Say It Like It Is

This is Brickle. I’ve never been accused of mincing words. I only mince meat pie.

In my 14 years, I’ve had a lot of experience with unexpected news. I’ve had a lot of experience with road blocks. Breaking down. Who remembers the Big Blue Treat Wagon?

Yes. I say it like it is. Because saying anything else to me is unproductive. My mouth has got me in trouble sometimes because of it.

And now my mouth is giving me more trouble. So I’m just going to say it. The vet person found a large growth in my mouth. I will even show it to you so that you don’t have to wonder. I think wondering is terrible. More terrible than the reality. I don’t want you to wonder or worry. I love you.

I had to have pictures done of my heart and my lungs too in order to see if it had affected other things. And those tests showed my heart was very large. But we all knew that. Sometimes I guess though, that can cause worry.

The vet person did blood work too. And other tests. Many tests. I felt like I was in school.

Good news is that most of my blood work was good. Except for my liver but she gave me some medicine for it. And now, what’s happening is that the pictures of my heart have to be sent to a special doctor. That doctor will say if I can get the growth tested and or taken out. If my heart is strong enough for that. So we have another week of waiting. Maybe less.

I know that you wonder what we are doing about the ship and about Italy. Well. We have no idea. This is a lot to think about. And the persons say I come first and Fruitycake too. Fruitycake also had to go to the vet and get many tests yesterday too.

His skin is bad and he’s tired. And the vet person is trying to find out why. More waiting.

I know that is a lot of words. But sometimes you have to say it like it is. It’s hard to make all of these decisions. I’m not sure of anything right now. Other than my persons want me to be happy, healthy and with them always. I want to be too. I’ve had many adventures. I don’t want to stop now. And I won’t.

It’s my purpose. I like to travel. To live. To be an example for people that when you rescue a dog, not only do you change their life but yours too. I have more work to do.

So please bear with us as we work thru this. We will be updating as we can. You’re family. And I have read all is your comments and love. I always say it like it is. And my mouth hasn’t let me down so far. It won’t start now. I can do this. I can get better. I’m strong. I’m Brickle.

We didn’t go to the vet person this week thinking this would happen. The truth is, life has a way of knocking you down. Life has a way of surprising you. But surprise yourself and be strong. I can do if. You can do it.

Peanut Butter Brickle

Brickle has his own shirt and its back for just a few days!