So That You Don’t Regret A Thing


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Are you enjoying your time in this Michigan place so far? We sure are. It is almost as beautiful as I am, which is saying a lot. I was a bit disappointed this morning to tell you the truth on one thing. I thought I was at the ocean. I was all ready for it. I know I am not supposed to drink salt water but I can’t help myself. I like to make Girl Person tell me to stop. So I started biting the water like I usually do and it. Was. Not. Salty. And…it. Was. Arrested. Sorry Michigan, but your arrest came early. Girl Person told me we were at one of the Great Lakes. Well la de dah. You are not salty.

But I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you something today. We know a lot of our fans are worried that we are all too tired. Too wore out. Doing too much. It is true. We ARE doing a lot. And we ARE tired. We are having RV problems this week with jacks not coming down or something. It always seems to be one thing or another as our Granny Person used to say. But we want you to know one thing. We are still having a lot of fun. And we think that you should do. We know that when this trip is over, we will miss it. We will miss the campgrounds, the people, the traveling, the adventure. Sometimes, adventure is hard. But the memories that you make sure are worth it like the time I spend in front of the mirror. We are living our life so that we don’t regret a thing. This is going to be over so fast.  So very fast. Like some people that we thought would be here forever.  Like some people we thought we could hug one more time.  Time flies by, and this trip is too.  Don’t blink. Or it will be over.


We are trying to make the most of every mile this year.  Visiting people that deserve their story to be told, like the Cherryland Humane Society we are going to today in Traverse City, Michigan.  48 states, 48 rescues in one year.  Yes, it seems hard and it is.  Some days we think we just can’t finish.  But then your words inspire us to keep going.  We love taking you all along with us and showing you that EVERY state has something beautiful and unexpected to offer.  Life is like blue bonnets in the spring.  Don’t take today for granted.  Make the most of what your life, and the people in it have to share with you today.  And thank you for being with us on this trip, because you know good and well if you weren’t that you.  Are.  Arrested.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Welcome To Michigan! I’m Delirious.



This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Welcome to Michigan everyone! Did you enjoy the ride yesterday? Maybe you did, but I didn’t. The Big Blue Treat Wagon is none too comfy when its moving down the road. Have you every rode in a bus for ten hours? Or a giant dog bed? Yeah, then don’t judge me.

I mean seriously. How can you sleep when every bump known to man jumps out on the road? How can you sleep when Deputy Digby’s smell is even worse in a cramped area? Have you ever smelled a rotten, week old hotdog that has been left out in the sun with sauerkraut on it and then rolled in a big pile of horse poop? That is what Digby smells like in this RV sometimes. It’s not even worth it to arrest him because I don’t want to get that close.

Usually, I sit in the front seat besides Boy Person, Digby gets the couch, and Girl Person gets the floor. Sounds about right. Yesterday was hard because it was the longest drive we have had so far. My suggestion was to get to this Michigan place before winter. And so we had to split it up. We are at this campsite near Traverse City until Thursday. Then we are moving to a place near Munising. If I spelled that wrong, sue me.  I am not winner of the sixth grade spelling bee like Girl Person.  She still talks about that by the way.

On Wednesday, we are visiting our Michigan picked rescue, the Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City. They have some beautiful animals to adopt. Some like Susie who have been there for awhile. So let’s give them some love this week and share their animals we post to our Facebook page. We can’t wait to meet them.

Anyways. Enough bizzznessss. I need to recoup some handsome from yesterday’s ride around the world or something. Let’s see what we find today in this Michigan place! Are you ready? Let’s go!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle