Depression and Dogs


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  First off, yes, I know that this is a fabulous picture of me.  It’s not often that you see this smile so very radiant, so lovely, so….awesome.  Secondly, you are welcome…for the picture.

I am writing  you today because Girl Person is a bit down in the dumps.  I don’t know where this dump is, but sometimes she says she has to visit there. I don’t like it when she visits…because it puts a damper in my day. Girl Person tells us that it has nothing to do with us. She tells us that she has something called depression and that she fights with it a lot.  She tells us that it helps her when we go hiking.  She tells us that it helps her to just have me and Digby around.  Well yeah. Again, can’t you see the picture and how awesome it is?

Girl Person tells me and Digby that if we had not come along, her life would have been very different.  She thinks that many of her fans probably deal with this thing called depression too and that their dogs have also helped them.  She says that sometimes, she has to just wait it out, try her best to keep going and that we make her keep going.  Of course we do.  We need fed and walked and walked again.  And again.  And again.  We need our Girl Person, and she needs us.  So she says she is going to try and rest today and get better and that she could use our help. Well, of course. It doesn’t take much to brighten a day….seriously.  Look at the picture.

Girl Person says that dogs help depression.  She tells us that she doesn’t visit the dump place as often.  She says that we keep her going, that we saved her life.  They don’t call us the Sheriff and Deputy for nothing folks. So today, I am arresting her depression.  That way, we can have a totally awesome dinner, hike and nap.

Girl Person says that she tells her fans these things because she wants them to realize that we all battle the same things in our life. That sometimes, it helps to know we are not alone.  Our fans help her more than you know.  So I won’t arrest YOU today…yet.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

The Close Call


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  We are happy this morning to be writing to you.  Sometimes, we take it for granted that every day we will be here.  Sometimes, we take it for granted that everything will be right in our world.  But we are thankful this morning.  We are thankful for our Boy Person and that he is still here and that we can say Happy Thursday.

I love my Boy Person.  True, he takes time away from me and Girl Person, but he generally is a nice sort of fellow and loves me too.  Yes, Digby Pancake thinks that Boy Person is his bestie, but are all all besties. And I especially love him more today.

Last night, Boy Person was on his way home.  He was driving, it was dark outside, and he had just called Girl Person to let her know he was on his way home.  Girl Person sent him a picture of us and she told us that he would be home soon for dinner.  It took an especially long time for him to get home, but Girl Person tried not to worry with traffic and the sort.  As Sheriff, I hadn’t heard of any accidents or arrest reports, so I didn’t worry either and followed Girl Person around as she was cooking.

That is when there was a knock on the door.  It was Boy Person.  He was a little pale…paler than a pancake as Digby would say.  He told Girl Person that he was almost in a head on collision. He told her that some other driver decided to pass a line of traffic on a skinny, dark road and that all he saw were headlights coming towards him.  He said that he drove off the road into a ditch because there was nowhere to go and that the cars behind him also narrowly escaped being killed.  He told Girl Person that it was a mere 2 feet that saved his life.

Now, I am not the crying type.  I am the handsome, strong type. But in this situation, I will say that we all had a group hug and the persons had an extra glass…or bottle, I ain’t sayin.  Boy Person’s close call was something to think about.  All of the things that we were worried about that day seemed useless.  What if we wouldn’t have been able to eat dinner together again…ever? What if I wouldn’t have been able to growl at Boy Person every time he comes to bed again…ever?  Oh, the little things.

Sometimes, close calls remind us that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  For anyone.  So appreciate even the little things in your day today.  And remember, every day is a gift.  Especially when you can look at me.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


Pancakes Don’t Grow On Trees? Ha!


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It’s true that Sheriff Brickle does all of the arresting around here.  But I do have the option of recommending certain arrests.  Such was the case today.  And I am not sorry for it.

There we were, hiking.  Imagine that.  It was a brisk morning and quiet on the trails. Not many persons and furkids are as crazy as us to hike so early in the cold.  Well, it’s not my fault they don’t wake up to the smell of pancakes every morning.  But there we were and all of a sudden we heard it. Banging, banging, loud banging.  Even Girl Person stopped on the trail and told us to be still for a moment.  No problem there.  I was trying to decide whether to run or run faster away from this trail but I had to discern which way I was running.  We stood there and I saw the look of alarm on Sheriff Brickle’s face.  I don’t like this look.  At all.

So Girl Person all of a sudden told us to look up.  Ok, should I? I saw Brickle look up and then he looked disgusted. Then he looked at me and I knew I should look up too.  There it was, a big bird banging its head and its beak into a tree?  Are you crazy or something bird? Do you know how loud you are?  Are you not afraid that you are gonna knock your brains out or something?

Girl Person said it was called a woodpecker and that it was a very big woodpecker and that we should admire it.  Admire it? Seriously? I am not going to bang nothing in a tree unless there is pancakes in there and I doubt they would be good pancakes if they were in there anyway.  Wait a minute..yes they would be!!! Maple syrup comes from trees and pancakes growing inside of trees?  I bet that is what the woodpecker was doing. Now I am mad, that woodpecker is taking all the pancakes. I have finally figured this out.  Brickle has always told me pancakes don’t grow on trees.  Liar! I am recommending instead of the woodpecker that Brickle is arrested today!!! Do you agree? Citizens arrest! Citizens arrest!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Why Would You Do That?


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And I am highly offended at my persons this morning.  Highly.  And…they. Are.  Arrested.

Why am I starting off my day with an arrest already?  Usually that doesn’t happen before noon.  Unless Digby snores.  Ok, so it always happens before noon.  Anyway, that is not my point.  I am arresting the persons because they went out last night with other persons and I had to wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  Girl Person’s excuses aren’t even going to lighten her punishment. No way, no how.  Peanut butter cookies would however.

Girl Person said they had to go out where dogs aren’t allowed. First mistake.  What kind of place is that?!  Then Girl Person said it was their friends’ anniversary or something and I could care less.  Honesty is the best policy and I said it.  Girl Person says that they had to go somewhere that served fancy schmancy drinks and fancy schmancy clothes were worn drinking them. Ugh, Digby brought up the point that food is always better than drinks and that unless you are wearing comfy clothes or none at all in fact, food always tastes better at home.  So why persons, why?

Girl Person said that the whole time all she wanted to do was get home to us boys, throw on her pajamas and talk to a bottle of wine.  Yeah, that’s a normal night.  She said that she was sorry for keeping us up waiting and that she would make it up to us.  She said that an extra mile would be tacked on to our hike today.  Seriously?  I was up all night waiting for my matzo and now you are making me walk MORE?  She has lost it.  Could be that she talks to wine.  You persons make no dern sense.  The VIP section of your fancy schmancy person place with fancy schmancy drinks and fancy schmancy shoes would be better with dogs.  Just sayin.  Don’t let it happen again. Why would you do that?!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Oh, The Pawsibilites


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s Monday.  I hate to break it to you folks.  But I am a Sheriff and I always tell the truth.  Nothin but the truth.

This weekend was a bit of a ruff one.  My Deputy Digby Pancake has been having a bout of aching bones. His hips are a bit out of line, just like his attitude. So due to the bad weather and the Deputy’s sick time, we stayed around the beach house a bit.  I’m not complaining.  Actually, I am.  I get bored not traveling so I decided to make better use of my time. I arrested all the fish in the sea, the dolphins in the Gulf Of Mexico, and the pelicans. That was just Saturday. When Sunday came along, I arrested the egrets, the rain again and the cold weather.  If it’s snowing where you live, I apawlogize for that, but it’s not my jurisdiction.

All that arresting got me to thinking.  I was forced to slow down a bit and gander at the ocean in our backyard. Although there was a bit of downtime for me as Sheriff, it gave me time to prepare my agenda for this week.  Now it’s Monday.  So sit down, listen up and let’s get some things straight.

First off, I saw what you did on Friday night and you are arrested.  Second, I will let you off on probation today under one circumstance.  That is that you recognize that your week is full of pawsibilities.  You have a clean slate, a full week to work with here.  Monday is not just a day back to work, but a day to start getting some stuff done! Do you need to clean out your refrigerator?  Don’t call Digby, he is still on sick time.  But get that fridge cleaned out! That ketchup is like 5 years old.  Do you need to wash your car? How about you do that?  Stop looking at it and wash it.  Do you need to return those overdue library books?  You know you aren’t going to read that book on boating around the world.  You have no boat.  Newsflash.

Actually, now that I am thinking about it, you ARE re-arrested.  This is a new concept for me, but my downtime has left me refreshed with many pawsibilites on my horizon.  Happy Monday to you.  I haven’t forgot about Friday night either.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

The A-Team


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s been a hard week of hiking and snacking and napping.  You would think that it would take a toll on my good looks, all that work.  But nope, it never does.  I just get better with age, rain or shine, pancakes or peanut butter cookies.

So this morning, we were hiking.  We were on the trail, and up walked a big, big dog.  I was super excited of course, because I always am to see new furkids.  But Girl Person thinks it is polite to move off the trail and give people and furkids room, especially if they aren’t the social type.  When they aren’t the social type, I feel like arresting them.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to talk to us?

Anyway.  So this big dog was very friendly and his person asked our Girl Person if we could all say hello.  Uh, yeah! Get ready for the A-Team!  A-Team?  Well, me and Deputy Digby have a routine.  I smell the front, he smells the back and we make our law enforcement presence known. This is a family blog, so let’s just clean this up and tell you that Girl Person calls us the A-Team for a reason folks.  I ain’t gonna elaborate.

Girl Person tells us every single time that we can’t do that, that it is not fair to surround a furkid like that and that unless there is a need for arresting, to give them some space.  Ahh, space is way overrated unless Digby has just rolled in poop.  Then I suppose space is not overrated.

Anyway, this new furkid we met on the trail didn’t seem to mind our greeting.  Girl Person says that maybe the A-Team can just lessen its tactics a bit.  I say “I pity the fool”.  No way Girl Person.  Don’t question the law. Or YOU…are….arrested.

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope to see YOU on the trails!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Potato? Potatoes?


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Anyone else hungry?  I am.  With a name like Pancake, how could I NOT be hungry?  But Girl Person said that I don’t smell like a pancake, that today I smell like a potato.  Or potatoes.  I didn’t eat any potatoes.  In fact, I didn’t eat any pancakes today either which is a problem.  I need to fix this.

We went hiking this morning, and we were walking along.  I was sniffing the deer poop most rudely left in the trail. Don’t they have deer poop bags in this place? How rude.  How rude.  Girl Person was telling me to stop being gross, Sheriff Brickle was trying to pull Girl Person towards the Jeep as he was bored with this place, and that is when I stepped on another sandspur.  Why do they always find me?  I held up my paw and Girl Person bent down to find it.  She kissed me on the nose which was embarrassing in front of my boss, the Sheriff, and she told me that I smelled like mashed potatoes.  Mashed potatoes? With gravy?

We then started walking on the trail and Girl Person bent down to give us some water and told me that I smelled like hashbrowns from the Waffle House.  Ok, this is too much.  Hashbrowns? Waffles?  Why was she torturing me like this?  Why all the potato talk?

We started walking again and Girl Person asked me to stop, just so that she could smell me again.  She said I smelled like a baked potato.  Brickle said I looked like one.  Are you kidding me right now? If I look like a baked potato, Brickle looks like a french fry with his skinny butt.  Maybe he needs to eat some potatoes and maybe Girl Person has lost her mind with smelling potatoes. Maybe she wants potatoes.  I don’t know.  They say dogs’paws smell like corn chips.  Well, I can almost guarantee that mine smell like potato chips..sour cream and onion. Could be that deer poop I just stepped in.  How rude. How rude.

What does your dog smell like today?  I hope it’s pancakes and not potatoes.  Sometimes this blog makes no sense, and well, it’s because we make no sense. Have a great day everyone. I am hungry.

-Digby Pancake

Stop. Collaborate and Listen.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I wasn’t born in the 1980’s.  No, I wasn’t.  But I have heard of that rapper guy Vanilla Ice.  And he was very smart.  I heard him on the way to our hiking place today.  “Stop. Collaborate and listen.”  “Ice, ice, baby”.  How did he know it was so very cold in this Florida place today?  It really is.  It is so cold that it is colder than my icy stares.  And I decided that since Vanilla Ice knew it was so cold, he also must be telling me to keep alert on the trails.  And so I did.

Some days, the Sheriff really comes out in me.  I thought that I heard criminals every where on the trail.  Criminal deer in the bushes.  Criminal gopher turtles in the ground.  Criminal snakes in the grass.  Criminal Digbys peeing on my head.  Yes, he did that.  And it felt like ice, ice baby.

Stop. Collaborate and listen. But seriously, I did hear stuff.  I heard lots of stuff and I would not walk.  I decided that I was sketched out about something and it was not appropriate to keep going.  I also knew that there were peanut butter cookies back in the car.  So I kept pulling Girl Person back the opposite way.  After I had done this about ten times, Girl Person finally started to listen to me.  She asked me if there really was something wrong.  She asked me if we really had to go.  I told her yes.  She said that she was cold, cold baby.  She said Digby had stepped in sandspurs and wasn’t feeling good.  And she told me that maybe it was time to head out early, get some cookies, maybe some hashbrowns, (I didn’t ask for that) and head home.  She decided to play Vanilla Ice and that reminded Digby that he wanted some vanilla ice cream to feel better.

So we blasted some “Ice, ice baby” back in the warm Jeep and headed to have a picnic with our cookies and ice cream and hashbrowns.  Sometimes, being a Sheriff is hard work.  Sometimes, you have to warn the persons that there is danger in the bushes and or you are just scared of something.  Either way, if it was a bear, you can thank me that I saved our lives.  If it was a turtle, well, at least we had a picnic. Win, win I say. Always listen to the Sheriff.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle







This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  You know, it’s been about an hour since I arrested someone and I am getting antsy.  So if you need arresting, now is the time to speak up.  I do need however to take care of a situation right now before that.  I can’t wait on you. My Gandma needs arresting.  Stat.

Girl Person says that sometimes on your phone thing, you type messages back and forth to each other instead of picking up the phone and actually speaking.  Seriously?  What is wrong with persons sometimes? They take one thing and make it into something it isn’t…kinda like when you try to sneak pills in my peanut butter.  Not a bright idea.  So anyway!  Girl Person says that her and Gandma type messages back and forth.  Girl Person says that for the last few months, every text Gandma types, she ends it with LOL.  What in world? ” I am sick, LOL.”  “I hope you have a good day LOL.”  “I love Peanut Butter Brickle LOL.” Girl Person has been utterly confused but figured that Gandma was just trying to be cool or something and LOL (laugh out loud) at everything.  But the last straw was when the dog trainer texted Gandma about Leroy (not Brown) and said that he was being bad.  Gandma told the trainer she was sorry LOL.  So Girl Person read the text and asked her why she was laughing out loud at Leroy being bad and trying to take a chunk out of the dog trainer’s arm.  Gandma said she wasn’t laughing out loud, what was Girl Person talking about?!

Girl Person looked at Gandma and asked her what she thought LOL meant.  Gandma said of course it meant lots of love. Lots of love, LOL.  LOL.  LOL.  Girl Person started to REALLY LOL and told her it meant “laugh out loud”, not “lots of love”.  HAHA! Even I as a Sheriff have to chuckle to myself at this one.  I would never LOL.

Gandmas are funny. They are definitely good at giving lots of love.  But LOL, I have to arrest Gandma for this one.  Gandma is refusing to be arrested because she is standing by her text lingo and says that the younget generation doesn’t know everything.  Gandma? You are correct. But the Sheriff does know everything.  You.  Are.  Arrested.  LOL, and lots of love.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Mondays Are For Pancakes


This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Happy Monday y’all! How is it going?  By now, you should be fabulous because you saw my picture!  I am acting like Sheriff Brickle today, aren’t I?  Well, it’s kinda fun to love yourself, so that’s how it’s gonna be today! I’m here! I’m here to make your Monday rock!

You may think to yourself..self?  How is Digby going to make me feel better?  Because duh! It’s Monday and Monday’s are for pancakes! So are Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays and certainly Sundays.  I guess I just should have said everyday is for pancakes and left it at that. Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes.

So I need you to do this.  If you are at work, say pancakes.  Say I love pancakes.  Say it out loud and then…go find some pancakes.  They may be under your chair or perhaps in your computer keyboard, your supervisor’s jacket or maybe even in your work refrigerator.  If someone else has left pancakes in there, say to yourself..self?  Those are my pancakes.  I claim the pancakes.  Uh oh…Sheriff Brickle is saying that I am arrested because I am telling people to steal pancakes.  Well, anyway, it may be worth it if I end up with mounds of pancakes from work refrigerators.

So….Mondays are for pancakes.  Make it a good Monday.  If you can’t find the pancakes, make the pancakes, be the pancakes.  And I will just go ahead and go to jail now.  After I eat some pancakes.

-Deputy Digby Pancake