Taking Care Of My Dog Does Not Mean I Spoil My Dog

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I was listening to the radio this week, and I heard someone say something that really affected me.  No, they weren’t talking about animals, or dogs surprisingly.  But while relating how they felt, someone said, “they were treated worse than a dog”.  And I thought to myself…why is this even a saying?  Why do we compare treatment of each other by putting another species down?  And did many feel that treating a dog “like a dog”, was ok?  I had to really stop and wonder.  Why don’t we recognize that dogs and all animals are individuals and deserve to be treated respectfully as such?  Why don’t we all treat each other the same way?


For me, when I hear others talk like this, I second guess myself and my way of life.  I certainly have been criticized by others for the way I take care of my dogs.  To some, they view my routines, concerns and habits as spoiling them, as extravagant.  And yet, I have never viewed my life this way.  The way I treat them is a necessity, much like feeding a child, or taking care of any family member.  The way I treat Brickle and Digby comes from a place of love and from a place in my heart that moves me to want them to be with me as long as possible.  Happy and healthy is what I aim for.  No, I don’t always do the right things.  I am just like anyone else.  But I try.  And I certainly don’t treat them like dogs.  I treat them like individuals.


If we recognize our dogs as individuals, why would we buy them food without thinking about what was in it, who made it, or if it was simply easier for us?  This is why I make my dogs’ food.  Every day.  No, it is not because I have so much time on my hands.  It is because I make the time.


If we recognize our dogs as individuals, and take our own health into consideration, why would we neglect physical exercise or adventure?  Yes, I fight with depression daily.  I don’t want to walk some mornings.  But if I don’t take my dogs’ health and happiness into consideration and take them, I am affecting them.  Not just me.


Sometimes, treating our dogs in the way we would want to be treated is in the little things.  Like the collars or harnesses we use.  Are they comfortable?  What about their beds? Are they comfortable?  Do we keep our dogs clean in a healthy way?  Do we watch for their moods and demeanor?  Do we keep our dogs’ water bowls clean?  Do we truly VIEW them as individuals?  Truly ask yourself that question.  I have found that once someone realizes this simple fact, it becomes harder to take that pet to a shelter.  It becomes harder to give up on that pet.  It become impossible to look that pet in the eyes and not give your best.


We can all criticize each other for our own decisions in how we take care of our dogs.  But if we do what we know is best, not just what we want to believe for our own sake, don’t let anyone tell you it is wrong.  Spoiling a dog is not possible in my opinion.  I could never thank them enough for what they give to me, unselfishly every day.  And my dogs actually help me to love and care for people as well.  They open my heart to forgiveness, unselfish devotion and concern. Being involved in animal rescue has taught me many things.  But one is that all animals deserve to be treated respectfully.  Just like people.  Don’t confuse spoiling with care.  Then, if we treat everyone “like a dog”, that will be a very beautiful thing.

Rachael Johnson, Owner and Girl Person of 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

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This is a sponsored post, but all views reflected are our own.


Do You Remember When? We Used To Sing.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If some days seem to go by in a blur, you are correct.

It has been said that time flies when you’re having fun.  Time also seems to go slower when you aren’t having fun or waiting for dinner.  But time seems to flash before your eyes when you meet the love of your morning, and you know that you only may have that morning to be together.  For the rest of your lives.


It is not that often that I meet someone at the dog park that puts up with me.  Yes, I know this is shocking to no one, but I like to get attention by humping.  Maybe you are the same way, I don’t know.  But on Thursdays, it is more frowned upon than on Wednesdays.  And as I ran around the dog park while Sheriff Brickle pawtrolled everyone as usual, I knew it to be true.  I had met my match.

It was my match of love with brown eyes and a happy demeanor.  A girl that did not care about my antics, only that I was being myself.  And she let me be myself over and over and over again.

Sheriff Brickle was even so amused by our performance, that he let the commotion go.  He knew it.  It was meant to be.

Have you ever met someone in a moment and still think about them years later?  Perhaps it was someone that was nice to you at a store, or who helped you when you needed it.  Maybe it was someone who helped change your tire when you broke down, or gave you money for food when you could not afford it.  Maybe someone touched your life in an instant that you never were to see again.  But they left an impression on you.

Well, my friend definitely did that for me at the dog park.  I haven’t been feeling so good lately. And yet, she brought the puppy out in me again.  She didn’t know anything about me other than I was happy to see her and play with her and even have a drink with her.


In fact, she really didn’t need to know anything else other than I enjoyed her company and that I loved her for her, as she loved me for me.


So many times, persons think that everyone has to know everything about them in order to make a friend.  Sometimes, they aren’t even nice to people that they don’t view as friends, but strangers.  They think somehow that if they are just meeting in passing that niceness is not as important.  But shouldn’t that be even MORE important? If we only meet someone for a moment, don’t we want them to remember us fondly? Don’t we want to make an even nicer impact on their lives?

There are individuals we know our whole lives.  There are individuals we know for an hour that we may not even learn their name.  No, I did not know her name.  But even though we had to part ways, my love won’t stop growing in my sweet memories for her and her acceptance of me as I was.

So wherever you go this weekend, make it a point to make an impression.  No, not the Digby Pancake way because you would be arrested.

But try to make a good impression on someone that needs it.  That is how they will remember you for all of their days if you don’t meet again.  As long as the world goes by in a blur, make that blur one of singing, laughter and as much fun as a Thursday morning dog park romp with my brown eyed girl.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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