As A Dog Parent, If I Don’t Ask For Your Opinion, I Probably Don’t Want It

We’ve all been there. That morning at the dog park or on a walk when someone says, “you know, you should really get another kind of leash”. “Your dog’s nails are too long”. “So who’s walking who?”. You should really learn how to control your dog”. “Why do you let your dog walk in front of you? Haven’t you ever taken him to obedience school?” “You know, it wouldn’t hurt if you let your dog off leash. What? He would run away? Oh, you must not have trained him early.” I could go on and on.


I’m not saying that I know everything there is about dogs, training or nutrition. But I am saying that if I don’t ask for your opinion, well, I probably don’t want it. Did I say that out loud?


My dogs have taught me many things, one of which is to go with the flow. When I first rescued them from the shelter, they were the first dogs I had ever “picked out”. So I made it my goal to learn how to take care of them the best way possible. I asked for people’s guidance when I took Brickle to the dog park for the first time and he was uncontrollable. They were kind, they offered me assistance, and as he grew up, we laughed later about how he had improved. Those exchanges were welcome, asked for, and positive. The guidance I received was out of a place of concern and love, not judgement. And judgement is what I take offense to.


You see, I have come to realize that there is no right and no wrong way to parent your dog. For things like nutrition, I certainly have my own strong opinions on dog food and health. However, unless someone asks me specifically for my opinion or experience, I would never tell them that they were wrong in the way they feed their dog. Why? First off, not everyone can afford the “best” food, or do they have access to fresh ingredients where they live. I never thought about this aspect until traveling the entire United States. There were areas where grocery stores were hours away, and even then, choices were limited. How was I to judge how people were able to feed their dogs? Do I believe that organic and fresh food will help our dogs to live longer? I do. But I also realize that for dogs to have a home…someone that loves them and takes care of their basic necessities…that is a lot more than what most dogs can ask for, or hope for. And I applaud the people that take care of their own in the best way that they individually can.


I often have people remark on how my dogs are “walking me”. And I do have a sense of humor. However I would never say this to someone because I don’t know what the dog has been through, or the physical or mental capabilities of the owner or the dog. If someone asked me if I wanted a suggestion on how I could walk them “better”, I might react a bit differently if given out of a place of concern. But what they don’t know is the Digby was a hunting dog, he ran away, and for Digby, being off leash is dangerous and means his life.


Oftentimes, I feel like dog parents are looking for ways to make other dog parents feel bad for the choices that they make so that they feel better about theirs. And when others cannot look past the one way that they feel is the best way to parent a dog, well, that is not loving, that is not kind. and totally not necessary. What is our ultimate concern as dog parents? Our dogs and having them with us as long as possible! We can’t judge others for the way we believe is the best way. Because their way IS the best way for their dogs if they are physically and emotionally taking care of their own.


We all are going through different things in our lives, we all were raised differently, and no one else has walked in our shoes. Well, my dogs have walked on them. They have chewed on them. But when we all realize that there is no one way to take good care of a dog, maybe we will simply thank other dog parents we see for taking care of their own. And maybe, if they ever need our help or guidance, we will be more likely to give and to receive.

-Rachael Johnson, Owner, Girl Person, 2 Traveling Dogs

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We’re Old Cowhands From The Rio Grande

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  When I woke up yesterday, I had no idea that I would be standing at the Rio Grande by the evening. Actually, I didn’t know there was a Rio Grande.  I didn’t know that Mexico would be behind me.  And well.  I didn’t know that there would be cows in them there hills.  Sorry.  My Southern accent comes out sometimes.

We’re old cowhands from the Rio Grande
And we come to town just to hear the band
We know all the songs that the cowboys know
‘Bout the big corral where the doggies go
We learned them all on the radio
Yippie yi yo kayah

As you know, we had a ruff time at our last campsite in this Texas place.  And well, it was time to move on to greener pastures.  Where are those pastures? We are in the desert,  y’all.

Down from the Rio Grande
Oh where the west is wild all around the borderland


But Girl Person assured us that we were in fact where we were supposed to be. I took her word for it.

Get along little horsy
Yippie yi yo kayah, oh!

We seem to still be in the desert. #texas #2travelingdogs

A post shared by 2TravelingDogs (@2travelingdogs) on

We found our campsite outside of the National Park last night and Sheriff Brickle was pretty happy. He had his picnic table.  Yes, we were in another pit of dust with no grass to be seen.  Anywhere.  But we didn’t have wobbly people stealing our picnic tables and we didn’t have people trying to run us over either.  We had driven a very long way to see this National Park called Big Bend National Park, and we are looking forward to it today.  But for last night, we took a little breather and gazed out onto the Rio Grande.  It was a sight to behold!  Even Sheriff Brickle had to not think about himself for one moment.

That’s Mexico over there. #riogrande #2travelingdogs

A post shared by 2TravelingDogs (@2travelingdogs) on

Girl Person said that sometimes, when you want to see something or do something in life, it won’t be an easy path to get there.  In fact, sometimes, you don’t even know if the journey will be worth it.  But how will you ever know unless you try? It took so much work and many miles to get to here and to see this park.  But we made it.  We had to try. Because we don’t know if we will ever be back this way again.


Girl Person said that often, the older we get, the less we think we can do.  She said that just because you may be older, it does not mean that you still can’t go for your dreams.


Many times, she said it may be as simple as wanting to see something only a few miles away.  Sometimes, it may be a longer journey to find your dream..and a lot of work.  But she said that you are worth it.  You are more than your daily chores, your job, your obligations.  You are YOU.  You are the same person that you were as a child, you are worth the same.  Be good to you and see and do what you can… before you can’t.


Yes, Sheriff Brickle and I have seen so much in the past year and a half.  But what was right in front of us at the beginning is still here at the close of our journey. And that is good enough for me.  Because I still have my persons, my health and another journey of life still ahead.  So if you are not in good health, and maybe wish you had done more…think of what you did get to see, who you did get to love.  And cherish those memories too!

I’m a cowboy who never saw a cow
Never roped a steer cause I don’t know how
Sure ain’t a fixin’ to start in now



Life is so much more than what is right in front of us and where we live.  There are people who live in the mountains. There are people who live near the ocean.  And yes, there are people who live in the desert.  And they all had dreams.  We are all the same when it comes down to it.


So as we find ourselves in the vast solitude of the desert this weekend in Big Bend National Park, we hope that you will join us and learn with us.  Because if we listen…we have a lot yet to see.  No matter what our age.


We’re old cowhands from the Rio Grande
And we come to town just to hear the band
We know all the songs that the cowboys know
‘Bout the big corral where the doggies go
We learned them all on the radio
Yippie yi yo kayah

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-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Picnic Table

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. First off, before I get going on this. Alpine, Texas? You. Are. Arrested.


You know, after being on the road for a year and a half, we have been to some great places. We have been to some harsh places…even harsher than my attitude on this fine Thursday. But I have never been to a camp where one of my favorite things in the world was stolen right from under my paws.

I’ve been alone with you inside my mind
And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times

Whenever we travel, I have one thing on my mind besides peanut butter cookies. When can we stop, get out, and when can I lay by my picnic table? I always look for my picnic table. It is the one thing that remains the same at every camp. Oh, I dream about saying hello to it all day.

And so when we arrived in Alpine, Texas yesterday, I saw it. We had been having a few rough days. And so this picnic table was definitely a sight for sore eyes.

I sometimes see you pass outside my door
Hello, is it me you’re looking for?


As Girl Person got us out of the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, laid down my blanket and sat there with me, I was thinking how nice of a picnic table this was. Now, keep in mind that none of us were in a great mood after driving for three days straight. But we were trying to get to Big Bend National Park, and if we don’t get a move on, we will never make it back to that Florida place. That is just a prelude to my next information.

As Girl Person and I were sitting there at our picnic table, because every campsite had its own table, a very wobbly man person walked right over to us. Girl Person got me up very fast, which interrupted my nap time and I was not happy about it.


The wobbly man person sat right down at my table, got out his book which he couldn’t hold very well, and acted like he didn’t even see us. As a Sheriff, I was shocked that someone could do this while stinking like alcohol to “high heaven” as Granny used to say. Girl Person told him that she must be mistaken, that perhaps this was HIS table? He couldn’t even answer her but looked at her like she was insane. Girl Person nicely directed his gaze to his picnic table…not ours. He just looked at her and almost fell off the table. At this point in the day, Boy Person was over it. All. He looked at Girl Person as if to say don’t bother, because no way was this wobbly man person understanding anything. Now, you would think that they would let me take over this arrest, but instead, Boy Person went up to the office to ask them to move our site. While he was gone, the wobbly man person tried to walk in our door, Deputy Digby was howling, and Girl Person was besides herself. She found another picnic table, but in fact this table was also someone else’s who informed her we had to leave. Now. Picnic tables may not be important to most. But for me, they are very important. Maybe you have something like that, that no one else understands. Also understand that Girl Person at this point was crying, Boy Person came back, unhooked all of our stuff again and we went to another campsite.

Girl Person set up my blanket again and we waited for Boy Person to come back with our house.

You’re all I’ve ever wanted and my arms are open wide
Cause you know just what to say and you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much, I love you


Digby was sitting in the front seat and looking out the window at us like, not again. Well, he should have been glad he was not outside with us. Because now, another wobbly man person driver decided that he would try to cut right through our campsite, almost running me and Girl Person over in the process. Girl Person really lost it now. And since the campsite people only moved us over three spaces, by now, the first wobbly man person was walking over there and almost falling down. Then yet another wobbly man person walked thru our campsite barefoot in the sandspurs, Girl Person told him that he needed to walk on the road, and he was so wobbly, he didn’t even hear. ALPINE, TEXAS, YOU. ARE. ARRESTED. AGAIN.

If we would have known there were so many wobbly, picnic table stealing, reckless drivers in this place, we would have been better to keep going. But now, we were so tired, that all we could do was think of sleep. As Boy Person tried to level our house for over another hour, we wondered if it was worth it. We had been stressed about having no conveniences the night before. But sometimes, the less you have, the better. And we learned our lesson. Roughing it for us just may be the best thing to do. As long as there is a picnic table. I know there is one waiting for me to sit by it!

Cause I wonder where you are and I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely? Or is someone loving you?


This has taught us that in life, things may be important to someone that are not important to you. But we should always respect the things that make someone else happy. After all, life is about the little things.

We are on our way to Big Bend National Park today and will be trying to find a campsite. Will you join us? If so, bring a picnic. I’m going to find the perfect table!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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You’ve Got To Give A Little, Take A Little

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  You know, I don’t need very much to be happy.  Give me a bed, some breakfast, and I’m good.  Maybe one day I should open up my own bed and breakfast.  I wonder who would come if I ate all of the pancakes before they sat down to eat?  If I open one up, I will probably leave out the breakfast part in retrospect.

It’s been said that dogs don’t need much either to be happy.  Unless you are Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle, but in actuality, I don’t think he is a dog.  Give him a mirror and he’s happy to tell himself how awesome and handsome he is.  But he also demands adoring attention, warm, not hot peanut butter cookies, and 24 hour a day sunshiney.  He is almost as high maintenance as people, but not quite.  Because not only do they seem to “need” a lot of things to be happy or comfortable, but they work all day to get those things.  And then they are too tired to enjoy those things.  This was just something that I thought about on our drive out of New Mexico yesterday.


As we made our plans and started driving to that Texas place once again, we decided that we wanted to stop in a place called Guadalupe National Park.

We had to drive a very long way to get there, but we didn’t mind, because we knew that we were headed to Texas’ highest point and the largest above ground coral reef!  This sounded amazing.  But we also knew that we were headed to not the fanciest campsite ever. In fact, the persons told me and Brickle that we were going to be roughing it.  But they also told us that dinner would not be late and I would still get my breakfast.  So all sounded ok to me.  Why did I care that we wouldn’t have electricity or water?  I mean, we are driving around our house on wheels.  Seemed to me that this was just what we had to do sometimes to see some pretty cool things.  I was all for this.  Because sometimes, we have the best times when we rough it.

You’ve got to give a little, take a little,
and let your poor heart break a little.
That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love.

As we looked around, we wondered what the persons had been so worried about.  We had food, we had each other and the mountains right in front of us.


Yes, we knew it was going to be a very cold night, but we had no idea how windy it was going to be. After dinner, the persons took a very quick shower to save what water we had in the tanks and we lit the candles.  We told stories of days past when we had a house and so much stuff, and we could have never imagined being in the Guadalupe Mountains with only our little house on wheels.

This is a song I’ve been singing for a long time.
It’s like an old friend.
But, you know, I think it,
it’s only recently that I discovered what it’s really about.

Persons don’t always get everything they want in life.  Sometimes, life has a way of making you change directions.

You lose something, but you gain something in return.  For us, we didn’t have a fancy campsite with all the fancy stuff.  But we had the opportunity to see what was in front of us…each other and the beauty of the earth literally all around us.

As long as there’s the two of us,
we’ve got the world and all it’s charms.
And when the world is through with us,
we’ve got each other’s arms.

The wind was howling, shaking our RV so bad we thought we would tip over.  But as Girl Person started to complain to herself that she had to go outside at 5 a.m. and stand on one foot and hold up her phone to the mountains to post this blog, she looked up at the stars.  And she felt thankful for being there.  She felt thankful for the inconveniences.  Because the inconveniences showed her the most beautiful sky she had ever seen.

You’ve got to win a little, lose a little,
yes, and always have the blues a little.
That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love.


Girl Person and Boy Person told us that we may not have a house to go to right now…in fact, driving back to that Florida place seems a little crazy since we don’t even have anywhere to go yet.  But for now, being able to see things like this park made us realize that no matter happens, we got to see this and all of the other places we will visit on the way back.


Life is certainly not perfect for persons.  Persons have expectations, dreams that they think will never come true.  And you know what? Sometimes those dreams don’t come true.  But when you realize that what you may not have received made way for something else, you realize that it was the path you were meant to be on all along.


You’ve got to laugh a little, cry a little,
until the clouds roll by a little.
That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love.

Today we are headed back out on the road towards Big Bend National Park!  It will take us a couple days to get there.  Are you with us?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.51.47 PM

Like Sands Through The Hourglass

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Just when I think that I have seen it all, peed on it all, and rolled in it all, I find out that I have one more thing to do.  Like go to the moon… apparently in New Mexico.


You may think that this is snow.  In fact, it was cold, but Girl Person told us that it was not snow, it was a kind of sand.  And as far as we could see, there was nothing BUT sand. It was overwhelming to me, because I didn’t see enough trees to pee on.  But for Sheriff Brickle?  Oh, he found his happy place.  All it needed was an ocean.

Can you imagine this place?  Allow me to help you.  It was crazy.  Crazy beautiful.  Even almost as beautiful as Sheriff Brickle thinks that he is.


Girl Person told us all about it, as she usually does when we visit somewhere new.  I can’t tell you that I understood all of this, but I listened.  She said that great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand cover 275 square miles of desert, creating the world’s largest gypsum dunefield. And as we walked up the dunes, and slid down the dunes, we may have forgot all of the facts…because we were having too much fun.

She’s lost it. 😂 #literally #2travelingdogs #newmexico

A post shared by 2TravelingDogs (@2travelingdogs) on

I am all about learning.  If it involves treats.  But when you realize that you are living a day that you will never live again, sometimes, you just have to live in the moment.  Like a dog.  Like me.  Not like Sheriff Brickle.  I don’t really think that he is a dog.


Time will slip through our fingers like sand through an hourglass.  It.  Just.  Happens.


Girl Person says that sometimes, things in our days remind of past days.  As we were sitting out on the dunes, she told Boy Person that all of the sand reminded her of  a TV show when she was little.

She says that she remembered sitting on the floor and staring up at the TV thing.  And all of a sudden, these great sand dunes in New Mexico transported her back to when she was five years old.  She thought about all of the time that had passed since days past.  She wondered how many days would pass to where she would remember the day she was in right now.


There are days to be serious.  And there are days to be remembered.  But then, there are days to have fun.  And then there are days to do all of that.  You don’t have to travel to far away places like White Sands National Monument to have a special day, because no one else will be living your day except you.  Make it special.  Make it worth remembering one day.  Because like sands through an hourglass…so are the days of our lives.  Sheriff Brickle says that show would have been much better with him on it. I am sure he would have loved all of the girls to fight over him.

But if they could have seen him try to slide down a sand dune?  Well, maybe they would have reconsidered.

Video. Fail. 😂 #nocooperation #2travelingdogs

A post shared by 2TravelingDogs (@2travelingdogs) on

Bahaha! I crack myself up.  Maybe I need to start my own soap opera.  Unless you have to be clean for that.  Then, count me out.  Tomorrow we are headed to that Texas place! One step closer to that Florida place.  Will you come with us?  Bring a sled.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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In My Life…I’ve Loved Them All

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some days you wake up and wonder what is wrong with the world. You may see all of the bad in it, the things that make you sad.

Feeling kinda homesick today. #2travelingdogs

A post shared by 2TravelingDogs (@2travelingdogs) on

Sometimes, when it feels cold and foggy in our minds because of all the negative things, it is hard to remember the good days…and the good in the world. It kind of like how cold we have been lately here in New Mexico! It is hard to remember when there was ever a time we were warm in that Florida place.

There are places I’ll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain

When it seems like the bad overwhelms the good, it is easy to let the good get pushed aside. But. The good, and the good people are still there. We know this to be true. Yes, it seems simple, but for us, one conversation this morning was enough to make us remember.


As we were walking to the dog park at camp, we heard it. A man person talking to his dog. He was telling his dog what a good boy he was, and how he was going to have a great day. Girl Person told us that this man didn’t know we were there. He didn’t know anyone was listening. He simply loved his dog like he should…like everyone should. And Girl Person told us that she felt like all of a sudden, there were some good things still in front of us. There were some good people out there that deserved to be told thank you. Just for being…nice.

Should we thank people just for being nice? This was something that I wondered.


As we entered the dog park and played with Red the dog, Girl Person told his man person that she wanted to thank him for being such a good person to his dog. He didn’t know why she was thanking him, and he looked surprised.  Girl Person told him that his simple act of kindness changed our day.  And anything can change the way someone views their day, even changing their lives. It is overwhelming a bit, because that means that every thing we do matters, whether good or bad.  But think about the people who have come into your life…and maybe out of your life.  Did they all not play a part in who you became or how you viewed life?

Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I’ve loved them all

Yes, this man did deserve thanks, because if even for a moment that he came into our lives, it mattered.  Have you told the ones who you love thanks? Thanks for the little things, the simple things?  Have you come into someone’s life even for a brief moment and made a difference for them?  Can you make a difference to the next person?

You may not think that you deserve a thanks from us, but we will tell you that you most certainly do. We believe that the more people that set an example, not just to rescue, but to treat their furkids the way that they should be treated deserve to be thanked. Maybe you weren’t raised to value animals. Maybe you grew up poor, or went thru financial hard times and chose to feed your furkids instead of yourself. Maybe you didn’t treat animals as good as you should have at one time, but changed your ways and vowed to do better…and you are. Whatever the case, and whoever you are, we thank you. We thank you for being here. We thank you for trying.  We just thank you.  It is not easy to care.  It is easier NOT to.


Are you surprised when we tell YOU thanks today? Thank you for being someone that cares so much about your furkids and others that you read a dog blog every day. Thank you for caring to share and spread the word to “Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice”. Thank you for loving us. For caring about us. It is you that keeps US going every day. Did you know that?

In my life I’ve loved them all

Every day, the earth goes round.  Some of us may not be here tomorrow.  It is today that we have, and only today, to appreciate the ones that are here with us now.  Oh, how we would miss them if they were gone, like we miss ones who are no longer here.  In your life, every day counts.  Thank someone today.  Make a difference today.  Simply be nice today.  We thank you for that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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My Craziest Confession As A Dog Person For The Week

It was one of those weeks that seemed to fly by. The never ending list of “to-do’s” made me forget what day it was half the time. I got caught up in work assignments and the usual tasks that we encounter being on the road, like finding a grocery store, doing laundry, and washing dishes outside in the dirt. Yep, we had no hookups at our campground again.


But in all of the week’s commotion, I was such a crazy dog person that even I had to step back and notice the crazy in all of its glory. Some weeks, I try not to be so crazy, I recognize the crazy and I try to temper the crazy. Some weeks, I don’t care. This was one of those weeks.


Life is hard for all of us in different ways. We all have different pressures and stresses. But for those of us that have dogs, we have to recognize that our dogs have no idea why we are so stressed. They don’t know when we leave to go to work where we are going, they only know that we are gone. Our dogs don’t know when we go to buy groceries that we just have to do this! But I make sure to tell them every time I leave where I am going and when I will be back. Was that my craziest confession for the week? Not even close. Everyone does this though. Right?


Nope. Here it goes. Despite having one of the busiest weeks I have had in awhile, I found myself “missing” my dogs…even though they were right by me. I found myself smelling their fur, looking in their eyes, trying to remember every single detail about them. I found myself admiring their paws, their noses, their eyelashes. They were beautiful. How was it possible to miss someone when they were right by me?  I was losing it.  It was like the more hectic my week got, the more I realized that everything filling my time was taking away time from what and who mattered most to me.


Some may say that I need to go get some help. And if I followed this advice, my help would be to go to a shelter or rescue and get more dogs. Seriously though. There is no help for me. I used to feel guilty about loving my dogs so much. I used to look at other dog owners and see their ability to detach from their dogs when they had other things to do. I used to look at other dog owners who didn’t hurry home because of overwhelming guilt when they had been gone an hour. And I wondered why I couldn’t be more like that. And I used to think that they were the ones who had it together, that they were balanced and I was crazy.  I still think that.  But in a good way.


Life is not about “to-do” lists, working, and rushing through life.  I believe that sometimes we use our lists to not feel emotions as strong as we should.  If everyone took a few minutes to “miss their dog” even if their dog was sitting right by them, how much better would your day be?

Love, for me as a dog person is so strong that I can’t imagine life before them, or after them.  I think that is why this week I decided to give into the crazy.  They may not understand when I tell them I miss them, even though we have been together all day.  But I know they will understand how much I love them.  And that is my crazy confession for the week.  Being crazy in love with my dogs is not such a bad thing.  And I confess…if you think it is a bad thing…I don’t care.

-Rachael Johnson, Girl Person, 2 Traveling Dogs

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The Runaway Treat Wagon

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I have been accused of many things in my lifetime.  Some days I wake up and I hear, “where is that stack of pancakes I just made two minutes ago?  I just sat them here on the counter to get the maple syrup.”.  Or maybe I hear, “Hey, where is that maple syrup? I just sat it down to put some on my pancakes.  Hey, where are my pancakes?”.  And well…you get the point.  I could go on forever about this.

But one thing I have never been accused of is driving a RV down the road.  But since today was a new day, and I didn’t see any pancakes or maple syrup to steal, I made the plan in my head.  And I had it all worked out.  Until.  Furbo.


It started out just like any other day.  Sheriff Brickle woke up, looked in the mirror and exclaimed all was right with his handsome.  Girl Person and Boy Person were drinking their coffee mud and I was devising…devising a plan.  This was going to be good.  Girl Person got out her backpack and told me and Brickle that it was time to go hiking.  Yes.  I knew what to do.  I was pretending I was tired, and that I hadn’t just read the RV handbook.  I was going to be an excellent driver.


If you have ever wanted to be good at something, maybe you practice a little bit before doing it all the way.  Or maybe you try to get some experience before going full speed.  For me, I don’t think.  I do.  And I was hungry.  With no pancakes in sight, I needed to make a treat run. This was my chance.

But what I didn’t count on was Sheriff Brickle’s new backup law enforcement accessory, the Furbo Dog Camera.  I guess I should have read up on this too.  Apparently, this Furbo Dog Camera lets you see, talk and even toss treats to your furkid wherever you are. Ok, the treat thing is a plus.  But I didn’t know that before I started the engine, folks. I found out the hard way that by using dog recognition, Furbo can detect and notify you of important dog-related events happening at home, like trying to drive a RV away. Ok seriously.  But I didn’t think it would work on me.  I was an experienced Deputy.  Well, I will just let you see what happened.

Yeah.  So did I learn my lesson?  What lesson would that be?  Perhaps I should have learned that a dog can’t get a driver’s license.  Perhaps I should have learned to cover up that Furbo Dog Camera that framed me.


Perhaps I should have learned that if I want extra treats, all I have to do is ask. Or perhaps…just perhaps, I can use this Furbo Dog Camera to get more treats.  I heard that if I bark, it tells the persons.  If I move around too much, it tells the persons.  I know what I would like to tell the persons.  Get another Furbo.  I need more treats.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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What I Like About You Is Me

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Today is the day that we leave this Arizona place and head to the New Mexico place again.  Haven’t we been there before?  Oh, yeah. But each step of the way is a step closer to that Florida place and hopefully finding a home again. But the journey is what we are concentrating on now since apparently the persons can’t find a home.  So let’s just see what happens when we get there and we have stopped worrying about it. The reality is when you can’t find the answer you want, keep looking.  Maybe another answer will arrive when we are least expecting it.  Like my positive attitude?  Yeah…I’m working on it. For the next hour only, however.


Being in Arizona has been interesting.  I did not expect it to be scenic as it was.  It’s like when I wake up every morning and I see how handsome I am, I first think that I can’t get any handsomer…but I do, and I wasn’t expecting that. Then, I look out the window and I see how where we are parked is going to look on my handsome. And this Arizona place? Oh, it did wonders for me. You know what I like about you, Arizona? How much better you look with me here.

Keep on whispering in my ear
Tell me all the things that I wanna’ to hear, ’cause that’s true

It is not like I needed any help to look as good as I do, but when something brings out the best in you, you should embrace it.  The colors of the mountains, the red sand, the gold grass, oh, it all reflected wonderfully off of my coat.

Never wanna’ let you go, know you make me feel alright, yea


The wonderful thing about traveling to new places is that each place has something to teach you.  Arizona had a way of talking to me.


So many times, persons don’t understand that to be their best, they have to surround themselves with things that bring out the best in them like sunshiney brings out the best in us!


It is like how Arizona brought out my beauty, think about what brings out your beauty…and who may bring out that beauty.  It matters the people we surround ourselves with.  It matters what we fill our minds and our hearts with.  Are we surrounding ourselves with positive or negative things…positive or negative people?  And then think about the influence that you have on others.  Do you bring out the best, or the worst?  I think that this is something we can all work on, unlike my handsome, which is already perfect.  What I liked Arizona was me.  And how it brought out my best.  What brings out your best?

For Girl Person, she realized yesterday that she had also learned a lot in this Arizona place.  She learned that it rains in the desert.  She learned that cacti are beautiful and that the sunsets reflecting off of the mountains are something to be admired.  She learned to look up at the night sky and appreciate the stars.  And she also learned in Arizona that after you take a cave tour at Kartchner Caverns State Park, when you get home to make dinner and cut a poblano pepper, you should wash your hands properly before changing your underwear.  I bet you weren’t expecting me to say that.  That’s Arizona!

So today, figure out what you like about yourself.  Then think about why you like that, and where it shines the brightest.  It won’t be as bright as my handsome, but that’s what I like about you. That you love me.

What I like about you, you hold me tight
Tell me I’m the only one, wanna’ come over tonight, yea 

Actually, don’t come over, my hour of positivity is gone, and I am not in the mood.

Arizona, thanks for the adventures! Here we come, New Mexico!

Stay tuned for a special blog tomorrow! Don’t miss it!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Desperate Desert Dehydrator

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you have ever been cold…real cold…you know that it most certainly is a desperate situation.  Us Florida place folks are not used to being cold.  In fact, the persons pretty much wear flip flops any day of the year because they refuse to acknowledge that they are cold even when they are freezing.  For us dogs, cold is not as hard to deal with as you persons without fur…but yep.  Even me and the Deputy get a little chilly in this RV.  And last night and the night before?  Let me say this, and I know that you will let me say this, because I am the Sheriff.  It was too dern cold y’all.  The cold.  Was.  Arrested.

You’re as cold as ice
You’re willing to sacrifice our love
You never take advice
Someday you’ll pay the price, I know

You may wonder what is the big deal about the cold.  Uh.  Cold.  Do I need to say more? I don’t, but I will.  You see, the camping spot we are at didn’t have enough electricity voltage or something for the size of our RV.  I know, I know.  You are also wondering why there isn’t a new power source based solely on my handsome factor to light up the world.  And I wonder this too. Everyone does.


But there was no time for wondering in this cold.  We needed a plan.  Because when you are living in your house on wheels, stuff freezes like water tanks and the such.  And we weren’t prepared for this nonsense. I mean seriously.  Weren’t we in the Arizona desert? The flip flops were still by the door, the rain started, then the freezing rain, and the ice, and we knew we were in trouble.  What else was causing this trouble?  You see, Boy Person had neglected to get enough propane for such weather in his flip flops.  And here we were.  In a campsite with not enough electricity to warm us up and not enough propane to last.  And Girl Person?  Let me just say that her skinny butt had already been crying in the cold, campground shower.  And she had had it.  Whatever it was.  It was had.  Real had.

So Boy Person came up with a plan.  I am all for plans and agendas as a Sheriff.  But when I saw him pulling out a broken little heater, I wondered, was he a heater fixer?  He was wasting precious time with Girl Person’s patience.  And then…as he took it apart, he found the problem.  Dirt, dog hair and dog hair on dirt.  And as he finally got it fixed, exclaiming that his plan was working so far…I sat back and waited.  And Girl Person’s look?

You’re as cold as ice
(Cold as ice)
Cold as ice I know
(You’re as cold as ice)

Then, he proceeded to ask Girl Person if she needed to cook us up any jerky dog treats or anything.  Girl Person looked at him and said how would she have time for that?  Oh, sometimes I prefer not to ask her any questions when she is as cold as ice.  And Boy Person said that maybe me and Deputy Digby wanted some jerky treats…didn’t she have a dehydrator? Oh, I remembered the dehydrator.  And Girl Person’s look?

You know that you are
(Cold, cold) (as, as) (ice)

Girl Person told Boy Person that we had more pressing issues than dog treats.  Deputy Digby disagreed.  And then Girl Person told him that if he wanted to make dog treats so bad, he could find the dehydrator and watch her video.  She was NOT in the mood.

As Boy Person sometimes does, he just keeps on doing what he is doing despite the looks.  He found the dehyrator, but then realized that yep.  He had also forgot to go to the store.  But now, it was getting late and it was getting colder.  He didn’t seem too upset by this.  He told Girl Person that tonight, we were all gonna sleep together on the couch and the other couch, and we were going to enjoy the warmth of the plan.  Girl Person’s look?

You’re digging for gold
Yet throwing away
A fortune in feelings
But someday you’ll pay

Boy Person just told her to wait and see how warm we were all gonna be.  We settled in as Boy Person got out the little heater, and a desperate dehydrator in the desert.  He turned it on and Girl Person said yep.  Good plan.  Now, are we going to catch on fire?

Boy Person had not figured out this part of the plan.  Now instead of jerky..he felt like a jerk.

Boy Person said that although he had not thought all of this plan through, he had an answer.  He would set his alarm for every hour to make sure we weren’t on fire.  Girl Person?

Cold. As. Ice. And. Boy. Person. Was. Arrested.

Let’s just say that we all didn’t get much sleep.  But I tell you what else, we were warm and tired this morning.  And Boy Person?  He said desperate times in the desert sometimes call for dehydrators.  And I say we are not meant for the cold.  Florida place? You are calling our names!  Now, let’s see if we can all get there in one piece without frostbite.

Stay tuned for a special edition dog blog tomorrow!  Let’s just say Digby thinks that he can drive.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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