Hand Fed Hotness Right Here.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Question. What’s for dinner? I just got up, but you know that is the first thing on your mind too. If you deny it, you. Are. Arrested.

I like food, I do. But I don’t particularly care for picking up my food to my mouth at dinner time. I feel like, well, that should be someone else’s job in order to pay for gazing upon my handsome. I do.

Girl Person says she is tired of getting odd looks from other campers when she is feeding me and Deputy Digby al fresco. She says that she has to feed us outside of the Big Blue Treat Wagon because we get food everywhere, and it is easier to serve us on paper plates outside. Paper plates? Gasp. I know. I know. But anyway. Girl Person says she is tired of other campers giving her odd looks when she is feeding me. Like I said, I do not pick up my own food.  I work hard for a living.  I bring home the bacon around here and fry it up in a pan.  Actually, I don’t cook.

Girl Person has tried to figure this out for years. Why don’t I want to pick up my food? Do I not like food? Steak, chicken, everything, nope, doesn’t matter what I am served. All I know is that I will not eat unless Girl Person hand feeds me. And if you look at me weird, you had bet that you. Are. Arrested. Unless you want to hand feed me as well. Plus, it’s only at dinner time I do this. I can eat matzah all day long by myself. Peanut butter cookies by the piles. Only dinner.


Deputy Digby Pancake certainly doesn’t need to be hand fed. Throw his food in the dirt covered with snakes and he will eat it. Girl Person says she knows I am high maintenance. Well, that is an understatement. How could this much handsome be low maintenance? Not pawsible.


Maybe in Wyoming I will stop pulling this. Or not. Probably not. Because my handsome will only be more at that point. Which, by the way, we will be in this South Dakota place until Saturday. Since we were here a little longer due to leaving rainy North Dakota early, we are going to leave on Sunday morning to Wyoming!!! So yes, it is going to be a busy weekend. Today, we are changing campsites again to a place called Hot Springs. Because, well, I am hot. Which is why i like to be hand fed. Do I have to go over this again?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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It’s For My Resume

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. And today is going to be a very good day, just like yesterday, and just like the day before. Why? I am getting some work experience together for my resume. I don’t know why I may need a resume, but it seems like a good excuse to do what I do. And I love excuses. I need them to not be arrested by Sheriff Brickle.

Girl Person says that she doesn’t know why I have to mark everything in the world and within every few feet.  Ugh, you are not a dog, Girl Person.  I don’t question your person antics like why you have to vacuum when in five minutes there is going to be more dog hair.  Or why you have to wash dishes when I could just lick them off.  So don’t question my work experience either.

img_6829Sheriff Brickle says that it is good to always be prepared to make money to buy our dog treats and pancakes and cookies in case the persons get lazy.  I started thinking about what I could add to my resume and I thought that since we are traveling to all the 48 states, I should roll in as much stinky stuff as I can.  I don’t always know what the stinky stuff is, but I will leave that out of the resume.  I hope however that my future employer is not reading this.  In that case, well, I will be researching what the stinky stuff is by rolling in it again.

My current employer, Sheriff Brickle said that he would start working on this resume too and started yesterday by eating unknown poop which he will be researching shortly.  Girl Person was mortified as she can’t tell what any of this stinky stuff is.  If you ask me, she needs to work on her resume apparently.

As Deputy, it is my job to inform you that your resume should also be updated.  Did you roll in enough stuff today?  If not, I would get to work on that, but not too hard because I don’t want you competing for any job I might apply for.

That being said, time to get to work.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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