Travelin’ Man. I Mean, Mouse.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, it’s Friday.  And well.  We are in Provo, Utah.

We are making our way closer to some Idaho place with lots of potatoes.  But I have to wait until at least Monday before I get my hash browns.  Because we are stopping to rest.  We are stopping to regroup.  I ain’t in no hurry.  I can tell you that.

But we are also stopping to see if our hitch hiker, travelin’ man wants to get off at this stop. Travelin’ man.  I mean, mouse.

Apparently, we picked up this hitchhiker either in that Las Vegas, Nevada place or the National Park in Torrey, Utah.  And since we don’t know when he found his way in here, we don’t know what he has decided to make his all you can eat buffet.  And well, he better not mess with my pancakes.  I am serious about this.  Or my Utah scones that Girl Person made us.


Now.  What you do not know is that the persons left a little out of the mouse story the past week.  Because.  Well.  They have been pretty upset.  But since a few days have passed, and they have calmed down, they have allowed me to tell you about it.


As we were camping in the desert last week, Sheriff Brickle wanted to sit outside.  That is his favorite thing to do lately as he polices a new place every week.  Girl Person thought that he wanted a drink, so she brought him out a cup of water.  And as she walked away, she got distracted and starting washing dishes.  Boy Person was outside, and all of a sudden, Girl Person saw him running across the desert with the cup of water.  She came outside and there he was.  Trying to revive a mouse that had fallen into the cup of water. And drowned.  Girl Person started crying that she was a murderer.  And Boy Person tried to revive the mouse.  For an hour.  As you probably know by now, the mouse didn’t make it.  And as the persons felt sad, Boy Person said his only hope was that the mouse could help another animal live by being a meal.  A circle of life or something he said.

Now.  I want to know what the circle of life for a pancake is.  It seems to stop with me.  But for a mouse, it makes me pretty sad.  And when we found another mouse…under our house on the same day…we could only assume that they were missing each other.  And it is now our goal to find Mr. Mouse so that he can go to a new house, but he keeps stealing the peanut butter and getting out.  And you also guessed, Sheriff Brickle is not happy to be sharing his peanut butter.


A travelin’ man, I mean mouse, is in our house.  And we have to find him.  If he doesn’t like peanut butter, I know he won’t like pancakes.  Because I am not sharing.  So travelin’ man?  While we are parked here in Provo, Utah until Monday, it is time for you to pack it up.  And move on.  We regret what happened to your friend, but you now have a chance to start anew.  If you need help packing, just let me know.  After a year on the road, I am pretty good at it.  We don’t know when we are headed back to that Florida place, so don’t be trying to hitch a ride back there to go to Disney World. That mouse job is already taken. And if you like camping so much, why don’t you stay here…it’s a nice campground.  I promise.  You would be very happy here!


Now.  As you may remember, Girl Person was supposed to make a separate trip to another shelter in this Utah place called Best Friends.  Well, it is a 4 hour drive, and let me just tell you.  Girl Person is not feeling so well.  We had our rescue visit with Colorful Country Animal Welfare this week, so we are going to continue showing  you what they do on our Facebook page thru the weekend.  We feel that they need our help more than a larger shelter.  And that has been our goal on this whole trip…to show the smaller organizations across the country who contribute to the big picture.  And we thank them for that.


For once, the persons actually have started to know their limits.  Like when I need a nap, I know to take a nap.  Girl Person is on the verge of a breakdown because she is so very tired.  And Sheriff Brickle laid down the law.  He told her she could not leave us today to make that trip.  He told her that she and the mouse in our house were going to stay right here.  Or else.  And she actually listened, but she hopes the fans understand.  We promise to tell you in our article and video next Sunday on Utah how the small rescue we picked works with Best Friends to save lives.  And it will be great. She also hopes the fans understand we are sorry about the mouse in the desert.  But we will make sure his friend gets out safe.  We love you all and happy Friday.  It’s the weekend!  Monday, it is on to Idaho.  But for now, Utah, you have us…and a mouse.  Can you bring us some more peanut butter? We are kinda running low.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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In Her Pocket

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, Utah, you probably already know that you are on the verge of getting arrested from yesterday’s antics. Rain. Then snow. Snow. We are from that Florida place. Do you think we love snow? No.

Now, sometimes, you put up with certain things when someone is really good looking. You know, like me. And Utah, you are certainly good looking as well. Which is the only reason I have not arrested you as of yet. You bring out my brindle beauty and coat of many colors. And so I am giving you a few more days to make it up to us.


If you wanted to make it up to us, you started off on the right track by allowing us to drive thru another one of your National Parks called Arches National Park.

Again, your beauty was making me look even better.  But then you started raining.  And raining some more.  And we were cold.  Real cold.  And tired.  But I couldn’t go to sleep because there was too much to look at.  I know that is how everyone feels about me too.  Point taken.

But after our long day of driving thru snow and rain, it was time for dinner and a walk.  Girl Person made our chicken and green bean dinner which I thought was pretty brave on her part again, and then it was time to take a walk next to the Green River.  Which again made me think of grean beans.  Oh, Digby.


As she reached in her pocket for some dog bags, she remembered that she had left some dog treats in her pocket.  And then, all of a sudden, she started crying.  And I was utterly confused as to why dog treats could make someone cry.  Bad dog treats, yes.  But good ones?  What was the problem?

Girl Person explained to me that in her pocket were memories.  She explained to me that her Pappy used to carry dog treats in his pocket. All. The. Time.  And he used to sing to her a song, which she remembered all of a sudden standing at the Green River in Utah.  And that was far from her memories back home.

Girl Person told me that for years, no one could figure out why so many dogs loved him and ran up to him for no reason.  Oh, but there was a reason. Dog treats. In his pocket. She said that sometimes memories can come out of nowhere and make you remember things that you try to push back.  And something as small as dog treats in her pocket made her feel too much.  Made her realize that the further away she gets from home, it just doesn’t matter.  Memories go with you wherever you are.  Miles don’t matter.  And even though her Pappy hasn’t been here for years, even before she lost Granny Person, it is like he is still with her. Even at the Green River in Utah.

Now, one thing I will say about dogs is that we like to live in the moment.  It is not often that we remember the bad things, especially if there is so much good happening now.  And that is what I want Girl Person to know. Dog treats in her pocket are good.  Very good.  They make her remember her Pappy who she loved.  They make dogs happy. And my suggestion is that she always have some in her pocket.  Memories go with you everywhere.  And the good ones…are well….good.  And instead of remembering what you may have lost, just for right now, remember what you had.  And carry it with you.  Don’t try and forget them. Also, make sure Digby doesn’t know what you have in your pocket. He will never leave you alone.

Today, we are headed towards Salt Lake City, Utah, so back on the road again.  Are you coming?  We have plenty of treats in our pockets!

Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end, waitin’ ’round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river, and me

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Oops. I Did It Again.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. First of all, if you are eating your breakfast, or lunch, or dinner, or even a snack, I apologize in advance.  I usually do nothing in advance except plan the next day’s meals.  But this one deserves a warning.  I think I did it again.

If you remember, and I know you probably do, last week, I got a bit ill in a National Park.  Apparently, if you eat horse poop on a trail, then get back in a Jeep right away, and you are not used to the altitude, you might throw up.  Then you might throw up on your Sheriff Brickle brother.  Then, you may have some persons with throw up all over them as well.  And then.  Also.  Apparently, if you eat a chicken and green bean dinner, then you go on a hike in a Utah National Park, and then you drive home, you may throw up. Again.


As I am writing this, I have one obvious thing to say to the persons. What’s the big deal?  Haven’t you ever called for a takeout chicken dinner?

As we were driving home from a long day at the rescue visit with Color Country Welfare and a hike in Capitol Reef National Park, we were really tired.  But all of a sudden, it came over me.  You know.  That feeling when you are really tired, but you still want to stay awake to watch your favorite show.  Well, the show out the window was pretty, and I wanted to see it.


I guess I should have not remembered I don’t do good with altitude.  I have learned that word by now, even though I am from that Florida place.  The persons should have remembered not to hike so soon after dinner.  And we all should have been home by now.  But our last night here was one we wanted to savor.  And my savoring came from my second dinner.  It was delicious.  One more time.

As Boy Person was driving, it happened.  And all over the Jeep. Again.  And all over Brickle.  Again.  And as Girl Person heard the gagging, she looked at Boy Person and all she said was, “are you kidding me right now?”.  And Boy Person said, “oh no.  No one is kidding here.”  Right about then, I saw the chicken dinner again before my eyes, and I was a new dog.  Hungry again.  I started munching away because this take out was ready fast.  And as the persons started gagging, Boy Person pulled over, almost running into the mountain.  All we heard him say to Girl Person was, “you try to take care of that, and I will be back”.  Well, I guess he called for his own takeout too and was going to get it.

Some days are just, well, a blur.  And as Girl Person tried not to throw up from cleaning up throw up, she started laughing again.  She told me I was pretty gross for eating that take out and Sheriff Brickle threw the book at me.  Which got covered in chicken and green beans. Now. I know you can’t drink and drive.  But a throw up and drive is against the law in Utah.  And I.  Am.  Arrested.

Now.  How did this affect the persons later on in the night?  You would probably think that they cleaned me up and it would be forgotten.  And you are correct.  Why? Well, it was cold.  Real cold.  And yep, we have been out in the desert for five nights with no electric. And it was so cold that we all got into bed together, and the day’s takeout was forgotten.  Almost.  As I burped my good night burp, the persons decided they were warm enough to cuddle. With Brickle.

Today, we are back on the road again, headed to Green River, Utah!  We are starting to make our way to Idaho, but we have some more things to see in Utah.  Are you ready? Do you have a barf bag with you? I may need it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake


Wally here was rescued by Color Country Animal Welfare in Torrey, Utah.  He was found in traffic on a busy highway, dehydrated and suffered from seizures on the way to safety. This is Wally two weeks later, thanks to the wonderful people here.  He is available for adoption, and we can’t wait to tell you more about this wonderful rescue!  Visit their Facebook page and please…today…tell them thank you for all they do.


Mouse In The House, Bones In The Sand and A Horse With No Name

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder…what in the world was that all about?  And then you ask yourself that, and there is no explanation.  At all.  So you just plop down and eat pancakes. Ok, maybe that’s just me.

On the first part of the journey
I was looking at all the life
There were plants and birds and rocks and things
There was sand and hills and rings


But seriously folks.  Some. Days.  We woke up yesterday and thought it was going to be just a normal day.  Well, no day for us is normal anymore. But those days that we can stay at the Big Blue Treat Wagon and get caught up on rest is few and far between.  So even though the persons had a lot to do, (because their “rest” includes laundry and groceries), there was nothing pressing except my cravings for a grilled cheese sandwich. Pressed.  With ham.

As you know, we have been parked in the desert for a few days now with no electric or water.

After two days in the desert sun
My skin began to turn red
After three days in the desert fun
I was looking at a river bed
And the story it told of a river that flowed
Made me sad to think it was dead


We planned to leave this area yesterday, but then we found a very small rescue that needed our help today called Color Country Animal Welfare in Torrey, Utah who work to help animals here in an expansive area!  More expansive than my belly. And we can’t wait to find out more and share with you.


So we stayed.  But that meant we had to go get food.  We had to go do laundry.  And we had to find out who in world had decided to hitch a ride.  We heard chewing. We heard biting.  And you guessed it.  We have another visitor.  Welcome back, mouse.  Or mouse’s mother.  Or mouse’s father.  Or mouse’s cousin.

Now.  You may remember the mouse that we picked up in Indiana and dropped off in Illinois.  Ummm….remember? If mice want to travel that bad, seriously though…they need to get their own website.  This one is enough work. And I didn’t see that you left your resume.  The Sheriff didn’t ask for one as a matter of fact.  What do you think this is around here?  A free ride?



I can tell you that as Deputy to the most demanding Sheriff around, that is not the case.  The case is you, mouse.  We are on it.  And we will get you out of here before we leave this desert.  Now.  We mean no harm, you are free to roam the desert here.  If you want to…but I would not after seeing this on our walk. Is this the horse with no name? I’m scared.


It’s true.  You can’t feel safe in your own home.

We’ve got a mouse up in here, or five.  We have bones in the sand outside our door.  And the desert really tried to wear on us yesterday with the storms and scaring us with horses and no names.



I guess normal people don’t park in the middle of a desert for days to visit an animal rescue.  But we have never been normal.  Do you still want to stay mouse? Yeah, well, ABC News featured us yesterday too.  Again.  What a day. It made no sense. Who gets to be on the news when they are parked in a desert with a mouse hitchhiker and a murder scene out your door? I. Just. Don’t. Know.  Does the horse with no name know?

It seems to me that the next few days are probably going to be a bit interesting.  We have to figure out how to get this hitchhiker out alive.  We have to figure out where we are going next in Utah Wednesday, because we have to start making our way to Idaho.  I need some hash browns.  To go with my grilled cheese sandwich and pancakes, and I hear that you can help me with that, Idaho.  Question.  Do you have room for a mouse? I don’t think he is leaving any time soon.

I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
It felt good to be out of the rain
In the desert you can remember your name
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Ramblin’ Man

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, what a life we lead. If anyone else knew they were going to have no water or electricity for quite a few days straight, I highly doubt they would be excited about that. But then.  Capital Reef National Park in Utah.  This.

When we arrived in Capital Reef National Park and all of the campsites were taken, it was on to plan B. Then no other RV parks in the area had space for us. So it was on to plan C. And plan C was no plan at all.


So we decided that instead of driving more, and not one of us wanted to do that, that we would simply find somewhere to park this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV until we could figure out what to do.


Boy Person had filled up the water tank, and emptied the gross tanks, and we were set. No electricity? Check. No water hookups? Check. No other people around? Check, check. And those are very good checks. When places are super crowded, I don’t seem to like it, and the National Park was very, very crowded. When there is a place as beautiful as this, I can understand why. Explains the line at our door every morning to see my beauty.  Same thing.


Sometimes, plan C’s end up being better than plan A’s. Often, they are harder plans. And it takes a little while to realize that they were better plans to start with. And sometimes, you still don’t have electricity with your new plan. And that’s ok. Because you recognize the good that came with it, and forget the rest. You forget what could have been, because the moment now was worth all the change.


Am I ramblin’?  Maybe.  But when you are away from that place you called home for over a year, you began to see things differently.

It’s true that Deputy Digby Pancake and I have been traveling dogs for awhile now.  We traveled from shelter to shelter and then to Girl Person and Boy Person.  We traveled to that California place from that Florida place back and forth twice when we moved.  And since last May, this traveling thing got serious.  48 states, 48 rescues.  It seemed like it would never end.  But now, we are nearing the end of this journey.  And when I look around every day at something new, I sure do wish to remember it all.  The good.  The bad.  The plan changes.  The adventure.

But most of all, I want to remember how handsome I looked in each place.


I might have been born a ramblin’ man.  I was also born a handsome man. But I wasn’t born a laid back man.  It took us awhile to get used to the uncertainty of life on the road.  Yes, it actually took us a year.  But when we finally saw that plan changes were part of the deal, we embraced it.  Nothing will ever be perfect in life.  It just won’t.  You won’t always have electricity.  But it is guaranteed that you DO have something in its place.  It just may take you a minute to realize it.  Try.  And see what great things were there all along…waiting for you to find them.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

This week, we will be visiting a rescue in Torrey, Utah who have a HUGE area to cover for animals in need.  Meet Color County Animal Welfare.  We can’t wait to tell you about them!


Poop Rider

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Usually, when you are arrested, you are not allowed to tell your side of the story until your hearing. Well, I got arrested and sent to jail without that luxury. Crime committed. Jail. And well, since I am in jail today, I have time to tell you what happened. It was an open and shut case I heard. Poop Rider. That’s me. Arrested.  Knight Rider? Move over. I’m coming thru.  Well, something is definitely coming thru.

When we arrived in this Utah place, I was beside myself. Seems as though sometimes we end up in places that we couldn’t imagine. And one of those places are called Antimony, Utah.


I assumed it was where ants got married. But apparently, in Utah, when ants get married, they get no wine. Or champagne. Because it is very hard to find here unless you drive 40 miles out of your way to pay a million dollars for it, like the persons did.

Our first agenda in this Utah place was to rest a little bit since our Las Vegas ordeal. And in Antimony, Utah, there is not much more to do than rest. Or watch the cows. Or watch the horses. Or eat horse poop. And I decided that when you travel, half of the fun is tasting the local cuisine.


When Girl Person walks Sheriff Brickle and I, she knows the drill. Get pulled around everywhere. Try not to let us pull her down a mountain. And avoid. The. Poop. So when Boy Person decided that he wanted to take a turn with the leash, I was more than excited when he picked mine. Because I saw horse poop up the trail. And well, I was going to make this happen. Boy Person was paying no attention, and the Sheriff and Girl Person were ahead of us. This was the time. I grabbed a whole mouth of the Utah goodness and swallowed before Boy Person knew what happened. Boy Person told Girl Person that he thought I ate poop and while he was saying that, Girl Person stopped and prevented me from grabbing a dead crab laying in the trail. Well, that was unnecessary. It could have been delicious.

As we got back in the car, the persons were talking about what we were going to go see in this Utah place. All of a sudden, I got a case of well, sickness. I don’t know how else to say it, because I am under oath. And when I started gagging, Boy Person almost ran off the road, Girl Person didn’t have time to react, and so I just, threw horse poop projectiles all. Over. The. Car.

Knight Rider. I mean, Poop Rider. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. One who can tolerate horse poop.

If you know Boy Person, you know he has a very low tolerance of throw up in his car. He is high maintenance like that. As for Girl Person, she has a pretty weak stomach. And these two facts combined didn’t add up to being rational. But Girl Person knew that she had to pull it together. There I was with throw up all over me. There Sheriff Brickle was with throw up all over him. And if you have ever smelled horse poop once it has been thrown up, I apologize for this reminder. Girl Person looked all over for something to scoop up horse poop and there it was. Her scarf. She told us all to say goodbye to the scarf. Bye, scarf. Hello, barf.

Girl Person told Boy Person to pull over at the nearest rest area. Fortunately for all of us, it was very near by. As Girl Person held her breath, she told Boy Person she would get paper towels and soap. She instructed him to get me out and clean me up. She told him to get the Sheriff out and clean him up. And when she came back, she tried to clean up the car. Tried is the main word here. As she was trying to scoop thrown up horse manure up, Brickle decided he would also throw up and when you hear someone else doing this, you throw up. And yep, that is what happened. As other people in the parking lot were all looking at us like we were crazy, Girl Person lost it. She started laughing so hard that she was crying, which made Boy Person start laughing, which made Sheriff Brickle mad that this situation was not being taken seriously, and I just stood there with horse poop throw up all over me, wondering if we could do this every day. And wondering why, if everyone was laughing, why I was being arrested.

When you are in Antimony, Utah with horse poop throw up all over you, the ride home is a long one. But Girl Person said as long as they lived, the first thing that they would think of when Utah came to mind was horse poop. And the day when horse poop made everything funny. Everything gross. And made everything seem like it was right in the world. So…why am I in jail again?

Today, and this weekend we plan on seeing more of Utah by visiting some National Parks and just enjoying the beautiful area. And the persons plan to find some wine. Are you coming with us? Let’s do this! But you probably will want to take your own car.

-Arrested Deputy Digby Pancake

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And thank you to Vegas Shepherd Rescue in Las Vegas, Nevada this week!  Look for our video and article coming May 21st!  We will be featuring their adoptables all thru the weekend on our Facebook page. Don’t miss it!  We met Ellie Mae in person…she is one of the most special dogs we know.  Is she your girl?



I Got My Mind Set On You

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Let me be the first dog to welcome you to this Utah place!  After the week we just had, we were looking forward to getting to Utah!  But as usual, we had an extremely long drive to get there.

It’s gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
It’s gonna take patience and time, um
To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it

The more we travel, the bigger these states seem to get.

Here we come, Utah! #2travelingdogs #adventureofalifetime #rvwithdogs #ccr #utah

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And the bigger Sheriff Brickle’s attitude gets.  He is nearing the end of his patience.


And so the persons are trying to get longer driving days in so that we don’t have to move this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV as much.  But the days we drive are hard now.

And this time I know it’s for real
The feelings that I feel
I know if I put my mind to it
I know that I really can do it

But as we neared this Utah place, we began to feel a little better.  We saw some green grass.  And canyons.  And it was, well, beautiful.  We all of a sudden got more energy. And our minds were made up.  We were excited to get to Utah! We could do this! Utah?  I got my mind set on you!  And we made it!


Sometimes, when you have some bad days, don’t the good days seem extra good?  Like when you don’t have pancakes one day and you have some the next and you realize how good they are!  You wondered how you made it through that bad day, but you did. And the good things seem extra sweet.  When we have those bad days, we set our mind on what is to come. Because good always finds its way back.

I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you

I don’t know much about you, Utah, other than I might like you already.  We are making our plans this week to visit some National Parks and also we will be picking our one rescue visit.

We think maybe Utah is going to make up for the few bad days we had, and hopefully, we won’t get stuck on top of a mountain again with no gas.  Yes, we got gas twice before we got here just in case.

Utah? This is going to be a great week.  We are here.  And we can’t wait to make our #43 state visit a great one!

And this time I know it’s for real
The feelings that I feel
I know if I put my mind to it
I know that I really can do it

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Broken Souls

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well. It was bound to happen. A year and a week on the Adventure Of A Lifetime. And. We ran out of gas…eight thousand feet up.


This Nevada place has not been easy for us. We started out last week in boiling temperatures. Tried to escape the heat by going to an area that had no animal rescues or shelters for us to visit in the dry desert. And so we decided to make our way back to an area that we felt needed us more. Las Vegas. And so. We made the trek back. A supposedly seven hour drive that was already overwhelming to us. And we had no idea what was about to happen.


When things start going bad, oh boy. Sometimes they just keep getting worse. Moving every week to a different state is a lot of work. The weeks seems to fly by, and just when we get settled, it is time to move on. The persons try their best to prepare for the animal rescue visits, our routes and making sure the Big Blue Treat Wagon and our car are working ok. But the last few weeks, they have began to get more tired. And so they were slacking in the preparation department when it came to our route back to Las Vegas. Well, they found a campsite, but when they tried to get directions, it was vague. You know, kinda of like when you ask me if I am the most handsome dog in the world, and I try to be modest and vague, but you know. It just doesn’t work. And well, this didn’t work either.


As we made it closer to the camp, it became apparent that it was a little further up there than we thought.


And so Boy Person became concerned that maybe the gas could run out on the RV. Now, if you know Boy Person at all, to say he is a bit overdramatic sometimes is an understatement. Girl Person thought to herself that they were probably ok, but at this point in the drive, I was tired and jumpy. Deputy Digby was hungry. Boy Person was worried. Girl Person was trying to calm us all down, and none of this made for a good combination. So when the persons saw a sign that had a tent on it, they assumed it was for a campground. Well. It was. But it wasn’t for the right campground.  If Nevada ever needed to be arrested, it is for their signs or lack there of. They should have a sign that tells you there are no signs. My sign for Nevada would say we are outta here after the last few days.

Well. As we trekked up to around 8500 feet, it became apparent that the road ended. And yes, that we had taken wrong turn. At this point, the Big Blue Treat Wagon was empty and you know when that happens, there is a chance that the brakes may not work. Well, that’s not so good when you are on a mountain. So now. Boy Person was upset, Girl Person was crying and at this point they saw one car on the road with someone outside of their car. Boy Person stopped, Girl Person jumped out barefoot as all southern girls should, and as the lady looked at her like she was cuckoo with no shoes, dog hair on her clothes and mascara running down her face, Girl Person asked sweetly where Fletcher View Campground was. The lady told her it was on the other side of the canyon. About 25 miles away. And that was that. Girl Person jumped back in and her and Boy Person decided that they had to find a place to pull over, unhook the Jeep, and Boy Person would go get gas for the RV. Then, he would come back, fill it up, and they would find the campground. Sounded easy. Sounded like a plan. Things never go according to plan some days.

As Boy Person found somewhere to pull over, Girl Person told me and the Deputy that everything was going to be ok. We would stick together as a family. And we had to, because it was getting cold. It was getting dark. Boy Person pulled away. He forgot his phone, but we had no service up there anyway. The RV was leaning so bad I fell off the couch. But Girl Person put on her smile, made our dinner and told us we would eat outside like we always did. So that’s what we did.


When we opened up the door, we saw it.  Another sign. Thanks, Nevada.


Now. For an hour we saw one car pass us by. And it was going very fast. So Girl Person decided the best place to walk to burn off some energy was down the mountain. She told us to walk very slow, but Deputy Digby didn’t listen, and as we rolled down the hill, Girl Person understood the meaning of faith. Of a positive attitude that we would be ok. And so we kept walking. Until we heard something growl. And that was that. Up the mountain we went, back in the leaning RV, and in the dark. It gets very dark in the mountains.


Girl Person looked at her dying phone and told herself she would start worrying at 7:30 if he wasn’t back. That time came, and she said she would start worrying at 8. Then 8:30. And just about when she decided it was time to get a bottle of wine and cry herself to sleep until daylight, he pulled up.

You would never think Boy Person with a big can of gas would look so good, but he did. Until that is the gas can decided it would add to our bad day. As the handle broke and leaked gas all over Boy Person he said he gave up. Right about that time, he realized he was standing in a big pile of horse poop with gas all over him. That was it. That was it. They were never going to move from that spot. And that was that. Girl Person told him to regroup, and they started pouring the gas into a small can and finally filled up the RV. They stunk. They were mad as fire. And afraid of a fire. And we still didn’t know where to go. Boy Person told her he had found the camp, but that it was blocked off and they couldn’t get in. And where was it? Half a mile from the wrong turn. Half a mile I tell you.

You would think I would be sick of writing at this point, but I am going to keep going. Because it’s not the end. They knew they couldn’t go to that camp. They didn’t have enough gas to get anywhere else because it had poured all over Boy Person and the horse poop. And so they needed. Gas. And Digby didn’t have enough. We started up again, and I tell you, after 10 hours of driving, I was done. I was howling. I was shaking. I was tired. And Girl Person knew we were all going to perish. She started crying, and it was over. Boy Person said we were gonna stop right where we were and found a spot to park at. Well, at this point, the refrigerator had began defrosting from all this, ice and water were pouring out, and I tell you what. That’s when it got worse. The RV wouldn’t level, the gas was running out again, and they decided just to try and make it to a gas station. In Vegas. In the middle of the night.

As we finally found a gas station, we were excited. Until we couldn’t make the turn in this stupid RV which is what I was calling it by now. There we went. Right past it. And we had to drive five more miles to turn around. Girl Person jumped out at the gas station and bought us bacon and told us that we were being good boys. And I ate the bacon, but I wasn’t happy about it. Problem is, we still didn’t know where to go. Boy Person decided that we were just going to find somewhere to pull over and call it a night. We drove back to the forest, and found a space. I am summarizing this. Believe me. But then. Girl Person realized she still didn’t have cell service. That was it. As she threw her phone across the RV, Boy Person lost it, I lost it, and Digby was just asleep. Girl Person said she was done with this trip, Boy Person stunk like diesel and horse poop and I was just mad.

You would think that about this time we would decide to quit this trip. And your thoughts may be correct. But as with all dramatic situations, like when I look at myself in the mirror in the day and almost faint, we decided to stop. Regroup. Stop again. We had no electricity again. We had no water again. We were in the middle of nowhere and didn’t no where. We stunk like high heaven as Granny Person used to say. And yet, we were safe. We were together. We didn’t fall off the mountain. The bears didn’t eat us. Are there bears out here? And our bellies were full. Well, me and Digby’s were. The persons only had cold beans to eat.

Again, when things start going wrong, sometimes, it doesn’t stop. And as we went to bed…fearing someone would kick us out of wherever we were, we were cold. So we all snuggled up together and were thankful for another day. But we still were thinking that this trip was not going to be finished.

We got up in the morning and the persons made their melted bean coffee and I looked out the window. A snow capped mountain greeted us with a trail right outside our door. Girl Person got us outside and as we were walking, it happened. Deputy Digby decided to keep the Las Vegas luck going and stuck his head on a rattlesnake. Right there. Right then. As Girl Person saw it, she screamed, we ran, and as she tried to open the RV door, it broke. She screamed for Boy Person who thought all heck had broke loose which it had, and we were just. All. Done. Boy Person said we couldn’t do it anymore. And we had to regroup. Again.

Am I being overdramatic? Probably. But I can’t make this stuff up. We had a choice. Call Vegas Shepherd Rescue and cancel, or try to find a campsite. We loaded up again and drove back to the campground and they had ONE space! As Girl Person cried happy tears, we parked, we ate more cold beans, cause that’s all we had and we got ready to go to the rescue. As Girl Person was getting in the car, she fell out. Now, I tell you something. At this point, you would think to yourself. Maybe too many signs are telling us to quit. And you would be right. A Girl Person who is hungry and landed on a rock is not a pretty sight. And yet, she said no. We were going.

The persons went to the rescue. They wondered how bad they looked with a million bags under their eyes and a rock in their butt. But they were here for Las Vegas, Nevada animals. This was the biggest fight yet of our trip to get here. And as soon as that door opened, they knew it was all worth it. At this point in our trip, guess who needed rescued?  Us. Guess who rescued who?

Stash, Available For Adoption!

This was a long blog, and a long two days for us. But families stick together, through thick and thin. Whether you are thick like Digby or thin like me. Did I say that out loud? No gas. Altitude sickness. Hunger. Rattlesnakes. You tried to get us, Las Vegas. And I’m sure you know what’s coming. You. Are. Arrested.

Where are we headed today? We are back on the road. Utah? We are comin’! A little skinnier, a little tired. But we can do this. SIX. MORE. STATES. TO. GO!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Workin’ For A Livin’. Workin’.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Sometimes, you gotta do things you don’t wanna do. You know, like admit that it is only Tuesday and you wish it was Humpday. Or maybe that’s just me. I hear persons like Friday, so whatever floats your boat. What floats my boat is extra syrup.


Yesterday, we drove. And we drove. And we drove some more. We left that beautiful Great Basin National Park which wasn’t as bad of a bathtub as I thought, and we headed back to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I couldn’t understand why we were working so hard and driving back so far to go somewhere that we left last week. This seemed like a lot of work, and I am not about a lot of work. Sheriff Brickle wasn’t too thrilled about it either. That is putting it lightly.

IMG_8296But the persons explained that the animals needed our help back there. And that the extra work was worth it. Ok. Question, however. Do I get a raise for this?



Girl Person told me that I should not complain and be happy that we have the chance to do some good and to tell others about Vegas Shepherd Rescue and all of the animals there in that county that need help because there are TOO many that need help. She showed me a picture of Ellie Mae and said we had to work hard for her and others.


She said that we should consider ourselves fortunate to be able to travel together. Ok, I get it.  But. Another question. Are pancakes involved in this?

I would like to know who decided that working was a good thing. Who decided that putting on pants each morning drinking a big cup of melted beans was a good idea? Who decided that doing work was better than lounging around without pants, on a couch all day with a big plate of pancakes resting on your belly? Certainly not any of my relatives I tell you.


If I would have known that we were going back to Las Vegas, I would have saved some extra pancakes to play in the slots again. Actually, I would have ate them already. Pancakes would burn a hole in my pocket if I had pockets, but I don’t wear pants.

Now. Since I am on a roll with butter, and apparently have no choice but to work for a livin’ for another six states, I have a few more questions. First. Since we are going to visit a German Shepherd rescue in Vegas, and they are considered a “working breed”, why didn’t they drive to us? And since they like to look for things in search and rescue operations, can they find me some pancakes?

That is enough questions for the day. This workin’ for a livin’ thing is hard sometimes. Today is our visit with Vegas Shepherd Rescue in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then, Wednesday, we are back on the road and headed to somewhere called Utah. Do y’all know about Utah? Do they pay in pancakes? I can’t wait to find out!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, the life we lead. You may think to yourself that you would like to lead this life too. Traveling, on the open road with two rescue dogs and a lot of wine in tow.



But I implore you today to put things into perspective and be really honest with yourself. First, ask yourself, can I deal with all the handsome I am going to see on this blog today?

IMG_8159Second, I want you to think about your life, your expectations, yourself and what is important to YOU. There are no wrong answers here. Just honesty. And as Sheriff, if you can’t be honest with me today, You. Are. Arrested.  I now have jurisdiction beyond a Sheriff.  Be. Impressed.

IMG_8180We spent our weekend at a place called Great Basin National Park. If you follow us on Instagram, or on Facebook, you know that we had no electricity here at camp. We had no water hookups. And we had no nothing. Nothing except for perfection. With only eleven campsites here that our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV would fit in, we took a big chance to come. But Girl Person really wanted to see it, although Deputy Digby wasn’t so thrilled that it was a big, giant bathtub basin in his opinion.


The persons and us have been on this Adventure Of A Lifetime for a year and a few days now. We have camped in some remote places. We have camped in some fancy places. We have camped in big dirt fields, in the woods, in the forest and on the water. But it is true. The idea of “dry camping” as they call it was a little overwhelming for the persons for a few reasons. First of all, even though it doesn’t look like it, the persons work on the computer thing a lot and need electricity to tell you what we are doing in our day AND to write our animal rescue stories AND make our animal rescue videos. Second of all, they do like to be as clean as they can. So think about it. No water hookups. The water is not in the National Park at all due to repairs and the time of year. As well, the nearest grocery store with water and any type of food is over 65 miles away.  The store here?  They didn’t even have matches or my organic fare.

Where. Are. We. #Nevada #2travelingdogs #greatbasin #nps #findyourpark

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So….how do you wash dishes? How do you get clean clothes? I introduce you to the creek. The cold creek.

You would not probably think that Boy Person likes to wash his underwear in the creek. In my opinion, it is easier not to wear any. And Deputy Digby’s idea that this park was just a giant bathtub turned out to be correct indeed. You would probably not think that Girl Person likes to wash dishes in a cold creek either. And both are correct. But after about a day, we all got into a routine, and it became, well, sort of refreshing. No pants would also be refreshing.



Simplicity in life is sometimes a hard way of life. You have to work at getting away from it all. You have to work at enjoying things because the normal, routine things take a lot longer, they take planning, and they take patience. I know all of this. It took awhile for me to realize how handsome I was, but then it just came to me.

Many persons may think they want to live a simple life…but do they? For Girl Person, she was kind of irritated when she found out the park didn’t have any water. She was irritated that she had to drive into a ghost town and fill up water jugs behind a two pump gas station that no one worked at in the middle of a desert.

But as she started laughing at really the whole situation, she realized that this was her favorite camp spot so far. So much so that she started crying. She started crying at the stars here at night. She started crying at the trees that only grow here and live for over 4,000 years. She started crying because all of these wonderful, beautiful things made her miss her family. And her friends. And she didn’t know why.

So as we contemplated what we thought we could handle, and what we could actually handle, we were pretty proud of ourselves. We realized that although conveinence is great and a long, hot shower is sure nice for the persons, a few days here and there of working hard to simplify is precious.  A Glamorous life?  I think not.

A beautiful life?  I think so.

It would have been easy to give up the first day. And some people may not even enjoy this, which is ok too. Because we all like different things in life. But my question is…do you want what you think you want? Nothing in life is easy to attain, and if you want simplicity, you may have to reach deep inside yourself to try it.




The days that Girl Person couldn’t use her phone or computer because they needed to be charged up were the most awesome. She sat on her chair and just looked at the trees. She found faces in the clouds. She told me stories, she told me how handsome I was and how much she loved me. And I wished that every day could be this simple. And maybe someday it can…if we work hard enough.

Tomorrow is our visit with Vegas Shepherd Rescue. Yep. We are driving all the way back…seven hours today, because Las Vegas needed us. I wonder what would happen if the Las Vegas strip ran out of electricity and they had to dry camp! Why did we pick Vegas Shepherd Rescue? They are trying to make a difference in a county that euthanizes 30,000 animals a year. And their part is helping German Shepherds! We can’t wait to meet them. They have adoptables like Seiko.  Stunning Seiko is approximately 4 years old. He was adopted from the local shelter almost a year ago. Once out of the shelter, his previous family made numerous attempts to rehome him. Can you imagine living in a home for almost a year knowing you weren’t wanted?

Visit for more details. And keep reading y’all.  I’m not done. Seiko4.jpg

Don’t forget, we just posted our Arizona edition of “Stop Hounding Me” with Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab!

Boy Person literally drove four hours to get a good enough cell connection to post this!  So please watch.  Or again…You. Are. Arrested!

Were things easy this weekend?  They absolutely were not.  The RV batteries are dying and the generator is acting up, but every night we sat in candlelight looking at the stars here.  They say that this is one of the best places in the world to see the stars.  No electricity?  It was just what we ordered.  Candlelight, stars, creeks and MY handsome?  Glamorous.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

P.S. Deputy Digby Pancake wants me to remind you his Nevada recipe is up here.  He thinks you will like it.


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