The Real Party Animals

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. You know that we are still in Idaho. And after a week of being here, I have to tell you. Potatoes? Spuds? It’s on overload, this potato thing.


Then, on top of it all like sour cream on baked potato, I was informed of a dude named Spuds Mackenzie. No one will quit talking about him since we have been here in this Idaho place. Some guy who thinks that he is as cool as that sour cream. A dude that everyone has told us about like a million times plus five since we got to Idaho. Yes, I know I already said it, but it is on my nerves. This guy.

Apparently, he is supposed to be some party animal that likes beer. Ok, first of all. If you have a name like Spuds, uh, you are only cool in Idaho. Newsflash Spuds. There are new party animals in town. Can you say peanut butter? Can you say pancake? Probably not, as you have a mouthful of potatoes.

Now, I have done my research. No one knows where this Spuds Mackenzie came from. Even though I am a party animal, I am a Sheriff at the same time. And all I can figure out is that the world’s largest hop farm is right here in Idaho…coincidence? I think not.

Beer is made from hops. Hops are grown in Idaho. Spuds are grown in Idaho. But the world’s coolest party animal? Sorry, Spuds. Me and Deputy Digby weren’t grown in Idaho. Although Digby’s stomach has grown a bit this week and his butt as well.

Just so you know, Spuds. A party animal doesn’t necessarily have to go to a party. We have a pawty at home every night. And beer? Don’t make the persons laugh.


If there were ever real party animals in Idaho, it is me and the Deputy. We get the girls.  We are the life of the pawty.  No matter what state we are in, Spuds.  But since we have landed here in Idaho till Friday, you are going to have to give up your title for a few days.  I can’t help it.  Corndog tails aren’t something that is seen every day.  Deputy Digby’s howl is not something you hear every day.  And when you put us together, we can’t be stopped.  Unless there is a potato in the road.  Then we will probably stop to eat it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Today, we are headed to our #44 rescue visit in Idaho called Four Paws Pet Adoption!  Don’t forget to check our Facebook page today for updates!

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I’m Not Scared Of Aliens. Only Singing Potatoes.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Somedays you wake up excited.  You think of all the possibilities that your day may hold for you.  Even on a Tuesday. But you probably never wake up thinking that you will meet singing potatoes.  And I am here to tell you that you don’t want to.

On this Adventure Of A Lifetime, we have met many people.  We have been to 44 states so far, and we have countless memories of places we have been and food we have eaten. Those are my favorite memories. We even met aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.  And although I knew they were trying to steal my pancakes and take over my brain, I was not scared.  I was not afraid.

So when the persons decided to take Sheriff Brickle and I to another museum in Idaho yesterday, we were ready to learn.  I have no clue though why people like to stand around and look at things when they could be eating.  And so the Idaho Potato Museum sounded great for us all.  A museum for the persons.  But potatoes.  Yes.  Potato displays.  Giant potato chips.  What could go wrong?


As we started walking thru the museum, I heard it.  Singing as bad as Girl Person’s hopeful yet short lived shower singing career.  And then I saw it.  Potatoes.  Those things I eat.  Those things that make potato pancakes and potato french fries and potato hashbrowns.  They were alive.  And here I thought I was a pogetarian.  You know, a potato vegetarian.  These things had faces?  I was distraught.

If there was ever a time to flee, this was the time.  But there was no way out of this place.  Everywhere I looked there was another display of a potato massacre that I apparently was a part of.  I was no real pogetarian! But as I looked at the Sheriff and saw the look of fear in his eyes too, I knew I had to step up as Deputy.  This was my time to shine like a glistening french fry dipped in maple syrup.  This was my time to forget my fear and get to eating. That is what I do.  That is how I do it.  It was time for a potato cupcake.   You heard me.  Potato.  Cupcake.

Did I feel bad about it? For a minute.  But when potatoes sing and try to scare you with their singing baby potato, you have to eat to feel better, and when in Idaho, I can only say that you have to have a potato.  Or five thousand.  Or a potato pancake. Or some waffle fries.


Aliens don’t haunt my dreams.  But I will never forget those potatoes.  Girl Person said that if we sleep with a potato cupcake under our pillows that we will be safe.  No, she didn’t say that, but I know that. It is only logical.  And when you are dealing with singing potatoes, you must be logical.


Idaho? The persons learned yesterday that The Russet Burbank is the best potato in Idaho.  They learned that one medium potato has about 200 calories.  They learned that Marilyn Monroe wore a potato sack.  They learned all of this while I was being traumatized by singing potatoes.

The persons also learned that potatoes were the first vegetable to be grown in space in 1995.  So that explains it.  Not afraid of aliens.  No, I am not.  Because they know how to grow potatoes.  And potatoes are delicious.  But aliens?  I would appreciate it if the singing potatoes stayed with you.

Ok, fans! Tomorrow we will be visiting with our Idaho picked rescue, Four Paws Adoption in Rexburg, Idaho!  They have wonderful adoptables like Skittles here.


We have a long drive to meet them, so make sure to tune in to our Facebook page on Wednesday to learn all about them.  Unless they have singing potatoes that need rescuing.  In that case, I’m out.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Escape In State #44.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever wanted to run so far that your legs fell off?  Have you ever felt so free when you escaped from work at the end of the day or when you managed to avoid that person you didn’t want to see in the grocery store?  Well, if so, I know how you feel.  I wanted to escape this weekend from the Sheriff and chase some potato pancakes in Idaho and I managed to do so.  I was running from stuff and to dreams of potatoes, and it felt real good.  Except to Girl Person.  Idaho, state #44. The scene of an escape.

It was the start of any wonderful day.  The sun was shining.  The rain had finally stopped after a few days.  We were parked for the day which is always a plus.

I felt so good like anything was possible
I hit cruise control and rubbed my eyes
The last three days the rain was unstoppable
It was always cold, no sunshine


When you haven’t been in the sun or the grass for a long time, it sure feels good.  Sheriff Brickle and I were able to police the campground and take naps in between. All was good in our little world of Shelley, Idaho.  We had not planned on coming here, but on a holiday weekend with no camps available, it ended up working out and was just what we needed.  We were so tired from the last few days that all we could do was plop down, the persons included.  And us furkids were pretty much ok with that.

When it came time for dinner and our walk that night, we were full of all the energy that we had saved up.  Girl Person saw a prime opportunity in an abandoned, fenced in playground for us to run in.  She surveyed the perimeter with the Sheriff and it was deemed acceptable for the moment.  As she let off our leashes, we ran like the wind, I tell you.  Seems as though the only thing on the Sheriff’s mind was going insane by chasing me, and I saw it.  An opportunity to take flight.  An opportunity to chase all the potatoes I wanted to in Idaho.  And it was an opportunity I was going to take.

As Sheriff Brickle chased me, I saw the gate.  Just enough of a crack that I could push open with my big potato loving head.  Girl Person ran as fast as she could towards me, but an inch means a mile, and as she tried to grab me, it was too late.  I was out.


Was I laughing about it?  I was.  And as I ran as fast as these potato stick legs would go, Girl Person started screaming my name, Sheriff Brickle couldn’t squeeze in the gate because he is too large and in charge, and Girl Person was after me like she was chasing fresh french fries.  Did I see the busy road right there?  I have no idea, but I was not going to look back.  And I didn’t.

Right about this time, a man person that worked at the campground saw me.  He saw and heard Sheriff Brickle barking.  He saw Girl Person running down the field dropping poop bags and her phone and screaming like an insane person.  Crazy. How crazy? She might as well have had a whole cantaloupe on her head. Or potato.

As the man person ran one way, Girl Person ran the other and I saw no way out due to a stupid fence and a stupid shed, probably full of potatoes in the way.  Girl Person grabbed my harness and told me she wanted to be mad, but she was not going to be.  She got my leash, and she got Sheriff Brickle and we sat in the grass and tried to collect our crazy.  We were all exhausted, Girl Person was crying and it seemed as though my potato chasing antics were not appreciated.

As we went back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, Girl Person told Boy Person what happened.  She felt bad for a few reasons.  One, that she didn’t see the danger in the gate.  And two, that she knew we needed to run more.  So the next morning, she took us to another place to run, and I remembered what had happened the day before.   You guessed it.  I tried to get out.  I seem to have a one track mind, and Girl Person knew it.  She blocked the gate and told me that I was being ridiculous.  She asked me that if we made a deal to go to the Idaho Potato Museum if I would stop it.  And it seemed fair.  Idaho seemed like a good place to chase my dreams.  But if I get to the end of the rainbow, aka the potato museum, it is a deal.  So guess where we are going later today?

You will have to watch on our Facebook page!

Now, Girl Persons says that she doesn’t know why I want to run away so bad and never look back..  She said that a lot of people would miss me if I spent the rest of my life as a potato farmer.  And truth be told, I don’t want to work for a living.

So I guess I will stop running away in Idaho.  That makes the persons happy and hopefully, Girl Person will stop staring at me and kissing me so much.

Today, we are on the road again, traveling to Island Park, Idaho.  And then on Wednesday, we will be visiting Four Paws Pet Adoption in Rexburg, Idaho as our #44 rescue pick!  We will get to meet pets like Cornelius that are up for adoption!

cornelius share 3.jpg

So are you up for the drive?  Maybe you can walk and not run….

And if you missed our Utah rescue episode with Color Country Animal Welfare in Utah, please..please.  Watch below.  They deserve a minute of your time.  And we hope that today though, you will come with us to the Idaho Potato Museum.  I can’t wait!!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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Meet Our #43 Rescue Pick For Utah!

On our #43 state and rescue on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, we traveled to a very remote area in Torrey, Utah. Color Country Animal Welfare is the ONLY rescue in Wayne County which covers over 2500 square miles.  So can you spare a few moments to meet them?  We won’t give it away…but someone acts like a chicken in the latest episode of Stop Hounding Me!  And catch the full article link here!


Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That, Y’all.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, what a week.  Is it Friday yet? Oh, it is? Cool.

It’s been a long week. And by long week, I mean, nothing has changed.  When Girl Person got up this morning, she said that she was tired as usual. She said that driving like we did yesterday really wears her out.  Then she said sightseeing really wears her out on those days.  Then she said going to do laundry really tires her out the days she does that.  Or the days she has to find a grocery store.  Or the days that we travel to visit rescues.  Ok, she is tired every day. Let’s get that straight.


As you know, we were having some issues with beavers mocking us for our lack of potatoes in Twin Falls, Idaho.


I was also afraid that Digby would find his twin there and I can only handle one. It was tempting to stay, because I literally cannot imagine two of me and my mind was blown. But we headed out to another part of Idaho to get closer to our rescue visit next week, which is pretty far away in somewhere called Rexburg, Idaho to meet Four Paws Adoption!


Every time we go somewhere new on this trip…which is every few days…we take the chance that something may not go as planned because it never does. Sometimes, the campsite is great with plenty of room. Sometimes, people are right on top of us. Sometimes, there are nice people. Sometimes, not so nice. And sometimes, there is cell service for the persons to do their rescue work on the computer. And sometimes, there is not. And yesterday was that sometimes. And we ain’t got time for that!


When we finally found the camp down three miles of gravel roads that we had to drive five miles an hour on, we got a campsite in Soda, Springs, Idaho.  Literally. Sometimes I wonder. How. Did. We. Get. Here. What. Are. We. Doing.

News flash. We didn’t get any cell service. We got nice people who tried to help us though with our steps which are still broken on the RV.  But no cell service. Then we got a dog not on a leash that tried to attack me when I was on mine. But no cell service. So all in all, it was a give and take situation. And we were tired. And cranky. And the persons had to stand on top of a hill to get any service at all in the cold to post the blog. And since the persons have to make the rescue video this weekend and article, we have to go and find another camp because we can’t stand on a hill in the rain and cold all weekend. And yeah, we don’t know where we are going today. And we ain’t got time for that!


The persons are out of clean clothes. We are also low on food. And it seems pretty overwhelming to us today, and we ain’t got time for that. But we also don’t have time for much complaining. Because, truth be told, we decided to do this. And we knew it wouldn’t be easy. On state #44, we are a bit tired and wore out. But we ain’t got time for that either. It is time. We are in the homestretch. And if we can just make it…we hope it will all have been worth it. Sometimes, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or on top of the hill. But we are going to make it! Do we need your encouragement? You bet we do. We also need some cell service or internet please! Or, more wine.


Idaho? We have plenty more of you to see if we can just get parked for a few days. So far, we are impressed with your countryside and miles and miles of farmlands and empty roads. Where is everyone, by the way?!

We are here for another week, so we have a bit of catching up to do. We want to show people how wonderful you are.

But can ya help us out a little bit here? We left the beavers and now the prairie dogs are trying to steal our potatoes and more than likely, they have stolen the cell service too. Potatoes? Potatas?? Tomatoes? Tomatas? How do you say it? I ain’t got time for that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Beaver. Water. Beaver. Pancakes. Beaver. Evel Knievel. Beaver.Beaver.Beaver.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  When you wake up in the morning, and you have a beaver knocking on your door, you think to yourself.  Self?  This doesn’t happen everyday.



And then, you think to yourself, I am a foxhound.  And I was meant to hunt.  And beavers knocking on your door isn’t something that happens everyday. And you lose. Your. Mind.

Apparently, this Idaho potato place has a lot of beavers trying to block all the creeks and rivers with potatoes.  Which would explain why I haven’t got my hash browns yet this morning for breakfast.  The beavers have them and they even knocked on our door this morning to make it known that they had all the hash brown making material.  So when Girl Person went to take us on our walk, I was determined.  Beavers meant hash browns. Beavers meant potato pancakes.  And I was going to have them take me to my leader. Which this week we are in Idaho, so my leader is potatoes.  When your leader is potatoes, nothing really makes sense.  And it seemed like all my thoughts were turning to potatoes. And beavers. I tried to pull it together. Girl Person told us that we were going to a waterfall later to see it.  Beaver. Water.  Beaver. I was going crazy.


So when we took a ride to the waterfall, I tried to forget about the beavers.  Girl Person said we were going somewhere called Shoshone Falls.  They call it the “Niagara Of The West”.  Waterfall.  Beaver. Beaver. Beaver. Beaver.

Not even a pretty and big waterfall not keep me from my leader, but neither can a beaver.  Every picture we took, every video we filmed, I knew they were there.  Every step they took, I heard it.  Every breath they took that smelled like potatoes.

Just when I thought I was really going to lose my mind if I didn’t get the beavers with the potatoes, Girl Person told us a story of a man who tried to jump over this river a long time ago.  A really, really long time ago because it was the same year that Girl Person was born. She told us that this man tried to fly over the river and didn’t quite accomplish that.  It all seemed real impressive to me, you know this place, but beavers. Beavers. Beavers.

So this guy didn’t make it across the canyon in his rocket because a parachute went off too early. I was real busy pondering this for a few minutes, and yeah, I actually forgot about the beavers.  But then Girl Person told me that one time, the government here in Idaho had actually dropped beavers from planes…with parachutes.

After this, I knew it was true.  This beaver, one track record playing in my head would be here to stay until we left Idaho.  Because, first of all, how many times does a beaver knock on your door and mock you that you have no hash browns?  Where were these beavers dropped?  In potato country.  And they have been planning for years to block all the creeks and rivers with potatoes and take them all.  And it is my job to stop them.

So that is when I really started acting crazy.  Beavers. Beavers. Beavers. Since we were on top of a canyon, and I was crazy with beaver brains, the persons decided it was time to go.  And as Girl Person wearily took me out of the car when we got home, I knew for a fact that my craziness had wore off on her.

As I was trying to ignore her, I made up my mind.  Idaho? We are here for the next week and I will find all the beavers and have them take me to my leader.  And I will get the biggest plate of hash browns and potato pancakes ever.  You think you are so smart with your parachutes and your knocking on doors tactics.  But you haven’t met this foxhound. Yet.  Let me introduce myself.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

If you haven’t gotten acquainted with our Idaho picked rescue this week, Four Paws Adoption Center, check them out on their Facebook page.  And please tell them thank you for all that they do!


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No Beans For You!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Welcome to this Idaho place!  It is about time we got here!  State #44 on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Girl Person is feeling better today, and I have really been looking forward to getting some hashbrowns here to go with my pancakes.


Idaho?  I’m hungry. Now, I realize that Idaho probably has more about it than potatoes.  But uh yeah, I can’t really think about anything else right now.

The possibilities are endless this week.  Mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato chips, french fries, oh Idaho!  I can’t take this.  I am so hungry that I might wither away.  Where can I get some potatoes…like now?

The persons like potatoes.  In fact, Girl Person’s favorite food is french fries.  And she is feeling better already just thinking about it! But last night, when we got to our campsite in Idaho, the persons decided they wanted some tacos. Have you ever had one of those days where everything doesn’t go as planned?  Idaho didn’t want us to have tacos.  Because as Girl Person tried to open up her cans of beans for the tacos, the can opener, well, broke.  In half.  About that same time, the slide outs on the RV wouldn’t work.  And then a beaver ran past the RV and all heck broke loose as I started howling at the beaver, the broken can opener fell on the floor and we felt like we were in a tin can because the slide outs wouldn’t open.  You do NOT eat beans in Idaho. Nope. You do not.

As Girl Person stood there and looked at the broken can opener and the beans mocking her from inside their can, she asked Boy Person if they had an emergency can opener.  This did seem like an emergency in fact.  Well, Boy Person really likes tacos, and he was determined to find a way to get that can open.  After an hour of poking the can with a fork, they got it open when they could have just asked that beaver guy.  And I was sitting there the whole time thinking that they were ridiculous.  When you are in Idaho, you don’t eat beans.  You eat potatoes. And Idaho wanted us to know that.  We get it Idaho, we get it.

Beans I hear make me stink, which is inappropriate in most situations.  Most. So I plan to be nonstinkable this week in the Idaho place and just eat potatoes.  We have plans to see waterfalls, and go on hikes, and visit a rescue in Rexburg, Idaho early next week called Four Paws Adoption Center.   Sheriff Brickle is really excited about it because they have a lot of cats up for adoption.


Am I as excited?  Not so much.  Just sayin’.  I like cats as much as Idaho likes beans.

So are you ready for a fun filled, mashed potatoes and french fry week in Idaho?  It’s going to be fun.  It’s going to be interesting.  But hold the beans.  I have plenty of eating and not stinking to do.  Join us on our Facebook page today…you will really like what we are going to see first…there are no beans there either.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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I Feel The Earth Move

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  We didn’t go to Idaho yesterday. Deputy Digby was pretty upset he didn’t get hash browns yet.  You probably know that by now because you probably heard him howling where you are.  Wherever that is. Doesn’t matter, the whole world can hear it.  But sometimes, schedules have to be altered.  I don’t like it.  Sheriffs really, really don’t like that. But I suppose it is a reality.  At least when it comes to Girl Person.

Ooh, baby, when I see your face
Mellow as the month of May
Oh, darling, I can’t stand it
When you look at me that way


If you have followed us for any amount of time, you probably know that Girl Person has always had something called depression.  I know what it is, because I have it too…because I have whatever Girl Person has.  It’s just the way we roll.

Ooo, darling, when you’re near me
And you tenderly call my name
I know that my emotions
Are something I just can’t tame

Sometimes, she knows its coming.  And sometimes, she doesn’t.  She felt it coming for a few days, but because we were somewhere so beautiful, she tried to think her way out of it.  She tried to outsmart it.


But even Girl Person can’t outsmart this monster.  I call it the depression monster because it sneaks up on you.  It tries to scare you.  It makes Girl Person think the earth is moving and the sky is tumbling down.

It tries to make Girl Person not get me peanut butter cookies and want to go to sleep.  And so when this monster makes its appearance every little while, that is where Deputy Digby and I step in.


Sometimes, you have to call in law enforcement. The Deputy and I are about the only people that can help her. Why? We depend on her to walk us.  We depend on her to feed us pancakes and peanut butter cookies of course.  And if she isn’t here, we don’t know what to do.

I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down, a’tumbling down
I feel the earth move under my feet
I feel the sky tumbling down, a’tumbling down
I just lose control
Down to my very soul

Because she loves us so much, she will do anything.  Absolutely anything for us.  She will fight that depression monster.  And when she does that, it can’t get her.  It can’t take her away.


Girl Person could choose to hide the depression monster and keep it tucked away from everyone and not talk about it.  But she knows that if she has this monster chasing her, and has since she was a little person, that other people get chased too.  She wants you to know that you are not alone.  Being depressed isn’t something you can help.  Being depressed is not something to be ashamed of.  Even if you have to tell a million Facebook fans. She also knows that many lives have been saved by the furkids that these people have.  As Sheriff and Deputy, we have saved many lives, but Girl Person is our proudest accomplishment.


Some may think that this trip is too hard on us. And yes, Girl Person sometimes dreams of animals we couldn’t help, or rescues we didn’t have time to visit.  She goes over and over in her head how we can help, and what we can do.  But the same things that she worries about gives us great joy too.  Who can say that they gave up all to travel to 48 states and rescues? Who can say they have had that opportunity?  Because we know it is a special gift we have been given.

Girl Person says that the depression monster can visit when you are happy.  It can visit when things are going well in your world.  It can come whenever, wherever, uninvited.  So as long as it keeps trying to show up, we will do what makes us happy.  And that is finishing this trip.  Sometimes, you need a sick day.  You need a day to pull it together.  You need a day to miss your family and friends and what you left behind, and the uncertainty of what is to come. And like one fan said, “the road will be there tomorrow”.


So that is what we are doing today.  We are pulling it together.  Well…we have pulled Girl Person back together.  And we are on the way, Idaho!  Get those hash browns in the pan.  Or french fries for Girl Person with lots of ketchup.  That is her favorite food.  And we are her favorite dogs.  And the week is going to be great! We can feel it!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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You Don’t Have Mail.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever had such a great weekend that you don’t want the week to start?  Maybe it’s just me.  This weekend was just what we all needed.   Utah place?  Thank you.

We met new friends and got to relax. We did not meet the Osmonds. I am not upset about that. What. In. The. World.

Utah’s beautiful scenery was just what I ordered.  And I didn’t even have to look in the mirror that much.


If there was ever a place that inspired us to relax, it was here.  You look up at the snow covered mountains, see cows and horses enjoying life, and you think that you have been here before.  But only in your dreams.

Hi babies. #2travelingdogs #48states48rescues #adventureofalifetime #utah

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Since we have been trying to cover large distances lately, it has been awhile since we parked for a few days.  And after about night three of this relaxing thing, we actually got into a routine.


We started getting up at a certain time every morning, taking a walk, eating some breakfast.  Then the persons would do some work while Deputy Digby and I laid in the sun. What they worked hardest on was their Stop Hounding Me episode for Nevada with Vegas Shepherd Rescue.


But after they were done working, then we would come inside for a little while, eat lunch, take a nap and lay out in the sun some more before dinner.



Once upon a time when we had a house that was not on wheels, it would be about this time that Girl Person would go and check the mail at our mailbox.

So last night, as she was feeding us, she started walking out to the road.


Then she stopped.  And she looked at us and told us that she was losing it.  Seems as though her brain was thinking that this was home now because we had been here three nights.  Three.  Nights. Girl Person?  We do not have a mailbox.  Newsflash.  You. Don’t. Have. Mail.


Rest may be what we needed, but it sure didn’t make Girl Person any smarter.  The only mail I want to get anyway are arrest reports.  And maybe one day, we will have a mailbox again.  We did learn however that routine can sometimes be comforting.  We started to remember what life was like before this Adventure Of A Lifetime, and it made us wonder if we did want a mailbox with a house again.  But until we finish what we promised that we would, we will enjoy the rest of this journey starting with Idaho next!  We will miss you, Utah. We had a seriously great time.  Almost as great of a time as I have arresting. Five more states to go! Five more rescues to go! So are you coming with us?  Don’t mail me your answer.  I don’t have a mailbox.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Next Sunday, we will be sharing with you our rescue visit and video for Utah and Color Country Animal Welfare.  So….don’t miss it!!

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Rescue Visit #42, Nevada On The Adventure Of A Lifetime

On our latest episode of Stop Hounding Me, we introduce you to a German Shepherd Rescue in Las Vegas Nevada called Vegas Shepherd Rescue!  See how they bark in different accents while educating us on why breed specific rescues are so important!


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Also, meet Ellie Mae, a senior German Shepherd girl waiting for that perfect home!  She just wants to cuddle!