The New Kids On The Block Again.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. We hope that you had a good week, despite all the sad news in the world. In case you didn’t know it, YOU are the world to your furkids. We don’t generally watch the news unless there is a report on pancake shortages or peanut butter politics. Usually there is neither.

We had a few “off” days this week. Getting used to being back in the Florida place for a little bit and getting used to being the new kids on the block again…step by step.

Apparently, some riff raft has moved in since we have been away.  Even though the riff raft are three little dogs out to bite our butts, there are some big infractions going on.  And I’m scared about it.  I admit it.  I’m scared about it.  I am running out of pancake butt to bite.

The Sheriff has been under the weather this week, so he hasn’t been in the mood to make the big arrests, and it has been up to me. And it is traumatizing me.  There we are, walking down the road with cars going too fast and people in a hurry.  Then, add to that little dogs running out from their houses to bite our butts all the way down the road!  Now, I will say that they must think this is their job. And our butts are cute enough to bite.  But we have ignored it now for a week and keep walking with yorkie and maltese teeth on our rears. Girl Person has had enough with the bullying.  She told them to go home last night, and that is when they decided to growl and bite her too.  All the while, we are worried about them getting hit by cars and people speeding who don’t care.  I have to wonder.  Why is everyone in such a hurry?  Why don’t people stop and think about how their actions affect others?  Why don’t they realize that slowing down and actually enjoying life and eating pancakes is much more fun than being in a race?  Unless of course they are in a race to get to pancakes.  Which in that case, I understand.

I wish I could give some of my dog thoughts to the stressful furkids and people in this Florida place and tell them that they are missing out on so many good things here like the ocean and the sunshiney!


But isn’t that everywhere?  So many beautiful places we have been on our Adventure Of A Lifetime so far don’t realize how wonderful their state is!  So try and be the new kid on your block today and look around like its all new! Find the happy!  Find the sunshiney.  And don’t let people bite your butt.  Or yorkies. The maltese biting is kinda marshmallowy.. so that’s not too bad. Hopefully Sheriff Brickle will be back to his old self today.  Because I am putting in a call for some butt biting arrests y’all.  The new kids on the block are here. Stay tuned.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Be Whoever You Truly Are

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It seems to me that this Adventure Of A Lifetime has taught us many things.  And I am sure it will be teaching us many more lessons after we have completed it in May.  For this week, we found out that perspective is a pretty good thing.  Sure, it is a lot of hard work being on the road.  It is hard work visiting all of the rescues.  And it sure is a lot of hard work looking this good…if you are Digby.  For me, it comes natural. Seriously.  Just look at me.

Coming back to the “real world” for our break has been hard on us this week.  Traffic, the Florida place heat and routine were things we kind of forgot about.  I even got sick from all the heat, and the persons too. We love seeing our family and friends, but having been removed from regular life for the past eight months, we are finding it a bit hard to adjust.

our old friend Fritz


Girl Person says that one of the lessons she is taking from our trip so far is not making excuses…and being herself.  She explained to me that she used to feel guilty when she wanted to spend time with me and Digby and Boy Person and not, let’s say, go to a movie.  She felt like it wasn’t accepted to be who she was.  A “crazy for her dogs” Girl Person.  But being on this trip, and spending so much time together, she told me that she knew no matter what, there would be no more excuses.  She was going to be who she truly was.  And cherish every moment with us.  No excuses.  None.  Have you ever felt that way?  Guilty for loving your furkids so much that other people find it odd? Well, I find it odd when other people don’t.



Dogs have never had a problem being who we truly are.  If you have been reading The Endless Path book with us this month, you have already found out how much your dog thinks.  How much your dog truly lives.  And how you both fit into a bigger picture of life together.  Our last excerpt from this book spoke to us.  With all we have seen so far on our trip….the good….the bad….we have learned what my friend Gunny put into words in Chapter 28.  This seems profound, especially after the events and losses this week.

“I know now for certain, whether human or animal, we are made of the same stuff, the same consciousness.  A soul is a soul is a soul and my advice to people everywhere is, ‘Do your homework.’  Find out who you are and who you want to be inside.  To most humans I say, ‘Wake up.’  The clock is ticking.  Be aware.  Be awake.  Care more about all of humanity.  Care about your home, Mother Earth. 

Don’t be the same person you started as at the end of your journey in this life.  Let yourself be fragile so that you can open yourself up to all the beauty that’s around you.  Don’t give up on yourself when things get tough.  Don’t give up on others.  Don’t have a closed heart or a closed mind.  Be kind, be generous with what you have to offer others, be courageous, and be whoever you truly are.”

Being who you truly are should come naturally for persons, but as Sheriff, I have seen it is not so easy.  Persons think that certain things are expected of them.  Persons think that they should fit into some mold.  For me, mold on peanut butter cookies is a no go and being put in a mold is a no go.  Both are awful.  If you are waiting for a new year, or a new day to start being yourself, you are wasting precious time.

Find out who you truly are and be that.  Like our friend Gunny.  Yes, he was a dog, and a special one at that.  His book, written with his Girl Person truly made us all stop and think this month.  And we thank Gunny for that.  We also thank our fans for allowing us to be who we are.  Girl Person a crazy secretary for me and Deputy Digby as we write this blog and Boy Person for putting up with all of our crazy and fixing the Big Blue Treat Wagon so we can keep on moving with our crazy.

So find your crazy today.  And be whoever you truly are.  It’s more fun that way.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Purchase your copy of The Endless Path on Amazon and follow author Laurie Duperier on Facebook! You will not regret it.  We thank Laurie and Gunny for giving us the opportunity this month to tell you about their wonderful book, written together, and we hope to keep sharing its message with you.  We also thank them for donating books to the rescues we visit in order to have persons read to the animals there!  




Driving With Digby Will Help Us All With The Sad. Hop In!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I haven’t checked the news today.  And I know I don’t want to.  There has been too many sad stories and too many persons passing away this last year.  I don’t do well with sad news.  There is too much of it.  Too much sad.  Not enough happy. Not enough pancakes. And not enough Deputy Digby. So today, I am at your service.  Let’s get some happy going on up in here!  Wanna go for a ride with me in this Florida place? Let’s go for a drive!

Now, I know what you are thinking.  That song was from the George Michael Person who left us this week. And yep. That is sad.  But what made him happy? Singing!  And his songs make us happy to.  My thoughts are why dwell on the sad?  The happy that came with the persons we loved, who are no longer here, should far outweigh the sad memories.  There are more of the happy memories. So what is hard about that?  Well, we miss them.  Like Carrie Fisher’s dog.  We know he misses his Girl Person.  But we had to laugh at this interview.

Once again, how can you be sad after watching that?  Yes, the Princess will be missed by many.  Probably most of all by her furkid, Gary.  But we have high hopes he will be well taken care of and looked after.  We hope that Gary’s life is filled with much love to come.  There is a little room in the Big Blue Treat Wagon, Gary.  We are parked in this Florida place for a few weeks, so now would be a good time to knock on the door. Just saying.


Too many times, we dwell on the negative.  I can’t tell you how many persons I have heard say that they will be glad when this year is over.  Was every day of 2016 so bad?  Weren’t there some happy times too?  I bet that if  you really stop and think about the happy days of this year that you will appreciate it.  A calendar is just that.  A calendar.  A piece of paper, hopefully a 2 Traveling Dogs calendar.


Turning a page with new numbers that say 2017 won’t make it any different.  Find your happy now.  Don’t wait. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us, famous or not.  Rich or not.  Healthy or not.  Dog or person. Frog or rabbit.  Pancake or syrup. So find the good in your day today, and maybe even take a drive with your furkid.  Blast the music, buckle up and look around. Actually look around.  See the good.  And turn off the news. Sheriff Brickle is watching.  So you know what will happen if you don’t do it…

-Deputy Digby Pancake


Better Than A Gallon Jug Of Cold Water And Getting Arrested

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  How many things do you take for granted every day?  Yes.  Most of us are fortunate enough to having the basic necessities of life.  Or what we think are the basic necessities.  Truth is, many, many people in our world don’t have running water, showers or handsome dogs like me.  The last part probably came as a shock. But it is true.  So question.  It’s already hard enough not having me as your dog, but let’s overlook that, and ponder this.  What would you do without a shower for a few days? Let’s ask Boy Person.

If you have been following our Adventure Of A Lifetime the last few months, you will know that the Big Blue Treat Wagon has had its share of issues.  Breaking down going up a bridge in South Carolina.  Or when it started leaking rain into the slide outs in the West Virginia deluge we got caught in.  Or when the mice decided to take residence with us in Iowa and eat the wiring.  Or last week when another deluge in Alabama caused rain to pour into the air conditioner, which is still not working properly.  Did I mention it is 85 degrees in this Florida place this week?  Air conditioning is definitely on our list to fix now. But we have had one major problem since the first week we started.  Yep, we have had no working shower.

You may be thinking to yourself, why did we go so long without a shower in the Big Blue Treat Wagon?  Fortunately, the campgrounds we visit have all had showers.  Yes, some prison showers for sure, or coin operated ones or cold ones.  But showers still the same.  Why didn’t Boy Person get this fixed in eight months? Seems like a valid question and one I considered arresting him for, until I pondered the facts.  Traveling to a different state every single week, our rescue visit every week, blog writing, rescue work and promoting each state has left us not one minute to breathe.  Never mind fix a shower.

So when we decided to take a “break” in this Florida place, it was to fix the RV so that we could continue in 3 weeks and finish the remaining 14 states on this journey.  We thought the shower would be an easy fix.  But alas, nothing is as easy as my handsome reflects in the mirror.  Now, the persons are not ones to ask for help unless that help is for animals in need.  For themselves, they choose to tough it out.  So tell anyone here that our shower wasn’t working?  Nope.  And nope. But not taking a shower was not an option. So as Girl Person was taking bubble baths at Gandma’s house, Boy Person decided he would take matters into his own hands.  Could he have paid $10 to go to a truck stop here?  You also should know he is cheap.  But he had an idea.

Have you ever ventured into the woods with a cold gallon jug of water to get clean?  What about in the woods with lots of mosquitos biting your naked butt?  Seems to me that an arrest by Sheriff Brickle was the least of his worries in this instance.  Sometimes, the persons are so stubborn and make no sense that I can’t even explain it.  Is being clean this important?  I think not.  But I will say this.  Having to shower with a cold water gallon jug in the woods lit a fire under his butt to get this shower fixed once and for all.  And after 3 days, he did it.  He did it! We have a shower everyone!!  It is true.  This is a happy day.  But not for the mosquitos who have to find another naked butt to bite.


Seriously though.  We want to say this.  We will never, ever take any “necessity” for granted again.  Even though our shower doesn’t have a lot of hot water, or it isn’t at a five star resort, it is working. And that is fine by us.  We think this “break” in the Florida place may actually be more work than the trip.  But the last part of this trip is going to be awesome with a hot shower.  It’s the little things…like my corn dog tail that make life grand.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Where Is That?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Yep. We are in that Florida place for sure. Now, you know I am not one to complain unless it is for the lack of pancakes. But when we asked for sunshiney we didn’t ask to get a sunburn in December. I will tell you that. When the temperature says “hot enough to fry pancakes on a Big Blue Treat Wagon”, you know it’s hot.


Now, I am sure many of you have wondered. Did we remember our old home? The orange grove? Did we remember our old hangouts like the dog park when we passed them on our way in?  Did we remember the street we lived on?  Did we remember our family and friends? We sure did.  We sure did.  If you remember from last week, I have DPS, not GPS and I will always know the way to a stack of pancakes or home.  But home…where is that? Where do Sheriff Brickle and I think is home?


Is home a house?  Is home a town, or a city or a state like that Florida place?  These are thoughts the persons seem to be pondering a lot lately.  Sheriff Brickle and I have moved around a lot with the persons. We have moved from the Florida place to the California place and then back again a year later.  Then, when we sold our home, we moved to our Country Cousin Person’s home on the water.  Then on to this Adventure Of A Lifetime on May 2nd.

Sometimes, the persons feel bad because they are thinking that we want to be somewhere in particular.  Like live at an all you can eat pancake buffet or a peanut butter cookie factory with lots of mirrors for the Sheriff.  But where do we really want to be? Where is that?


For a dog, home is wherever our person is.  Now, we may like one area our person is in better than another.  But if we really had the choice, we would want to be happy with our persons happy, wherever that is.  Whether that be the Florida place.  Or the California place.  Maybe a wine place?  That would be Girl Person’s choice.  But what I want the persons to know is stop feeling guilty. Stop worrying about things that we may miss at our big house, or the trailer on the ocean, because once we are done with this trip, you will worry about what we are missing in the Big Blue Treat Wagon.  Life is a bunch of questions like how much syrup and or butter to put on your pancakes.  But the only question to us is where are you going to be today persons?  Where is that? Because that is where we want to be.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Who Needs GPS? No One I Say. No One.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a week this has been.  If we weren’t so close to home, I am not sure that any of us in this Big Blue Treat Wagon could keep going.  Especially after yesterday.

We started our day off good.  We were at the beach, and yeah, we were slow to start on the next leg of our journey home because we loved it so much there.  Especially the Sheriff.


We thought we had plenty of time still to make it to a camping spot we wanted to go to.  Now, I am not one for noticing the small stuff unless it is a small pancake which in that case, I notice that it should be larger.  But as the person were talking about how the directions to this camp seemed odd, I thought to myself….self.  Why don’t they just ask me how to get there?  Who needs whatever that is called GPS.  I am DPS, Digby Pancake Satellite, and if I put my nose to the ground, I can get us there.  But they did not ask me.  Nope.  So I laid back down on the Sheriff’s bed and dreamed of how to get there.  And then.  Well.  You guessed it.  The GPS got us lost.  Took us to a cow pasture.  Not a state park.  And my friends, you can’t turn a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV around in a cow pasture.  GPS?  Who needs that? NO one.

At this point, the Sheriff was about to arrest everyone after five hours of driving with only a small pee break.  He started panicking.  And that’s not a pretty sight.  And it is always a dilemma when he resorts to jumping in Boy Person’s lap while driving.


What was I doing? While sleeping, pondering the fact that I should market my DPS services.  Seems as if these phones take people to cow pastures, try to get us to drive over bridges to the water, take us to traffic jams and also never to pancake places.  It is absolutely ridiculous. Who needs GPS? No one.

Did we finally find a camping spot? Yep, 3 more hours later.  Only an hour away from our Tampa home, but we were too tired to keep driving.  So.  The story does not end here, although I am sure you are tired of reading.  But sometimes, the book has a few more chapters.  A few more turns.  You are now on DPS.  Not GPS.

We found somewhere that took late campers.  Girl Person took us to potty while Boy Person paid, put us back in that RV trap and we pulled to our site.  Problem was, it was so bumpy that the RV wouldn’t park, we were all crooked and the persons were at their limit, as were we.  Girl Person was determined we get fed, put our dinner on our paper plates and took us outside for Boy Person to fix this situation.  As we walked outside, Girl Person saw another camper was trying to park, and so she took us, our paper plates and aimed to find a peaceful spot.  It was so dark that she didn’t realize we had walked rudely thru someone else’s camp site, and their furkid was not having it.  We all got scared to death, yep, the dinner went flying. And Girl Person had to say sorry a million times while picking up pork tenderloin, organic kale and penne pasta from the ground.  Penne.  Should have been rigatoni.  Anyway.

After that, the persons were ready for a shower, put some wine in paper cups and aimed to finally get some rest.  Well.  The showers were cold. Girl Person was now cold.  And she needed some GPS to get her back to happy town.  And then it happened.

Did we need GPS to tell us we were almost home?  Nope. We felt it in our hearts.  It warmed us all up.  And all of a sudden, the day’s tragic events melted away too.  We were back in our Florida place. After 8 long months on the road.  Today?  It’s going to be a good day.  Join us.  Set your DPS.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Oh Yeah, I Remember That.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  So, are you enjoying your time with us in that Florida place so far?  Good.  There will be a lot more to see, including Sheriff Brickle’s wagging corn dog tail.  He sure loves the ocean.  And there is a lot of that here.  Oh yeah, I remember that.


Yesterday, we spent our time in a place called St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach, Florida.

After eight long months of traveling, this was a wonderful place to land our paws for a day.  We got to see the water, the dolphins, go on hiking trails and even learn a little history.


We have traveled to 34 states so far on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, and it all seems to be a blur.  Our rescue visits, our Stop Hounding Me episodes, the blog, other rescue work, the weekly recipes for each state on Your Dog’s Diner and the persons’ business.  Well, it is a lot to juggle.  Even more than trying to fit a whole stack of pancakes in your mouth at once. It can be done…but it’s hard.

Will we remember how to stop? To relax? To slow down just a little during this 3 week break?  We hope so.  Well, I sure as anything remember.  I never forget how to relax. I am Digby. Pancake. Deputy Digby Pancake.  Always on the job of sleeping.  Yeah, I remember that.IMG_1921.JPG

Today, we are inching closer to family and friends in Tampa.  So we will be driving another 5 hours and staying the night at another camp.  The persons said we could drive the remaining 7 hours all at once, but they don’t want to make it hard on me and the Sheriff. And or get arrested.  No, they don’t want to get arrested.  Yeah, I remember that.

So, are you ready? We hate to leave this wonderful park, but when we see family and friends, the view of their faces will be just as beautiful. Oh, and will you read my book report below? It’s Thursday and vacation or not, I still had to turn in my assignment.  I asked nicely.  I asked sweetly.  Mmmmm.  I need some maple syrup.  Always makes pancakes better. Yeah, I totally remember that.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

This is Digby again. This month, we asked our fans to read a book along with us called The Endless Path by Laurie Duperier.  I like to read to you a part each week for those following along.


This part of the book I suggested to the persons that they read.  During our trip, we have been witness to much suffering by animals.  We have heard many stories of abuse, neglect and have had our hearts torn in two.  We knew before this trip that every life mattered.  We knew before this trip that we were going to have some difficult times.  But as we saw these animals in person, in real life, and looked into their eyes, we often wondered what these animals thought was the meaning of their life. It became apparent as we read this book how unique and special each animal was.  Yes, even an animal part of the millions euthanized each year. We want to remember each one of these animals as special. So as we were reading this book written by my good friend Gunny and his Girl Person Laurie, this part spoke to us. This part of the book is in chapter 24 and is Gunny talking.  He is a chocolate lab by the way and very handsome. Don’t tell the Sheriff I said that.

You asked, ‘What is life’s purpose as I see it?  Interesting question. One thought up by someone other than a dog.

Some dogs are given tasks to do, some are trained for their owners to command, some dogs are given the job of companionship, some are mistreated and neglected, some take off on their own or try to.  I would imagine the answer would be very subjective but I want to think about why dogs are so loyal to their companions, especially when mistreated.  Does it go beyond necessity?  I know in my case (I’m not mistreated), it is partly because of instinct and partly because of an internal mutual attraction and need to be loved and to be loved.  So one conclusion is there is something in our core that instinctually makes us trust and love until proven otherwise but even still we persist as any abused being, human or animal, even when it becomes unbearable. 

Then, a little further down the same page, 171, he says

I am just beginning to understand myself and there is so much more to learn.  Humans are complicated.  Most animals are not.  Maybe it’s because animals don’t pretend to be something they’re not.  They don’t have hidden agendas and their basic desires are known.  They are honest.  They have no reason to lie.  A predator is a predator.  Humans may say one thing and mean another.  We all have to find a way to survive, but animals have a clearer connection to the earth than most people have.  They are aware of its heart, its pulse.

The persons have told Sheriff Brickle and I that we changed their lives.  And yes, I am sure they have eaten more pancakes and peanut butter cookies in their life than they thought possible.  But it is Brickle and I’s hope that we will show people that each animal has feelings.  Hopes.  Dreams.  Like our friend Gunny who wrote such an awesome book.  He made a difference.  And we hope we can make a difference too.  When you look at your furkid today, we ask that you think a little about what makes them special and how  you can work together to realize the dreams you each have.  Because there are animals today that will lose their lives. Who never had a chance to realize their dreams here.  And they deserved that.

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Welcome To That Florida Place. Again.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have the absolute pleasure of welcoming you to…that Florida place!  So happy you could come with us as we take a little break for the next few weeks.  This is as happy as I get. Bet you can picture my corndog tail wagging.

But unfortunately, as Sheriff, I never really take any time off.  And certainly not today, because I have to start with a few arrests.  Or a few million.

Many of our fans seem to be under the wrong impression that either our trip is over (its not over until May 2, 2017) or that we gave up on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Puleez!!!!!  I am sure everyone is busy, but that is no excuse to miss even one dog blog.  And if you were up to date, you would not be under the wrong impression, I would not have to be explaining this, and it would have given me more time to eat cookies.  So if you are thinking the above mentioned misdemeanors, You. Are. Arrested.  Why? We are only taking 3 weeks off to catch our breath, see our family and friends and also fix some stuff on the Big Blue Treat Wagon and Jeep.  Well, Boy Person actually has a lot to fix.  We should probably just start over, but we will make due and hope that they can last another 14 states and 14 rescues.  Or I guess I need to arrest them too.

We left that Alabama place yesterday after Girl Person got her hair done, Deputy Digby was cleaned up from rolling in dead frogs, and it was a really long drive to Panama City Beach, Florida.  Felt pretty good when we saw the sign that said “Welcome To Florida”. We will be breaking up the remaining 8 hours left to get to our Tampa place.  Sad to say, but Country Cousin Person’s house sold on the ocean.  But when you have family and friends to stay with, we are still very happy. And you can bet we will be seeing the ocean along with all of our other favorite hiking spots.

We are a bit nervous to go back home, truth be told.  We feel like we have changed a lot in these months.  We have saw things that have changed us…scenery, adventure, the people we have met along the way and of course we have been changed by visiting so many shelters. Some of the animals we have seen, well, we will never forget their faces. But home?  We are here.  We missed you. Even though we sold our home and we literally have no home right now other than our RV, the Florida place will always be home to us.

They say home is where the heart is.  And that is surely true.  So will you come with us on our journey home?  Please do and know we thank you for all of your love, support and guidance along the way.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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She Left Us.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Sometimes, you hear things that just shock ya.  Like when your plate of pancakes gets low, and or diminished. Or when your pancakes aren’t hot enough and the butter doesn’t melt just right and then you get a slab of hard butter in your mouth. Or like when you hear Sheriff Brickle didn’t look at himself 500 times in the mirror one day but 499 times.  Or like when you hear that Girl Person left us with Boy Person for four. Whole. Hours.  She left us y’all. To get her hair done in Alabama before going to that Florida place.  Again, she left us.  Y’all.

I know, this is shocking in itself and it pains me to even relive it.  Actually, I am just kidding because I slept the whole time.  Sheriff Brickle? Not so much.  He worries so much that it makes him sick to his stomach and then looks at Boy Person like who are you?  Where is Girl Person?  I am the go with the flow and or flow on every thing around.  But four whole hours with Boy Person trying to give us snacks, walk us and watch over us was enough to throw us for a loop.  You see, it has been 8 whole months since we left on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And Girl Person doesn’t really have time to do much else than take care of us, the rescues we visit, and a lot of computer work.  So there has been no time for hair.  No time to get new shoes even though she wore holes in them.  And so yesterday, she decided it was time.  To go to a person groomer.  Now, I don’t understand why anyone would want to go to a groomer.  So I thought that maybe I could help out and have Girl Person rethink her decision.  You know, buy her some time to really think this through.

So on our walk, I thought to myself.  Self?  How could I have some fun while making Girl Person think about the fact that she is going to a groomer and leaving us?  I know!  There is a pile of dead frogs.  And alligator poop.  And I can roll in that.  In the rain.  Sounds good.  Done.  Done.

Girl Person screamed, picked me up and looked at the situation.  Dead frogs with dead frog juice apparently not so attractive to a person.  It was raining, but there was sand. So she thought to herself.  Self.  Sand is an exfoliant.  What better way to soak up dead frog juice than with sand?  She picked up a bunch of sand, rubbed it all over me and now I had sand on me and frog juice in the rain.  And Sheriff Brickle?  Well, he said I. Was. Arrested.

Now, my plan was working out.  Even better than I planned, actually.  As we got back to the RV, Girl Person knew it was too cold to bathe me outside.  And the shower is broke.  And so she took had a plan to wipe me with baby wipes.  Her hands were holding our leashes, so she had to take off her gloves so she didn’t get them dirty.  Being all in a hurry so as not to be late to the person groomer, she took off her gloves…by biting them.  With her mouth.  With frog juice on the gloves.  With sand on the gloves.  And my friends, if you have ever taken a bite of frog juice and sand, you know it is not an Alabama Slammer.  By any means.  But Girl Person needed one after that.

Boy Person ran outside to Girl Person throwing up, me covered in sand, and Sheriff Brickle writing his arrest report.  But a Deputy has to do what a Deputy has to do.  And did she leave us? You bet she did.  And she was gone.  A long time.

Good news is, we are ready to leave to that Florida place today!  Are you coming?  Don’t sit by me in here.  I kinda stink.  Good bye Sweet Stink Alabama! Till next time!

-Deputy Digby Pancake





There’s A Tear In My Beer.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Alabama?  We aren’t ready just yet to leave you.  Your ocean has made me happy.


And we have a very long drive to that Florida place.  So as Sheriff, here are my orders for the week.  Fans?  Listen up because I know you have to plan accordingly too.  We will be in Alabama till Tuesday.  Then, we are going to take two days to get to Tampa, where our families and friends are!  We aren’t sure yet where we are staying along the way yet, but I will be sure and add that to the itinerary as I get the info.  If all goes well, and as long as Boy Person can finally fix our shower, we will be to Tampa on Thursday! Being in Alabama, I have picked up a bit of an accent and southern talk seems to be coming out at random. I will be writing my Alabama accent in italics so you can really hear it.  If things get any better, I may have to hire someone to help me enjoy it.


We really didn’t expect to love Alabama as much as we did.  Aren’t unexpected surprises the best?  Like when you realize my corndog tail is like the cutest tail ever, actually? So we will be a little sad to leave tomorrow.

Now listen up.  I know that dogs don’t drink beer except for Bowser Beer, but you get the point.  And also, Hank Williams Sr. was from Alabama, so you learned something as well. Here is something else you can learn.  Alabama made me happy, despite the fact that I started my life out at a shelter here in Alabama.  It was good to be back and be happy for a change. Did I mention we got to go to the beach?!  I was busier than a cat on a hot tin roof.


Many people don’t think of Alabama as having beautiful beaches, good food and great weather.  There are also wonderful state parks, trails to hike on, and alligator poop for Digby to eat.  Did I say that out loud? He totally got arrested.  That is plain disgusting, Deputy.  His breath was so bad after that, I played the Hank Williams Sr. song again to make me feel better about crying over the stinch.  Sometimes, he is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. They call it Sweet Home Alabama? Stink Home Alabama more like it. No italics needed there.  That is an original saying from me.

While we were here, Girl Person made us an Alabama treat called Alabama White BBQ Sauce to put on our dinner.  This is a local delicacy in Alabama.  Make sure and check out the recipe over on Your Dog’s Diner. And yes, I am being hand fed.  Why would that change in Alabama, y’all?  Hearing you think that makes me madder than a wet hen.


We got to visit a place called the Fort Morgan Historic Site.  Dogs are allowed to tour with their persons too!  I have had a lot of learnin’ here in Alabama. That was fine and dandy.


Now.  Oh my goodness, gracious.  I know I am a sight for sore eyes.  But hold your horses.  I have a few more things to say.  Alabama?  We love ya.  You have brought us one step closer to home and one step closer to a real break before we finish up the remaining 14 rescues on our trip.  We thank your animal rescuers for being so welcoming to us at the Baldwin County Humane Society.  If you missed our video, it is right here.

So today, we will start getting ready to leave tomorrow for our trip to that Florida place.  Girl Person actually is getting her hair done today! I told her it was time.  We can’t go back to that Florida place looking all crazy.  But quit your belly achin. It will soon be time to leave.  Are you ready to take a three week journey in that Florida place?  Will you come along when we visit our families, our friends, our old hiking places, the shelter where Digby and I were at when the persons adopted us, and to the beach? We hope you will stay with us!  One thing I would like to clear up is that you will still get a new dog blog every weekday as usual and our Facebook page will have us on it all day long as usual.  Don’t panic! Thank you for letting us take a break.  It is time. But not before we say to you, Alabama, we love you.  Thank you.  From our hearts.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Thank you to our friends at 4-Legger for donating to the rescues we visit every single week! Visit their Facebook page to give them a “like” as a thank you! And check out their organic shampoo. The persons even use it. They are more than just a great company. Their persons really care, and we are proud to call them our friends.