Stop Saying Tomorrow. It’s Today

This is Fruitycake. Do you ever have an appointment or something that you have to do…you just have to do? There really is no choice whether you want to do it or not. Nope. But you have to.

Sometimes that thing you have to do may not be fun. Like a doctor appointment or a dentist appointment. I shudder just thinking about it. But you know that you have to go because it means you feel better.

Today, our persons have an appointment. Not tomorrow. Today. And Girl Person is especially having a hard time. Because she gets nervous. She thinks of worst case scenarios. She also hasn’t been to an appointment for a very long time. When you travel, you kind of outrun many things you need to do. But she can’t outrun this appointment.

Because she and Boy Person are going to ask if they can get permission to study the Italian language in that Italy place for a year and live at the little house we bought.

I’m scared too. How will I learn Italian barking?!

We drove to this Miami, Florida place for the appointment. We have lots and lots of papers. Many papers. And hope that they say yes. Or si.

As you can probably tell already, this isn’t an easy or a quick process. And we know you have many questions. But for today, let’s tackle one thing at a time. That’s what Girl Person keeps saying. So stay tuned. We will update you today when we can! Not tomorrow! Today!

If you have something you are putting off to change your life, don’t wait. Talk to yourself or bark to yourself if you have to. You are your biggest obstacle. And I have confidence in you.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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