Your Lifeline

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. It’s been cold, rainy and cloudy in this New York place this week.

We are here until Monday. And the good news is, now that the sunshiney is out, we have a few more days here to enjoy it. I’m glad I held on to hope!

Sunshiney is definitely important to me. It’s a lifeline, you might say. Some may think it’s not necessary to have good sunshiney in order to survive. But to me, I’m my best with sunshiney.

I’m more of me with sunshiney. I can be productive. Happy. Pleasant. Well. As pleasant as I get.

What is your lifeline? I tend to believe everyone has one. When you don’t have that lifeline in your day, you are less than your best. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee.

A kiss goodnight.

A good book.

A pizza.

Something that others think isn’t crucial to live. But to you, it makes life worth living.

For Girl Person, she has a favorite camping chair that she sits in to write the blog for us everyday. The days she doesn’t get to type the blog for me in that chair just aren’t as good. In my opinion.

Others may not know how important that chair is to her. It may be just a chair. But to her, it’s a lifeline.

What is your lifeline?

There is no shame in having little things that are important to you. It’s when we try to do without those things that we feel less like ourselves. If someone else doesn’t understand, I even say it’s better that way. It’s more special to you. It’s like secret sunshiney only for you.

In a world that makes us try to forget what makes us individuals and tries to make us just functioning machines, grab on to your lifeline.

And don’t ever let it go.

Peanut Butter Brickle