Liz Boston, Official 2 Traveling Dogs Artist

Liz Boston grew up in Massachusetts, just outside of Boston, MA. Her last name really is Boston, it’s a coincidence that she is also from there! She is a Graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, and has also studied under her mentor Edwina Caci for about 7 years. She is the past president of the Weymouth, MA Art Association, and a past board member of the Massachusetts Cultural Council as well as the Quincy Art Association. Liz is on the Autism Spectrum, and was not diagnosed until she was 43 years old, she has 2 dogs, ( ’emotional support animals’ ) Puggles, Kona and Ollie. You can follow them on Instagram @BostonArtDogs.

Liz had a Retail Art Studio location in Weymouth, MA for about 5 years when she closed it in Feb. 2020. The location was known for extravagant themed Paint Nights with live animals, surprise guests in costume, themed music, and a fun party atmosphere with disco balls.

She is currently on her Paint the States Tour, living fulltime with her husband, Scott Moore, and her 2 dogs in a Class A Thor Motorhome with a mobile art studio in the back. The tour will take about 5 or more years spending about 2-3 months per state, Hawaii being the last. She will paint what influences her as she travels. Follow the Blog, join the fan club, and support the tour on her Patreon page.

About her online classes

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Private 1 on 1 painting lessons. Learn to draw and paint from a photo onto paper/canvas panel. I will teach you how to find simple shapes, and relational lines to draw the image accurately. Then I will teach color matching, color mixing, proper use of the brush, shading, blending, highlights, softening edges and more! Even if you have never painted before, I can teach you. Before you know it you will be excellent! No need to feel embarrassed if you haven’t painted much or at all, its only you and me! You don’t have to show anyone your work until you feel comfortable! I am very fun, easy going, and enjoy chit chat. Art should be fun!  

You will need: -Computer or tablet with a web cam. It maight be hard to see on a phone screen. -Photo or printout of a photo to paint from, please email it to me before the class starts with your name and class time for the subject line ( a picture of it you take with your phone is fine too) -Pencil and an eraser, I recommend the Pink Pearl eraser. Please no mechanical pencils. -Acrylic Paints colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Hot pink (you can have more than that but those are the basic colors needed to start.) -Set of flat craft brushes they are usually called ‘Flats’. You can find these at Michaels. Also a tiny round detail brush, size 1 or 0. – Canvas or canvas panel. recommended size of 9″x12″ or 11″x14″. too small is too difficult to work on, too large will take too long for the class. – Roll of paper towels – Can or jar for paint water – Paper palette (can be found near pads of paper in Michaels, or just use a paper plate) please no plastic palettes. – Table easel if you like, however it is not necessary. –

How to set up the camera for the best class results: Please set up your Camera so that the teacher can see your canvas, or drawing, It should be as though she is sitting next to you, with an over your shoulder type of viewpoint. The student should be able to look to their side and see Liz, but Liz should be able to see their Canvas/paper through the entire class.