Let’s Rename This To 2 Sleeping Dogs


This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Boy Person is arrested today because of something he said yesterday. And my job as Deputy is to fill you in. You know, on the back ends of the stories that get people arrested. Because I assist in writing the reports with Sheriff Brickle. And this one is a doozy. Is that a word?

As we were traveling around the last few days, Boy Person decided he was a photographer or something and keeps following us around, being the pupparazi. We get tired of it. Can you imagine always being stalked and people always taking your picture? Pictures from the front, pictures definitely from the back, all angles. And I am over it. So me and Sheriff Brickle had a talk and decided that the best thing to do was not be photographed for a day. And we did everything in our means to make bad pictures hahahaha!

So Boy Person kept getting frustrated. He told Girl Person that it was impossible to take pictures of dogs, especially two dogs at the same time and remarked that he was tired and maybe we could rename our title to 2 Sleeping Dogs so that his job would be easier. Well, news flash, we aren’t here to make your job easier. We are here to entertain, and if that means it is at Boy Person’s expense every now and then, so be it. His idea of entertainment is wearing white socks. So yeah, he. Is. Arrested. Now, back to being stalked.

Have a good day everyone!

-Deputy Digby Pancake