don’t even mind when you get a flat, because that is what pancakes are supposed to be anyway.  Why Boy Person had to call a million places to ask them about tires was beyond me.  Just go buy some flour and get to flipping!

Then, after he was done calling places to see how much money it would cost, he decided to take apart the Jeep and find out why oil was going everywhere.  Seems like we are wearing everything out on this trip.  So my suggestion was to replace the oil leaking with maple syrup, then I will get underneath and catch what drips.  Then, I can go check the RV tires which I am sure will be bad and change them too.  I went to school for many years to train as a Pancake Mechanic, but I have never been able to put my skills to good use.  Anyone need a good Pancake Mechanic? Send them my way.  I am sure you know what I charge.

Girl Person needed help yesterday too, but it was the Sheriff who was trying to assist her.  Girl Person was complaining about bills and reports and more reports and emails.  So the Sheriff decided that if he stared at her to remind her of the shortage of peanut butter cookies in this place since our diet started, that she would forget about her work.  Anyone in need of a stalker with a hankering for peanut butter cookies?  I am sure you know what he charges too, which includes an arrest report for free.

Feels like someone is watching me work. #2travelingdogs #stalker #sheriff #campingwithdogs

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It feels like we have been back in this Florida place for awhile now because well, we have.  And we appreciate your patience.  I don’t know if we are gonna get out of here on time this week, but the good thing is, we are on no one’s schedule except our own, and the Sheirff’s.  So bear with us as we get everything in perfect order, including ourselves for the rest of our adventure.  We promise it will be worth the wait.  Oh, and if you need me or Brickle’s services, you know how to reach us.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Anne With An ‘E’ And Deviled Eggs

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  What a great week so far! You can’t beat meeting a pretty rescue girl combined with a tray full of deviled eggs in the south and not be happy.  And let me say that when Girl Person is happy, we are all happy.  Actually, when Girl Person is happy, Sheriff Brickle is happy, which makes us all happy.  Nuff said.  Except there’s more.


Have you ever met someone and right away you know you are meant to be friends forever? Me neither.  Except for pancakes and I knew we were besties.  Usually, when I meet someone, I don’t know we are friends until we greet each other in the usual ways.  But when I met Beasley Anne, a new rescue girl, and now our second cousin, I knew we would always love each other.

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I am a lover.  And so I dedicate this song to her.  I forgot she was my cousin for a minute.  What state are we in now? Is that legal?

And get enough of your love, baby. #2travelingdogs #drivingwithdigby #barrywhite

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Anyway. Girl Person has been hanging out with family a lot on our visit. Trying to squeeze in all of our time into a few weeks has been hard.  Her family has also made it hard for her to squeeze into her shorts with all the food.  Ever heard of deviled eggs? If you are in the south, you probably have.  Well slap my butt and call me pancake.  They are good.


Our Gandma and our Aunt Person on the family farm decided that a good pawty would include dogs, pizza, deviled eggs, wine, more dogs and watching a movie called Anne of Green Gables, one of Girl Person’s favorites.  Can we visit this Florida place more often?


In all of the fun, we met our second cousin, Beasley Anne.  Beasley made sure to specify, that like Anne of Green Gables, her name is spelled with an ‘e’.  Well la de dah.  My name is spelled with a pancake.

“But if you call me Anne, please call me Anne with an ‘e’.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Beasley Anne came from a city called Miami in this Florida place that doesn’t like pit bulls very much.  Their loss.  Our gain.  Because we have to say, she is one of the prettiest girls we have ever met.

“It wasn’t luck, it was providence. He knew we needed her.”― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Sheriff Brickle was a bit concerned because she is brindle colored too, and thought that their brindles would clash.  Oh no, it was like magic.  Kinda like butter melting on a pancake.  You gotta just look and look some more.

Girl Person says that it is not often you meet a “kindred spirit”.  I have no earthly idea what that means.  But what I do know is that when you find a friend, a true friend, you have to hold on tight.  No, I did not try to hump her in my usual Deputy way.  I’ll save that for later.  Again, is that legal in this state? But anyway.  We are going to miss Beasley Anne spelled with an ‘e’, because she is special.  She is beautiful.  And we wish we could fit her in our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV for our remaining tour.  But we know we will see her when we visit again…or move back.  Who knows?


There is a lot to be said, but not enough actually, for good food, family, wine, dogs and a good movie.  It is the little things in life that make it so special.  And it is going to be hard to leave next week.  My little pancake butt is going to sit right here with Girl Person now and watch one of her favorite movies, although there are no dogs in it. But she promised snacks. And that’s enough for me.  Because although we have a lot of work to do today, it can wait.  Do you have a favorite movie or food or miss your family today?  Make your heart happy.  Do something you love!

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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They Say You Can’t Go Home Again. You Can, But It May Have Changed.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  We have less than a week now left in this Florida place before we get back on the road.  We are trying to fix some remaining Big Blue Treat Wagon problems, make sure we see all of our family and friends, and get some more rest in-between all of that. The time has flown by, almost like when I look at myself in the mirror.  It just seems to go by so fast when you are having fun.

People say that you can’t go home again.  And in many ways, I guess that is true.  Because when you leave home and come back, it probably will have changed in some ways. In the eight months since we left on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, many things have changed in our Florida place home. Because our family still lives next door to our old house, we see it out there in the orange grove.  In some ways, it is comforting to remember old times, like when Granny Person was there.  In some ways, it is a lot to handle.  We know it isn’t our home anymore, and that it is just a building.  We have to remember memories live with us.  Not in a place.  We also have to remember that there are new persons living there and I guess staring at their house may be frowned upon.  No worries, persons.  We are law enforcement. We used to pawtrol these parts. I do the arresting around here.  Not you.  If you call the law, I’ll pick up the phone.


During our time on the road in the Big Blue Treat Wagon, we changed.  We saw many people, places, rescues and furkids that we can never forget.  It changed us.  And so when we came back to this Florida place, it was hard to get readjusted. Things had changed…not only us, because time changes a lot of things.  Time can add things to a place like new houses and stores and roads. But time can remove things too like people and furkids you love. Sometimes things are too hard to talk about, and you simply just can’t...even when your life has been an open blog like ours. But we couldn’t ignore all the messages and emails any longer. You may be wondering why we haven’t visited Leroy (not Brown). We heard your questions.  And we have to let you know that Leroy (not Brown) will never be forgotten.  We loved him very much. But he is not here for us to visit.


Leroy (not Brown) was our cousin and friend. We loved him.  And we miss him.  But instead of dwelling on sadness,  we want to remember why we loved him.  And hope that you will remember why you loved him too.  We have received so many emails and messages asking about him.  He touched your lives, as he did us, which was why it was so painful to tell you that he was no longer with us in our Florida place home. It took us a long time to tell you.  Because even a Sheriff sometimes has no words.

Again…they say you can’t go home again.  And again…I suppose that is true.  Imagine a time when all was perfect in your “home”.  Your loved ones were there, memories were being made and you thought things would never change.  But change is the only thing guaranteed to happen.  There will come a time where even all of us are not together.  I am a Sheriff and it is my job to tell you the truth.  But with the truth comes an opportunity to appreciate what you have now.  There are loved ones with you now with fur and without fur that will not be here forever.  Even when people or furkids are removed by time, chances are you have more people and furkids to love and remember them with.  Isn’t that true? Oh, Leroy. With Leroy’s bad attitude came humor.  With Leroy’s annoying barks came laughter.  Leroy had a hard beginning to life that affected him for all of his days, but he did know love too. There were many people that cared for him.  Especially his Sheriff and Deputy.  We will always remember most of all our days in Country Cousin Person’s house gazing at the ocean with Leroy, seeing how much he enjoyed just watching the dolphins and boats go by.  We choose to remember the good times with Leroy (not Brown) in this Florida place.  But home is not the same without you, buddy.

Time may change things, but time adds things too like a new rescue furkid in the family, Beasley Anne.  We will tell you a little more about her tomorrow.  Her Girl Person is a cousin to our Girl Person.  And she thought I was more handsome when we met her yesterday.  Just sayin.


Now.  Time to sing with us as we remember our friend Leroy (not Brown). Thank you all for asking about him, and maybe one day…when the time is right, we will tell you some more about the lessons Leroy taught us about life, rescue and love.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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I Feel Good

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, what a great time we are having in this Florida place. We know things have pretty much been boring watching us stay in one place for so long. But our rest time is drawing to a close and we really needed it to continue our trip healthy and happy. This is our last week in the Florida place because we are leaving next Monday, January 23rd. It is going to take us about a week to reach that Mississippi place because we are going to drive pretty slow. Slower than molasses. Slower than thick maple syrup dripping down a pancake. Deputy Digby Pancake told me to mention pancakes because we haven’t had any on this diet so far. Girl Person says that once we get back on track to feeling better that we can have more treats in moderation. I have never been good with moderation. You can’t moderate my handsome. You can’t moderate my charm. And you certainly can’t moderate a craving for peanut butter cookies and pancakes.


One thing that I will admit besides the fact that I am the most handsome dog in the world is the fact that we are feeling real good on our new diet. I have to thank the Deputy for having Girl Person take him to that Vet Person so we could feel better. This diet is giving us all kinds of energy. Imagine mixing all this handsome with energy. It is enough to make you go crazy. And that is what has happened. Deputy Digby and I have went crazy. We like to pull Girl Person more, and we like to “feel our oats” since we aren’t eating any oats and yes. Yes, we are making the Persons go crazy trying to keep up with us. I feel good! So good, so good.  I got you. And my handsome. It’s a good combination.  Like peanut butter and jelly.


Feeling good is something that most of us take for granted until you don’t feel good anymore.  If there are changes that you can make for the better, do it!  Today is Monday and Monday is always a good day to change!  So is Tuesday, so is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  I want you to be with us forever too, so please take care of you, your furkids and you again.  I highly doubt and most probably know that you are not as good looking as me.  But putting that aside, you have the potential to arrest whatever is holding you back from feeling good too! Whether that be food or drink (wine is not included in this says Girl Person) or going to a Vet Person or People Vet.


Because I am feeling so good and most certainly as handsome as ever, me and Deputy Digby Pancake have been invited to a pawty today on our family’s farm to meet our newest family member, Beasley!  She is a rescue girl…hear she is pretty, and well, we will see how this goes! Do you want to meet her?  Today is going to be a great day! I feel it just as I feel this Florida sunshiney beating down on my corndog tail.  Now.  I have to prepare my handsome to meet Beasley.  Middle name Anne.  Can you imagine? She doesn’t have a name with food in it.  This is going to be interesting.

We still have a week left in this Florida place to see more friends, family and places.  Let’s do this!  We are going to soak it all up.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Goodbye Stranger

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I know, I know.  Sheriff Brickle has not been writing a lot this week.  I have pretty much hogged all the dog blogs lately because my time has been freed up by not eating so many pancakes on this new diet and writing a book which doesn’t exist yet because I haven’t even started it.  I told you that yesterday.  I am sure you want Brickle back on the blog next week.  I hear ya.  He is an excellent writer. I wish he would have paid me to say that in pancakes.  But I am compelled to share his handsome for you since you have missed him. I didn’t get his good side though, bahaha.


What the last few weeks has taught us is invaluable.  I almost wrote the word valuable which makes more sense, but since I haven’t started writing that book yet, I should probably brush up on some grammar.  Anyway.  One of the things my health scare has taught us is that there are many good people out there.  Really, there is.  I know it is hard to remember that in our world today.  We have had so much help from not only our fans, but friends and Vet Persons of friends and our own Vet Person.  Everyone wanted to help.  And we don’t know what we would have done without them.  So we simply want to say thank you.  Thank you all.

When we visit a new state every week on our Adventure Of A Lifetime, we stop and think.  That person that was nice to us at the grocery store? We may never see that person again.  That person that recommended a great bottle of wine to Girl Person?  We may never see that person again.  That person who gave us the best camping spot?  We may never see that person again. That furkid we met at the beach this week?  We may never see him again either.

Just sayin hello. #dogbeach #florida #2travelingdogs #davisisland

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It makes you stop and think.  Did you say thank you to that person?  You may never have that chance again.  So thank you stranger.  Goodbye stranger.  You made a difference in our day.  And we want you to know that.

We have told you all week that you should never take one day for granted. Don’t take one person for granted either.  We may not be able to say thank you to all of our million fans, because it would take time away from eating pancakes and now writing that book which I have more time for because I am not eating so many pancakes.  But know we thank you. And since this week was so great, it inspired me to do one more “Driving With Digby”.

Have a great weekend everyone! Goodbye friend.  Because you aren’t a stranger to me.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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In The Long Run

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a difference a week makes.  Persons worry and worry and worry some more.  If anyone has read the Deputy Digby Pancake book which doesn’t exist yet because I haven’t  written it yet, you will know that worry is a bad thing.  In the long run, we do what we think is best with the information we are given, and then you sleep on it, take another nap and eat a pancake. In the long run, it’s what you do.

Another edition of #DrivingWithDigby #2travelingdogs #florida #hikingwithdogs #Eagles #adoptdontshop

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The persons have had a lot to decide the past week with my Vet Person visit and what to do next.  They have asked other Vet Persons, did research, research, research and lost a lot of sleep, which is not allowed in the Deputy Digby Pancake book which doesn’t exist because I haven’t written it yet, but that would be a disclaimer not to lose any sleep reading my book.

In the long run, life is unpredictable.  Life is also short, and yes, I have heard shorter for the furkids.  I am not going to worry about this, because that is not what Deputy Digby Pancake does.  What I will do is tell you what the persons have decided for my health, but only so that you do not worry, which I know you remember is not allowed in my book which doesn’t exist yet because I haven’t written it.  In the long run, this book will be worth its weight in pancakes.  And when this diet is over, you had better believe the stack is going to be high.  A writer needs fuel to write his book which doesn’t exist yet.

After a trip to the beach yesterday, the persons decided that for now, since I am feeling very good, that we will be changing my diet to a raw diet, doing more bloodwork in two months and more tests to see if anything has changed for the better at that time.  We wanted you to know what was happening so that you do not worry.  Now.  Is this the right decision?  Is it the right decision not to put me thru more testing during our Florida break?  Is it the right decision to let me and Sheriff Brickle rest for the week remaining that we have here, get our tummies back on track and get some more rest?  Probably not the right decision to some.  But in the long run, the persons have to do what they think is best for me and the Sheriff.  And this is our family’s decision for now.


Girl Person and Boy Person love me and the Sheriff very much.  This I know for sure.  I also know that our Facebook fans love us too.  Over a million of them.  We hope that you will enjoy the week we have remaining in this Florida place with us!  It has sure felt good being home.  The Sheriff even thinks so. Even though he has been so worried about me.


We all have to make important decisions.  And I want you to know that the decision whether or not to tell you our decision was even a hard one to make.  Because we don’t know if it is the right one.  But no matter what, we are all in this together.  We feel  your love more than ever.  And I am hungry more than ever on this diet.  Who said pancakes? You did? Say it again.  I’ll write it in my book which doesn’t exist because I haven’t written it yet.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Cow Poop Or Pancakes. Your Choice.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Life is full of surprises, that is for sure. Sometimes, the surprises are good, like when you find a little extra butter under that pancake. Sometimes, the surprises are bad, like when your persons tell you that you have to cut back on the pancakes. But life is never boring, and even if something gets taken away, usually, that is filled with something unexpected like fruit filling in a doughnut. Oh, doughnut…oh, pancakes. How I miss you already on this diet.

Yesterday, Sheriff Brickle and I thought we were going on our usual route of looking for people to arrest on our way to hiking. But Girl Person drove us to a farm place and explained to us that her family lived there and that we were going to get to meet some cows and horses and chickens in this Florida place. Remember Rooster Man, Izzie, Sonoma and Pecky-Pecky, our chicken kids? This is where they were born and now are living on another farm too like this! We sure were happy to see some chickens again. But cows? I wasn’t so sure about that. Until I realized the culinary opportunity in front of me. No, it’s not what you think.


You may be eating your breakfast or drinking your coffee, and for that, I apologize in advance. But when you are on a diet, things get desperate. At least that is my excuse. Girl Person told us that we were embarrassing her by digging up cow poop, flinging it in the air, eating it with straw hanging out of our mouths, and then peeing on the cows’ heads.


Well, when you are on a diet and get taken to an all you can eat buffet after one long day of being on that diet, what do you expect me to do? Tell them I am on a diet? Not sure if you know me. Also, do I need to be on good behavior at an all you can eat buffet? Not sure that I have ever heard of a dress code at these places. Good thing cause I had no clothes on either.


Girl Person says that with all that has been happening the past week with vet visits, that we needed to get our minds off of serious things. Well, give anyone a pile of fresh cow poop, and serious things go out the window, I say! Pancakes or cow poop, Girl Person, that is your choice. Both make my belly full, but butter only goes good on one. This diet is already on my nerves.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  How is your week going so far?  I am very interested in that.  Let me know what or who I need to arrest, because I am in an arresting mood in this Florida place.  There is about to be some changes around here.  But arresting is not one of them. I will always do that.

photo credit above, Pawsome Adventures, Lutz, Florida

You know, every time you think that you have life all figured out, you pretty much don’t.  But here is a fact.  Time changes a lot of things.  And you have to learn how to change with it.  What worked in your life yesterday or the day before, or last year may not work today.

Our family is used to changes and big adjustments, but nothing could have affected us as much as the last week with Deputy Digby’s health.  Although we are finishing our Adventure Of A Lifetime starting back again at the end of this month, we had to make sure that we were all ready to do that.  We had to service the Big Blue Treat Wagon, the persons had to run themselves through a car wash pretty much, and me and the Deputy’s health had to be checked out.  As you know, Digby found out that he had some health problems, and so these are the changes we are talking about.

Just like you have to change the oil in your car, you have to change the pancakes in a Digby.  But really.  We all want to be together forever, and so the Vet Person made some suggestions to do that.  We already told you the boring stuff like less pancakes and more rest and other diet changes too which we won’t bore you with.  But we want you to know that Digby feels fine, but he could feel better. What we will be doing is making changes to what we eat, and then in a couple of months, we will be doing more bloodwork for Digby to see if it helped.

What we don’t want you to do is worry.  There is no immediate danger for Digby, but this reinforces the fact for preventative medicine for us all.  If there are signs that your furkid isn’t himself, or feeling the best, don’t ignore it.  Like our persons, I am sure that you probably take care of your furkids more than yourself.

You also probably know that our Girl Person battles depression on a daily basis.  She has wrote about it before, so it’s no secret here.  This has really made her upset because she cannot imagine her life without us all together.  As Sheriff however, I have arrested the sadness.  So we are all good there.  Life for our family has always been out in the open because we want our fans to know that we deal with the same things that you do.  We are no different.  You may get to hide YOUR crazy, but our crazy is on display for millions to see.  But that’s ok. We wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes others feel like they aren’t so alone. We hope our 2 Traveling Dogs family relies on each other.

We may have traveled through 34 states so far on our rescue mission. But here is the truth.  We may seem like we have it all together.  We may seem like nothing affects us.  But here it is…this is hard.  So thank you for our break in this Florida place to see our family and friends and regroup.  We can do the rest of this trip with your support, and love..and it will be the best weeks ever to come.  14 more states, 14 more rescues with all of us in good health and surrounded by your love and support.  We had to make some changes to keep going.  And it was for the best.  Life has a way of steering you in the right direction.  If you listen.  And let it.

Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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We Are Family.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I want to say thank you everyone.  Thank you for all of your kind thoughts, your emails, your messages that Girl Person read to me every day.  It’s been a rough week or so for my pancake butt.  But what would I have done without my family?


I know I am loved.  Loved by more than a million family fans on Facebook. Loved by my Girl Person and Boy Person and Sheriff.  And I definitely knew that this week more than ever when my lumps were getting checked out. Let me state for the record, I appreciate it.

We are family
Get up everybody and sing

You know as Deputy that nothing gets me down, not even with all the vet person visits of last week. The persons took me to get something called a chiropractic adjustment to help my achey bones, a massage, and something a little crazy looking that send magnetic waves to my achey parts too called a Magnetosphere to get my immune system jumpstarted. Yes, so I know I am loved. And the persons’ wallet show how much I was loved too…the pancake fund is running low.


Now, as I said, nothing gets me down.  Not even the news that my liver has a few issues from the bloodworm they did.  But I don’t want my family to worry, because we will figure this all out together.  But.  I am not thrilled at the news that I have to lose a few pounds.  Girl Person told me not to panic, that pancakes would not be removed from the menu totally, but that we would be making them a little smaller…for now.  Maybe a little less syrup too.


I guess when furkids get older, we gain a few pounds, get a few more lumps, and have to go to the vet person a little more often.  Girl Person says that they will do whatever it takes to keep our family together forever, even if that means smaller pancakes.  I get her point, and let’s see what we can find out this week to make everything all better.  Sheriff Brickle is even being nice to me and sharing his bed.  The Sheriff being nice?  That is a bit scary to me!



I also want you to know that the persons told us that me and the Sheriff mean more to them than finishing this Adventure Of A Lifetime on May 2nd as planned.  If it is a week or two behind schedule, that is just the way it is going to have to be.  We know our family will understand and we have taken your suggestions to heart.  14 more states to go, but this will be on our healthy schedule, and we are aiming to head out of this Florida place again on January 20th.  Sound good?

Living life is fun and we’ve just begun
To get our share of this world’s delights
High, high hopes we have for the future
And our goal’s in sight
We, no we don’t get depressed
Here’s what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won’t go wrong, oh-no

So let’s see what else we find out this week, our plans, and not forget that every day is a day to be appreciated!  Whether it’s a good nap, a good day in the sunshiney, a snow day, seeing your family or just a good pancake, life is good.  The good far outweighs the bad any day when you add it all up.  Just ask my pancake butt.

-Digby Pancake

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A Peanut Butter Cookie Is Just A Peanut Butter Cookie Without My Deputy

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yesterday was a lonely, lonely day.

Deputy Digby Pancake had to be taken to the Vet Person.  Girl Person told me that apparently Digby had some bumps that needed to be checked out and they left me and Boy Person to wait.  And wait some more.  During all that time, Boy Person tried to make me feel better with distracting me.  Well, you can’t distract a Sheriff.  Not even with peanut butter cookies.  When my brother from a different mother is gone, a peanut butter cookie is just another peanut butter cookie.  You know the only thing that made me feel better? Singing Digby’s theme song.  You heard me.  He has a theme song.


When you rescue an animal, you make our dreams come true.  Me and Deputy Digby know that our lives are different…different from animals in the shelter.  Different from animals that are not valued.  When we were rescued, and when YOU rescued your furkid, you made our dreams come true. That is a lot to be happy about. And who is the picture of happy? My brother Digby. Digby Pancake.  Deputy Digby Pancake.


I know you will be shocked at this.  But Deputy Digby means more to me than a peanut butter cookie. Deputy Digby means more to me than traveling.  More to me than our Adventure Of A Lifetime. And if he can get better, I don’t care about anything else.

Persons say when dogs get older, that things like this are expected.  Lumps and bumps and aches and pains. The persons won’t accept that.  They say that they will do anything and everything to keep us here happy as long as possible.  Isn’t that what everyone wants? Person or dog?  Sure, there are a lot of sad things in this world, but there is a lot to be happy about and enjoy too.  Every day is a gift.  You have definitely heard that before.  But take your gift and open it.  Realize that not every living thing gets a gift, another day of life like YOU have today.  Use it.

Now.  Business.  Today, my Deputy goes back to the Vet Person to get some help.  Digby has arthritis and hip issues.  And also, we have to see results of his bloodwork too to make sure those lumps are nothing to worry about.  So stick with us.  We will keep you updated all along the way and show you what is going on on our Facebook page.  Thank you all for your messages, thoughts and emails.  We haven’t had time to respond much, but know we read every single one.  I know, I know.  It’s not acceptable.  I may have to arrest myself.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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