With Hearts As Big As A Great Dane

When we started this website, blog and social media channels, we knew we cared about animals. But often, when we would see the plight of homeless animals, we felt alone. Overwhelmed. Maybe you have felt that way too.

And when we became full-time travelers in 2015, we knew we had to visit all of the shelters and rescues we could to be able to prove to ourselves and to others that we weren’t alone. We wanted to thank those that saved our boys and changed our lives forever.

No one can do it all. We have certainly tried! But we always encourage others to do “something”. That can mean sharing a social media post, volunteering, donating, fostering and many other things. And we have been impressed over the years with how much people care! Despite all of the sad posts and stories about animals that need help, there are people that continue to help. There are people that give back. And we want to bark and sing and howl their praises. Why?

To encourage others to help, and to remind ourselves that it is possible to make a difference together. Today, we want to introduce you to a company that approached US to help called Great Dane Tees.  They are special. They deserve thanks.  And we should meet them! Allow us to introduce you to Rex and Cheryl Mckee and their Great Dane, Siggy!

We asked Rex some questions in his spare time! Actually, Rex and Cheryl work hard not only for their business, but for rescues at the same time.  Spare time? Who has that? Ok, maybe Siggy.

Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? What interests do you have? How did that translate into starting your business?

We are a married couple Rex & Cheryl Mckee) who own a business and share a love for dogs, Great Danes specifically. I am from Texas, but grew up in Northwest Florida. Cheryl was born in New Hampshire and grew up in Massachusetts, near Boston. Our interests are travel, spending time with the grandchildren. A lot of our time is spent with our Great Dane “Siggy” who we rescued from the Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue & inspired us to create GreatDaneTees.com a website that is dedicated to giving back to the rescues that take care of these wonderful pets.

What motivates you to give back?

“We saw the day to day struggles that the rescues endure and knew we had to do our part and help in any way we could.”


Purchase a Mid Atlantic Tee for a $20 tote bag with their logo on it for their website rescue pick!


Tell us about dogs you have had in your life.

“I have had two Great Danes, both from as puppies from breeders. Cheryl has had mostly small dogs. She is the one who wanted to get a Great Dane after hearing me talk about them for 13 years of marriage.”

Why do you love Great Danes?

“I know everyone has their favorite breed of pet and they are all wonderful. For us, a Great Dane is special, they are a companion who is always there and because they are so big, they are really always there! When you sit down they are at face level, when you stand up they can get on their back legs and are actually taller than most people! A Great Dane forms a bond with their people that is hard to explain, you just have to experience it, other Great Dane owners know what I’m taking about, but if you have never had a Great Dane no words or images will make you understand. This is why most previous Great Dane owners when asked about their past Great Dane you will see their eyes well up and they will try to hold back tears. Even tough guys, I know I’ve been there!”

Does it take a special person to welcome a Great Dane into their family?

“Absolutely! They drink and eat a lot, they slobber and sling it everywhere. They will tear up your nice yard when they run zoommies, and they need to be around their people constantly. Great Dane owners will tell others, ‘You will never poop alone again!’ they want to be with you.”

What are your plans for the future?

“To grow GreatDaneTees.com and help as many rescues as we can. We started out last April with only screen printed tee shirts, now we have hoodies, tote bags, 1/4 zip jackets, tank tops. We added embroidery with jackets, polos, dress shirts, and more. Now we are approved pet retailers and offer toys, snacks, collars, CBD Chews and are adding on constantly. We try work closely with the rescues and see what their needs are while offering Great Dane owners an opportunity to show off their pet.”

How can our followers help you reach your goals?

“We constantly need help to get the word out to Great Dane owners and we need people to purchase items from our website so we can provide more to funding to the rescues for medical bills, foster support, food, shelter and more. If your followers can or know anyone who can foster a Great Dane, rescues around the country need fosters, loving people who can take in a Great Dane until an appropriate home can be found.”

We have not visited many breed specific animal rescues on our travels. Why? When we first started our journey of volunteering, we couldn’t see a whole picture. We wanted others to adopt animals, no matter their breed.  But what we learned was that many breeds who end up in shelters, like Great Danes, take a special type of pet parent.  Some are not willing to put in the work or learn about the breed.

And so these breed specific rescues are important!!

They know what type of adopter will fit best with a prospective pet.  They put in so much work, and without the help of companies like Great Dane Tees, funding would be impossible for them to continue.

We have teamed up with Rex, Cheryl and Siggy to fundraise for a very special rescue until May 15th.  You can donate and share here

Tiny N Tall Rescue, Inc. was established in 2017 by Melissa Young and Niccalina Santilli, who both grew up with tiny dogs and now as adults both own Great Danes . After recognizing the need for a rescue dedicated to the tinies and talls of the canine world, the rest was history! They dedicate their time to providing medical care, shelter, a full belly and lots of LOVE to tiny and giant breed dogs until they find their furever homes.

So how can YOU do your “something” this coming month?

Go to www.greatdanetees.com and buy a product! They have donated $11,475.00 back to rescues since April 2020. A percentage from EVERY SALE goes direct to rescues!

We know that not all people who help animals will get the thanks that they deserve.  But the ones we learn about will always have a place in our hearts, and hopefully will find a place in yours too.  Thank you to Rex, Cheryl and Siggy of Great Dane Tees! Tune in next month to learn more about them and to support their monthly sale promotions!

Great Dane Clothing is a division of Synergy Marketing & Design which was founded in 1998. Owned by Cheryl and Rex Mckee we are a company which provides a variety of business services; printing, uniforms, signage, embroidery, screen printing, to name a few.