Loving Dogs Does Not Give Us An Excuse To Be Rude To Kids

I had a moment this week.  There we were, walking on a trail that we have walked down many times.  I know what time of the day to go to avoid the crowds…actually…the kids.


I have senior dogs who are a little slower, a little more cautious.  And in fact, I may be getting a little slower, and a lot more cautious about who approaches my boys.  Yes, my boys.  I call my dogs my boys.  Because.  They. Are. My. Boys.


As we were on the boardwalk, a mom with a baby was walking in the opposite direction.  On a boardwalk, there is no way to get off of it like a trail.  And Digby is afraid of boardwalks a bit and hugs the side.  So yeah.  I was trapped.  I knew my dogs and that they would simply rush past them, but I wanted the mom to have some space.  As I held their harnesses so that she could go by, she simply stopped and said, “are your dogs aggressive?”  And yes, it hurt.  It hurt very much.  I knew she had every right to ask me that with a baby.  But I also took offense to the tone and the fact that my dogs may have looked aggressive to her.  And I thought to myself.  Ugh.  Kids.  Why were they here?  Didn’t they know this was our trail this time of night?  Yeah.  I thought that.


Having traveled literally across the United States five times now, I understand that some people don’t like dogs, or that maybe they are afraid of dogs from a past experience.  And I respect that. I don’t like it.  But I respect it.


I also respect the other side, that there are those who may love dogs but not love kids…so much.  We all have a right to fulfillment, whether that be of parenting dogs or children.  However, that right does not give us an excuse to be rude to each other.  Yet, that is what I see happening.  And I have to wonder, when did this new way of treating others become acceptable?  When did a true division start between those with dogs and those with kids and disrespecting each other?

I have to think that perhaps each side believes that how they are choosing to fulfill themselves is not respected, or that it is devalued.  And when we think that others look down on us, we get a bit defensive.  I have.  Just like on that boardwalk.


I have heard it all.  “You aren’t a real parent.”  “Dog parents aren’t parents”.  “People that call themselves pet parents are mentally unstable”.  Yep.  I have also heard the other side.  “Kids are useless.”  “Kids take all of your money and leave you when they are older.”  And I am sure that you have heard similar sentiments. Maybe you have even said them.  I know I have thought of some myself.  Shocker.

But this week, as I got off of that boardwalk, I decided to truly look at myself a little more.  Why was I so irritated at kids lately?  Was it that little boy that decided to purposefully ride his bike into our path?  Was it the little girl that threw a stick at us from a bridge when we walked under it?  Or maybe it was that toddler that ran screaming at us under our picnic table.  Yes, yes.  That was really irritating.  But what did the other side look like?


Were the parents of those kids irritated with us because they wanted their kids to have those same trails to themselves too?  Were they irritated that dogs were sitting by where their kids were eating?  What were they thinking?  Was I being disrespected or disrespectful?  What was I so mad about?  Did loving dogs give me an excuse to be rude to kids?  The looks I was giving them were pretty rude.


And I thought a little more.  At one time in my life, I wanted kids.  I thought that I would have a big family.  My life took other turns.  Was I maybe a little jealous?  Was I putting myself down for things that did not come to be?  I was happy with my life and happier with my boys.  But  I felt a little devalued.  Yes.  I admit it.  And my anger and hurt were apparent.  Maybe not to anyone else, but I know my dogs felt it every time I pulled on their leash a little harder when kids walked by.


And then. Came. Jonah.  As we were walking along back to our car, hot and tired and a little mentally exhausted on my part, a kind boy came up to us.  With a gentle nature and an appreciation for dogs, his mom told us proudly how he fostered dogs and wanted his picture with Brickle and Digby.  And I have to say…I had a few tears. How was it at this moment we would meet Jonah?


Not only was Jonah kind, but his mom was too.  We showed mutual respect and admiration for each other, and in that five minutes, Jonah and his mom proved it.  We have to be…we must be…kind!  Kind to each other, respect others and in turn we will get that back.


Life is hard for everyone, whether you have kids or dogs.  We all rush around, trying to protect our own families that we love.  We all seem to be a little grouchy and not even have the time to be kind.  Actually, being rude seems to come easier, doesn’t it?  And this is not good for us, our dogs, or kids.  We have no right to judge others for how they love.  We have no right to judge others for who makes up their family.  For me, when I see people who love kids and dogs…well…I applaud you too!  Your love knows no bounds.


But we can’t expect others to be kind until we ourselves are kind.  Will some days it be super hard?  You know it.  But we have to just let it go!

The next time you find an excuse to get irritated with a parent who is not the same kind of parent that you are…think of Jonah.  Think of Brickle and Digby.  And realize that they have no problems with each other.  It’s us.

-Rachael Johnson, Owner and Girl Person of 2 Traveling Dogs

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Who Is On The Other Side Of The No Trespassing Sign?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If I had a word to describe this week, I would say pancake.  But I would use that word for last week.  And the week before that.  And the week before that.  That word is always appropriate as an adjective, although Girl Person says it is a noun.  Well, not if you use “pancakey week” in a sentence.  That’s that in a pancakey nutshell.  See?  I did it again.

When I wake up in the morning, love
And the sunlight hurts my eyes

But on our hikes this week, it seems that we ran into a lot of signs that forced me to change my word of the week to “no trespassing”. Yes, that is two words. But since the grammar police aren’t here right now, and only the Sheriff, I get a pass. I obviously can write and I can read, but oftentimes, I don’t want to read any signs.  Because it is not like I am going to do what they say anyways.

When the day that lies ahead of me
Seems impossible to face
When someone else instead of me
Always seems to know the way


If there was a sign that said “free pancakes” I would certainly stop and obey.  But a “no trespassing” sign?  I see no point in persons putting these things up everywhere.  They all think that they have to keep other people out from around them.  And although I understand protecting wildlife, I don’t understand the imaginary fences and signs that all persons seem to carry with them wherever they are.  It is like no one even sees anyone else.  They just walk and walk and walk going nowhere with their heads down.  They don’t say hello or smile.  Even a dog can smile.

😎🎼🎸Sound on for a midweek #DrivingWithDigby.

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And this, in my observation, makes persons very lonely sometimes with their signs.

You know, if something makes me sad, I change it.  If something makes me lonely, I change it.  But persons seem to think that things will just change without them making any effort.  And even us, when we were on the trail this week, got caught up in work assignments and problems.  Well, that was Girl Person.  Not us.

And something without warning, love
Bears heavy on my mind


But as we do every night, rain or shine, we took a walk in the woods.  And we stopped and we went down to the river.  We were stressed, and the river was a sign.  Not a “no trespassing” sign, but a “come and look at me for awhile” sign.

But even though we sat there for awhile, when we got back on the trail, I could tell that Girl Person hadn’t really left her stress there.  She was looking down.  And that’s a bad sign no matter how you read it.  Her “no trespassing sign” was back up.  Until.  A voice from the woods.

IMG_0788.jpgSomeone else was trying to talk to us.  Yes.  Us.  Even though Girl Person was looking down, we were hot and tired, and our day had been long, someone was trying…to talk to us.  Despite all that.  Apparently, they were ignoring our “no trespassing sign” and coming over anyway. Out came Jonah and his mom person.

Photo Cred @urban.wilderness.yoga

It is not often that the Sheriff lets down his guard.  But here came Jonah, with kindness all around him like syrup on a pancake.  And butter.  Lots of butter.  And his mom told us how Jonah loved dogs, how they were fostering a dog, how he had become a Junior Ranger that day, and how much he loved us.  And as we listened, and Girl Person looked up to put away her sign, I knew it.  There were no boundaries here.  There were persons, and kindness and no fences.  Whatever had happened in everyone’s day, well, a boy named Jonah had taken down their “no trespassing” signs. This was living.  This was what life should be.  Not ignoring everyone, but acknowledging everyone.  And even though five minutes on the trail went by fast, Jonah left an impression on us like when your fork slides onto the pancake.  He would do great things in life because his kindness took down all signs.

Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely day
A lovely day

When we are hiking like this morning, we heard wild pigs in the woods.  We heard snakes slithering away and we heard squirrels in the trees.  Some of this could make us wonder why they were there. Or make us think that we deserved to be there more than they did. But who really are the ones trespassing?  You see, life isn’t about signs and fences and blocking everyone else out to make ourselves happier.  Because that doesn’t make anyone happier in the long run.  Every day is a lovely day and when you realize that life takes us all, and that we all deserve to be here, maybe your sign will read differently, maybe you will be a little kinder like Jonah, and maybe…just maybe…we will end up taking down all the “no trespassing” signs.

When we drove home from our hike, Girl Person asked us to remember Jonah…no matter what state we were in or where we were.

She said Jonah is an example to kids without fur that they can help animals, be kind, and make a difference.  And he made a difference for us.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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The Story Of The Wild Kites

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  When I think that I have seen it all, well, I see more.  Kind of like when I think that I can’t get any more handsome, I get more handsome. Alas, I have said that before, but it rings even more true than yesterday and bears repeating.


Such is life.  You think that there is nothing more to surprise you, especially if you have been in one spot for a long time.  But as we were hiking yesterday and looking down, there were two man persons with giant binoculars looking up.  And in fact, they were blocking our way on the trail.


It is easy to get irritated right away at some persons.  I mean, here they were, all oblivious to the fact that we needed to get by and that Deputy Digby could pee on their giant binoculars at any moment.  They were oblivious to the fact that you must pull over for law enforcement like us.  They were also oblivious to the fact that we were even there.  And well.  That was obviously irritating to me.


But as shocking at this was, it did not prepare us for what we were about to see.  Girl Person interrupted their obliviousness and asked them what they were looking at.  What was so great up there?  They were real taken with whatever it was.  Was it a balloon?  Like a hot air balloon we saw in that New Mexico place?

Would you like to ride on my beautiful balloon?

Now, I may have never flown a kite or even wanted to.

But I did not know that there were kites, and then there were wild kites.  The obvious question that needed to be asked to the man persons with the giant binoculars was should we be afraid of these wild kites?  Did they need to be arrested, and should I be running when I throw the kite cuffs at them?  They were making crazy noises and I did not think that kites made noises.  They were eating other things, and I had never seen a kite eat nothin’.

Girl Person said that she had never heard of a wild kite even though she had lived in this Florida place for awhile.  She said that here they were, flying all around like they owned the place.  I saw them up there.  But then I wondered.  Who in the world was holding their strings? These wild kites?  Whoever it was must be a stalker.  A scary stalker to look down on everyone.  Or look up….it was the man persons with the giant binoculars!

Here these binocular monsters were pretending to be looking up, when in fact, they were looking down and watching us with their wild kites and blocking the trail.  They. Were. After. My. Handsome.


I know when someone is sweet talking me to get something.  And that is what they were doing.  Being all nice, and explaining about the wild kites, when they wanted to stalk my handsome.  And there is no binocular big enough for that, my friends.  Bird watchers are not equipped for handsome watchers when I am in town.  And Florida place?  I am in town.

The man persons with the binoculars asked Girl Person if she wanted to take a look.  And I was waiting for her answer.  I knew if she looked, up she would go, holding on to a kite string for all it was worth.

But Girl Person looked at me, and she knew how to answer.  I may be the Sheriff, all full of justice and stuff, but I am a protector too.  And I did not trust these man persons with giant binoculars in any sort of way.  So Girl Person kindly thanked them and said she was in a rush, and on we went.  As Deputy Digby peed on the giant binoculars on the way out.

You see, when my handsome is in danger from wild kites, it is time to move on.  A wild kite..the stalker kind will now be on my list.  The wild kites will be on watch.  And the wild kites.  Are.  Arrested.

So next time you look up and see something you may not have noticed before, I have a few recommendations.  First, make sure you are not being stalked..whether it is from a balloon, an alien spaceship, or a kite.  Or a wild kite.  Then, once you have ruled those things out, look at them again.  See them in a way you may not have before.  And think.  Are you looking at them, or are they looking at you? Maybe they have seen us walking by before.  But maybe today is the day that they want to watch you.  We are all on this earth together, and we are all important.  You play a part in how it goes round whether you know it or not.  Make what you are doing and how you are living worth watching.  You don’t need binoculars for that.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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I’ll Take Taxes And Cat Poop For $100, Alex

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some things you have to think about.  Some things you just do.  Some things you think about doing.  Some things you do while thinking.

But when your Girl Person is doing something called taxes, and digging for money and receipts and papers, papers, papers,  it is only appropriate that I put myself to good use.  I mean, if she is digging in taxes, I may have to get her out.  Alex?  I will take Taxes and Cat Poop for $100, please.

You see, here in this Florida place at Memaw Macaw’s house, there is not much to do except listen to yourself talk if Memaw Macaw is quiet for a moment.  But since that only happens when she goes to sleep, it gets pretty boring.

Sheriff Brickle isn’t complaining because he is working on his handsome.

True love. #hellomrsrobinson

A post shared by 2TravelingDogs (@2travelingdogs) on

But with not a lot to do, that means I get to contemplate and think a lot of things to do.  And I figured that I could actually help with the taxes and digging up stuff.  Tommy the cat thought he could help as well, but instead of digging out of taxes, he buried cat poop.  All.  Over.  The.  Yard.  Obviously, he is not an accountant, but an accountcat.  And my thinking of how to keep myself busy while Girl Person digs out of taxes paid off.  In cat poop.  What kind of deduction should that be listed under?


Girl Person didn’t think that my helpfulness and quick answers to her tax dilemmas were helping.  In fact, she kept telling me I had wrong answers.  That my calculations were incorrect.  And that I need to pick another category.  Like Brushing Teeth and Baths For $200, Alex.  I don’t know that category, Girl Person.

You see, in my professional opinion, taxes are just one of the craziest things ever.  You get paid in papers, you shuffle the papers, you file the papers and you work for more papers.  You turn in a paper, mail the paper and then collect more papers.  And you never seem to dig yourself out of that hole.  It is quite logical to me that instead of burying papers to dig yourself out of at tax time, that cat poop is much better.  Yet, Girl Person says that if she mailed that on April 17th, she may get in more trouble.  I always say that if you are looking for trouble, you’ve came to the right place.  Also, if you are looking for cat poop, you came to the right place as well.

I pretty much think that persons can get caught up in less important things than cat poop.  They think that the more papers they have, the more important they are.   Although I think that cat poop may not be everyone’s favorite category, I do think that you may need to dig yourself out of something too.  I think that if you are a person, it is easy to worry about all the stuff you seem to worry about…like taxes. More poop in the dirt means less to scoop.  So bury what you need to to be happy and quit with the papers. If cat poop can appear like magic, imagine what else is out there for you to find other than papers and taxes.

Tommy the cat, the accountcat, concluded that the amount of deductions Girl Person needed were buried indeed.  And you know that I will find them.  And that my friends is my final answer.  But I still don’t know who Alex is.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Sea Cows Have No Butter

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  If there was ever a time that I was confused, well, it would be that time.  Yet, since I can’t tell time, I will tell you that it is always pancake o’clock.  And if you are in that Florida place, and you are looking for butter for your pancakes at pancake o’clock, well, you are out of luck.  If you ask a sea cow.


I will tell you.  There are many times where butter may be optional.  There may be many times when butter is an afterthought, you know, like when you have cornbread. Or a biscuit.  Or toast.  Toast and jam.  Not toast and butter.  That is not what the song says.

But pancakes.  Pancakes must have syrup.  And pancakes must have butter.  And I know where butter comes from.  I know that cows make milk, and milk makes butter.  So when we headed to a place in Florida yesterday that had a bunch of sea cows, I knew to bring my pancakes along in Girl Person’s backpack. I was ready!


I knew that butter would be everywhere.  In fact, I rightly imagined that even the water would be made of butter and syrup together, all melted from the Florida heat.

IMG_0658.JPGBut I rightly imagined wrongly. Dern. Sea cows.

Now, I know cows.  I am well traveled, and I have heard cows moo in Texas.  I have heard cows moo in Oklahoma.  I have heard cows moo in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. I have heard cows moo in California.  Should I go on?

A cow is a cow.  But apparently in that Florida place, sea cows don’t moo even though they move so slow that they would have plenty of time for that.  They don’t run across green fields of grass, but they eat seaweed.  And instead of butter?  They have no. Butter.  No. Butter.  Y’all.

Girl Person says that if they prefer to put no butter on their pancakes, that is their decision.  Well, I am not one to tell someone how to eat their pancakes, but I am.


However, as I stood near a giant sea cow that had somehow made its way out of the sea onto a Florida roadside attraction, I thought about it a minute.  It was pancake o’clock, after all.


Here I was, all worried that the sea cows had no butter.  But since butter is a must on pancakes, that just meant that no one around here could partake in a stack..because there was no butter…which left more for me.  I could get. All. The. Pancakes.  And then, the sea cows could do what they do best.  Churn their fake butter for cornbread.  Cause no one needs to put that on pancakes.


Girl Person says that sea cows may have no butter, but that they are beautiful.  She says that they may not have time to make real butter because they have to steer clear of speeding boats and persons that don’t care about sea cows. She says that all manatees usually have scars where boats have hit them, and if persons don’t slow down, there won’t be any left.  And that my friends is a shame.  Even if they don’t make butter.

So as we left the sea cows to come back to the Big Blue Treat Wagon, I may have brought my pancakes back home without butter.  But I also brought back some new friends in my heart.  You see, we all are like the sea cows a little bit.  We have a lot of things that can harm us during the day.  But if we slow down and go with the current, we will see more.  We will be more…of ourselves. Others will always expect something out of us that we are not, like I expected the sea cows to have butter.  But we are who we are…each one of us.  Go a little slower to churn up the real you.  But you’ll have to bring your own butter. There ain’t none around here.

-Deputy Digby Pancake (with butter)

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A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Have you ever wondered about something?  Like, how did I get so handsome?  Or how can a dog look as good as I do?  Or will there ever be a mirror strong enough to handle my reflection?  I myself have wondered those things, but I also wonder about other things as well.  Like Spanish Moss hanging in the trees in this Florida place.

There is so much moss here that it is hard to keep ignoring it. We have looked up in the trees many times, and have seen this fancy, schmancy tree decoration.  But as Girl Person has told me many times, there are things that we see every day that we don’t appreciate.  And this is the case with Spanish Moss.  Which in fact is not moss.  But it is something called a bromeliad.  Like a pineapple, with flowering parts.  And this blew my mind.  Why was I not privy to this information?  It was a lightbulb moment with moss instead.


Something else I learned? Spanish Moss is not from Spain.  It also doesn’t hurt the trees generally that it grows on. It just hangs around, being a mossy moss, all moss like.


And I had to keep thinking about this, and I wondered.  Were the trees that it was hanging on more beautiful?  I thought that they were.  It was like the taller the trees, the more moss. With the older trees came a sense of distinction. You know, like me.

They held a sense of pride, as the moss blew in the wind.  But I knew that in each tree, the moss held more than snakes and bats and bugs.  Yes, they held part of that tree’s thoughts and feelings and and history.


And I wondered.  What was growing on me?  Was I letting anything grow on me? Besides getting more handsome, that is.  Girl Person says that a rolling stone gathers no moss.  Because it is moving all of the time.  And I thought about that too.  It is dangerous when I get to thinking.  But you see, the longer that we have been sitting still, it seems the more we notice.  It seems the more we appreciate things.  We are letting things grow on us and we are letting things nourish us.  Like the Spanish Moss does to the trees.  It is good to travel and it is good to move along.  But sometimes, you can go too fast.  Sometimes, you need to have a little moss on you.  Maybe you have some on you too if you have been growing a long time like the trees.  If so, what is growing on you in that moss?  What thoughts and feelings do you have hanging around?


In this Florida place, there are many storms.

Sometimes, the storms are so strong that even I want to hide…to protect my handsome of course.  But sometimes, the storms here blow that moss right out of the trees…moss that has been there for so long.  And that’s ok too.  Because in its place comes new moss and a chance to hang on to new memories.  So if you have been around a long time, maybe even longer than me, try some new moss on for size if the storms of life get you down.  We can do it together I think.

The Adventure Of A Lifetime may be over.  But more adventures are still to come.  We just have to build a little moss on our branches before we venture out again.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Pawcast Podcast #14 Maine

Things are never boring on the Adventure Of A Lifetime! Girl Person and Boy Person discuss our travels thru Maine, breaking down and pie.  Blueberry.  Pie.

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As Long As You Buy It, Nothing Will Change

This week, we attended the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida as press.  The Global Pet Expo isn’t just any trade show.  It is the largest in the world.  What happens at this expo?  It is not open to the general public, but only to manufacturers and buyers.  With over 3,400 booths this year, you can imagine that it was overwhelming.  But for us, it was also eye opening.


We have been on both sides of this industry, as I have mentioned before.  We exhibited at this expo with our “cook for your dog” treat mixes.  And obviously, since we are not exhibiting now, you know that our treat business did not succeed as we had hoped for.  I have also mentioned previously that it was my hopes then, and my hopes now, that consumers would change and start to realize that extra effort in making their dogs’ food was worth it.  But that time has not happened.  Yet.


It was my goal this week to really survey the options available out there to all of you.  With our large social media following, I don’t take the influence we have lightly. And I want you to know, from the inside of the industry, how we all have a part in changing it for the better.


One of the most disappointing facts to me in this industry should have been obvious to me right from the start…years ago.  Since I started our cooking line due to my dogs’ needs, I assumed that everyone in the industry, well, they at least would have a dog.  Right? Or a pet.  And every company really cared…right?  I mean, the commercials, the love in marketing and advertisements.  Oh, so much love.  I was simply wrong.  This was a business.  A pet industry.  And as I walked into that show this week, I was different.  I had a different agenda.  I was ready to see if changes were being made for the better.  Would there be more great products out there?  Would the recent recalls of certain companies keep buyers away from their booths?

The short answer? Nope. And I suppose that you could stop reading right here.  These companies with recalls had puppies in their booths like every year.  They had cute pictures and buyers in line.  And I almost walked right out.  Because I knew it in my heart.  As long as we, as consumers, kept buying this stuff, well, they would be here every year.  It was as simple as that.  And consumers? They are still buying this stuff.

But I wanted to observe.  Sure, I could interview these company reps and hear the excuses.  But I didn’t need to and honestly, I didn’t want to.  I had heard them all before.  Instead, I made it my aim to showcase a few companies to you that I was impressed with.  These companies are fighting a battle to bring to you good products.  These companies may be smaller, but if we as consumers support them, perhaps one day, and I emphasize perhaps, they can join together to outnumber the corporate mentality of feeding and caring for our dogs and pets.  But it is going to take work on our part.  It is also going to take us, joining together and using our power as a group and our voices as a group to be heard.

Jones Natural Chews


Jones came out this year with two organic treat options for dogs.  And you know how we feel about organic!



Their chews were the first treat we bought for Peanut Butter Brickle as a puppy, so they are near and dear to our hearts.  What I liked about them was that the Jones family was in the booth! They had six generations of family that worked in this company and their safety standards also impressed me.

Pet Releaf


We were contacted by Shelby at Pet Releaf to stop by their booth.  She simply wanted to tell us thank you for our rescue work, but it was us who was thanking her when we left.  Pet Releaf is an organic line of oils and treats. We were interested in learning more about them because of Brickle’s anxiety issues.  Pet Releaf is the premier provider of CBD oil for pets.


They offer organic Pet CBD Products such as oils, topical creams and edibles for both cats and dogs.  We think that their products will be very valuable to senior dogs, and we can’t wait to try out their items and report back to you.

Outback Tails


Bedding is easy to come by, but often they are toxic and mass produced.  We like Outback Tails because they have a commitment to helping the environment and supporting their communities.  10% of the proceeds from the sale of all products on this store go back to the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation. Oh, and they have some really cute, natural toys as well.


Lord Jameson Organic Dog Treats


When we walked by their booth, we saw the word organic and had to stop.  Not only do they have great products, but a portion of every sale goes to charities that help dogs and people.  Brickle and Digby loved their treats!

Many of our fans asked about dog food, and inquired if we found a good kibble.  As you know, we promote making your dog’s food. We realize that dog food is necessary for many, but for us, our beliefs will not allow us to recommend any brand of kibble.  We do tell our fans that if you do not have time or the resources to cook for your dog, check out the premixes available from Dr. Harvey’s, Honest Kitchen or SoJos.

It would be easy for us to go down a list and tell you what you should buy.  But part of your responsibility as a good pet parent is not even taking our word for it.  Do your own research, know your dog and consult a vet.  You see, we all know our dogs the best.  But we don’t know the people behind these big companies.  That should be the first red flag.  If people running the companies are not available to you or known, then why are you entrusting them with the most important factor behind how long your dog lives?

Until we demand a change, this expo and others like it will be held every year with more booths of corporations than people who care.  But we can change it.   It starts today.


As I accepted an award this year from the industry as one of the 2018 Women Of Influence, I wondered how I could influence you, our friends and fans to think about the part we play in changing the world of your animals.

I thought about how OUR influence together could change the world!


And it will only be with your support of animal rescue and the people doing the work around the world, that we can keep doing what we do.  And we thank you.  This was your award too.  We don’t take our privilege for granted in being a voice for animals on social media.  And you are part of that.  Let’s change the industry together. It means the life of not only our pets, but all pets.

-Rachael Johnson, Owner and Girl Person of 2 Traveling Dogs

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You Otter Know That You Are Deer To Me

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  A busy week is a good week, Girl Person says.  From meeting old friends, to playing at doggy daycare at Aunt Nikole’s house, and the persons’ trip to work while giving us a little vacation…it was so busy I didn’t know which end was up as Granny Person used to say.

It’s funny.  Sometimes, you get tired of the same boring routine every day.  But when that routine is thrown off like a good attitude on Sheriff Brickle, you miss it.


And so when we got to go hiking again yesterday and look forward to eggies at breakfast, we were beyond excited to get back to boring.  But as with any day, you never know what you’re gonna get.

We had walked down this same path about twenty times in the past two weeks.  We have come across alligators.  We have come across raccoons and rabbits.  We have come across mice and alligator birds.  But yesterday, we otter have known that there were more party animals out here wanting to say hello.

I was tired from daycare, and my mind was on breakfast. Girl Person’s mind was on sleep and more coffee.  But the otters only had one thing on their mind.  When we saw the two otters running across our path?  It woke us up.  You see, when Pappy Person was around, he used to tell us that otters could be mean.  Otters could “tear your butt up”.  And when your butt is in danger of being torn up, you think about that, and you try to kick butt and run.  And the cuter the otter is, the faster you better run.

I got so excited about saving my butt that I started panting so much Girl Person told us we had better stop running and look behind our butts to make sure that they were gone. Not our butts.  The otters.

When we were sure the swamp was clear, Girl Person told us that this was supposed to be a restful, boring day.  And that we needed to get back to that.  But as we made our way down the path a little further, oh deer, oh deer.  There they were, almost jumping straight into our tired butts.  About twenty deer being giant.  As they ran into the swamp and the woods, I had to wonder.  When was breakfast?  I also had to wonder.  The next time we walked this path, would it be the same story?

You see, we all have things that we do everyday and roads that we take.  But often, we don’t seem to remember that the things along those roads and those paths will change some day.  When we stop noticing, that is when we forget that there is someone out there who has never been on that road.  There is someone out there that has never been on that path.  How would they see it?


We have to admit.  After traveling so much, when we slowed down here in this Florida place, we started to take it for granted.  But the butt chasing otters and the Oh Dear Deers really forced us to stop and remember as Girl Person’s butt hit the ground dragging us through the swamp.  They were saying “welcome back.  But you aren’t paying attention to us”.  We are going to make you stop.  Or run.  Either one.

As I found a new pile of alligator poop to roll in as Girl Person was getting swamp water out of her shoes, I knew it.  Not only was it good to be back.  It was good to remember.  It was good to take notice.  And it was good that the otters didn’t catch us.  My butt is too cute to be torn up.

What path do you travel every day?  Do you know what someone new to it would notice?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Our friends at Jones Natural Chews are giving away a year’s worth of free treats! They also have released their new line with organic options, and you know we love that.


We visited them at the Global Pet Expo this week in Orlando, Florida.  Find out how you can enter below by watching our interview! #sponsored



Seasons In The Sun

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It has taken me a few days to write about my Monday of this week.  Because it took me a few days to collect myself.

When all the birds are singing in the sky
Now that spring is in the air
Pretty girls are everywhere
Think of me and I’ll be there


Spending time in this Florida place has given us a chance to see friends and family.  Like Beasley Anne.  Girl Person has a cousin person named Wendy “with an e”.  Beasley Anne is Anne “with an e” too.

And so Wendy Person and Beasley Anne were on our list to see while here in this Florida place.  Without an e.  Cause that would be weird.

IMG_0273.JPGIt felt like we had just been with Beasley Anne “with an e” watching Anne of Green Gables and eating deviled eggs.  But truth be told, and I always tell the truth, it has been many seasons since we were with each other.  Over a year had went by, in fact.

Together we’ve climbed hills and trees
Learned of love and ABC’s
Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees

I know that I grew handsomer in this time.  Deputy Digby had got a little more gray.  And Beasley Anne “with an e”? She had gotten a lot more beautiful.


So beautiful in fact, that I wondered why anyone would have let her go.  So wonderful in fact that I could barely think of what would have happened to her if she had not been rescued from that kill shelter in Miami, Florida.  I shuddered to think. But I only let myself think about it for a minute.  I didn’t want any time wasted.  I didn’t want to waste any seasons with her thinking about the past.

We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed
Were just seasons out of time


As we went hiking, we talked a little bit about the past year and all of the adventures that we had been on and the rescues we had visited.  I briefed her on that.  But she had news too. She told me that Wendy Cousin Person was going to have another little person.  That the little person was hiking with us too.  I didn’t see him, but I knew he was there.  And I wondered.  And I thought about it.  And although we were excited, Girl Person told Wendy Cousin Person that she wished she was having a puppy.  They all laughed because it was a joke.  If dogs could laugh, we would, but instead, Beasley Anne “with an e” told me that she was a little excited about it, and in just a few seasons, her life would change.  Seasons do that I suppose.

Now that the spring is in the air
Little children everywhere
When you see them, I’ll be there

Sometimes seasons can bring flowers and life.  Sometimes, seasons can bring cold and hard weather.  But one thing is for sure, another season will come after it and you don’t know what will change.  For us, we saw many things on our adventure.  But the seasons and the days flew by.  When we got back to this Florida place, in some ways, it felt like time had stood still.  But when we all looked at each other, I knew that was not the case.


You gave me love and helped me find the sun
And every time that I was down
You would always come around
And get my feet back on the ground


I had thought of Beasley Anne “with an e” often on our trip.  Because to me, she made me think of all of the other furkids out there in shelters that were never able to tell someone how to spell their name.  She made me think of all the furkids that never got to travel or watch a movie and eat deviled eggs.  She made me think of all the furkids that never were given a chance to be part of a family.


But I had two choices that Monday.  Which in fact was why it took me so long to write this blog.  I could either choose to focus on all of the animals that were not helped.  Or I could focus on Beasley Anne “with an e” who was helped.  And that is what I decided to do.  The seasons were too short to do anything else.

So as we went on our hike and went to a winery for lunch and walked among the vineyards in the Florida sunshiney, I made it a point to freeze this moment in my mind.  I wanted to remember the sunshiney and the way that Beasley Anne “with an e” had come into our lives.

We had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song
Like the seasons have all gone

Because the next time I see her, her life will be changed by the addition of a little person.  The next time I see her, the season will be different.  And the next time I see her, I will be handsomer.  That is just a fact.


If days now are spent being sad about days gone by, you miss what is right in front of you.  Even if it wonderful.  Even if it is beautiful.  Don’t do that.  Being your best requires you think about the best parts of your life and appreciate them.

“It’s not what the world holds for you.  It’s what you bring to it.” -Anne of Green Gables 

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle