Thanks Guys. For Doing…What You Do.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. If you have ever went beyond your comfort zone, you know that well…it’s not comfortable. It’s about as uncomfortable as Deputy Digby trying to squeeze into a pair of last summer’s jeans if he wore pants. Which he should. It’s about as uncomfortable as trying not to look at my gorgeousness. I see you by the way.


So yesterday, we decided to go to some areas in this Oregon place that were pretty, well, uncomfortable to go to, like a gorge. No, not like Digby gorging on pancakes, but a real gorge. We were kind of late in starting on the trail in the gorge. Why were we late again? First.  The train.  All day.  All night.  I cannot explain it.  It never stops.  But our sleep did.

Then,the persons spent all morning on the phone. Why? Well, we only have camping reservations until Friday here. And we wanted to to the Willamette Valley for wine, but there is nowhere anywhere around for us to stay. They won’t even make room for a Sheriff in a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  So we still have no place to go. But when you can’t try, try again. And when you try and still don’t succeed, it’s time to go hiking. In a gorge. Guess we will park on the side of the road Friday if we have to. This was worth letting our problems go. We will worry later.

Anyway, we got to the gorge, and let me just say it. There were too many people there. How many people we wondered had to go to a gorge? Being on the road for so long, we aren’t doing so well in crowds. And it was almost too much to handle, until Deputy Digby pooped right in the trail. That cleared our path.  The Deputy is good for some things.


So we took it all in.  The freezing water that is. And it was just breathtaking, literally.  In Oregon, it seems like there is an endless supply of waterfalls and hikes and nature at its finest.  The people here take advantage of all the activities there is to do. But there. Are. A lot. Of. People.

So after our hike in the gorge, we decided the only rational thing was to go where there was even more people, at a bridge and waterfall.

Until Deputy Digby had a panic attack.  We knew he was afraid of heights. But apparently, he is afraid of tall waterfalls too, even if he is low to the ground.  After wading our way through a gorge, it should have been easy to make our way thru a crowd of people, of kids, of other dogs, of people who didn’t like dogs and from people who were eating pizza.  Yes, I tried to steal a baby’s slice of pizza.  Yes, Digby tried to steal the same baby’s slice of pizza.  Yes, Digby almost tripped a big man person who yelled at him.  Yes, I tried to jump on a grandmother’s lap who was afraid of dogs and screamed.  And yes, Digby had a panic attack upon looking at the waterfall, and he pulled Boy Person down a flight of stairs trying to run for his life.  It. Was. Fun. Y’all.


Sometimes, your comfort zone seems like the rational place to be, not in a gorge or in a crowd of baby’s pizza slices.  But then I looked at the waterfall, and I knew that I had to see it, even if the Deputy couldn’t go.

So wonderfully amazing. #Oregon #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs

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I gazed upon it for a moment.  How did we get here I wondered.  How were we able to see all of these amazing things in our world?  How did two rescue dogs from the south, on our last hours in shelters get to enjoy these special hours with our persons? Other dogs were not so fortunate.  I had to appreciate it.  I had to look at this waterfall, even for Deputy Digby.  So as I looked, and contemplated life as a Sheriff always does, I walked back to Boy Person and Digby.  And he thought I had perished.  He is so overdramatic.

Through all of the crowds and unfortunate pizza slice misses, we were happy to have been able to see what our world is all about, and in the end, we were happy others were appreciating it too.  So as we went back to camp, and prepared for a restful evening, Girl Person thanked us for a hard day’s work as she always does.  But this time, she didn’t thank us for doing a good job.  She thanked us for doing…what we do.  And what we do might be annoying to parents trying to protect pizza.  What we do might be annoying to scared grandmas.  And what we do might even be annoying to everyone else.  But what we do is good enough for her, and always will be.  Wherever we are.  Wherever we go.

We aren’t thanking the train though.  That is another story.

All day. All night. #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs #Oregon #staaaptrain

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-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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At Least…

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days seem like they go on forever, especially if you are driving your house down the road in an unfamiliar place.  You would think that the persons would have this driving and camping thing down pat.  I don’t know who Pat is, but he isn’t helping us.  And he sure didn’t help us yesterday.

We thought that we only had about three hours to drive to the Columbia River area in Oregon.  Until we got stuck in a traffic jam five minutes later with no way to turn around.  You try backing up a rv with a car attached.  It’s like telling my booty to move over.  There ain’t no room.


After we got out of the traffic jam which I wish would have been strawberry jam, we got into the forest and winding roads.  Try driving a rv under low hanging Oregon trees.  There ain’t no room again.  At least we finally found our way out of the forest.  And right into a busy city called Portland with many people, many cars and no room for a rv or my booty, or Sheriff Brickle’s attitude.  But at least we finally got out of the city.  But we had no gas.  And we needed to stop.  And well, you can’t just pull into any gas station with this  Big Blue Treat Wagon Rv.  Well, at least we would be able find one right off the interstate.  Oh yeah, five tries and one hour extra later, we finally found one. And then the bank thought we were buying too much gas and we had to call the bank.  At least Oregon doesn’t let you pump your own gas. Cause you know…that would be annoying…

But at least we were almost to camp.  You know, that wonderful campground that the persons read about online.  After we couldn’t find any where to stay in this Oregon place, we thought we found the one.  Well, at least it would be quiet…IMG_2611.jpgOh, you know.  It is totally normal for a train to run right down the middle of a campground.  And more normal for it to plow through every hour.  At least we had a great spot in the campground.  Its not like it was near the smelly restroom or anything…IMG_2572And at least the showers weren’t prison showers…IMG_2570And at least we weren’t parked next to a dumpster.  I mean at leastIMG_2576

Plus, you know, it wasn’t dusty or anything.  At least…


So about this time, the persons were wondering what we could do to pull our day together.  The least we could do was give this part of Oregon a chance.  And then…


The biggest river we had ever seen appeared before us.  And it seemed like the day was worth all of the effort to get here.  It seemed like we would be able to pull ourselves together.  At least tomorrow, because we were ready for bed.  And yet…the train.

At least that doesn’t make Sheriff Brickle cranky or anything.  At. Least.

Stick with us fans, because we have lots of adventures still this week in Oregon, and a fun recipe you won’t want to miss live on Facebook Sunday!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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Do Not Seek The Treasure

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have one thing to say to you today.  And listen up.  Actually, I have more than one thing to say, or this blog would be pretty short.  But ok, the first thing I have to say is…Do. Not. Seek. The. Treasure.

In this Oregon place, there are plenty of places to visit, to see and to appreciate.  So to pick only a few in a little over a week’s time is hard.  But one of the places that the persons wanted to go was called Haystack Rock.

You know, that big rock apparently in a few movies.  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  But that’s the deal.

Apparently, the kids in this movie called The Goonies were trying to find treasure.  And we are all about treasure.  But what we didn’t know was that this rock, this Haystack Rock would be a treasure we might not be able to find.  Even though it was 23 stories high.


When you travel as much as we do, sometimes, you neglect to find out details.  Actually, I never do, but the persons do.  We were running late yesterday because the persons couldn’t find a campsite for our next stop, and so we just hopped in the car and headed to this giant rock.  Now, you would think that a giant rock would be easy to find in Oregon.  But yeah.  There are a lot of giant rocks.  And the persons obviously needed a map…a treasure map to find it.


We first drove into a little town and the persons started their panic attacks because of traffic.  Being on the road for over a year will make you forget what you used to deal with all of the time.  But a place this awesome has a lot of people that want to see it.  And I figure they knew more than us where this giant rock was.  After we couldn’t find a parking space in the town, the persons decided that since the rock was so giant, that we would be able to see it from anywhere.  So up we went to another beach.  You know, because the persons figured we could walk to a giant rock.  But where was it? It was not to be seen, although they kept questioning what rock it was.


I am certainly not one to complain about being on the beach.  But I am one to complain about having to walk miles to see a rock.  So the persons decided that we would hang out and enjoy these rocks first and then hopefully, find the giant one.


So we froze our booties off in the middle of July, walked around, and then got back in the car to try and find the rock again.  I started to think that maybe this rock was too good to be true.  That maybe we indeed needed a treasure map to find it.  And all Deputy Digby thought was a Haystack Rock sounded a lot like a stack of pancakes and he was all for finding it.

So back in the car we went, thinking that all the people in the town must know where it was and…why could we not see this rock?  So we got out to another beach and Girl Person started laughing.  She told Boy Person the rock wasn’t here either and were they blind? That’s when we turned the corner and saw it.  There it was.  Haystack Rock.  Real. Far. Away. Again. Wrong. Beach. Again.


But at this point, the persons decided that we better just keep going. And so we walked.  And we walked some more.  The tide came in, the persons got wet, and we were going to find this treasure, this rock.  But as we got closer to it, we realized something.  Yes, this rock was amazing.  Yes, this rock was beautiful.  Yes, this rock was big.  But why was everyone ignoring all of the other rocks, the other beaches, the other beauty?  Were there not treasures lesser known but just as important?


Sometimes, we look and look for happiness.  We think that there is something better out there, that everyone must know the secret.  We may think that the treasures right in front of us are not as good as what else could be out there.  But are we ignoring the treasures right in front of us?


As the persons discussed why the other beaches were so empty yet so gorgeous, they talked about how they should have appreciated the other places more.  They were sorry that they didn’t take more pictures at the empty beaches.  And they felt bad.  But a lesson was learned that there isn’t just one happy destination.  If you have found your treasure, you don’t need to seek it.  Hold onto it.


The persons sure don’t know everything, and as they contemplated our life’s map and treasures to be had after this trip is over, Boy Person jumped back into reality with a crab bite to his foot.  Yes, a crab bite to his foot. Looks like this crab found his treasure too.


Today, we are on our way to another Oregon camp near somewhere called the Columbia River Gorge!  It’s another drive, another long day.  Hopefully, we can find our way there.  I will be reading the map this time.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Let’s Make A Deal

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I think that some days, things start to go as bad as a burnt stack of pancakes.  Not that I would ever turn down a stack of pancakes in any condition, but you get my point. Because like that stack of burnt pancakes, sometimes, you try to scrape off the bad stuff and salvage what you know is still there.  There is always something there.


Such was the case for us this past week.  We had to move campsites three times which is hard.  Real hard.  Imagine packing up your whole house every few days and carrying it down the road.  Then imagine unpacking it all every few days, trying to park it, and figuring out where the store is, where to wash your clothes and where to get stuff to make pancakes.  It is exhausting.

So when we got to this camp finally in Oregon, the persons tried to settle down.  Problem was, they had all of their rescue work to do like the video in Washington!

Then they had their article and then…Girl Person started itching.  Her face hurt, her eye hurt, her legs hurt.  She looked at Boy Person with her pirate eye and realized he had something called poison oak too.  Guess that Washington place wanted us to take a parting gift. It wasn’t exactly what Girl Person wanted. It was not a good deal.

But if you know Girl Person and Boy Person, you know that they rarely stop unless something forces them to. And a rash on your face will do that.  Moving three times in a week will do that too. Working for 24 hours straight for rescues without sleep will do that more. And yet, even when they pause, they worry about me and the Sheriff, and if we are having a good day.  So with her poison, pirate face, Girl Person loaded us up in the car and we headed to the beach.  We couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  We were all feeling bad and we knew the water was the only thing that could help us feel better.


When we got to the beach, we realized that we had to make a deal…a deal with ourselves.  We would not let the hard days get to us, even if they were filled with poison oak on our face.  We would make a deal that behind that curtain waiting for us to open up would be happiness.  And if it wasn’t there, we would make it.

Oregon. ❤️ #seaside #2travelingdogs #adoptdontshop #washington #sundayfunday

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Certain days, you can either choose to dwell on the negative, or open up another curtain. It may not be what you were planning on, but it is up to you to turn your day around.

We ❤️ Oregon. ⚓️ #2travelingdogs #oregon #seaside

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Today is going to be great!  We have made a deal with the persons that they will be taking us to some rock that a famous movie was filmed at…

And we will be in this Oregon camp till Tuesday.  Then? You will have to wait and see, because we don’t know! Will you stay with us? Is it a deal?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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When People And Animals Help Each Other Heal

Our #46 rescue visit on this Adventure Of A Lifetime brought us to Sequim, Washington.


Here we filmed the latest episode of Stop Hounding Me with WAG-Welfare For Animals Guild.

You will LOVE what they are doing to make a huge difference in their community for animals and people too.

Read the latest article here by Girl Person and watch the latest, and one of our most favorite episodes of Stop Houding Me!

Captains Of Her Heart

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It’s been just a few days since we arrived in this Oregon place.  And let me just say it.  It is a wonderful place to land.  Except if you are a ship from 1906 apparently.


It is amazing the places that are to be explored in our world.  Around every corner, there is something new to see, something new to find and something new to learn every single day that we are fortunate enough to wake up in.

It was way past midnight
And she still couldn’t fall asleep
This night the dream was leavin’
She tried so hard to keep
And with the new day’s dawning
She felt it driftin’ away
Not only for a cruise
Not only for a day

For example, you probably didn’t know it, but as you are reading this, I am getting more handsome.  And more handsome. And at the end of this blog, more handsome.

Too long ago
Too long apart
She couldn’t wait another day for
The captain of her hear.


Also, as the persons found out yesterday, learning about a trail ahead of time could be a good idea.


Especially if you are walking to a shipwreck and the trail ends up being like this for over two miles.

Now, I am not one to complain, but I actually am.


And as Girl Person and Boy Person were laughing at the fine mess we had gotten ourselves into in Oregon, we remembered the signs.

As Sheriff, I know my duties.  But as a Captain?  Not so much.  I didn’t know that I would have to navigate persons and a Deputy thru the Oregon sand dunes to find a shipwreck from 1906.  But, for Girl Person, if she asks…I do.  And as she told me and Deputy Digby that we had to find this shipwreck, and it was our jobs as Captains, I stepped up.  As Captain of her heart.  That is what I have always been.  And I do a good job.

When you lead with your heart, you always find what you are looking for.  And as we kept going, and kept going, it was rough.  At times, I didn’t think we could do it.  But Captains never abandon ship.  Unless you are Captain Lawrence who abandoned the Peter Iredale ship and gave her one last toast, “May God bless you, and may your bones bleach in the sands.”.  No.  I was not giving up.


And as we finally found the shipwreck, Girl Person told us that we did an excellent job.  Excellent work.  And we were happy to sit and stare at what we had found.  Oregon was taking a bit of our hearts…and energy already!

Captains of my heart. #2travelingdogs #48states48rescues #Oregon #hikingwithdogs #shipwreck

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If you let your heart lead you, you won’t be disappointed.  Because your heart knows.  Just like I know.  And wherever it is that you want to go, or whatever it is you want to do, now is the time.  Don’t wait.  The path may not be there tomorrow, and may be washed away.  There are no ordinary days.  Make them count.

As the day came up she made a start
She stopped waiting another day for
The captain of her heart

Just a beautiful scene in #Oregon. #lifeplayedout #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs

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This is going to be a great weekend in Oregon! We are back on the road today to a place called Cannon Beach. We have to change campgrounds because everything is all booked up.  Don’t worry though, the persons know the way there.  At least I think.


And don’t forget! Sunday afternoon on our Facebook page, we will be posting our Stop Hounding Me, Washington edition with WAG in Sequim, Washington. Don’t miss it!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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We’re Gonna Make It After All

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Well.  We finally made it to state #47.  Welcome to Oregon!

Do I cry when I see the ocean? Yes. I do. #everytime #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs #oregon

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We can’t believe it.  But we are finally starting to see the finish line.  We are all dragging.  We are all a little bit wearier than when we left over a year ago.  We have had our hearts torn in two at every animal rescue and shelter we have visited.  But we have met many nice people, nicer animals, and beautiful places in America.  And as our trip draws to a close, it is hard to believe…but we don’t want it to end.  Are we really going to do this? Are we really going to make it after all?

It is no secret that we have had a hard time lately with the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and general fatigue.  But after arriving in this Oregon place yesterday, we knew we could do it.  We felt the strength and the power of the water.  We felt the sand beneath our paws, and we saw it.  That finish line up ahead.  We were going to do this.  But first.  Oregon.

If there was ever a place than inspired me as much as myself, this might be it.  We have been looking forward to visiting this Oregon place.  We are ready to explore, to meet some great animal rescuers, and to show you yet another great state.  Let’s make the time we have left on this trip count more than ever.  But to finish, we still need your help.  We need your encouragement.  We need you more than ever.


As Sheriff, I am not afraid to say that sometimes, even I need help.  This trip has been so hard.  We speak to you from our hearts. Sometimes, we try not to let it show how tired we are.  Sometimes, we try not to let it show that we are down, or that the persons are dealing with their depression monsters.  Sometimes and some days we feel like we can’t do it.  Those days have no place now in the race to the finish line.  Because when it is all said and done, we won’t remember the bad days.  We will remember all of the wonderful places and people we were privileged to come in contact with.  We will remember the amazing opportunity this was.  And we know we can do it.  We can make it.  After all.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Come As You Are.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever received an invitation to go to a party or dinner and you wondered what the dress code would be?  Me neither.  Because if I had to wonder about that, chances are, I probably ain’t coming so I ain’t wondering. And if Deputy Digby has to wear pants, we are out.

Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be


It was a good thing that we weren’t trying to impress yesterday.  We left Sequim, Washington kind of slow. We weren’t in a hurry to leave.

We're off. #rvwithdogs #nationalrv #2travelingdogs #washington #oregonbound

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And the persons commented that they hoped they would see it again one day.  But onward we went to Oregon because an animal rescue needs us there, and it is state #47! Except, apparently,  Washington had other plans.

Take your time, hurry up
The choice is yours, don’t be late

As we got deep into the forest roads, the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV decided that he would like us to know that he still wasn’t feeling good from that bad gas we got a few states ago. And he started sputtering and stopping up a hill.  So, Boy Person decided that we better not take any chances, and we had to pull over on the side of a busy, curving road after four hours of driving.  And we were tired.  And we were irritable.  And we had to go to the bathroom in a big pile of thorns and we were not happy one bit.  Boy Person was in danger, Girl Person was getting worried, and so there we sat.  Again.  Seems like this had happened before.


Have you ever had something happen once and it seems really bad? But then, it happens again, and you think that maybe you can handle it this time because you made it the last time? Yeah, so we are getting used to this breaking down thing.  And we have realized that sometimes, you just have to roll with it.  Sometimes, you realize that it doesn’t matter if you make it somewhere on time, it only matters that you make it.  And so as Boy Person got everything fixed up and we got back on the road, we knew we weren’t going to make it all the way to Oregon.  We were going to stop driving right near Aberdeen, Washington.


If we weren’t going to make it to Oregon on time, we sure weren’t going to worry about it.  Aberdeen, Washington’s town slogan? “Come As You Are”.  And Girl Person started what she called “geeking out” a little bit when we remembered who was from this town that we were driving thru.

Sometimes, you don’t reach your planned destination.  Sometimes, you forget to RSVP to that party you didn’t want to go to in the first place.  And then you realize that sitting around without pants on is better.  At least that is what Digby told me.


And as we looked around us in Aberdeen, Washington, we realized that maybe…just maybe… things around us were bigger than us.  Bigger than our plans.  Bigger than our itinerary. We looked at the forest we were taking a walk in.  We looked at the trees. Were we listening to what they were telling us?  When you take a moment to understand that life is happening all around you, despite what YOUR plans are, you realize how unimportant plans are.


We knew that maybe we should stop worrying that we didn’t make it to Oregon, and appreciate what was in front of us.  A restful campsite with all of us together, safe and sound.  We weren’t looking fancy and in fact, we were looking pretty beat up after the day.  But there was no dress code here. And no RSVP.  Except for Digby peeing on everything in sight.  He definitely cannot wear pants.

Come as you are, as you were
As I want you to be

What is happening today? We have to make sure Big Blue is ready to go.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates! Oregon? We will get there.  But we are definitely late.  Good thing we didn’t RSVP anyway.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Somewhere Beyond The Sea

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Let’s go sailing.  No, not really.  I hate boats.  And I probably don’t float.


Everyone has been wondering this week if we were going to move to this Sequim, Washington place after the trip is over.  Is this trip ever going to be over?  That is my question.  The slower we go, the more slower we get and the more tired we get.  It makes no sense, but neither did catching a red parrot this week.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.15.09 PM

When you are on the sea, things seem to get a more relaxed.  The important things don’t seem so important any more.  And we will admit.  We kinda had to stop thinking this week.  Girl Person wakes up in a panic every morning.  Where will we find a house?  When will we find a house?  Do we need to find a house?  How will we pay for a house? And there are no answers.  None.  Kind of like when you ask me how many pancakes I can eat.  I don’t know.  How am I supposed to know that?


And the more the persons try to figure out what to do, the more they think they can’t figure anything out at all.  So.  You asked about Sequim.  Which is pronounced like squid.

Not pronounced like a sequin.

I know.  Again, makes as much sense as Sheriff Brickle being carried around like a baby.  A baby squid, bahaha! He kinda looks like one…


But yes, back to your question.  Did we entertain the thought of living in this Sequim, Washington place?  We did.  We drove around, we looked, we ate some food, we ate some more food, and we thought some more.


You know us very well. You know we like sunshiney. And they call this place Sunny Sequim.  You know we love the water.


We kinda need the water to be happy. And yet, some things are hard for us here.  It’s a little chilly, I know, eat more pancakes.  And we have no family or friends here either.  So, will we live in Sequim?  It’s not off the table, but there are too many pancakes on it to decide right now.  Is our perfect place out there? We know it is.  Somewhere.  Somewhere beyond the sea.  And it’s waiting.  Waiting for me.

In life, you never should say never.  Girl Person probably would at one time have said, oh, we will never sell our house, buy a RV and go across the country trying to help animals.  So maybe our perfect place is out there…we just don’t know yet.  Maybe we don’t know yet that this is it.  But for now, this weekend, we are going to be enjoying Sequim wearing sequins, but the persons won’t be having squid. They are vegetarians.  I am a pancakeatarian.  That is much funner.

This weekend, we have our one Washington rescue visit with Wag! They have dogs like Leah here up for adoption!

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And we are going to explore some new places in Washington!  Will you join us?  Meet us somewhere beyond the sea!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Some Days You Lose A Red Parrot-Part Two

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I know that you have been on the edge of your seat since yesterday’s blog.  Well, probably not, but I am still here to tell you today about what happened to the red parrot.  Because, well, it’s not everyday that you walk around the campground squawking like a crazy person and walking around with your arms out waiting for a red parrot to land on you.  Yep.  Girl Person was determined that this man get his pet parrot back.  Even if she had to squawk. Even if she had to walk around in one of Boy Person’s sweatshirts freezing to death.  Has anyone told Washington that it is July? Oh, and even if she had to hold a nectarine out yelling for Scarlet to fly down from her freedom.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.15.09 PM.png

You see, at first observation, you would observe that trying to find someone’s pet parrot in a forest of trees would be impossible.  And that observation would be a correct one.  In fact, the Parrot Parent Man Person had been trying for hours.  About five hours in fact. I was thinking.  Could she have flown to the lavender fields?


Could she have flown to the bay?


Could she have flown to Canada?


No, she was hiding out at our camp.  Right by the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. Scarlet had decided that she wanted to go visit some feathered friends in the trees at our campground.  And the Parrot Parent Man Person kept calling her.  Kept squawking.   This was definitely not something you hear or see everyday.

If you have ever lost a red parrot, you might wonder how you got yourself in that situation to begin with.  And we don’t know the full story behind why Scarlet got out or how…because actually, this Parrot Parent Man Person was too distraught to answer questions.  We were also afraid to ask, truth be told.  Could he talk and not squawk? But after hearing the red parrot in the trees, Girl Person knew she had to do something.  So as the Parrot Parent Man Person took a break from his searching and squawking, Girl Person decided to take over.  She rallied the other campers, got under the trees, and started squawking.  She started offering fruit.  She started talking to Scarlet.  And everyone thought she was crazy as a bed bug.  Well, she was.  And she simply didn’t care.

Sometimes, you don’t care how crazy you look.  Good thing, because our family looks crazy every dern day.  But this had to take the cake.  Or the pancake.  And as Girl Person waited, and squawked some more, she realized that the Parrot Parent Man Person was nowhere to be found.  What was she going to do if she got the red parrot?  No time to think.  The other campers decided to pitch in too.  And well, then everyone looked crazy and that’s just better.

It was just about this time that Girl Person realized she was the Parrot Whisperer.  As Scarlet surveyed all the crazy people squawking and yelling her name, after over five hours, she decided that she was hungry and missed her Parrot Parent Man Person.  And as the little campers ran off to find him because he sadly had given up, the unthinkable happened.

That moment when you realize you are the parrot Whisperer. #2travelingdogs #petparrot #parrot #washington #rvwithdogs

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And that was that.  As Girl Person got bit by Scarlet, she thought to herself that perhaps she did not want to be Parrot Whisperer. She decided that parrot rescue should probably be left to the professionals, and that she would probably just stick to visiting shelters.

But as the Parrot Parent Man Person walked up, and Girl Person saw his face, she knew all the squawking and crazy antics were worth it.


I say it was worth the time Sheriff Brickle and I spent watching all of this. To see persons acting like fools, trying to help an animal and a person at the same time was pretty cool.  And at the end of the day, Scarlet kissed her Parrot Parent Man Person and he asked her if she had fun.  And we can say that she probably did.


Scarlet? You put everyone thru a lot.

You may wonder…why are we still here in Washington and we haven’t left yet as we were supposed to today?  Well, we finally got our rescue pick for Washington, and we will be visiting with them this weekend! We know it has taken us a little extra time, but the persons have been tired, and we have been too.  We are slower, but happier, and will be leaving Washington on the way to Oregon on Monday.  Until then, make sure to give a “like” for our ONE Washington picked rescue to highlight all next week, WAG, Welfare For Animals Guild!


We hope that you will stay with us for just a few more days in this Washington place!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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