This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And well, Vermont? You are a wonderful, wonderful place filled with sweeter than sweet people, sweet ice cream, sweet cheese, sweet maple syrup and yes, sweet me. Not really. And don’t get used to it. I am only here until Monday.

It would be wonderful here in this Vermont place to get in your car and just drive around for weeks. You would see all the cows, the barns, the covered bridges. It boggles the mind how beautiful it really is here. Like when you stare at me. You cannot take it for too long. That’s why I guess we are leaving on Monday. Too much, too much.

Yesterday, we had a great time hiking to a gorge or a hole or whatever that was.  It was a lot of water and a dam (I don’t cuss) and beautiful scenery.  We met some very nice persons on the trail from that New Jersey place and they were enjoying it too.  I love meeting people as long as they don’t touch me.  If you want to touch someone, give Digby a back rub. He is a back rub addict.  And he will hound you all day to do it.  Can you tell I am all over the map today?  It’s all the sugar I tell ya.

As we were driving home, I hate to tell you this, but the Jeep broke down yet again.  Seems as though it is getting old, like us.  Good thing that Boy Person is so handy dandy and he hopes today he can have it fixed.  I am not going to get worried about it, except for the fact that today was a day the persons needed to do laundry, they are out of underwear and clean clothes, and now they can’t drive to the laundromat.  Good thing they have bikes though so we can get food, and tomorrow will be a new day of sightseeing.  OH, this Adventure Of A Lifetime is surely that.  And we are loving it.  Even all the road blocks along the way.  Let’s hope Boy Person does not fall off his bike today if he needs to get parts, that Digby doesn’t lick another sewer hose (don’t ask me about that, I don’t cuss), and that Girl Person finds some clean underwear.

Have a great weekend everyone! We still have so much to see in Vermont!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle