We Have A Story


We started this dog blog in 2011 and Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake have written a dog blog to you every week day since!  We were moving from our home in Lutz, Florida to Sonoma, California.  We had adopted two rescue dogs, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake, and we wanted to show how to safely move with dogs.


We didn’t start the blog or Facebook page at the beginning to help other dogs.  But soon, we realized that we had so many fans following us and interested in our day that we had to use this page for good.  So our new mission became to “Make Rescues The Breed of Choice!”

In 2012, after moving to California, we fell on hard times when we lost our jobs and were part of the housing collapse.  We headed right on back to Florida again with our 2 Traveling Dogs in tow.  We decided to stop working at jobs we hated and we stared making dog treats, calling our company Your Dog’s Diner.  Our aim was to grow our company for a few years and then head on back to California.  We had no idea how long and complicated this decision would prove to be.

Changing the way people viewed dog treats was not easy.  Cooking for your dog was a new concept to many, but we were up for the challenge.  We started on our journey in 2012 with making thousands of our treat mixes for BarkBox.  We branched out into ready-made treats in 2015 with our Pizza Pawty pizza crust dog treats, being featured in BarkBox also and around the country.

We now find ourselves in 2016.  We decided to put our home up for sale again last year and in nine days, it sold.  Now what?  We decided to “take a break” at our County Cousin’s beach home before heading to California in 2016. But then, we had a change of heart.  We decided to do something crazy and embark with our 2 Traveling Dogs in an RV and visit all the 48 contiguous states and visit a rescue in each state! Our trip began in May 2016!


This has proved to be another part of our adventure, and we can promise you that 2016 is going to be awesome.  We plan to work closer with animal shelters across our country to advocate adoption rather than shopping for a furkid.  We have exciting plans in the works and it is our goal to make a difference for our animals.

Everyday on our Facebook page, you will find that we share animals in our nation’s shelters that usually have 24 hours or less to live.  We think it is our duty to give these animals one last chance.  But we don’t save lives.  Our fans do by sharing these posts!  Please join us and help us make a difference.  We can’t do it without YOU.

Animal rescue is often not thought of as fun.  But telling Brickle and Digby’s story on their daily dog blog allows you to see the world through a rescue dog’s eyes. And you will know, after reading our blog for just a few days that they appreciate the second chance they have at life.

We thank or fans for their support!

-Girl Person