Life Is Not A Beach, But It Should Be

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It has been a very busy week here at camp.  Not only did I have to find that Dog Star we wrote about Monday and Tuesday and lasso it down, but I have had to lasso down the persons’ attitude.  A Deputy’s job is never done, is it?  The Sheriff gets all the credit, and I just get the pancakes.  Wait.  I guess that isn’t so bad.


It goes without saying, but I will still say it, that life for persons may be a little stressful.  No, not because that is the way life should be.  Because, it should not be.  It should not.  I’ll say it again.  It just should not.  But, when a lot of persons are doing something, and they do it everyday, those somethings start to become normal.  Expected.  How is the chaos of what persons call daily life normal? As a dog, I will say something else.  You have it all wrong.

When you’re too tense it’s common sense to relax-ay-voo


As we went on a hike in the early morning yesterday, we took our time.  We looked at the trees, we peed on some trees.  Well, just me and Brickle.  When persons do that, it is frowned upon.  We took in the breeze, and we even looked out over the water.


Girl Person told us that she was going to have to go to the store later and the post office.  She told us that we could relax a little while after our hike with Boy Person. I am not sure I like it when Girl Person leaves.  She never seems to be in a better frame of mind when she comes back.  And well, I guess I don’t understand why the persons put themselves through that.  She says that they have to get groceries, and mail stuff.  But they have to sit in traffic for a long time listening to news on the radio that’s bad.  Everyone always seems to be in a hurry to go yell at someone.  And most of the time, even when they go to a store, they complain they couldn’t find what they needed.  I am not sure why all the persons run around in circles when they could simply just sit.  On the beach.

The more you earn the less you learn to relax-ay-voo


I conveyed my thoughts to Sheriff Brickle on this who always seems to have an answer for everything.  He said that we could not have fancy, schmancy dinners if the persons didn’t go get the groceries.  But they had to work to get the groceries and the cars that drove them to get the groceries.

I don’t have to try to relax-ay-voo
Chum I’m much to numb to relax-ay-voo

And all of this? Well, I guess the persons have gotten used to trying to work harder to get more stuff and fight to get the stuff.

Your doctor bills they hold for pills to relax-ay-voo

But for us, now that we have parked ourselves in one place for a little while, we see things differently.  It is hard when you have been on the road for so long and have been to so many places to be the same as before you started.  The things that were important to our persons before the trip sure don’t seem as important now.  In fact, daily life seems pretty overrated.  Fighting to be in a routine of fighting seems useless.  And after yesterday, just running errands, the persons said they just couldn’t do it anymore.  They weren’t going to play into the fight of life, because to them, life was worth more than that.  Way more than that.


Obviously, we have not found a house yet here.  One of the reasons the persons say is that they aren’t willing to pay so much for something that it causes them to work harder and then they have to get more jobs and leave the Sheriff and I.  Another reason is that no place has felt like home more than the Big Blue Treat Wagon.


Trying to make puzzle pieces fit together that just don’t match up is what we feel we are trying to do. If real life is stressful, who needs it?  If being successful means a fancy car and a house that isn’t on wheels, but that we have to fight to get it, who needs that either? The real life should feel like a beach, all of the time.  We should all have time to relax.

Work should be enjoyable, the ride to work should be enjoyable.  We have to work to break the mold of what is expected of us and what is expected that we pay for.  What really matters is peace.  Peace of mind, quality in life and not quantity.  Until persons realize that, they will keep chasing their tails I am afraid.  And just like a dog, you probably will never catch it.

Our drum is apt to snap and go boom boom
And when you go they’ll take your dough
 Cause it’s tax-ay-voo relax-ay-voo


Is it time that you took a break?  A breather to see what and who is important to you?  Even though you may do the same things day in and day out, if it stresses you out, think about how you can change it.  You only have so many days.  Seconds add up to minutes.  Minutes add up to hours.  Hours add up to days.  Spend it wisely.

Take a tub to relax-ay-voo
Bub, I sit and scrub to relax-ay-voo
The girls pursue those fellows who can relax-ay-voo
Relax, relax, relax, relax-ay-voo

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Story Of The Lasso and The Dog Star

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. You know, I am paying attention sometimes when the persons think that I am sleeping. Or eating. Or rolling in something. I may be doing all of the above, but I can multi-task. And yesterday, I read the dog blog that Sheriff Brickle wrote about the Dog Star. I did. I read it.


The blog was on my mind most of the morning. You may not know this, but Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle has been a bit down in the dumps the past week. He has his Depression Monster like Girl Person has her’s that she has to deal with. It can give him a run for his money. Or cookies.


So when I read that the Dog Star was trying to take away some of his handsome, I thought about what I could do to help the situation. Maybe this was why he was feeling a little sad. You see, some persons say, “If momma is happy, everyone is happy.” I say “If the Sheriff is happy, everyone is happy.” And it goes without saying we needed some of the happy that the Dog Star was trying to take away. He needed all that he could get.  This thing meant business with all of his shining handsomeness in the sky.

I didn’t think that there was much I could do about it. You see, our plans were to go to a new dog park yesterday morning. And I wondered how I was going to concentrate on solving this issue. I don’t really love dog parks. If I can’t escape somewhere to not listen to persons calling me back, or if I am not allowed to hump every dog I see, I generally see no point in the activity. But. When we got to this new dog park, I saw that it was different. As Girl Person let us inside, she made sure to ask other persons there if there was any way that I could escape, or any holes in the fence for me to get out. They told her that it was escape proof, and as she let me off, I did not know where to go first. I saw no fences as far as the eyes could see. I saw acres of trees to pee on, and I saw the woods!

And I was allowed to run around in here without a leash on! And then I wondered. Well, since I had no use for this leash, I could use it to solve this Dog Star problem. I was going to figure out a way to lasso this thing out of the sky! Just call me Cowboy Deputy Digby.

What did this Dog Star think that it was doing? Stealing my Sheriff’s handsome? This was not acceptable. As Deputy, I took an oath to serve and pawtect. And this was my opportunity to get in good with the Sheriff. I could do this.

As Girl Person was busy following me around like I was the Pied Piper, I searched and searched for my best spot to lasso the star down.

You may think to yourself that since it was daytime, I would not be able to see the Dog Star. But alas, all I had to do was listen. “Bark, bark, bark” was heard in the sky. I highly doubt any of the other stars like the Sun was barking. Why would it do that? No, there was only one star that barked. I knew it was there.

The Dog Star kept barking, and although it was speaking a bark language I could not quite understand because I do not live in the sky, it seemed to be telling me that it was handsome. It was saying that it was bright. It was saying that it was the most beautiful Dog Star of all. And I got really irritated at that. And it takes a lot for Digby to get irritated. Had he never met Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle from planet Earth? There was no way that he had. He needed to be brought down to Earth to talk to the Sheriff about this. But the Sheriff was so busy just standing in the middle of the dog park doing Sheriff stuff to pay attention to my diligent efforts in bringing the Dog Star to justice.


I took the leash in my mouth which had to be pried from Girl Person’s hands, and I trotted off. This was happening. Happening right now. But as a puppy tried to chase me with my lasso, I howled my loudest hound dog howl that I could muster and let him know that I was on official police business. He backed away with a sort of admiration I saw in his eyes, and this was it. This was my chance to give Sheriff Brickle back his mojo. His handsome.

I figured that this Dog Star would not even suspect that I would be lassoing him. He had had too much off leash play for all of these years. It was time to show him some obedience school manners. I ran as fast as I could which is a trot a little faster than a gallop, and I threw up my leash. Right about time, I felt it. The rain. But no. It was not rain. This Dog Star had decided to pee on my head! NOW this was crossing the line! this was crossing the Milky Way! Only I, only me, only I again, could pee on the Sheriff’s head. Now I was mad. Madder.

Girl Person told us that a little shower never hurt anyone, but tell that to Sheriff Bricle when his fur gets messed up. I didn’t let that stop me, and as my leash lasso came tumbling back down to earth, it had it! It had the Dog Star! So why did Girl Person tell me that I had dragged my leash thru dog poop? Oh, this was no ordinary dog poop. Touche’ Dog Star. Touche’

You may have thought that I would have given up.  But instead…I looked up.

With all of the stars up there, I had in fact made my point.  You see, Dog Star, there is no room on earth for both you and the Sheriff’s handsome.  In your Dog Star world of stars, I actually hope that you are the doggiest of them all.  I hope that you sleep on other star’s couches.  I hope that there are endless supplies of doggy pancakes for you.  I hope that the other stars pick up after you with giant dog poop bags.  And I hope that there are no other dog stars that need to be rescued.  I indeed think that you are the only one.  And that to me is great.

But let this be a lesson to you.  Don’t mess with the Sheriff unless you want his Deputy to try and lasso you again.  I may not be the brightest star ever…but I don’t need to be.  You can take care of that.  And Sheriff will take care of the handsome here.

I got in the car with a nodding approval from the Sheriff.

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I had taken care of business, I saw a new glimmer in his eyes that said well done.  “When the Sheriff is happy, everyone is happy.”

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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