Meatball Monday

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. But today, you can call me Deputy Digby Meatball. It’s Monday. I like meatballs. And there are a lot of good things to look forward to today. Like meatballs.

When the persons wake up in the morning, usually the first thing that they do is check the news lately. What bad things happened over night? What bad things might happen today? I don’t understand it.

Because the first thing that Sheriff Brickle and I do is check the good news forecast. What good can happen today? What do we have to look forward to? Even if it’s going to be a hard day, there is always, always a good thing to wait for.

Waiting may not be my favorite thing. Especially when food is involved.

But when I woke up this morning, after we went to the farm market at camp, Girl Person said she was going to make us one of our favorites. Meatballs. Now. It may surprise you that Brickle is like a spicy meatball.

With a kick at the end you weren’t expecting.

Not me. I like my meatballs a bit on the sweeter side. Dipped in maple syrup? Yep. That’s me.

Will our Monday meatballs be over spaghetti?

Will our Monday meatballs be served on a sandwich?

Or will we have Swedish meatballs?

We just don’t know. But isn’t that the good in every day? Something to look forward to. Something to plan for. Not something to dread.

We all have to have hope. Hope that you’ll get a delicious plate of meatballs. Help someone else get thru it too.

Grab life by the meatballs and bite!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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Forget About It Friday

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Today, I’m not taking off my Sheriff’s hat. I’m just adding one on today. Class is in session for your dog. And every Friday. Today’s lesson is one that all dogs should learn. Today is Forget About It Friday when we take a command that the persons give us that we ignore. Because it’s Forget About It Friday.

Today’s Lesson:

Why You Should Ignore The Persons Who Tell You To Stop Barking At Delivery Trucks

1. Delivery trucks will go away if you bark at them. They are on our property. It is our duty. If we didn’t bark, they would never go away. Good job. Don’t bark? Forget about it!

2. Delivery trucks make the most annoying and loud sounds. We bark so that we cannot hear that. Bark louder if you need to. Turn up the volume if you need to. Keep on keeping on with the barking. Don’t bark? Forget about it!

3. Our barking diverts attention away from the fact you’ve been staring out the window waiting on those Swedish fish for hours.

Don’t bark? Forget about it!

4. Barking at the delivery trucks helps the drivers not get carpal tunnel because without us, they would have to press that doorbell over and over again.

Don’t bark? Forget about it!

5. The most important part of this Forget About It Friday lesson? The delivery truck must be barked at for them to remember they must give us treats.

If they are scared at the barking, they can throw them out the window at us. That’s acceptable. Don’t bark? Forget about it!

As you can see, our first lesson was a very important one. Homeschool for dogs may be an overlooked curriculum. But in the days to come, we aim to make it our goal to help your dog understand how valuable he or she is. And make us all better dogs in the process.

If your dog was a star student today, let us know. We will be picking two students at random to win a bottle of our new Happy Camper Travel Size Shampoo! Comment on the blog, or our social media posts!

Did you hear that? It’s the bell ringing! School is adjourned until next Friday. I expect all my students to come prepared with no pants on and ready to learn!

Some may think school for dogs is unnecessary. But so is negativity. And we have enough of that right now. We aim to lift you up with what we know how to do best. Be ourselves. And you can be yourself too. Come here when you’re down, lonely or sad. And let your dog know too. We’ve already received straight a’s in therapy. Let us do our magic. Stay well, friends.

Teacher Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle