Once Bitten, Or Maybe More Than Once, Twice Shy

This is Digby Pancake.  I thought that I was the only one with paw problems.  Always twisting my paws.  Or stepping on something I shouldn’t have stepped on.  Or generally smelly ones.

But Girl Person outdid me yesterday.  She got bitten. She got stung. She didn’t even know it.  And it happened many, many times.

If you know Girl Person even a little bit, you know that over the years she has fallen down mountains. She’s her own person. A person who loves being outside with the bugs and the flowers.

But Girl Person has had many accidents. She has got bitten by quite a few bugs.  But this one took the pancake.

After months of cold weather, when the sun came out in this Georgia place this week, Girl Person decided that she was on some tropical island or something.  She put on her flip flops and didn’t even wear socks with them.

We sat out in the sun. And so did the deer fly.  So did the hungry deer fly.  Who is not a deer. Who is much bigger than a fly.  And who is very hungry all of the time for paws like Girl Person’s.

Because we were so happy to be in the sun, Girl Person just took it as part of the experience. Oh, how we miss those bugs from that Florida place.

But what she didn’t know was that her feet were about to swell up the size of our new giant RV from that Camping World place.

Yep, by the end of the night, she couldn’t walk.  And my paw problems didn’t seem so bad.

Girl Person still doesn’t feel so good.  How can you when you have paws that look like that?!  A pedicure may be in order, but I hope someone is up for the job.

Have you ever been bitten?  By life?  Have you ever been bit more than once by the same situation or person?  You may wonder if there is a need for second chances. Or third.  But if Girl Person would have given up the great outdoors after her first allergic reaction, well, we would have never traveled.  We have more good days than bad.  We haven’t let one experience ruin it for the rest of our lives. That’s not living.

You can only decide if someone or something is worth another try. But don’t let one bite decide the rest of your story.

-Digby Pancake

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