The Search.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It. Has. Been. Days.  Since Girl Person left us for that Florida place. And it seems like years.  Years, I tell you.  Years.


Is Boy Person doing a good job taking care of Deputy Digby Pancake and I?  Don’t tell Girl Person, but everything is going ok except for the raw chicken which was dropped on the rug.  Also, everything is ok except for giving us our treats out of sequence.  Also, everything is ok except that we aren’t all together.  We are a part of each other.  And when one of us is missing, it just doesn’t seem right.

Girl Person called and told us yesterday that her and Gandma would be headed to that Amelia Island place tomorrow to search for houses which is a four hour drive from that Tampa place.  Now,  I have no issues with living in the Florida place except I don’t want to leave this California place either.  But, the persons at this point in our lives are considering all options and want to make the right decision.  They above anything else want Digby and I to be happy with where we live the next few years.  They want us to be able to relax a bit, be able to run in a yard and lay in some Sunshiney.  Plus, they want us to be able to afford to take trips together too.


Where that place is yet we don’t know.  What else is important to us right now?  The water.  We know we feel our best by the water.  Some may feel their best in the desert, or in the mountains.  But our happy is the ocean.  And we need to find where we can see it or be able to get to it easy.


What else?  The persons want to grow things and garden and cook and Boy Person wants to fix things he can fix unlike Digby’s breath.  He knows he can’t fix that since he was calling Girl Person asking where the toothpaste was yesterday when he ate horse poop.

Now.  Is Girl Person looking for just a house? You know that they make everything more difficult.  They may be searching for an old gas station we can live in, or a tiny house, or an old general store.  So stay tuned to tomorrow for what Girl Person finds.  I am interested myself in this.  I need to know how much my handsome can improve the neighborhood.

Oh, and Boy Person?  He is working on the video that will air this Sunday on our Facebook page.  The last video for our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  So don’t miss that!

So Florida? California?  You have a few weeks to show us what ya got.  We love you both. But it’s time to make a decision here.  And Girl Person? Please hurry up.  Boy Person doesn’t hand feed me the same.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Where The Heart Is

This is Cuddles. It has been awhile since Brickle and Digby allowed me to take over the dog blog.  But since they are missing Girl Person so much, because she is in this Florida place, I wanted to talk a little bit for them.  It is good to have Girl Person here.  I missed her.  Not as much as I miss Granny Person though.  Not a day goes by…well…I will just stop there.  The house is a little empty.  A lot empty.


Last week, Aunt Person was worried that I wasn’t going to make it.  The hurricane scared us all so much.  I saw everyone packing stuff away, everyone was worried, and we were afraid that the house that Granny Person and Pappy had built would be no more.  We had to leave and wait and when the storm finally went away, that is when things started to get a little better.  The persons are cleaning up, but we were all ok.  I can’t see very good anymore.  And I can’t hear either.  Seeems as though I understand how Granny Person felt now.


Sometimes, it isn’t till you are about to lose something that you really begin to see how beautiful it is.  Granny Person said the few times that she would go on vacation that when she came home, she “couldn’t see there was anything wrong with this place”.  A little dirt, a little love.  A few scratches, a few memories.  It is all here.  And I am glad that I got to stay here.  I miss Brickle and Digby.  No, I don’t call them the Sheriff or Deputy.  They were my popcorn, peanut sharing brothers.  I miss watching the news with them every night.  But I am happy that Girl Person came, if not just for a little while to visit.  The orange grove isn’t the same without them walking thru it.


Now, I hear Girl Person is here in this Florida place to look at some houses.  She may be looking for houses, but where her heart will always be is this home.  NO, not the home they sold here.


But the people who were once here…who still are here.  And if home is where your heart is, her permanent place is here, no matter where they go.  I am happy that they are finding their happy and a house, even if that isn’t in the Florida place.  It could be in that California place, or that Italy place, or France place.  No matter where they go, Granny Person would be happy for them.  She would complain about it but be happy about complaining too.

Things change in life.  But a few things are certain.  I certainly miss Granny Person.  But she is always here.  The memories I have can never be taken away.  And I am happy I got to hold down the fort a little while longer.  Girl Person may find it hard to walk into Granny Person’s house without her there to make her a biscuit.  But when your heart calls you go…and we were both so happy to visit together.  And happy we all made it thru the hurricane.


Since I am older and wiser now, I have a question to leave you with till we speak again.  Where is your heart?  Do you let it go there?  It’s worth the journey.



She’s Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Today, I have the task of writing the blog.  Why?  Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle is beside himself. Girl Person is howling like a foxhound with a plate of pancakes.  And Boy Person is trying to keep us all together.

What is happening?  Not really sure, however, I do know that we have a long drive to the airport place.  I also have been told by Girl Person that she is going to see Gandma and Gandpa in that Florida place.  And yep.  She is leaving on a jet plane.

If you know Girl Person at all, you know that she doesn’t like to leave me and the Sheriff.  Even for a minute or two.  She stresses, she worries, and she pretty much drives Boy Person crazy.  So for her to make the decision to fly to that Florida place by herself was a hard one.  But the persons knew that one of them had to stay with us and not leave us at a daycare.  We have all been together for 24 hours a day and we have to ease into time apart.  Fine by me.  And one point.  Boy Person makes better pancakes than Girl Person. Did I say that out loud?  Or did I use my inside voice?  I never use my inside voice.

What did Girl Person tell us that she is going to be doing in that Florida place?  Well, she will be eating a lot of pea salad at Gandma’s house, because that is what you do there.  Also, she will be driving to an Amelia Island place to look at houses and to see if it is a place that would work for Sheriff Brickle and I.  Have I ever told you that I came from a shelter jail place there?  So not sure I want to move back there…unless they have added more IHops to the area.

So this week is going to be a hard one, I won’t maple syrup coat it.  Brickle is already pouting and vowing never to eat again.  Boy Person is trying to figure out what he can eat for dinner.  I am wondering if dinner will be late.  And Girl Person?  She is such a basket case that she may not make it thru airport security.

So are you with us this week?  Part of life is change.  All of the persons’ life is me and Sheriff Brickle.  It is their goal to make this next part of life’s journey an easier one for us and one that is fun.  So.  As Sheriff Brickle would say if he wasn’t mad is…let’s do this!

Deputy Digby Pancake

You May Say I’m A Dreamer

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a week it has been.  Hurricane watch for our Florida place, a vet person visit, and house hunting.  Generally, that would be enough for most people during the week.  But for the persons?  They are in planning mode.  Planning for the future, taking in the beauty of what is around us at present, and hoping their decisions are the right ones.

Some days may have clouds. But they are still beautiful. #2travelingdogs #48states48rescues

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For me?  I suppose that you would say I am a dreamer.  Not only of pancakes.  But of what could be.  If we dream hard enough.  And I can dream pretty hard.  It worries Brickle and I to see the persons working so hard when in actuality, they should be dreaming hard.  Why?  I have learned a lot in my eight years.  Life has taught me that dreaming of what you want is fun.  Your dreams don’t always come true.  But thinking about your dreams is fun in itself.  And one dream may turn into another that is even better than the one before.


What do I mean? Well, the persons have been dreaming of this California place for a long time.  And now that we are finally here, it seems like we may not be able to stay.  We have to find a house we have enough person money for and a lot of things would have to work out.  It is hard for the persons to give up on their dream…and they haven’t yet.  But they decided to enjoy it here for as long as we are able.  We still have a roof over our head and wheels under our feet.  We have other options too still like that Florida place or France or Italy, and who knows?  One dream may turn into another….or a different one altogether.  And dreaming about what could be is keeping us going.  And I think that is more than fun.  It is part of life…if you let it be.  Don’t good things always start with dreams?

If persons can learn one thing or five from their dogs, it is to see the now.  See what is in front of you that is good.  If tomorrow never came, would you be sorry you didn’t enjoy today?  Planning is necessary for persons, but often they lose sight of the beautiful things that could be if they weren’t so set on something they think is the only option.  Dream and it will come true? Maybe not.  Because the persons are not looking to live at IHop.  But maybe there is another place I would like that still makes good pancakes.  And so today? I will dream about that.

The persons have some surprises next week…so stay tuned!  Dream if you want.  And make my stack a double.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

We dream that all animals have a forever home! Stay tuned for our rescue video…the last one on September 24th with Soft Paws Rescue in Santa Rosa, California.

soft paws 2

Pastry, Delivery And The Vet Person

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Deputy Digby has the day off because he is still recovering from his vet person visit yesterday. Over dramatic? Pawsibly. A baby? Perhaps. But he is my brother. And I am happy to report the good news.  I’ll get to that in a second or five.

First of all, have you ever lived in a small town? Everyone knows everybody else, and whether good or bad, word gets around. Yes, people know about us here already. How could they not with Deputy Digby’s howling, my arresting, and a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and yellow Jeep with tape on it driving around? No judgement on the Jeep. It’s been a rough year…

Vet time. #letsdothis #yesthereistapeonthejeep #itsbeenaroughyear #jeep

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The persons have been easing back into a routine of sorts since we got here to California.  No, we still haven’t found a house yet without wheels.  And we still have to finish up our rescue work for California.  We also still to move campsites here every few days.  So no, it hasn’t been all peanut butter cookies and pancakes. But we are catching our breath, bad if it is Digby’s, and we are trying to pull ourselves together.  As you know, Deputy Digby hasn’t been feeling well.  And since Girl Person is a worrier, she imagined the worst.  Plus, back in January, another vet person told her some stuff that worried her even more.  So.  The question was for her, was he getting worse, was it because he was just getting older, or was the trip too much?  So she called up a vet person, and waited.


If you have ever waited for something, like for peanut butter cookies to cool, you know it is hard.  So when one of our fans yesterday messaged us that they had baked a pastry and wanted to deliver it?  You better believe we were excited.  They wanted to make our day better and since Girl Person was so worried about waiting to see the vet person, it was very nice.  So nice, that I didn’t even arrest their furkid Becca who tried to steal my handsome glory with her beautiful markings.


A german pastry baked fresh will make anyone’s day better, especially for Digby who thought he deserved it all to himself because he was going to the vet person’s.  Because when you are about to turn into the Incredible Hulk, you need your strength.


Now, I am not one for pastry, but I have to say, that even I was intrigued.


What I was not intrigued about?  Deputy Digby leaving me to go to the vet person.  So as Girl Person tried to slip him out by luring him with the tart, I wasn’t going for it.  A Sheriff cannot be fooled by imitation peanut butter or a sneaky Girl Person.  And so I knocked her off the RV steps trying to push her out of the way to go.  Extreme?  Perhaps.  But a Sheriff has to look out for his Deputy.  A Sheriff cannot control however a Boy Person carrying him back inside.

As nervous as Girl Person was about Digby’s vet antic behavior, this vet person didn’t seem so worried.  In fact, even though Digby tried to get out of the window, peed on their door and pretended he was rabid, they didn’t flinch.  It was the picture of calm and cool, and Deputy Digby told me that although they didn’t fall for his scare tactics, he liked them just the same.  Best part?  This small town vet didn’t care much about charging Girl Person huge amounts of person money, or selling her a bunch of stuff.  He only cared about Digby.  And after a little while, it was determined that Digby does not have that Cushings Disease thing.  He does not have the cancer monster.  And his lumps and bumps?  Apparently as a Deputy gets older, he gets lumpier just like I get handsomer.  And that my friends is a huge sigh of relief you hear coming from me and our whole family.  For us?  The best news ever.  The best news ever.  Yes, I will even admit it.


When you have been on the road so long and have seen many bad things, which I am afraid that we have, it is hard to remember that there are still good people out there.  There are still small towns with people that care.  And this vet person and pastry day made us feel so good.  So happy.  Sounds simple, but as simple as happy is, it is hard to find thru worry sometimes.  It has been weeks of worry with the hurricane, our family and Digby’s health.  But thru it all, we made it.  And we will continue to keep on going and accomplishing and we can do this!  My vet person visit?  I don’t want to think about it, but apparently, it is in a couple of weeks.  A test will be made on my handsome.  Results?  Never stops growing.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I don’t say this very often, but I am wishin’ and hopin’ that today was already over.  Can someone arrest today please?  Sheriff?  Wake up from your cookie coma.

Girl Person says that today I have to go see a vet person, and it seems like we have been on this date before.  I wasn’t a good first date at the vet person, and I wasn’t a good second date.  I also was the worst date on the last visit when I threw myself on the floor, cried and pretended to bite everyone when they just tried to look at me. Pretend?  Maybe. Girl Person says I literally go insane and turn into a different dog.  She says in her imagination, this is what happens.

Sometimes her imagination isn’t so far fetched.  Why would anyone want to go to a vet person?  They take my blood which does not belong to them, they poke me without giving me any pancakes, and they ask me questions which I prefer not to answer.  I would rather be at home, taking a nap or laying in the sunshiney.  Make me an appointment for that.


On days like this, Girl Person says that the sooner it is over, the better.  She tries to tell me she only wants me to feel better and that it will be over quick.  For her, not quick enough.  She says that today she will just be wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’ that I don’t bite anyone, that I don’t hurt myself by freaking out, and that we don’t get kicked out of there.  I would say that all is going to happen.

The vet person gave us the option of having Sheriff Brickle come along to be seen too with me.  Girl Person said that preferably, she would rather us go separate so that we don’t try to arrest people together, plus, Sheriff Brickle said he was not going today because he had to look at himself at 3 p.m. and could not break that appointment. So Sheriff Brickle will go next week.  However, if things go as planned today, our plan of having a family ban from the vet person will be accomplished.  I will do my best.

So vet person? Please don’t make me angry today.  You wouldn’t like me when I am angry.  And for Girl Person, she just hopes that I can be seen without too much drama or excitement or injuries to the entire town of Bodega Bay, California at 3 p.m.  Tonight cannot come soon enough.  Counting the hours and minutes till that big ol’ stack of pancakes is waiting for me.  I called in my order to Boy Person to have it ready.  I will need to replenish my strength after my transformation into the scariest dog alive.  It’s going to be a long day…

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Walking On Sunshiney

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some days I wake up and I think that it is going to be a great day.  Not as great of a day as Deputy Digby may think.  My great days are generally approached with a degree of caution as a Sheriff.  Because you never know what or who is going to need arresting.  And I have to be ready. NO arrests? Bad day.  Arrests? Good day.

Hey, alright now
And don’t it feel good, hey


That Florida place we are from? Oh, it definitely needed to be arrested lately.  You say it is not that Florida place’s fault that the hurricane came there? In that case, I see your point.  But it made Girl Person upset, which gave me an upset stomach for days, and then I decided, actually, just right now, that who needed arrested was Hurricane Irma.  And that my friends was a very big arrest.  So big.  One of my biggest yet.  And with an arrest that big, I realized that today was going to be great.  And yep.  I am walking on sunshiney now.  And I am walking on four legs that are just beyond any handsome that you have ever witnessed.  Why? I have a spring in my step.  Wiggle butt combined with sunshiney. I can imagine that many people in that Florida place are doing the same, but not with legs as good as these.  Not possible.

It must have been hard waiting for the storm to come if you were there in that Florida place.  For our families and friends, they boarded up windows and doors and had to eat all their food without Digby there to help them.  They had to get bottled water and gas and I don’t know what else, but I do know that all peanut butter cookies were sold out.  Emergency?  That was an understatement.  But the storm passed.  We know many people have damage and trouble there way for clean up.  But our families and friends were ok.  And that for us was a relief.  Girl Person says it could have been much worse.  Florida place?  You made it.

I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it’s true
And I don’t want to spend my whole life, just waiting for you
Now I don’t want you back for the weekend
Not back for a day, no no no
I said baby I just want you back
And I want you to stay (Oh yeah now!)

I arrested Hurricane Irma.  And you. Are. Welcome.  Irma? You. Are. Arrested.  It had to be done.  You kept going, even after you left Florida, even though I issued a warrant for your arrest.  And we hope that all of our fans, in whatever state or country, or island you were on that was affected by this criminal is ok and that you will recover.  I recommend plenty of cookies if you can find any.  Any extras can be sent my way as a thank you.

So what happens for our family this week? The persons have many new videos that they are working on coming your way on our Facebook page.  They are talking to people on the telephone thing about houses and what is going to work for us.  And in all the midst of this, Girl Person will still be headed to Florida to see if any house works there too.  What are some options we are thinking about?  Yes, some may seem crazy. But when have we ever not been crazy?

or maybe…

Or possibly…

And yes…even…

Isn’t life full of sunshiney?  For our family, change is good.  And we need a challenge to be happy.  We need a simple life to be happy.  And it will all depend on what works for the persons to do that without pressure or a big house.  It is all about us being together, but we want to enjoy our surroundings.  This is a big decision, and we are going to be telling you our ups…and probably many downs as we decide.  Will it be all walking on sunshiney? Nope. It never has been for us.


Deputy Digby also has his vet person appointment on Wednesday, so we are a bit nervous about that. We had to tell the vet person that Deputy Digby turns into a crazy dog at the vet.  Crying, howling, throwing himself on the floor.  No sunshiney will be had in there….But whatever life brings us, we are together.  Hopefully forever.

Stay tuned! This is going to be a great week!  Florida place? We love you.  We are so happy you are ok.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Don’t forget, our last rescue video will be aired on our Facebook page, Sunday, September 24th with Soft Paws Rescue in Santa Rosa, California!

soft paws 2

One Day At A Time

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I am writing this blog to you today, not knowing what is happening with our family and friends in our Florida place during the Hurricane.

I offered to give up all of my pancakes for a week if everyone is ok.  So if that happens, I am going to be one hungry boy. Hard to believe that I could give up pancakes.  But if that happens, I will definitely be taking one day a a time.  Sometimes, that is all that you can do.  And sometimes, that is a lot.

Our Florida place hasn’t been the only one with storms and disasters the past few weeks. Other countries and other states have had their share of trouble.  For me, trouble is sure trouble.  Anything that takes the smiles away from my persons faces makes me spring into action.  I spring into action to help them by just being there.  I am sure you know the feeling if you have furkids too.


But in times like this, the persons get overwhelmed worrying about the “what if’s”.  They must have watched newspeople looking at maps and spaghetti models for days.  That was their first mistake.  A pancake model would be much more reliable.  Also, a dog verses a weather person would be more realiable. Just sayin.

Lessons are sometimes learned for people during the hardest times.  Girl Person and Boy Person for example, left all of our belongings in a storage unit back in that Florida place when we started this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And now, well, everything could be gone anyway.  They said that they should have just not held onto anything in the first place.  So? Lesson learned.  Have we needed any of that stuff this past year or so?  Sure haven’t. If I would have had any pancakes in there, they most likely would be stale anyway.


This hurricane also reminded them of the importance to live your best life now.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, because things could change tomorrow.  Friends may not be in your tomorrow or family.  You may have good health today, but not tomorrow.  And so today is important.  Everyone has their idea of what a good day is.  Appreciate the ones you have with the ones that you love.


We always have to remember too that someone else may have a harder day than us.  But when we are going thru hard times, isn’t that so hard to remember?  That is what the persons told me.  They said that the people who lost everything on the islands during the hurricane surely would not care about a storage unit like us, or the trouble of cleaning up after this mess.  Perspective is something that dogs have…because we can see what is important to us in the moment.  Moments are what makes up life.  Not tragedy.

Trying not to worry about our friends and family in Florida. #staysafe #hurricaneirma #florida #weloveyou

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So whatever this day brings for our Florida place, we will handle it.  We love our Florida place.  It is where Girl Person and Boy Person grew up.  It is where they saved me and Brickle’s lives.  And we are sad.  But we have to keep going.  We have to.

We have many decisions right now.  We are deciding where to live and where we are going to go as this trip draws to a close.  But the beauty of that is we have the opportunity to make a choice.  Some people’s choices will be taken away by this storm.  One day at a time is all that we can do right now, and so many of you are there too.  Let’s try our best to make each day have some happy in it.  Whether that is an extra pancake or an extra slice of pizza or even an extra hug from your furkid.  We can do this together.  One day at a time.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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After The Rain.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, Sheriff Brickle was supposed to give the weekly update today.  But he is too busy worrying about our friends and family in that Florida place.


I don’t really know how to worry, so I will give you the update today about what has been going on this week for us, our house search, our plans and other stuff.  When I say other stuff, it pretty much means pancakes.

First off, as you may know, I haven’t been feeling that well lately.


The vet person last year said we had to keep watching my symptoms to make sure I didn’t have something called Cushings.  I don’t know what that is, but I know I don’t like the vet person, no matter where the vet person is. So when they said they couldn’t see me till next Wednesday, I was ok with that.  The persons?  They keep worrying, but I don’t worry. When we go, I will just throw myself on the floor like I always do at the vet, try to bite them, and cry like a baby. We will let you know when I go next week. I am not in any hurry to do so.

Then, the search for where we wanted to live continued.  And continued some more.  We drove around and around looking at places that the persons said they couldn’t afford here in this Sonoma County, California place.  These homes have either fallen to the ground, are growing into the ground, or need to be torn down.  And we still can’t afford them.  They complained so much about it, that they started looking at living in other countries again.  Like France.  Let’s see.  I am not a dog, but for the same price…here are our choices…

You know, when you are in the middle of a storm, all you can see is the rain.  You can’t do much about it, you just have to wait.

And I guess, in a way, our family feels like we are just coming out of a storm.  The last year was hard for us traveling and going to all the 48 rescues and 48 states.  It was hard for us to look past the trip and plan anything, because just getting thru the days were hard.  Now, we find ourselves in a bit of a predicament.  All the persons want for us is a simpler yet better way of life.  We want to all be together and we want to keep helping animals in the world that need us, and who don’t have a voice.  So the persons feel like this is a very important decision.  They don’t want to spend so much money that we can’t afford something, or have to work 24 hours a day.  Then we can’t enjoy anything anyway.  So.  Yeah.  Now it is after the rain.  And we have to make some decisions here.  And not wait long to do it.  Because we are ready to start this new chapter in our life.  Just where is this chapter??  And why can’t we figure this out?


So, this next week, we will keep looking here at our options.  Plus, after it is safe for her to do so, Girl Person is going to be going to that Florida place and looking at houses there again.  Yes, me and the Sheriff will be staying with Boy Person.  I won’t keep talking about that so that Girl Person starts to panic….she does not do well leaving us…have I mentioned this before?

Five minutes or an hour. It's an eternity. #dogparentproblems #2travelingdogs

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So I guess this report is not giving you much information.  But one last thing.  Ahead of everything right now, we still have one more video and one more article on our #48 rescue visit, Soft Paws Rescue in Santa Rosa, California.  We have to concentrate on that, even above finding a home. That will be airing on our Facebook page and website on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH.

T-Rex, available for adoption thru Soft Paws Rescue, Santa Rosa, California`

So, that is that.  That was our week, and it was a good one despite not much being settled.  Why?  With all of the bad weather and bad things happening this week, we see that we have each other.  And at the end of the day, isn’t that the most important thing?  We know it is.  Because right now, we are plain worried about our Florida place.  Our friends and our families live there and they are in harms way.  We think about all of those in other countries and on islands that were affected too.  Every life matters, no matter where you live or what country you live in.  We are thinking of everyone.

So Florida place?  Our home where we started from?  We love you and we know we can’t do much over here in this California place.  If we could drive this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV over there and use it as an ark, we would.  But for now, we will hope that everything is gong to be ok after the rain.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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I Care About As Much As Spilled, Wax Beans

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  One thing is for sure in this world. You can never live up to everyone’s expectations.  Now, I know that my beauty exceeds everyone’s expectations, but that is a different story.  What does not apparently is my training or lack there of.

"Rescue a dog" they said. "You can train him" they said. 😂😂😂😂 #perfecttome #2travelingdogs #adoptdontshop

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Girl Person used to care that we weren’t acting like we were “supposed to”.  I don’t brag about it, but I will say that I got a certificate from puppy kindergarten when I was a mere six months old.  I proudly know how to “leave it” and shake paws.  I proudly do neither unless there are high rewards involved.  But other stuff? You can better believe that neither Digby or I are doing anything expected.  No exceptions are involved.  Since we are eight years old, our “crazy” ain’t changing either.

When did Girl Person stop caring that we were not models for Dog Behavior Magazine? I don’t know if there is such a magazine, but if there is, I am glad I can’t read.  She stopped caring when she realized that she didn’t have the best behavior either.  And if she was expected to act a certain way all the time, she sure would not do it.  She said that she realized we were individuals and demanded respect as such.  And so her demands lessened.  Every dog is different she told us one day. One dog may want to walk behind his person.  I can guarantee you that would never happen in my book.  Pack leader?  Doesn’t that convey someone is of less value if not a leader?

IMG_5771.jpgSome persons may scold Girl Person for her lack of training.  And I can tell you another thing.  I care about as much as that bowl of beans that spilled everywhere on the floor yesterday when we had to move campsites yet again.  Yes.  Again.  We are having to move so much in this campground that the persons are getting lazy about packing things right, and Girl Person forgot to pack the food tight in the refrigerator.  So when Boy Person opened it to get some juice, he got a bowl of beans all over his feet.  He said he was sure they were wax beans since our floor needed  cleaning anyway. And well, if Girl Person was a dog, I suppose she would get in trouble for her lack of behavior. And that is just crazy.  I care about it as much as I do spilled, wax beans.  And I don’t.

So everyone? Maybe sometimes you can lighten up a bit.  If you don’t have any beans like we don’t now, it may be easy to do.

Tomorrow, we will give you another update of our house search this week and other happenings to be aware of.  I am trained to do that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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