We Notice.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  We have to admit it.  We had a wet start in this Kentucky place on Monday, but yesterday?  It was pretty much perfect.  It WAS perfect.  But I feel the need to add y’all to this sentence.  It WAS perfect, y’all.

Girl Person says that one of her favorite things when we are hiking is when we stop and just look.  She says that she so desperately wants to know what we are thinking about.


As we were hiking, Girl Person and Boy Person were discussing this.  Boy Person asked her what she would think about if she didn’t have any worries, like what she had to get done, computer work, the RV, money, the animal rescues…you know. All that kinda person stuff.  She said if she wasn’t worrying, she really wouldn’t be thinking of much else but what she was looking at.  He said exactly.

You see, when you are looking at the most beautiful scenery like we were yesterday at Mammoth Cave National Park, you shouldn’t really be thinking about much else.  Why would you? We were at the world’s largest cave system!  It is known for its eerie silence…much like Sheriff Brickle.


You may be wondering though…do dogs really notice?


Girl Person says that some persons may not want to think that we notice.  They may prefer to think that we don’t know basic things.  Like our family, and that we belong to them, that we would be lost without you. The persons may not want to think that we know when you are sad, or stressed or seem bothered by us.  Because we notice, just like you.  We just notice more deeply.  More sincerely.  More simply. And we know when a day is plain perfect, like yesterday.


Dogs aren’t just your pet.  We are family.  We have opinions.  We have likes.  And if we could talk to you in ways beside this blog obviously, we would tell you to try today and be a little like us.  Look at something and truly only think of it.  If you would like to do that to a pancake, that would be my suggestion.  But a pizza would do as well.

What I am trying to tell you is that all the time you spend worrying could be better spent with your dog.  Sit with us awhile.  And let’s just notice.

-Deputy Digby Pancake