To Be Honest With You, Tuna

This is Digby Pancake.  I have been fooled once or twice in my day.  And last year too.  But never, ever, have I told a lie.  Never, ever, have I thought about telling a lie.  But persons?  That’s a different story every time that they tell it.

What I think is crazy is that I hear them say a phrase all of the time.  Whether they are talking to each other, or talking on the TV thing, or talking on the radio.  They always say, “to be honest with you.” And my opinion…in case you asked for it?  If you have to begin a sentence like that, are you saying that you normally are not honest?

Like take for example, Girl Person.  There she was, in the grocery store place.  She was picking up some of me and Brickle’s favorites.  And we were out of tuna fish.  So she grabbed the first cans she saw off the shelf she thought looked the best.  And yet, she forgot to pay attention to detail…instead of tuna, well, she bought TUNO.  Oh. It was a TUNO fish sandwich for us.

To be honest with you, TUNO is not tuna.  This was an appropriate statement for me.  And factual.  It was made out of plants.  And not a fish…a real tuna.

Now, for our persons, that is fine.  They don’t eat anything but plants.  But for us? This was a new one.  And not one I am sure I would have ever had the opportunity to try.  Did I like it?  Well, I haven’t met a tuna I didn’t like.  And so far, I haven’t met a TUNO I didn’t like either.  Was it my favorite? I won’t lie and say that it was.  But I was still appreciative of lunch.

It’s not hard to be honest. In fact, it is harder to NOT be honest.  

You have to remember stories behind lies. You have to remember what you said, who you said it to, and why you said it. It’s a vicious, dangerous cycle.

That’s a lot of remembering.  And a lot of not living your best life.

Being honest may not be something that is your strong point. In fact, you may lie more than you think…when you really pay attention to what you say.  Try for a day to be honest.  Don’t just say “to be honest with you”.  Always be honest.  Always be you. If you are a tuna, be a tuna. But if you want to be a TUNO, do that. Don’t apologize for who or what you are.

Don’t lie to others or even yourself.  It could leave a bad taste in your mouth…to be honest with you.

-Digby Pancake

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