Hand Fed Hotness Right Here.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Question. What’s for dinner? I just got up, but you know that is the first thing on your mind too. If you deny it, you. Are. Arrested.

I like food, I do. But I don’t particularly care for picking up my food to my mouth at dinner time. I feel like, well, that should be someone else’s job in order to pay for gazing upon my handsome. I do.

Girl Person says she is tired of getting odd looks from other campers when she is feeding me and Deputy Digby al fresco. She says that she has to feed us outside of the Big Blue Treat Wagon because we get food everywhere, and it is easier to serve us on paper plates outside. Paper plates? Gasp. I know. I know. But anyway. Girl Person says she is tired of other campers giving her odd looks when she is feeding me. Like I said, I do not pick up my own food.  I work hard for a living.  I bring home the bacon around here and fry it up in a pan.  Actually, I don’t cook.

Girl Person has tried to figure this out for years. Why don’t I want to pick up my food? Do I not like food? Steak, chicken, everything, nope, doesn’t matter what I am served. All I know is that I will not eat unless Girl Person hand feeds me. And if you look at me weird, you had bet that you. Are. Arrested. Unless you want to hand feed me as well. Plus, it’s only at dinner time I do this. I can eat matzah all day long by myself. Peanut butter cookies by the piles. Only dinner.


Deputy Digby Pancake certainly doesn’t need to be hand fed. Throw his food in the dirt covered with snakes and he will eat it. Girl Person says she knows I am high maintenance. Well, that is an understatement. How could this much handsome be low maintenance? Not pawsible.


Maybe in Wyoming I will stop pulling this. Or not. Probably not. Because my handsome will only be more at that point. Which, by the way, we will be in this South Dakota place until Saturday. Since we were here a little longer due to leaving rainy North Dakota early, we are going to leave on Sunday morning to Wyoming!!! So yes, it is going to be a busy weekend. Today, we are changing campsites again to a place called Hot Springs. Because, well, I am hot. Which is why i like to be hand fed. Do I have to go over this again?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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It’s For My Resume

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And today is going to be a very good day, just like yesterday, and just like the day before. Why? I am getting some work experience together for my resume. I don’t know why I may need a resume, but it seems like a good excuse to do what I do. And I love excuses. I need them to not be arrested by Sheriff Brickle.

Girl Person says that she doesn’t know why I have to mark everything in the world and within every few feet.  Ugh, you are not a dog, Girl Person.  I don’t question your person antics like why you have to vacuum when in five minutes there is going to be more dog hair.  Or why you have to wash dishes when I could just lick them off.  So don’t question my work experience either.

img_6829Sheriff Brickle says that it is good to always be prepared to make money to buy our dog treats and pancakes and cookies in case the persons get lazy.  I started thinking about what I could add to my resume and I thought that since we are traveling to all the 48 states, I should roll in as much stinky stuff as I can.  I don’t always know what the stinky stuff is, but I will leave that out of the resume.  I hope however that my future employer is not reading this.  In that case, well, I will be researching what the stinky stuff is by rolling in it again.

My current employer, Sheriff Brickle said that he would start working on this resume too and started yesterday by eating unknown poop which he will be researching shortly.  Girl Person was mortified as she can’t tell what any of this stinky stuff is.  If you ask me, she needs to work on her resume apparently.

As Deputy, it is my job to inform you that your resume should also be updated.  Did you roll in enough stuff today?  If not, I would get to work on that, but not too hard because I don’t want you competing for any job I might apply for.

That being said, time to get to work.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Brickle and Digby’s Perfect Mess

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Today, I woke up, and as usual, looked in the mirror.  I had to ask myself why I was so handsome today.  Even more handsome than yesterday.  Even more handsome than a month before.  And definitely more handsome than an hour ago.


I also asked myself a very important question.  How can this much handsome live in such a mess? What mess, you ask?  This Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.


We used to be cleaner.  Before this Adventure Of A Lifetime started, it seemed like our life was well, not a mess.  Now, the mess is a big mess and it is following us from state to state. Every week, we are in a different place, and the messes get bigger.



What I think is that our mess is perfect because I am in it. It also takes a lot of work to accomplish. Deputy Digby Pancake and I are very serious about this.


The persons would like to clean up our mess as we go along, but as soon as we get settled in one place, it is onward to a new state. So the mess is getting bigger, our road trips are getting longer, but it is My Perfect Mess. We can’t get away from the mess, we take it with us everywhere we go.


We start off every day by sleeping in because usually the day before, we were working hard. How do you get Deputy Digby Pancake to wake up? Not so easily. Sometimes, a big pile of pancakes does the trick. But sometimes, he eats the pancakes, gets syrup on the couch, and the mess starts. Did I say sometimes? I mean all the time.


Then, Girl Person tries to clean up the pawty from the night before. I am not sure why she cleans in the morning when the day is going to get messier, but whatever. And we are a very big help in this.

What does she see when she empties the vacuum every morning? If this was from a week, so be it. But how about one day? There, I said it.


So, yeah, you might be beginning to understand. But how does this mess get in here?

After breakfast, and cleaning, we head out for another day of adventure. Hiking is the business at hand.


In the mud, in the lake or ocean, anywhere that we can get dirty and messy to bring it in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.


Like I said, we work very hard at this. Sometimes, we make a stop at a giant Buffalo. But that is a story for another day.


Then, once we get back home, we get to have a bath and then track in wet dog smell. Oh, the aroma is beyond comprehension when it is mixed with dog hair and dirt and mud already inside. As well, sometimes Digby rolls in stinky and or gross things and they are not caught right away.  Didn’t Girl Person just clean this place? No matter. She needs something to do.

Guess sometimes she has too much to do when she forgets to put away our toys. Or clean up Deputy Digby Pancake’s drool. So she just decided to forget the way this place looks to persons and make it giant dog house.


Sheets on the furniture, towels on the floor to catch Deputy Digby’s drool everywhere.


In an effort to keep this place from being a mess, it looks like a mess which makes my head spin. Then, we have to go outside to get away from the mess, which gets us dirtier, contributing to the mess, and so on and so forth. As you can imagine, it takes much work and adventure to be able to keep up our our perfect mess, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This year’s trip is going to be over before we know it. Will we remember the dirt? The mess? The times that the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV was not in order? I doubt it. What we will remember is being together, traveling to 48 states and 48 rescues in one year and the privilege we had to do this. We will look back on our pictures and remember the fun, the people we met and the places we went. So maybe then, and only then will we really appreciate what a Perfect Mess this was. This is My Perfect Mess.  What is yours?


I think, as Sheriff, that messes are something to celebrate.  Why?  Because we all have our own, and if you say you do not have a mess, I know it is not the truth, and…You. Are. Arrested. I can guarantee that your house was not clean when you got up this morning.  I can guarantee that it will be a mess this afternoon, tonight and the morning again.  But what is great about messes is that is somehow it unites us all. If you think you have the perfect mess, well, then how about sharing it with STAINMASTER for a chance to win some free stuff?  Right now, they are having a contest called #MyPerfectMess. I know you are messy unless you live in a museum, and if you do, I can sell you a picture of me. But anyway. How can you enter the contest? Listen up.

You can use social media, because you follow us, and that is a great thing. Post YOUR Perfect Mess on Instagram by using the hashtag #MyPerfectMess and tagging @STAINMASTER in the caption.  Or, visit the STAINMASTER Facebook page to upload a picture of your perfect mess there.  But what can you win? Not my handsome, that’s for sure. But you could be one of three winners to receive free @STAINMASTER flooring for one room in your house PLUS a $500 gift card. Yeah, pretty pawsome.

So you have an assignment today. Look at your mess. Think about how you can celebrate it. And then, reflect on my handsome. Ready? Go!

Learn more about the #MyPerfectMess contest from STAINMASTER!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of STAINMASTER, however, all opinions are my own.

Faces and Pancakes For Faces


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And I think today is going to be a very good day. Whether you are reading this in the morning, or afternoon, or at night, make the rest of your day something to remember. Like my smell after I leave the room.

We are having a really good time in this South Dakota place. We really didn’t know much about it, but that seems to sometimes be a good thing because you don’t know what to expect. Kind of like when you order pancakes, you don’t know if they are going to be good, but yep, they always are. I expect them to be good, but that is not even proving what I previously said before. Never mind. Pancakes. Good.

We started off our day yesterday by visiting a mountain with faces on it. Pretty cool, although Sheriff Brickle says his face should be up there. I kind of agree with that. Should my face be up there? Well, yes and a plate of pancakes. There’s room! Always room for pancakes!


Then, we went to another mountain with another face on it called Crazy Horse. Girl Person says that they are still working on it and will be for awhile, so again, maybe put our faces up there too? And..pancakes. Sheriff Brickle said to add peanut butter cookies because faces on mountains get hungry. I don’t know why. But I am hungry now that I think about it.


Oh, and don’t forget that we saw the Badlands here too. Was I bad in the Badlands? Well, Gamma texted Girl Person and told her that we gave her a heart attack when she saw the video on our Facebook page, and well, I guess Girl Person is in trouble. Whoops.


So…another day today in this South Dakota place! We are moving the Big Blue Treat Wagon to another camp today and then we have our rescue visit on Wednesday at Western Hills Humane Society in Spearfish. Fish…hungry. Again!  Tomorrow is a special blog addition, and let’s just say…its a mess.



Have a great day everybody!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The North and South


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I am certainly in a good mood today.  Why?  First of all I woke up extra handsome.  Second of all, there.  Is.  Sunshiney!

As you probably know, we had quite a weekend.  We planned to stay in the North Dakota place until today.  Unfortunately, sometimes as law enforcement, I have to put my paw down and make hard decisions.  Because the rain was so bad, it flooded the campground we were in and we were up to our dog knees in water.  We couldn’t go for any walks or hikes in the mud and rain and we were just tired.  It’s no fun sitting in the Big Blue Treat Wagon for three days straight.  I call it a sausage tube, which you would think is a good thing, but when it rains, not so much.  It stinks because we have to put those slide outs in so that it doesn’t leak in here.  It also stinks because I have to be closer to the Deputy. So again, not so much fun.

Girl Person left it up to us, and Deputy Digby Pancake and I decided that instead of spending another day in the sausage tube, we would use that day for travel to the next state, South Dakota.  We did get to see a lot in our short time in North Dakota though!  And it was pawsome.


We got to see bison for the first time!  Big dogs?  That’s what they remind me of! We got to see prairie dogs too which aren’t really dogs and who live in the ground and make funny noises. We also got to see the beautiful, open spaces of North Dakota left for the animals to enjoy.  Truly rare, truly beautiful, much like me.



We got to visit the good folk at Oreo’s Animal Rescue in Dickinson, North Dakota too!  If you missed our interview, here ya go, the latest episode of Stop Hounding Me.


The West certainly is interesting! And we loved North Dakota.  We hope that we can come back and visit again one day.  When its not raining…


So thank you North Dakota for a great “almost a week”.   We thank Girl Person too for her North Dakota recipe called Lefse.  What are they?  Oh, just potato crepes for dogs!  We think you need to make some. We like ours dipped in peanut butter.  Of course. They are almost pancakes, right?


So, our adventure this week continues in South Dakota!  We can’t wait to get started after our day of rest yesterday.  Battling winds for days was enough to just tire us out.  And even us dogs need a break sometimes.  So…are you ready for your week in South Dakota? We are visiting a pawsome rescue in Spearfish on Wednesday and we are going to have a great week!  We even have a special blog coming on Wednesday too…something about mess.  So…let’s go!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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“Sorry About That”




This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  And we are still in North Dakota.  And let me tell you this, I am super happy that I ate all of those pancakes before I got here so that I could be warmer.  Good idea on my part.  Good idea.

The wind here?  Sheriff Brickle has tried to arrest it, but because we are in the Badlands of North Dakota or something, he can’t do much about it.  The rain?  Yep, same thing.  But me? I am liking being in the Badlands because it gives me an excuse to be, well, bad y’all!

Girl Person has a few choice phrases she uses often.  “I love you Brickle.” “You are the most perfect and handsome dog in the world, Brickle”.  “Digby, why are you so cute?”  “Digby, why did you roll in poop, why did you eat it, and why did you throw it up?”.  You know the phrases. But she also has one the uses more often that any other.  “Sorry about that”.

She seemed to use it a lot yesterday when we were in the Badlands.  Sorry to the ranger who was trying to explain how to get around the park when I howled.  “Sorry about that”.  Sorry to the ranger when Brickle gave her a dirty look, which in fact is his normal look.  “Sorry about that”.  Sorry to the prairie dogs who were tired of us watching them and kept trying to run.  “Sorry about that”.  Sorry to the bison who scared us to death and I howled at them too.  “Sorry about that”.

Then, when she was tired of saying “sorry about that” and thought I was done being bad for the day, I decided I would put in one last round.  Find a pork chop at camp and try to swallow it whole to the horror of a toddler.  “Sorry about that”.  Howl at Boy Person when I heard a doorbell sound on the TV, even though we have no doorbell in this Big Blue Treat Wagon and made him drop his hair gel.  “Sorry about that”. Then one last go round on our walk at a unassuming furkid being walked by his person who did not appreciate my howl, Brickle’s growl at my howl, and Girl Person’s “Sorry about that”.

So, Girl Person decided that maybe she needs a shirt that says….guess what….”Sorry about that”.  And she says that way she won’t have to say it all the time.  We have a lot more states to go.  A lot more sorry.  About.  That.

We will be headed to our North Dakota rescue pick today, Oreo’s Animal Rescue in Dickinson, North Dakota! Look for pics on our Facebook page today!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Badlands. Where Digby Belongs.


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle still reporting from North Dakota! But yesterday, we drove to a new place in North Dakota near Medora and we are in the Badlands.  How do I know?  Deputy Digby is here.  That tells you.

Girl Person says that most of the time we are just a pleasure. Actually, she never says that. But she loves us and that is that. However, two travel days in one week is a lot for any of us, but especially us dogs being cooped up like chickens in this Big Blue Treat Wagon. We have no choice because the states are getting bigger. That being said, it did not stop us, and especially Digby Pancake yesterday from badding it up in the Badlands of this North Dakota place.

We definitely aren’t in the Florida place anymore.  We have never felt so far away, and towns like this are seriously new to us.  We love the adventure, and Deputy Digby loves the smells.  So much so that he tried to pull Girl Person onto the train tracks.  Was there a train coming? No, but there could have been and that would have made the blog much more interesting.  I suppose I could have embellished on that, but who needs to when you have the Deputy trying to chase Prairie Dogs which aren’t really dogs but rodents, trying to pull Girl Person into a Saloon when he is under age, then peeing on train tracks, then trying to scare a Golden Retriever, then stepping in this own poop all while trying to steal my salmon and lasagna dinner?  Nuff said.

Girl Person was in such a dither, whatever that is, and locked us out of the Big Blue Treat Wagon, then couldn’t find Boy Person who was trying to find a store with wine and all the while, Deputy Digby started trying to pee on hats which were on fence posts.  If you think that’s weird, I can’t help you because I have no idea either.  I guess fences in North Dakota wear hats which is fine if that is their style.  We are strangers here, I can’t judge fashion.

So my point is that apparently, if you come to the Badlands of North Dakota, you must be bad and do bad Digby Pancake style.  This may be the only place I do not arrest him for being bad because if I take him to jail in the Badlands, how are they going to help him?  Ugh.

Anyway.  Let’s explore the Badlands today and live it up.  Are you ready?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Buffalo Wanted My Pancakes


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. How often do you find a smellier creature than me? Not often I tell you. How often do you find a bigger, smellier creature than me? Never until yesterday. We found the world’s biggest buffalo here in this North Dakota place. Yes, we did. And he wanted my pancakes.


Now hear me out on this one. I need to know why there is a giant buffalo here. What is the deal? Who cleans up after this thing? And I get in trouble for going to the bathroom on everything under the sun? And why does he want my pancakes?

I tried to eat as many pancakes as I could before we went to visit him. And yes, its a him, I don’t need to elaborate. If you don’t know my story and why my middle name is Pancake, well, then, I can only imagine this is his problem too. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.


Never in a million years or two did I think I would ever see such a sight. I never thought I would be in North Dakota. And well, surprise, surprise. You never know where life is going to take you, that is for sure. But that being said, I think I better get prepared for the next thing that wants to steal my pancakes. I probably need to stock up and such. Girl Person? Get to cookin. But please, good grief, lay off the butter!

Today, we have to drive more in this North Dakota place to somewhere called Medora. Our states are getting bigger and more expansive like my belly. So will you join us today for another drive? Pancakes are packed, Sheriff’s attitude is packed and the persons are packed because it seems as if we are carrying everything in this Big Blue Treat Wagon. Here we come! Oh, and by the way…what is howling in the distance here in this North Dakota place? I know you thought I was ending this blog, but I had to ask. My job isn’t a writer, it’s just me. Digby.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Barkin and Parkin In State #22!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Welcome to North Dakota, state #22 on our Adventure Of A Lifetime where we will be barkin and parkin for the week! Wow, sure was a long trip yesterday, but we made it all together, safe and sound. When we got here, the Big Blue Treat Wagon decided it didn’t want to be parked here and wouldn’t put its jacks down. Well la de da BBTW. You. Are. Arrested.

By the time it decided to cooperate, it was late, we were all hungry and irritable. Well, I was more irritable than usual. Plus, there was a small person on a skateboard type thing here at camp that kept going down my road. So I decided to arrest everyone. Boy Person was irritable too from being electrocuted by BBTW and Girl Person had enough. I guess electrocution will do that to ya. So she put me and Digby in the Jeep, talked to us, told us to relax while she got out our beds, our dinner and our presents for after dinner and to let Boy Person be for a minute. I agree with that.  And yes, we get presents every night but that is not part of my story today. To continue. By that point, Boy Person fixed the BBTW, Digby Pancake was more hungry and we all got to eat. It was good enough to bark at. Barkin and parkin.

After Girl Person had us settled, she went to go find the latest prison shower at camp and got as clean as she could. But as she was walking back in the very dark night, she heard fish jumping. She heard animals in the trash. She heard coyotes in the distance. Yes my friends, we definitely are in somewhere new. And isn’t it exciting? It’s enough excitement to get me up this morning and ready to explore! And water? We found some again and are sure that this North Dakota place is going to be pretty cool.

We are here near Jamestown, North Dakota until Wednesday. Since the states are getting bigger and our travel time to each state is increasing, the persons think it is best to break it up a bit since it’s hard for me and the Deputy. So Wednesday, we are headed to somewhere near Medora, North Dakota too. Good thing is, we get to see different parts of the state this way. Are you ready to join us? On Friday, it’s our rescue visit with Oreo’s Animal Rescue! Stop by their page and give them some support!

By the way. Presents. You should give yourself a present every night too. Girl Person said there is no special day to celebrate. That’s everyday when you can be barkin and parkin…where you are.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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See Ya Later Minnesota!


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And Minnesota? It’s been fun, but today we are outta here!  On to our next state on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Somewhere called North Dakota.  It sounds cold already.

We had a great week in Minnesota!  It rained a lot and was cold and Boy Person got a very, very bad headache.  But putting all of that aside, Minnesota is a great place for exploring and for finding giants like Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox.  Yes, Digby brought him some pancakes, but he ate them like candy! Digby was appalled and vowed never again to share his pancakes with anyone.  And he means it.  I didn’t even offer my peanut butter cookies.  I mean seriously.

Minnesota had beautiful lakes, great food and friendly, down to earth people.  We learned that we better buy some winter clothes too.



We found out that the Mississippi River starts here which is awesome and that we don’t look good in Minnesota Vikings hats.


But what I learned most of all is that my handsome is still going strong on our adventure.  I learned that it cannot be stopped no matter what the temperature or altitude.


So North Dakota?  I have no clue about you at all.  But if you are looking for handsome, here it comes.

Look for our driving adventures today on our Facebook page.  Here we come North Dakota!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle