Mistaken Identity

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever been walking along…minding your own business…and someone starts waving?

Someone may run over to you, acting like they know you, and as you are trying to figure out how you know them, you wave! Then, they realize that they don’t know you at all. They thought you were someone else. Yep.

Well. As we were at the beach this weekend, we were the ones who started waving. There in the water, we saw him. We thought it was an otter friend being an otter. Doing otter things.

We admired him from afar. He was cute alright. An otter alright. But not.

As we waved and watched him being cute, we wondered why he didn’t wave back. Girl Person said maybe he didn’t recognize us from that far away. But as we got a little closer, I noticed he was not who I thought he was. This was no otter. Nope.  But who was he? Boy Person was the one who solved the mystery.  The mystery of this mysterious otter but not otter.  He was a Nutria.  A what?

A Nutria is an animal I had not met before.  He seemed nice.  But he was in fact a stranger.  And I wanted to learn more about him.  The persons said that Nutrias are very good swimmers.  In fact, they can stay under the water for five minutes.  But they eat a lot of vegetation.  And persons are concerned there are too many and they don’t like them.

You see, even though Nutrias were not from here, some persons thought that it was a good idea to bring them here.  Now that the persons think there are too many, they think it’s a problem. But I see many problems here.  None of which are the fault of the ones affected.

Persons say the Nutria are destroying things.  But who destroys the most things? The most places? Perhaps persons need to look more at themselves. And perhaps persons need to realize that they have a responsibility to do the right things in the first place instead of trying to clean up their mess later on.

Even though the Nutria was a stranger to me in the morning, I considered him my friend by evening.

Sometimes, we all feel out of place.  Maybe we live somewhere we truly don’t want to be, but can’t change it right now.  Maybe we just moved and don’t know anyone.  Maybe we feel we are different and that no one understands us.  And maybe that is true.

Like the Nutria, do you feel like you were put somewhere in your life that you don’t belong in?  We have all felt like that. Whether we are a person or an animal.

Nature, the earth and its inhabitants share responsibility for taking care of our world. Mistakes can happen like persons bringing the Nutria where they did not belong.  Now, lives suffer because of their mistakes.  It is my hope that persons can learn to look at their mistakes and realize the animals are not the mistakes. And try to figure out better solutions that the easy solutions.

We may look at the world differently when we know we have the same feelings as the animals we share it with.  All of us deserve to be happy. No matter who we are. So take a moment to dig a little deeper when you think you know it all..or even who you know.

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If You Start Me Up I’ll Never Stop

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever been stopped in your car for speeding? Yes. You.

Well. Maybe you’ve got a ticket. A fine. Maybe you had an excuse. Maybe. Just maybe you did nothing wrong. But I highly doubt it.

But what happens when the house on wheels that you live in decides to break the law and start up by itself? Yes. Yes. Big Blue Treat Wagon? You. Are. Arrested.

There we were. Sitting around on a Friday morning. The persons had their mud in a cup. Everyone was more than tired from Digby being sick for days. And all of a sudden, I heard it. A click, click, click. I know that sound. And I don’t like that sound. It’s not music to my ears.

Boy Person jumped up. I jumped up. Girl Person and Digby heard nothing because they were so tired. And as Boy Person ran around trying to figure out who had started the generator of the Big Blue Treat Wagon, it became apparent that the RV was trying to make a run for it. With us in it.

The only thing that saved us were the fact that other things malfunction so much it prevented it from doing what it was trying to do. Roadblock successful.

Now. You would think that we would have known why this happened. But it was a mystery.

Until Boy Person looked up how. Why. What. How did the generator start by itself?

And it was determined that if it would have actually started, the probability of being able to stop it would be low. Yes. Impossible. Due to being mechanically imperfect in other ways, this particular chaos was averted.

Sometimes you think you know what trouble is. But sometimes it’s double that.

I suppose just like many things lately, we can either try and fix everything or fix our attitude first. Life comes with surprise. Life comes with inconveniences. No matter what. You can either be depressed about it or figure out what to change. Or take away the keys from your RV. Either one.
We don’t know what will go wrong next. What will break.

But it won’t break my attitude or handsome. If it’s broke fix it. And that means not just an RV. It means your life.

We will be in this Mississippi place until Wednesday and then…stay tuned!

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