Kale and Lies

This is Fruitycake the Raccoon. There were a lot of things that I did not know existed before I was adopted. I didn’t know what a couch was.

I didn’t know what a gourmet meal was.

I didn’t know what a family was.

And I didn’t know what a lie was. Until I met kale.

That’s correct. I’m finding out about lying. Persons like to do it. Some may say that they don’t lie, but they would be lying about that. I hear one person say something on the radio. I hear another person say the opposite on the TV thing. Both persons will say that they tell the truth. But that’s impossible. Dogs don’t lie. And I really don’t like it. I also don’t like kale.

That gourmet meal realization I told you about? Well, Girl Person makes us salads sometimes. I like salad. I like lettuce. And she said she was going to make us a sardine salad last night. So I figured I would get sardines.

I figured I would get lettuce. Carrots. Tomatoes. But kale? Who is that? What is that? That’s. Not. Lettuce. Kale is a lie and a lie is kale.

I didn’t particularly dislike the kale. I ate it. But I knew it wasn’t lettuce. And no matter how many times she tried to tell me it was no different, it was. In my cookbook, a salad is made with lettuce. Kale may be good. But it’s not lettuce. No matter how you chop it.

Do you try to substitute the whole truth with some lies? You can’t put salt on a cookie and sugar on a pretzel. Well. I guess you could. And call it gourmet. But to most, they would be ingredients that were wrong. Just like a lie.

How many lies do you tell each day? Can you work on the truth? Can you work on your truth? Even the way we talk to ourselves matters. People can even lie to themselves. Please. Make a change. Don’t be like kale.

Just because everyone lies does not make it right. Living the truth and your truth is freeing. It’s the best life you can live. Healthy, honest and not full of kale.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

Please don’t let your dogs find their own way to their favorite places! #ad
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