The Episode

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Sometimes, someone needs so much arresting that you don’t even need the report.  Sometimes, someone needs the law laid down firmly.  Even if your name isn’t Sally.  It’s Odie.

You think that you are having a peaceful, uneventful walk thru the campground after taking a swim.  You think.  You think that there is no danger waiting for you around that corner.  You take the snapshot in your mind of a bathroom facility that is unassuming, not dangerous by any sort of the imagination.  And then.  You go around that corner.  And he’s there.  Waiting. Not in a Richard Marx sort of way at all.

Now.  We have walked by this guy before.  Odie.  Oh, we know his name because his person has to hold him back from us as we pass by.  No, he isn’t a big fellow.  In fact, he is knee high to a grasshopper as Granny used to say.  But nonetheless, I am not one to cause trouble, look for trouble or want trouble.  I take care of trouble.

However, when trouble is on a leash, attached to a post outside of a bathroom, I steer clear of said trouble.  Named Odie.  He meant business y’all.  And without his person there, I will tell you this.  That leash had no chance.  And so Odie.  He saw a chance.  And he took it.

Odie twirled and he growled and he snarled and he lunged.  Deputy Digby and I kept walking, which I can only assume was not acceptable to Odie.  And as he twirled just one more time, his leash came off that post.  And I knew as soon as the episode occurred.  This wasn’t gonna be pretty.  Well, I am always pretty.  But not the episode.  And so as he ran toward us with the vigor of the wind sweeping over a hot trash heap, which was right next to the bathroom by the way, we froze. Like ice. That is all we could do.

Girl Person knew that she had a choice.  Try to grab Odie’s leash, but nope.  His teeth on our legs said nope.  She knew that she could scream though.  And scream she did.  She yelled to anyone, anyone that would hear, preferably not in the bathroom with his pants off, that Odie was loose.  She tried to keep cars from hitting us all on the road, yet, they seemed to slow down when they saw the commotion. Some may have even turned around.  And as a last resort, she yelled, “Your dog is loose!!!!”. There was no choice.  And out came Odie’s person.  Odie’s half pant wearing person.

Now, I never do anything half way.  You know that. And wearing pants or wearing pants half way just isn’t necessary at all.  Unless you are chasing a dog named Odie who is biting my feet.  You should wear pants for everyone’s sake.


So as Odie saw his person running towards him with a sight to behold, Odie knew his gig was up.  And it was time to pull the pants up.  His person said no words.  Only one.  Odie. And everyone just knew that no words were necessary.  It was time to move along. And my arrest report?  It needed no words either.  I simply entitled it, “The Episode”.  It is not rated PG.  It is rated PG-Odie.  That’s a scary, scary rating.

Now, you would have thought that everyone would have been mad.  Everyone would have been angry.  No need for anger in some places.  Certainly not outside a campground bathroom.  Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.  Unless you are Odie.

So the next time you see an unassuming bathroom facility and a dog that is waiting…right there waiting…I suggest that you walk just a little bit faster.  A lot faster.  Or cover your eyes.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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A Spoonful Of Salt Makes The Medicine Go Down

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  What a difference a day makes.  Or two.  One minute you are feeling all good, the next minute you are running out the door in the campground trying to get some air so you don’t pass out from sickness.  Well, that was Girl Person.  And it was a very long few days in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  It was long for Brickle too.  You see, when Girl Person is sick, the Sheriff is sick.  And that makes us all wish for normalcy again.  Normal sometimes seems like perfection when it is taken away from you.


I’m not one to get worried, except when completely necessary, and I even wondered what I could do to help Girl Person feel better.  I didn’t know what medicine to buy, so Boy Person took care of getting her all kinds of drinks and remedies.  He took care of pretty much everything. I was able to go to my happy place in my mind.  Because even when things look bleak, you can always go there.

But I also knew something was missing, and she just wasn’t going to get better without it.


However,  I knew that I had to let her rest, there was no choice in that matter, and I am a very good sleeper.  Except for kicking the wall every five minutes and snoring, I am the best sleeper in the world.  I let Girl Person do some sleeping too, hoping that when the next day came, she would be able to take my medicine.  Dr. Doggo Digby was on call.  And I was ready.  Spoon and all.

I waited for her to rest.  Spoon all ready.  And I even channeled my own, inner Mary Poppins so that I would be ready when the sun came up.

You might think that I had a half dollar size pancake in my spoon, or maybe even peanut butter.  But no.  I had sand.  I had salt.  I had water.  She needed the beach. Or maybe we all did.  And when you wake up, it’s a new day, and Girl Person is feeling better, well, you feel like you can do anything!

So as Girl Person woke up and had a little bit of her normal yucky coffee stuff, she told me and Sheriff Brickle that she felt like we needed the beach.  She was going to take Dr. Doggo Digby’s orders.  And I have to tell you.  Even though we have been to the beach about a million times since we got here months ago, it sure looked pretty.  It sure felt nice.  And it was better than any medicine could have been.

As we waded in the water and appreciated the time we had, well, it got me to thinking.  We all have a happy place.  Yours may not be the beach, it may be the mountains, or a creek, or maybe even the craziness of a big city.  If you find out what makes you happy, and you know what makes you happy, when the not so good days come up, you can think of that place in your mind and work towards getting back there.  We all have to have something and some place to look forward to.  It is what keeps us going, keeps us moving.

No matter what anyone else thinks, or even may say, never change your happy place.  It is yours and yours alone.  It can be the best medicine that you’ll ever take.

Girl Person may still have a few days to feel all the way better, but if she keeps taking her medicine like Dr. Doggo Digby prescribes, she won’t be sorry.  Also, it will make my dinner time not be late again.  That’s in the prescription.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Castle

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever gazed upon something magical, something wonderful, something worth gasping about, and you think of who you want to tell about it?  Perhaps I can illustrate this way.  You know, it’s the feeling every time you see me and you have to tell the world.  You have to. It’s natural to feel a bit of puppy love.

That was how I felt this weekend as Girl Person and I were walking on the beach.  You may wonder where Deputy Digby was.  With all of our thunderstorms and rain and lightening, he has become a bit obstinate.  If it is raining, or if rain is even thinking about raining, Digby ain’t goin nowhere.  And so after Girl Person almost pulled her back out trying to carry him down our flooded, campground roadway, she gave up.  She took Digby back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and he was happy to wait it out.  However, what Digby didn’t know was that the rain never came, and then me and Girl Person were alone on the beach a mile away.  Feeling pretty empty without Digby with us.  It just didn’t feel right at all.  And that’s when I saw it.  The castle in the sand.



Truth be told, and I always tell the truth, I was a bit down.  Without Deputy Digby to make my life more difficult, it had become too easy for that hour.  And normally, when we see a sandcastle, Girl Person has to pull Digby away from peeing on it.  She has to block him from knocking it down.  And well.  There the castle was, just being a castle, no one was around, and the castle wasn’t in any danger.  This wasn’t so much fun.  Boring.  I felt like we were just wandering around for no reason.

I knew that I should try and remember to tell Deputy Digby about the castle in case the next day he wanted to do his business plan on it.  I took a picture in my mind of our coordinates, and I sat down next to it so that Girl Person could take my picture.  She started laughing because she thought that I really, really, liked this castle.  Well, I did.  I didn’t even care that people were walking by gazing at the feast for the eyes that was me by a well built castle.  Oh, I looked like an angel.

As I sat there though, and I admired this castle that was all mine, and not even Digby’s…I wondered.  Was a castle really worth having if you were the only one there?  Was a castle even as majestic or big or pretty if only one person saw it?  Wouldn’t its beauty be worth more the more people that visited it?  I wondered.


As I gazed upon the castle, and wished for the days gone past when Digby would have just knocked it down, it occurred to me.  Even I can’t be King of the castle with no one else there.

As I did my deep thinking as usual, I turned my back to the castle.  With one, big wave, the castle was washed away.  And I suppose that I knew it would happen.  There is nothing material in our life that can’t be taken away in an instance…including the ones that we love.  It didn’t matter to me at that point that the castle had been washed away.  It only mattered to me that in a few minutes time, I could walk back to our RV and see my Deputy again.  I was feeling pretty good that I had that chance.  However, when you leave Digby all alone in an RV for an hour, your castle sure doesn’t smell like a castle.  And yet, that was ok.  I might not be a King of a castle, but King of an RV is a pretty good job too.

We all build on what is important to us. Be careful that your worth isn’t based on something that can be lost or washed away.  You can spend all of your time building something that although big, will leave no room for anything else in your life.  Fill your castle with the ones you love.  Even if your castle is a house on wheels.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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Pawcast Podcast #26 Colorado

In this week’s podcast, Girl Person, Boy Person, Brickle and Digby take you with us on our tour in Colorado.  We talk about mountains, peaks, trails and of course a dog friendly, Colorado treat.  Plus, we visit an animal rescue that is there for people when they need someone the most.  Join us in Colorado!

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Do My Dogs Know How Much I Love Them?

This is part of our weekly editorial series.  Normally, we let the dogs do all of the talking. 

I have loved many people in my life.  Some are still here.  Some I miss every day. Sometimes I think back and wonder if I told the ones that are no longer here that I loved them as many times as I should have. I wonder if there was something else that I should have said or should have told them. Yet, words don’t come easy to me.  By that I mean, words that I have to speak.  To…people.


But when it comes to my dogs, this is not even an issue.  In fact, I know that my dogs must get tired of my constant displays of admiration and kisses.  They must see me coming at them every morning and every night and wonder if I will break my record of saying “I love you” from the day before. And I always do.  The relationship I have with my dogs comes as naturally to me as not speaking to people does.  I’m still working on that, by the way.  Yet, there is something that I wonder every ten minutes.  Ok, every five.  Do my dogs really and truly understand how much I love them?


I understand that the short answer to my question is that there is no way they know how much I love them.  Because I find it difficult to even explain to myself.  I never knew that I could love two individuals as much as I love my dogs.  Which is why I find it utterly and completely necessary to tell them all day long how much they mean to me.


I wasn’t always this willing to love this completely.  We have all dealt with losses of people and furkids.  And when that happens, we build up a bit of a wall and a guard.  I think that this is only natural.  But one day, I woke up and I knew.  If I didn’t give my heart fully to my boys and truly love them as much as I possibly could, they might not know how special they were.  They might not know that I felt so fortunate they were in my life.  I was going to get hurt in the end.  One day.  But I didn’t care.  Because the enjoyment of loving with a full heart made that irrelevant.  Truly irrelevant.


I often think of ways that I can make my dogs happier.  Do they have enough treats, do they need a new bed?  Are they still enjoying this travel gig?  Are they fulfilled, do they enjoy their walks?  Maybe you have different questions of your own. But the past two years, spending every waking moment with my dogs in the close quarters of an RV has taught me something.  My dogs DO know how much I love them.  Why?  Is it because I make their food every day from scratch? Is it because they have a million fans on Facebook? Is it because I give them massages? No, no, and no.  But I had the answer to the question of if my dogs know how much I love them all along.


They didn’t always know.  Because I had not opened up my heart completely.  Dogs know all, no matter how much we try to keep from them.  They are not only our companions, but our family.  And it wasn’t until the day I let myself love them with all of the love that I had, and did not hold anything back, that they knew. Now. They. Know.


Dogs don’t expect anything out of us that they don’t give.  And they love US with their full heart. And so, on those days when you are looking at your dog and are wondering if he or she truly knows how much you love them…ask yourself if you truly know. Don’t let any more time slip away with ones that we love without them knowing what is in our heart.  Saying “I love you” is wonderful.  Saying “I love you” with a complete and full heart is beyond measure.  Our dogs deserve that. Only then…will they know. 

-Rachael Johnson, Girl Person and Owner of 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

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All Thru The Night

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have been in this Florida place again for quite a long time.  Probably, I feel like we have been sitting here at this campground for about ten years now. Although the persons say that it hasn’t been that long. It’s been nice to relax and regroup and see where this journey of life leads us next. When we find out here in the next few weeks, we will let you know.  You don’t rush a Sheriff, or you know what will happen.  You. Are. Arrested.  I am working on this…

Now. Back to business. Since I am pretty much a Florida dog, I know about the weather and our afternoon rain storms.

I know about the bugs.  Except what in the actual world is this.


I also know that the scary lightening stuff will make your pants not so dry if you wear pants.  It is a good thing that we don’t. And as Deputy Digby, Girl Person and I made our trek to the beach for our afternoon walk the other night, well, we forgot all we knew about this Florida place and the sky that we were looking at.  Because we really, really, wanted to get to that beach.


Sometimes, you think to yourself…self.  Do you really think that this is a good idea? Because it most probably is not.  And yet, you get so caught up in routine and wanting to do what you wanna do that you can’t help yourself.  And so, as we sat in the shelter for almost two hours, getting our imaginary pants scared off of us, Girl Person told us that this was another lesson learned in life.  I just was too scared to listen at the time to yet another lesson.  Also, I was tired.  I wanted to get back to the RV.  And yet, as we ran for our lives through the flooded campground, and finally got inside, I was sad.  Sad that I didn’t get to see my beach.  Sad that I didn’t get to stay out there as long as I wanted to.  Sad that no one got to look at my beach body on a weekday.  And I really couldn’t stop thinking about it.  All thru the night.  Nothing else mattered.  Even Digby was depressed because I was depressed.


As I tried to sleep the night away with one eye open as usual, I thought about what Girl Person had said…that there was a lesson in here for us.  I wanted to think about this for myself, without letting her know.  All she had told me was a quote.  She loves those quotes.

“It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it.” – Amelia Barr

And because I had so much time not being at the beach and all, I realized it.  If we had been truly happy that day when the storm came, it would not have made us so sad.  If we had found our joy before the storm, we could have appreciated the storm itself.  Why were we putting so much weight on one thing in our day, and ignoring all of the pretty cool things that were also there to be noticed.  Like that crazy bug.

It has been kind of like the storm here for us in the Florida place.  Looking for a house, getting a bit down and not traveling as much caused us to lose a little joy.  But in actuality, it was our fault.  We should have been channeling our inner Click Beetle and when we landed on our back, or in a storm, we got right back up!  The whole thing clicked for me.  The storm was a lesson. And Girl Person didn’t even need to explain it to me.  This night wasn’t so bad after all.

So the next time a storm in your life comes up, be determined to face it.  But you have to work on yourself and your attitude first…before it arrives.  And if you can’t wear pants when you are running thru the rain, so be it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle


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The Lesson Of The Beach Ball

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  After this week, you learn that you never have life all figured out.  Life has a way of throwing curve balls.  But in our case this week, it threw us a beach ball.


Walking on the beach at night has been one of our favorite things to do here in this Florida place.  It is a time of day where we can talk to each other, think about life and listen to the waves.  It is also a time of day where Sheriff Brickle can throw tantrums on the beach because he doesn’t want to leave, I can look for dead fish to roll on, and Girl Person can look for shark teeth…which by the way…she has not found.  Perhaps it is because we don’t let her stay still for too long.


We have our usual routine.  Walk a mile to the beach, jump in the water if Brickle decides he doesn’t care about his hair that day, and then we sit and ponder life and how we got here.  Actually, I just try to get a back rub and eat refreshments.  But last night, as we were walking, we saw it.  A beach ball.  It was like magic…just sitting there, waiting for us to find it.

As Girl Person picked it up so that it didn’t get washed into the ocean, she noticed that this was no ordinary beach ball.  This beach ball. Well.  It was asking us questions.  A lot.  Of questions.


Now, I have never had a beach ball ask me anything directly.  But this beach ball didn’t have just one question.  It had many.  This ball was on fire.

I don’t have a lot of answers in life.  In fact, it doesn’t bother me that I don’t, because no one seems to have answers. Even if they think that they do, the answers can change tomorrow. But the questions on this beach ball made us stop.  Because these were important questions.


These questions were worth thinking about, if only a day.  And we hope that you will play along too.


The first question was “where do you come from?”.  I come from a pancake belly, I assume.  But secondly, I came from the galaxy of pancakes.  Thirdly, I suppose, Fernandina Beach, Florida Animal Shelter.  Last, I come from the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and have made quite a few stops in between.  Sheriff Brickle says that he came from obviously two handsome parents, a world that allows his handsome to grow daily, and from the Dothan Humane Society in Alabama. Then, with a lot of trips in between, the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  Girl Person says that this question is one that a lot of people like to answer.  She says it is fun to talk about where we came from.  But it’s more important to know where we are going.


The second question was “Whats your favorite activity?”.  Seriously.  Who wrote these questions? The answer is always pancakes, dinner and eggies, hiking in the woods, naps and repeat.  Sheriff Brickle’s favorite activity? I don’t even need to tell you what he said, but I will.  Looking at himself in the mirror.  Obviously. He watched himself answer that question in the mirror.


“What time do you wake up?”.  Uh, whenever I want to.  And what time of day when I am asleep is this question referring to? The morning, the nap after breakfast, the nap after lunch, the nap after dinner or the nap before each nap?  Sheriff Brickle always sleeps with one eye open.  So his answer is never.  Because he never is asleep.


Now, the third question, “how do you spend your free time” was to me, the most important one of all.  You see, I believe that all of our time should be free time.  No matter what we are doing during the day, we chose to do that. Our free time of doing what makes us happy should be far greater than time that does not.

It may have seemed silly to some, us sitting on the beach with a ball that had questions and answering them.  But what is sillier?  Not ever thinking about the simple things in life?  We may never know who wrote these questions, but we have to thank them.  Because, if for but a moment, even Girl Person remembered who she was and what she liked before all of the responsibilities and trials of life.  Life is hard, but it is only because people make it so.  Underneath whatever uniform you have on today, you have a favorite food, a favorite activity, and you came from somewhere.  The lesson of the beach ball is to always keep asking yourself questions so that you remember who you are.  Because who you are is something magical.  Like the beach ball.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Lab Report Says I’m Not.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Someone once told me, “you do you”. He said that to me after I ate an old fried chicken drumstick at the beach.  Guess he didn’t want it.  His loss.  I “did me” for sure. But one thing is for certain.  I am real good at being me.  No one else does it as well.

You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.

But often, I am a victim of mistaken identity.  You have no idea how many times people call me a lab.  A labrador retriever.


I hear that is a certain breed of dogs, although I think just being a dog is sufficient enough of a title.  And yet, the persons like to label everything.  Even the ingredients on Peanut Butter Brickle’s peanut butter jar.  While that might be necessary so that he can know the calories and maintain his figure, labels to me are as useless as someone not eating a piece of old fried chicken.


I walk on the beach.  Someone will tell Girl Person, “cute lab.  What is your other dog?” Yeah, no one can ever tell what breed they want to make the Sheriff.

img_4549 And then someone will say, “hey, how old is your lab?”.  First of all, how old are you? Second of all, I bet I am younger.  Third of all, newsflash everyone.  The lab report is in.  And I am not a lab.  I am me.  I am Deputy Digby Pancake.  Dog first.  Rescue dog second.  Some may like to label me a foxhound.  I have something to say about that.

You see, it might be fun to guess where we came from.  But when that is all that we can focus on, how much do we forget that we are all individuals? Yes, your dog is an individual too.  I heard that labs are supposed to love water.  But Girl Person said that her past furkid kid was a lab and hated the water.  I heard that foxhounds like me are supposed to like hunting and not be afraid of shots or loud noises.  I hate all of that.


How would you feel if someone tried to label you all the time and expect things of you that you were not?  I might look like a lab, but I am not.  What I am is a hunk of smooshy love with obvious stinkiness attached.  So don’t let others decide what or who you are.  Be yourself, be the best self that you can be.  But if you are judged by what you look like, remember this.  You are worth more than that.  Don’t let them bring you down.  Continue to be all that you are.

You know I love ya.  But I want you to know that if we expect others to accept us and love us without labels, we have to do the same for them.  I’ll eat an old turkey leg in the sand too.  Doesn’t have to be chicken, y’all.


We are all stars, we don’t need any labels.  Labels make it appear that one of us is better than another or one breed is better than another.  The truth is there is nothing ordinary about any of us.  We are all special.  Don’t ever let anyone label that.

I am no better and neither are you
We are the same whatever we do

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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You Had The Best Of Our Love, Campy

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Sometimes there is no easy way to say something. As Sheriff, I have to give bad news if need be. That is the hard part of my job. I am sorry, but Campy the cat didn’t make it.


Now.  I can’t tell you that I am happy today. Because I am not.  I can’t tell you that when I heard the news yesterday, that I didn’t cry a little or a lot.  Because I did.  Campy lived in the moment though, and her last moments were full of love.  She left us at PetSmart being spoiled.  And yes. That really meant something.  That really meant something.

Have you ever known someone for a short time that made a big impression?  What a question.  Have you met me?  But for today, I am not going to make this about me, although, in a round about way, everything is about me.


No. Actually, I am going to appreciate the few days that we knew Campy.  As I told you yesterday, Campy was found abandoned by some persons who could not take care of her. The Camp Host lady took her to take care of her and love her and try to get her back to feeling better.  And it looked like she was feeling better.  But like we have said many, many times before.  You never know what tomorrow will bring or what tomorrow can take away.  And it took away our Campy.


Yes, I will say, our Campy. Because Campy belonged to me, to Digby, to the persons, to the Camp Host Lady, to you.  To the many, many friends of ours on our website and Facebook page.  She didn’t even know it.  But I know that she felt it.  She must have.  Because despite her illness, she tried to get out of her cage, she tried to hide in a tire, she tried to be…a kitten.  And we thought that her days were going to be long.  But it did not happen that way.  And we miss her. I bet you might too.

You know, there are days when you think that you can do anything.  And then there are days that you doubt if you can do anything at all.  And trying to help Campy was one of those things that I knew might not have the best outcome.  But we had to try.  And for Campy, I think that she knew that.  Us animals have a great trait..we live in the moment.  So for Campy, I know that her last moments of love and being spoiled were all that she did remember.  I also think that she knew how handsome I was.  And that was important too.


Campy the cat taught me many things in the three days that I knew her, but the most important was this.  You can love someone or something half hearted for all of your life.  But giving all of our love, all that we have, that is truly something special. And Campy the cat had all of our love.  All of it.  And that was a lot of love for a little kitten.  And Campy was meant to teach us that love is a wonderful thing. When you can show someone love, a love that you don’t expect anything from showing, and when you give of yourself and expect nothing back, that is when you know what love truly is.  There is no other definition.

And when you are afraid of love, because you think that the someone you love might be taken away, you are right.  They might.  Campy was.  Was I will still never stop loving her and knowing that every animal is important.  Every animal is an individual.  And every animal needs us.  You might not be here with me, Campy. But I will still never give up.  Because maybe your example can be called to mind when one of us sees an animal that needs our help.  So this isn’t goodbye Campy.  You will never leave my memory.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.  It may bring a Campy into your life.  It may take a Campy away.  So for today, love that someone.  And be that someone who loves.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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I Got A Song, Ain’t Got No Melody

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  At times, I wonder how I got to be such a fabulous Sheriff.  But shockingly, some days I wonder how I can go to work ever again.  Yes, I get worn out.  It is hard arresting so many every day.


I certainly felt like that on Saturday.  It was another hot one in this Florida place.  It had been a long week.  Girl Person was hiding from that Depression Monster.  And it was all I could do to think pawsitivly.  That’s when I usually look to Deputy Digby Pancake for that.  He is a great backup in that department.


But, as it always happens in our world, something reminds us that we aren’t the only things that make the world go round.  We aren’t the only ones with problems.  We aren’t the only ones who have rough days, rough weeks, or rough months. Or even rough years. There is more to the world than us.  We are only part of it, and it is time to put our attitudes in check.  Leave it up to Campy to remind us.  Campy the cat.


There we were, just driving back from our hike, and one of the hard working, camp ground hosts told us.  Campy had been found in the woods. Campy was all alone.  Campy was tired and hot and not feeling good.  And the truth?  We weren’t really sure she was going to make it another day, another hour.


We were all preparing for the worst.  We put word out that she needed a home. We messaged a local cat rescue.  The campground host lady drove around, trying to see if anyone could help.  All the while, Campy got to rest in the air conditioning with a pillow and some water.  And when I went to go check on her with Girl Person, I became less and less worried.  She was pulling through. Campy might be ok.


Now.  My first order of business was done.  Campy had to keep resting to keep getting better.  But she still needed a forever home.  And as the campground lady host kept working and I kept watching, we kept hoping.  More persons came in to take Campy’s picture and try to find her a home too.  Everyone was working together.  Everyone.


It amazes me as a Sheriff how many people and things I have to arrest every day.  But then, sometimes I am also amazed that there are actually people who care out there.  There are persons that care about even little lives like Campy.  There are persons who will stop their precious weekend time to help someone like Campy.  And so I may have woke up Saturday with the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I had a song, but I had no melody.  I knew life was good, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  I had a dance, but no steps.

You see, I was just going round in circles.  I forgot that there was more to life than just me.  That’s easy to forget when you are this handsome.  But, Campy, Campy the cat was out there and needed help.  And by the end of the day?  She had a home.


Yes, the campground host lady found a home for Campy.  Campy will be headed to Atlanta, Georgia next week after she rests a little longer.  And what do I know about this?  It is not what I think.  It is what I know.  Campy the cat was meant to do great things and go great places.  Campy the cat may have been left in the woods all alone, hot and tired and on her last life.  She may not have made it much longer.  But because of love, because someone stopped their world for a few hours to help her, she now has many more hours.  She now will have a life. The melody will now be written for her song.


So today, when you may think that all is lost, and you just don’t have all the pieces to your day or even your life, know this.  There are others that feel like you do.


None of us have anything truly figured out.  We might be going round in circles.  But we all can enjoy the ride, and help a few others along the way.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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