The Salad

This is Digby Pancake. If there is one thing I know, it’s food. Food is always love at first bite. Because it’s the only bite. I’m a pretty fast eater. Dogs are good at that.

For most of us lately, we may feel like we’ve been doing the same things. We may forget what day it is. And it’s not that there aren’t things to do. To be bored is to consider yourself boring. That’s what Sheriff Brickle always says.

He says there is always someone to arrest.

So Girl Person thought about it. She was bored. So she must be boring. But here we were at a farm.

Yes, the produce market was the same produce market everyday.

But what was inside changed. The possibilities were endless. Just like my appetite.

So Girl Person got on her real shoes which don’t flip or flop and walked to the market.

She really was wishing as much as she liked it, that she would like to be in Italy that day. Making some food and listening to some music.

As she walked around the produce, she saw oranges and tomatoes. She knew what she could make. A Sicilian salad. Yes. But what was that? She looked it up on her phone, and just like everything she does, she made her own version.

Now, I’m not one for salad unless it’s a pancake salad.

But I still had fun watching Girl Person mix up her day but mixing up ingredients. She sang Italian songs and drank Italian wine.

And she said although it took all her energy to not be down and make an effort, she was glad she did.

She said life is so uncertain right now that we only know what this minute brings while we are living it. So we need to live it.

We need to exercise our minds. Our creativity. And we need to value what ideas we have!

You see, only we can mix it up.

We may not get to be or to do exactly what we want to now. But in this time comes ways to make ourselves better. To find out and remember who we are. Live it up today. Mix it up! Where do you want to go? Make it happen even if it’s only make believe.

If a salad can change our day, imagine what other things are possible.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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