No, I’m NOT Steve.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  You know, I wear a lot of hats.  And I wear them amazingly, if I do say so myself.  But one thing I am not?  I am not a camp host.  I am not Steve.


Some campgrounds have it all.  A lot of space, a place to wash our clothes, a place to shower off.  Some campgrounds have less than that. And some are pretty much arrested as soon as we get there.  Such was the case this weekend in Oregon.  If not for the beach, I would have thrown away the key with no chance of parole. But the beach makes up for a lot, and we literally steps away from the beautiful ocean.

However, even the beach had a hard time making up for having the worst campsite in the whole place, right next to the office with lines and lines of cars and trailers coming and going night and day.


The laundry room was closed all weekend, the showers were sandy and dust was blowing into our windows every five minutes.  Beach…beach….serenity now, serenity now!

Because we were parked so close to the office which was only open for four hours a day, by the way, which is less than even Deputy Digby’s work schedule, people got confused when it closed.  What would they do?  How would they check in?  What if their electric didn’t work?  Who were they supposed to call?  The camp host.  And where was the camp host?  Where was the camp host named Steve? OH, mysteriously two rows over from the office with no sign.  So who did they think was the camp host?  Serenity now…serenity now…

Morning.  Knock, knock!  “Hello? Is Steve in there?”  Afternoon.  Knock, knock.  “I can’t get cable.”  And that wasn’t the worst of it.

As we were about to go to bed at 10:30 at night…flashlights in our window, scaring us all to death.  Serenity now…serenity now…

Hello again.  Hello.  No, my name is NOT Steve.

Sometimes, Girl Person is not the voice of reason, sorry to break the news.  After awhile, she flips out, and this Steve guy or the lack there of, was it.  The flashlight was the last straw.  As Boy Person told him above our barking that we were not Steve, Girl Person about threw her steamed broccoli pot out the window at this camper guy.  She was going to find Steve and give him a piece of her mind. Boy Person told her to calm down and that he would go tell the camper where Steve was.  He told Girl Person when you are so mad that you want to flip out, if you pull yourself together and try to be nice and helpful that you have no choice but to calm down.  Well, that does not work for me.  As usual, Deputy Digby does not care, and he had not cared all day.


And so as our night went on, and the next morning, we were on guard.  When would the next knock be?  What would they need?  Instructions on how to use the water?  To find out where the bathrooms were? Could they reserve a campsite? And it became funny and crazy and I knew not to think every time was the end of it.

In fact, I am sure it will not stop until we pull out of here. We will miss the beach, but we won’t miss the lack of Steve.

What is going on today? We are still trying to narrow down our rescue pick which will keep us in Oregon for this week.  Don’t worry, sometimes our rescue work is not so predictable, but it is one of the main reasons for this trip.  We want to pick the right one to highlight to our fans, and a lot of behind the scenes parts make up this aspect of the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  Thank you for your patience, but my patience actually is a little worn thin.  Please.  Don’t knock on the door.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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A Fool Such As I.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Well, it finally happened this week.  It had to be done.  Everyone. Is. Arrested.

You know, I am a go with the flow kinda guy.  Actually, that would be Deputy Digby.  I am an arrest the guys that go with the flow kinda guy. And after the past few weeks, we have had, well, I was trying to hold off on the arrests because first of all there were too many, and I didn’t feel like doing a lot of paperwork.  Then, it gets to a point when you just throw your paws up in the air and say to yourself, self?  Am I a fool?  Did I not think that I should have arrested everyone to start with?  I should have, and maybe we wouldn’t have been in the situation we got ourselves in yesterday.  Fooooolish.

Now and then there’s a fool such as I

You see, we had a pretty uneventful few days at Crater Lake National Park, and I got a bit complacent in my Sheriff duties.  We had a great time there, and I let down my guard.  Fooooolish.

And since the persons are so tired at this point, they are making errors in judgement.  Like when Digby thinks he can eat that whole stack of pancakes when he can actually eat two stacks.  You see, they had a bright idea that we could find a camping spot in this Oregon place on a Thursday in a remote area.  I mean, they thought, how many campers would be there?  How many people love to be in the great outdoors in this Oregon place?


They also thought, hey…let’s not look at the map very well and drive this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV all the way through the Redwood Forest swishing around bad diesel we have had in this thing from two states ago.


I mean, that wouldn’t be foolish, right?  Or…how about let’s have to drive thru California and then have to say goodbye to it 10 miles later?  Pardon me for being a little, well, irritable.  I guess I am being fooooolish.

I mean, Girl Person hasn’t stopped talking about and missing California since we left five years ago. And then finally, the day we get there, we say goodbye, cause we still have a rescue to visit in Oregon.  We aren’t done here yet.  Who is in charge here?

Pardon me, if I’m sentimental
When we say goodbye
Don’t be angry with me should I cry
When you’re gone, yet I’ll dream
A little dream as years go by

Did I say at the beginning of the week that our family had to give each other a break and be patient? Well, I arrest myself for saying that.  After you drive five hours with no organic peanut butter to be found, you get a little testy.  After you break down, you get a little testy.  But as usual, we pulled it all together.  We sat on the side of the road and looked at each other.  What would we do?  Here it was, near 5 pm and where would we go? As Boy Person fixed the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV again, Girl Person called around, yelling into her phone because she only had one bar of cell service and we found a campsite.  For one night.  One night never sounded so good.


We could rest and I could write some reports.  And on everyone’s report, including yours, because I know what you did this morning, my stamp is stamped hard and in charge.  YOU. ARE. ARRESTED.

So here we sit, in Brookings, Oregon this morning.  And I have one thing to say after the first thing I have to say now.  First off, I hear the ocean is here.  And it is calling my name.  Second, we have no food and no produce because that California place confiscated it like Deputy Digby confiscates all clean air around him.  So first off, we need a campsite.  Second, I need the ocean.  And third, we need to visit a rescue next week.  Work with us here, Oregon place.  You are beautiful, you are important.  But seriously.  I won’t be a fool anymore today.  The first thing that goes wrong, you know what is happening.

Stay tuned in to our Facebook page today for updates! Or your report will have an addition…namely, no parole.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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How Deep Is Your Love?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I have a question for you.  Seriously.

How deep is your love?
I really mean to learn

Is it as deep as the deepest lake in the United States? Is it as deep as Crater Lake in Oregon?


When things are going good, it is so much easier to be nice and to show love.


But when things start going, well, as rough as my attitude, it is much harder.

Cause we’re living in a world of fools
Breaking us down when they all should let us be

We are finding out that on this trip, we are needing to pull out our kindness reserves, patience and understanding.  Not just for others, but for each other.  Try living with Deputy Digby Pancake in a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV for over a year.


If there was ever a time that I needed to hold my tongue, it is lately. Digby has decided that he wants everything on his terms. He wants my bed, he wants my perfect temperature water, which is what I require, and he wants my dinner. All I want is for him to respect my authority as Sheriff, and he seems to not want to respect anything. He pulls us off the trail to jump in a lake, he pulls us into the poison oak bush (which Girl Person has all over her butt now by the way) and that was just this morning. How deep was my love then?  Not deep. Not deep.

But as a good Sheriff, I realize that exceptions must be made sometimes. You see, we are all getting a little crazy in this RV thing. The camping thing is hard, trying to find a rescue to visit is hard, and the travel days are harder. Hardest. We know we are in the homestretch, but all of us are getting stretched too. So. We had a family meeting today and decided that we all had to show more love.

And you may not think I care for you
When you know down inside that I really do

Sometimes, you get so tired and stressed that you take it out on the people that mean the most to you, and you take them for granted. Sure, I don’t want Digby drinking my perfect temperature water, but if he wasn’t with me in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV, there would be no other brother to boss around. There would be no other brother to complain to about the persons. And well, when we visited Crater Lake National Park, it put it all into perspective. Isn’t it funny how nature has a way of explaining things to us?


You see, Crater Lake is a volcano. An active volcano, which is kind of inspiring. This lake was formed when it erupted and it caved in upon itself. Kind of like how our family has been doing lately.

We get upset at the littlest things because we are tired. We get irritable when we can’t find a grocery store for 50 miles…ok, that’s just Digby. He needs his maple syrup, y’all. But when we finally got everything out in the open and talked about what was bothering us and how we could help each other, there came a peace. Very much a peace like we felt at Crater Lake.


The waters are so calm that you can see the tiniest ripple. The colors of blue are more vibrant than any picture could ever show. And this beautiful, serene place came from something very dramatic. But what resulted was the deepest lake in the United States, and the ninth deepest lake in the world.


We may have reason to be tired and irritable, but why be that way? It sure doesn’t change what we have left to accomplish on this trip, which is still to find an Oregon rescue and also to make it to our #48 state, California. We know our love is as deep, if not deeper than Crater Lake for our family and the animals we have left to tell the world about on this Adventure Of A Lifetime.

If I stop and think about it, life would be pretty boring if it was as perfect as my brindle beauty every day. And what we individually may feel is a hardship may very well be someone’s dream…like we know this trip may seem to others. We never take a day of it for granted and we aim to enjoy every day left of it…unless Digby succeeds in trying to throw us off into a lake again.

So today we are headed to Brookings, Oregon on the coast. We hope to find a campsite. You guessed it…we don’t have one. Let’s try and practice this understanding today…persons!

I believe in you
You know the door to my very soul
You’re the light in my deepest, darkest hour
You’re my savior when I fall
And you may not think I care for you
When you know down inside that I really do
And it’s me you need to show
How deep is your love, how deep is your love

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Burnt Toast And Butter

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If I would have known it would be so hot in this Oregon place today, well, I would have planned a trip to a big lake with snow around it.  OH?  That IS where we are going today?  Good thing we drove all this way for it! We can’t wait!

This morning as Girl Person was taking us on a walk thru the campground, we saw and smelled the usual things.   You know, old trash in the overfilled dumpsters, campfires, the lovely smell of restrooms not cleaned from the day before and from persons emptying their RV holding tanks.  Oh? You are eating your breakfast?  Sorry about that.  I just had my breakfast and left half of it on the carpet.  It’s a good morning.


Speaking of breakfast, on our walk, we passed by a campsite that was filled with memories for Girl Person.

Good morning, yesterday
You wake up and time has slipped away
And suddenly it’s hard to find
The memories you left behind
Remember, do you remember?

She told us a story about when she was a little person that her Granny Person always made her breakfast when she stayed the night there.  She said that on the mornings when she slept in too late and missed the pancake buffet (I am gasping at how you could do this), that her new choice of breakfast was toast.  And the question always came from Granny Person.  “Would you like your toast burnt or regular?  And butter or no butter?”.  And Girl Person always answered, “Burnt, Granny.  With half a stick of butter”.


Now, at Granny Person’s house, you didn’t ask questions about the food.  You knew it would be good, Girl Person told me, even if there were crumbs left in the butter from the day before.  I myself, if I have slept in too late prefer my own fan and matzah. Or matzo. Which one is it?

The laughter and the tears
The shadows of misty yesteryears
The good times and the bad you’ve seen
And all the others in between
Remember, do you remember
The times of your life? 

Persons seem to have many memories.  But what I often wonder is why can’t they recognize the good things happening in their day before it is a memory?


Memories are wonderful things, especially when you miss someone not with you anymore.

Reach out for the joy and the sorrow
Put them away in your mind
The memories are time that you borrow
To spend when you get to tomorrow

But do you also recognize when you are living the times of your life, now? The little things?  The funny things?  The things that didn’t go as planned?

As dogs, we are fortunate to live in the moment, and every moment to us is now.  Every moment to us is special, because it is new.  Persons have the privilege of memories, but it is up to them to not only remember, but appreciate the now.  And if you remember something today, hopefully it makes your today better.

Gather moments while you may
Collect the dreams you dream today
Remember, will you remember
The times of your life?

Burnt toast may not have been as delicious as a stack of pancakes, but for Girl Person, the memory was the most delicious of all.  Sitting at Granny Person and Pappy Person’s table talking over burnt toast with half a stick of butter at the time may have been normal, routine and ordinary. But for her now, that memory is a treasure of what it meant to have such wonderful people in her life.  Don’t let an ordinary moment today only be appreciated years later.  Live like a dog today and lap it up!  Take it in!  Burnt toast and butter.  Its wonderful.

Remember, do you remember
The times of your life?

Today, we are headed to Crater Lake National Park.  And then on Thursday, we will be starting our trek to the Oregon coast. Will you join us? Check in with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates all day!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Labels Are Only For Peanut Butter

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It is time that I said it. I am the most handsome dog in the world. Yes, I know that I have said it before. But some things are better repeating. Do I need a label telling everyone this fact? No. It is obvious. Labels to me are just not needed, unless it is on a jar of peanut butter. I am very particular about my peanut butter.

IMG_3041The last campground that we were at was not perfect. I will just say that too. Dust, dirt, and we were crammed in like sardines next to people. The noise from the 24 hour a day sawmill made it so we could not sleep. The screaming kids kept scaring me. Why do kids scream at random? I am just going to throw that out there. If they are going to do that, they should be leashed like us barking dogs. I’ll say it again. I don’t apawolgize for the truth.


But in the midst of all the chaos in Sweet Home, Oregon, we had found a campsite, the only campsite it seemed in the whole state. And that was pretty sweet. Then, we met a sweet little boy who was not screaming at random intervals on our walk. He was also walking two little dogs and told Girl Person that she had dropped a dog bag. She always drops dog bags, by the way. It’s like they just pop out of every pocket, her shirt (did I say that out loud), or her backpack. Then we always have to turn around and pick them all up. But this little boy asked if we were friendly, and we all said hello, and he told Girl Person that she was welcome.



So about this time, it was time to take a nap and then another walk. As we were outside, the little boy came over again, and his mom person told him not to. Girl Person told her that it was ok for him to say hello to us as long as we walked to their campsite, but that we were protective of our own space, being on the road for so long. Yeah, good excuse Girl Person. Not sure why you didn’t just tell her that we are rude. The truth will set you free.



The mom person told Girl Person that he had autism. And Girl Person told her that there was no problem. Girl Person told her that her son was very polite, extremely helpful and no problem at all. At all! In the midst of all of the campground chaos, Girl Person brought him over a popsicle for his dogs, and we all enjoyed sharing for a few minutes, but it was hot. Real hot. And so we went back inside. As Girl Person looked out the window, she couldn’t help but wonder how this little boy felt. Not having any little persons ourselves, we sure don’t know. But Girl Person wondered if it bothered the little boy to hear his mom say that. Sure, he had autism. But she didn’t want him to feel like that was a bad thing, or that we didn’t like him because of it.

Labels to me have a definite way of shaping things. Not only do they possibly determine how a person feels about himself, but it determines maybe the way others treat that person.

As dogs, we don’t know the word autism. We don’t care about the words, because we know how you feel already. We didn’t need a label to know that the little boy person was special. We felt it and we respected it. Isn’t that the way persons should be too?

Special is always special, no matter how you spell it. If everyone was the same, life would be pretty boring. I hope that Dylan recognizes that he can be anything or anyone he wants to in life. Just like us rescue dogs overcame what we were labeled to be, he can too.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is an accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet 

So fans! We are in Trail, Oregon near Crater Lake National Park until Thursday!  So stay with us as we explore more of Oregon and catch our updates every day on Facebook!  

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Digby Don’t Care

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, it’s hot outside! This Oregon place keeps fooling us. One minute it is cold, one minute it is hot. One minute it is windy, and every minute I am irritable. I can’t keep up.

‘Cause when you worry your face will frown
And that will bring everybody down
So don’t worry, be happy


We’ve had a rough time the past week with camping.  And driving.  And it seems like the end of this trip is really trying to do us all in. Or maybe we are just more tired and are having a hard time dealing with the bumps in the road.  Oregon? You have a lot of bumps, by the way.

In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy


Oregon? You also have a lot of trains and a lot of traffic.  We got stuck so many hours on Friday that we weren’t able to see the wine area, but we did get to stop and see a plane called the Spruce Goose and other planes.

I have no idea why we didn’t just get one of these planes for the rest of our time in Oregon here.  Seems like it would be more efficient than this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV!


You would think that with all of the bumps we have had this week, that we would all be  a bit irritable. A bit mean.  So yeah, you would be thinking correct.  Except for the fact that my brother Digby? He just don’t care.  Digby don’t care. And I just don’t know how he does it.

Now there, is this song I wrote
I hope you learned note for note
Like good little children, don’t worry, be happy


No matter where we go, what we are doing or what life throws at us, Deputy Digby never changes.  Sure, he may get tired.  But what keeps his smile? The never-ending supply of pancakes? Possibly.  But his bad days are few and far between.  And I am not sure why we can’t be more like him.

After arriving at the only campsite we could find in this Oregon place after driving for eight hours, we saw that we would be crammed in like sardines.  Digby’s attitude? Let’s have sardines for dinner. So we did. Digby don’t care.

When we realized that instead of a train coming thru our campsite every 15 minutes that now we were right in front of a 24 hour a day sawmill?  Digby?  He said he don’t care.  And when the next door camper’s little dog furkid barked for 2 hours straight?  Digby? He said he don’t care. And then when the persons went to take a shower at 10 pm and got locked out because it was too late?  Digby?  He said he don’t care.  They could smell as bad as him. And right about this time, we were all so tired that none of us cared.  About anything.


That is when Girl Person looked at Deputy Digby waiting for his frozen yogurt snack which was later than our 9:45 scheduled delivery, and she thanked him.  She told him that he made her realize what we all should be.  Happy to be alive.  Happy to be together.


We should be appreciative for what we have, and appreciative for what we don’t have.  Sometimes, family members are different, but it is our differences that make us whole.  And I balance out the happy…I’ll worry for everyone. That’s my job.


Speaking of balance, the following information may be of interest to you, although Digby don’t care.  Today, we are headed to the Crater Lake area of Oregon. This last part of our trip is a long one, and we are simply too tired to push it.  So.  For a few nights, we will be near Crater Lake National Park and then we will be headed to the Oregon coast where we will be visiting a rescue, probably early next week.  Then…after over 5 years of missing Sonoma, California, we will be starting our journey that way.  By August 16th, we will be near Sacramento. We will be taking a few days off there to collect our thoughts and rest.  Then.  Sonoma.  Stay tuned.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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I Guess I’ll Starve Then.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If you woke up hungry today, like me, you are hungry.

And if you are like me, well, nothing will help my hunger except a big ol’ stack of pancakes.  And maybe bacon.  And maybe another stack.  And another slice of bacon.  Is there ever enough?  It seems like I am starving all of the time.  Feed me and I am hungry five minutes later.  Food is just good y’all.  And that’s why I had no desire to go on the trail we went on yesterday.  None.


If there was ever a trail that I knew right away that I would not like, it was this one.


I mean, why would anyone choose to go on a trail with this name?

In touch with the ground
I’m on the hunt down I’m after you
Smell like I sound I’m lost in a crowd
And I’m hungry like the wolf

The only thing I could figure was that if we didn’t eat snacks on the trail that when we got to the end of the trail, there would be a giant stack of pancakes.  Or bacon. Or both.  A boy like me can work up an appetite walking to the fridge, but a trail really makes me starve.  So I decided that this must be the case.

Scent and a sound
I’m lost and I’m found
And I’m hungry like the wolf

I mean, Girl Person wouldn’t take me and Sheriff Brickle’s boney butt on a hike with no food…right?  Maybe this creek would be a reward for starving a mile.  Maybe there would be maple syrup flowing over its rocks.

Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I’m hungry like the wolf

Starvation creek. #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs #Oregon

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Well, we walked without food for what seemed like an eternity, like a mile, and when we rounded the corner, and I saw it, well, I knew I was in fact going to starve.  There was another Oregon waterfall.

Stalked in the forest too close to hide
I’ll be upon you by the moonlight side
Do do do do do do do dodo dododo dodo

And I have decided that I am now afraid of waterfalls, and well, I. Was. Out.

Just a random waterfall. #48states48rescues #Oregon #2travelingdogs

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I knew right then and there that even if there were pancakes and bacon tumbling down this mountain and into the creek, that I would starve. Starvation Creek?  Not. Fun.

Around every corner. #beauty #Oregon #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs

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Oregon may be full of beauty and scary waterfalls around every corner, but I have yet to find my tumbling pancakes and bacon over the edge with the maple syrup creek. Starvation Creek certainly lived up to its name.

Burning the ground I break from the crowd
I’m on the huntdown I’m after you
Scent and a sound
I’m lost and I’m found
And I’m hungry like the wolf

So Oregon?  It is time for us to leave this campground today.  We have other places to go where I don’t have to starve.  And yeah.  We are going to miss this train every 15 minutes.  Columbia River Gorge? It’s been fun.

Going to be so upset to leave this camp…😳 #every20minutes #alldayeveryday

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Where are we going today? Well, we don’t know.  First off, the grocery store.  And then, since we can’t find a campsite for the weekend, we may just drive to where we do find one.  I am going to have to eat plenty of pancakes today to make it through.  If you wanna come with us today, there will be a pancake check at the door.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Thanks Guys. For Doing…What You Do.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. If you have ever went beyond your comfort zone, you know that well…it’s not comfortable. It’s about as uncomfortable as Deputy Digby trying to squeeze into a pair of last summer’s jeans if he wore pants. Which he should. It’s about as uncomfortable as trying not to look at my gorgeousness. I see you by the way.


So yesterday, we decided to go to some areas in this Oregon place that were pretty, well, uncomfortable to go to, like a gorge. No, not like Digby gorging on pancakes, but a real gorge. We were kind of late in starting on the trail in the gorge. Why were we late again? First.  The train.  All day.  All night.  I cannot explain it.  It never stops.  But our sleep did.

Then,the persons spent all morning on the phone. Why? Well, we only have camping reservations until Friday here. And we wanted to to the Willamette Valley for wine, but there is nowhere anywhere around for us to stay. They won’t even make room for a Sheriff in a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  So we still have no place to go. But when you can’t try, try again. And when you try and still don’t succeed, it’s time to go hiking. In a gorge. Guess we will park on the side of the road Friday if we have to. This was worth letting our problems go. We will worry later.

Anyway, we got to the gorge, and let me just say it. There were too many people there. How many people we wondered had to go to a gorge? Being on the road for so long, we aren’t doing so well in crowds. And it was almost too much to handle, until Deputy Digby pooped right in the trail. That cleared our path.  The Deputy is good for some things.


So we took it all in.  The freezing water that is. And it was just breathtaking, literally.  In Oregon, it seems like there is an endless supply of waterfalls and hikes and nature at its finest.  The people here take advantage of all the activities there is to do. But there. Are. A lot. Of. People.

So after our hike in the gorge, we decided the only rational thing was to go where there was even more people, at a bridge and waterfall.

Until Deputy Digby had a panic attack.  We knew he was afraid of heights. But apparently, he is afraid of tall waterfalls too, even if he is low to the ground.  After wading our way through a gorge, it should have been easy to make our way thru a crowd of people, of kids, of other dogs, of people who didn’t like dogs and from people who were eating pizza.  Yes, I tried to steal a baby’s slice of pizza.  Yes, Digby tried to steal the same baby’s slice of pizza.  Yes, Digby almost tripped a big man person who yelled at him.  Yes, I tried to jump on a grandmother’s lap who was afraid of dogs and screamed.  And yes, Digby had a panic attack upon looking at the waterfall, and he pulled Boy Person down a flight of stairs trying to run for his life.  It. Was. Fun. Y’all.


Sometimes, your comfort zone seems like the rational place to be, not in a gorge or in a crowd of baby’s pizza slices.  But then I looked at the waterfall, and I knew that I had to see it, even if the Deputy couldn’t go.

So wonderfully amazing. #Oregon #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs

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I gazed upon it for a moment.  How did we get here I wondered.  How were we able to see all of these amazing things in our world?  How did two rescue dogs from the south, on our last hours in shelters get to enjoy these special hours with our persons? Other dogs were not so fortunate.  I had to appreciate it.  I had to look at this waterfall, even for Deputy Digby.  So as I looked, and contemplated life as a Sheriff always does, I walked back to Boy Person and Digby.  And he thought I had perished.  He is so overdramatic.

Through all of the crowds and unfortunate pizza slice misses, we were happy to have been able to see what our world is all about, and in the end, we were happy others were appreciating it too.  So as we went back to camp, and prepared for a restful evening, Girl Person thanked us for a hard day’s work as she always does.  But this time, she didn’t thank us for doing a good job.  She thanked us for doing…what we do.  And what we do might be annoying to parents trying to protect pizza.  What we do might be annoying to scared grandmas.  And what we do might even be annoying to everyone else.  But what we do is good enough for her, and always will be.  Wherever we are.  Wherever we go.

We aren’t thanking the train though.  That is another story.

All day. All night. #48states48rescues #2travelingdogs #Oregon #staaaptrain

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-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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At Least…

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days seem like they go on forever, especially if you are driving your house down the road in an unfamiliar place.  You would think that the persons would have this driving and camping thing down pat.  I don’t know who Pat is, but he isn’t helping us.  And he sure didn’t help us yesterday.

We thought that we only had about three hours to drive to the Columbia River area in Oregon.  Until we got stuck in a traffic jam five minutes later with no way to turn around.  You try backing up a rv with a car attached.  It’s like telling my booty to move over.  There ain’t no room.


After we got out of the traffic jam which I wish would have been strawberry jam, we got into the forest and winding roads.  Try driving a rv under low hanging Oregon trees.  There ain’t no room again.  At least we finally found our way out of the forest.  And right into a busy city called Portland with many people, many cars and no room for a rv or my booty, or Sheriff Brickle’s attitude.  But at least we finally got out of the city.  But we had no gas.  And we needed to stop.  And well, you can’t just pull into any gas station with this  Big Blue Treat Wagon Rv.  Well, at least we would be able find one right off the interstate.  Oh yeah, five tries and one hour extra later, we finally found one. And then the bank thought we were buying too much gas and we had to call the bank.  At least Oregon doesn’t let you pump your own gas. Cause you know…that would be annoying…

But at least we were almost to camp.  You know, that wonderful campground that the persons read about online.  After we couldn’t find any where to stay in this Oregon place, we thought we found the one.  Well, at least it would be quiet…IMG_2611.jpgOh, you know.  It is totally normal for a train to run right down the middle of a campground.  And more normal for it to plow through every hour.  At least we had a great spot in the campground.  Its not like it was near the smelly restroom or anything…IMG_2572And at least the showers weren’t prison showers…IMG_2570And at least we weren’t parked next to a dumpster.  I mean at leastIMG_2576

Plus, you know, it wasn’t dusty or anything.  At least…


So about this time, the persons were wondering what we could do to pull our day together.  The least we could do was give this part of Oregon a chance.  And then…


The biggest river we had ever seen appeared before us.  And it seemed like the day was worth all of the effort to get here.  It seemed like we would be able to pull ourselves together.  At least tomorrow, because we were ready for bed.  And yet…the train.

At least that doesn’t make Sheriff Brickle cranky or anything.  At. Least.

Stick with us fans, because we have lots of adventures still this week in Oregon, and a fun recipe you won’t want to miss live on Facebook Sunday!

-Deputy Digby Pancake


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