Looking Ahead

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have been told all of my life that dogs live in the moment.  That dogs appreciate the now.  And that is very true.  We do live in the moment.  We appreciate that moment.  But we appreciate looking back at the past.  We appreciate looking ahead.

I think that some persons like to think that animals and people are more different than we are.  They think that we don’t have memories.  They think that we don’t worry about the next day.  But I will tell you that is wrong.  Thinking that others are different from us gives us no excuse to treat them less.

From our campsite in this North Carolina place this weekend, we could see lots of lighthouses.

A lighthouse is very useful.  It helps persons see ahead.  It gives them direction.  It gives them time to go in the right direction instead of trusting in themselves.  Instead of navigating in the dark.  

Do you give yourself enough time to accomplish what you want to? Or do you rely on yourself and chance to guide you?

Sure, there is alot to be said for being spontaneous.  Fruitycake sure knows a lot about this.  Being spontaneous is fun! But when something really, really matters to you, and it is a bit of hard work to accomplish it, it is worth the planning.  The time.

Our family is just learning this. For so many years, we have tried to fight against schedules.  We have lived by our own rules. There is a time to be free. There is also time for planning.  And we are trying hard to get into that routine. Because there are some things that we want for our future.  

There are things to look forward to if we look ahead and plan and work at them. No matter how old we are, no matter how we have lived, there is always room for improvement.

There is always an opportunity to see a light in a brighter way. If we can’t see where we are going, now is the time to look for direction. Follow that light.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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