Show And Tell

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I have a question. Do you like to tell people about what you like? Ok. I have another question. Do you smile when they listen about what you like and like it too?

I never thought that I was much for sharing. It didn’t seem to matter to share a lot with Digby. We kinda had a relationship where we had been together for so long that we had experienced everything together.

And that was a special relationship.

But with Fruitycake, everything is new. He hasn’t been many places yet. And what is special about our relationship is that I have so much to share. I get to tell him what to expect. I get to tell him about stories of places we visit now.

And there’s pretty much no better feeling some days than to see him get excited and like what I like too.

Girl Person says that when she was a smaller Person, there was something in school called Show and Tell. She said you would bring something to show or to tell about.

And she said it made her so happy when others liked what she brought.

We can pretend we don’t care what others think. But aren’t the best friends we have the ones who listen to us and tell us what we like is special? When we went to a fort yesterday in this Georgia place, it was somewhere Digby and I had been before.

Of course I remembered our time there. And I told Fruitycake all about it.

I told him how Digby liked the Fort, but it got too hot and he didn’t want to walk to the lighthouse. Then, I told him how we had walked all thru the fort together and looked thru the windows. And Fruity really listened. He loves hearing about Digby. And I like talking about him.

If we have something special to us and want to talk about it, talk about it! Open up to someone and share. Talk about memories and how they make you feel. Really talk about them so that you feel them again! Show and tell.

Peanut Butter Brickle