In My House

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Another week has gone by and it went by too fast.  I have noticed that the older I get, the faster the days go.  Do you ever feel like this?  And around here, the faster time goes, it seems we get less and less done.


But when the Depression Monster tries to knock on the door, it seems that time stands still, because Girl Person doesn’t seem to move around very much.  It has been nice to be able to rest now that our big trip is complete.  But Girl Person knows that when she doesn’t keep super busy, the Depression Monster is more apt to find her.  And he was knocking, knocking, knocking yesterday.  But you know what I told that monster? This was my house.  And no Depression Monster is welcome in my house.

So when you need some lovin tenderness
And it’s me baby that you miss
Here’s the key to unlock the door
To my house (to my house)
Wo-oo-oo-oo- in my house

You see, that Depression Monster keeps yelling to Girl Person that she hasn’t found a house for us yet in this California place, or even the Florida place.  The persons decided that the fixer upper here in Bodega Bay with the stairs was probably too much for them to redo and to handle right now.  It would have taken all of our time and what is more important than time…especially now that the days are flying by?  But we are going to be honest as we always are. It is going to hurt real bad if we have to leave here.


The Florida place area that Girl Person looked at with Gandma is still on the table with my pancakes. The only thing that we could do there would to be to buy a little land and build a small house.


But again, the persons don’t know if they want that undertaking.  If they could make it simple enough…maybe.  And it is on the water.  So they called and talked to the realtor person, but they would have to buy two pieces of land to make it work. And they don’t know about that.  But again…it is on the table.  What else is on the table is still finding a house here in Sonoma County…a real fixer upper, but it wouldn’t be on the water.  Or, we could just decide to sell all of our stuff and go to Europe where things are cheaper.  Or we could just keep moving this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV around wherever we wanted to.  So. What is more important to us?  The persons are really trying to think about it.  This is an important decision, and the Depression Monster is trying to tell them all of the negative things about this time in our life.  Like why is it taking so long to decide?  Why can’t they figure it out?  And it may just be getting to them.  But this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV is still our house for now.  And in my house?  There is love.  There is happy.  There are pancakes.  There is Brickle.  And me.  In my house.

And when you feel sad and blue
You just come and see me anytime
I’ll be waitin’ for you dear
And your fears you can leave behind
So when you need a little peace of mind

It seems that we all are pretty tired from the last year of traveling.  And we can’t seem to find out where we belong again.  But in my house, I know that there is no rush.  No one is pressuring us but ourselves.  The persons want me and the Sheriff to enjoy all our days. And they worry about us and what we want most of all.  So I wish I had more of a house update this week.  We tried, we really did.  But most of all, we locked that Depression Monster out.  And that was the biggest accomplishment the whole week.  Next week?  We are in Bodega Bay at this RV park until next Friday.  And then? We have no idea.  I do know that we will be leaving the Depression Monster behind wherever we go.  I have nothing but love in my house.  And happy.  And my job as Deputy is to remind everyone in my house, including the Sheriff that we don’t have it that bad.  This is the most exciting time.  Ever.

I’ll be your sugar in the morning
And the sweet stuff you need at night

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Fly.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some days, you wanna be a fly on the wall I heard. Some days, you never want to be a fly on the wall around me and the Sheriff. You just don’t.

Some days, you also don’t want to be the persons trying to get the fly off of the wall in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV because it is impossible to get said fly. They should have known not to mess with a fly the size of a bird here in Bodega Bay.

It all started yesterday at breakfast when the fly was trying to wreak havoc on the scrambled egg festivities happening. It kept trying to buzz into Girl Person’s ear, it kept diving into Brickle’s head, and he was getting mad. Real mad from his beauty sleep interruption. And you don’t interrupt his beauty sleep.


When a fly tries to steal your scrambled eggs and your beauty sleep, that is unacceptable in Bodega Bay, California on the map where the Big Blue Treat Wagon is. Also, since there was an unfortunately dead bird outside of our window, the persons were afraid the fly was not clean, and well, no one wants dead bird shenanigans in a RV. Especially not in Bodega Bay.  First of all, you don’t mess with birds in Bodega Bay, dead or alive. And apparently, you shouldn’t mess with flies the size of birds in Bodega Bay either.

It occurred to me that perhaps this fly was dangerous after seeing the commotion, and I began to freak out at the thought. So when I would hear the buzzing, I would try to run away and there are not many places to hide in a RV, in case you didn’t know. In the process of the fly hunting, I proceeded to knock over a chair, a stool, a purse full of too much stuff, and in the process, the persons were getting more irritated at this crazy fly.  Their idea of trying to catch this fly in a nice manner was getting old.  Except if you are Boy Person and you are determined not to kill said fly.

So as Boy Person got his bug cup he keeps on the dash, Girl Person opened the door, Boy Person managed to finally catch the fly in the cup and you guessed it.  The fly slipped out between his fingers.  All of this was enough to send Sheriff Brickle into arrest mode, so he started growling at me for knocking over the chair, and that is when Boy Person finally had had it.  He got the fly again, ran towards the door, and you guessed it.  He tripped over the chair, Girl Person tried to get the door open again real fast, and you guessed it again.  Not only did the fly fall out of the door, but Boy Person did too.  This fly monster?  He was gone.  And also Boy Person’s dignity.

Have you ever been so crazy that you know you are crazy and you simply don’t care? Welcome to our world.  Most people would think that the persons were crazy for not trying to kill a fly and going to this much trouble.  But they believe all life matters and that fly only probably had a few days to live. And well? It didn’t deserve to be ate by Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.

You see, life is made up of more than what we think it is.  There are things around us that  make up our day…little things and big things.  There are things that make the world and the earth function, and big or small like the fly, they all play a part.  How is it our place to think that we are more important?  I get that, even though I was not thrilled with the morning’s shenanigans.  At the end, even though it was a little more work, we all lived to tell about it.  Even the fly.

So think about what is around you today and thank it.  Even that little fly that irritates you.  Because he in fact helps your world to go round.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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