Wish You Were Here

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Today is it. Today is the last day for us in this Grand Canyon place. You know that I am happy about that. If I never have to look over into that black hole again, it will be a day too soon. I don’t care if Sheriff Brickle changed my name to Fred this week in order to protect my identity, and therefore arrest me since I arrested the Grand Canyon.


That is behind me now. And I will leave the ohs and ahhhs and appreciation to the persons. They can love this place as much as they want to.

But we are on our way to a Nevada place, the #42 state on our Adventure Of A Lifetime today. At least we are going to start heading that way. We will get half way today and then start driving again on Monday. It is going to take awhile to get there. But every mile brings me further and further away from this scary place. Goodbye Grand Canyon. It was real. Real scary. And there are no pancakes in that big hole, just a big ol’ plate of terror.


At each and every place that we have went to on this trip, the persons remark that they wish some of their family or friends could experience it too. They often think about how their grandparents would have liked certain things about it. They often think about how some of their past furkids would have liked the places that they were exploring. Or even how some of our fans would like to be there too. It is true that half the fun of seeing a new place is telling others about it. I know I feel like that when I have an excellent plate of pancakes that was better than the last. I want to tell others about it so that I can get more.

It is true that even small things in our day are worth telling people we love about them. Because tomorrow, you may not be able to tell them. Girl Person misses her Granny Person every day. She often goes to call her and realizes that she cannot anymore. She misses how she would have worried about us being at the Grand Canyon. She misses how much she would have liked that elk that we saw at the campground.


She also misses her even when she does the laundry. So although it doesn’t take a special place like the Grand Canyon to miss her, it makes her miss her more.


So if you have someone that you love telling your day’s adventures or lack of adventures to, don’t take it for granted. It is certainly as special as the Grand Canyon to have a someone you can talk to.

And so for everyone who wishes that they could have been with us this week at this place considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, we hope you will still want to be with us when we visit an unknown forest. Or a random trail. Because every day is special when you can share it with the ones you love. And when you tell them about your day, make sure you tell them that they are special too. And for those fans that we love, make sure you look below this blog today. We have a special gift for three fans. We love you all.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Guilty

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Grand Canyon? Yesterday, Deputy Digby arrested you. And I allowed him to do so. Why? Because there were so many other things that I needed and wanted to arrest here. And I had to save my energy. Even at the beginning of the week, it took all of my energy to arrest a fellow camper. And as the title of this blog puts it, we have changed the names of the guilty.

As we were leaving Sedona at the beginning of the week, we had a fellow camper ask Girl Person to let their dogs out while they were gone. Seems as though one of the fellow camper’s dogs was not feeling well…named…R2D2. Well, of course she would. But sometimes, Girl Person does stuff without thinking, and this time she did not think. Even though she thought she was good with dogs, it did not occur to her that not all dogs know her. And her going into a camper with a dog from Stars Wars didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Until R2D2 tried to bite her. And then succeeded. Five times.  I though R2D2 was supposed to save the day. Not ruin the day.

As Girl Person finally left the stranger’s camper after giving up and not being able to call Hans Solo…because we had no cell service, she felt defeated.  Her pride was hurt over a robot dog not liking her. She should have put her hair in buns like Princess Leia but her hair ain’t even like that on a shampoo day.  However. She still was concerned for the dogs as they could not go to the bathroom and try to bite other people. So she drove with her hurt hand and dirty hair to a place she could call the stranger camper to tell her she could not put a leash on R2D2. And as she was doing so, the arrest report was written with the real name of the guilty which I will not disclose here, and an arrest was made. And little did I know, that was only the start of the arrests for the week. Lesson learned, Girl Person? Don’t do that again.  You know…try to let a strange R2D2 dog out.

As you heard, from Deputy Digby’s own, dirty mouth yesterday, he is afraid of heights and the Grand Canyon was arrested by him…Fred. Yes, I have changed Digby’s name to Fred. I allowed him to do this arrest, because I have never saw him so afraid of something other than a bath. But as he arrested the Grand Canyon, he had to be arrested to for causing a scene as everyone looked at us and laughed at poor Fred.

Seems as though a lot of his behavior issues could be taken care of by a dog trainer dressed as the Grand Canyon. And I probably would recommend that to others as well.

Even after such a big arrest as R2D2, Fred and the Grand Canyon, it became apparent yesterday afternoon that another arrest was to be made. Summary of arrest for the last report so far this week? Girl Person’s pants tore. Drug store shoes with hole in them now. And an elk who did not pay for his camping spot, attempted to scare us out of ours, chased after us, Girl Person tried to protect us by falling on us and he ultimately ran the other way. Elk?

I did not change your name for this report because I do not know your last name and therefore am not giving away your full identity. Anyway, you are now on the run, and I hope that at least until Friday, you keep running. The next time I want Girl Person falling on us is never.

I am tired now. Trying to protect the guilty’s identity is pretty much not what I do. When you are guilty…well, the punishment must fit the crime. And the only punishment I know is to not grace you with my handsome after Friday, except for Fred, who just has to live with it. That is punishment enough for anyone. Harsh? I think so. But as Sheriff, I have to uphold the law. Even at the Grand Canyon.

Everyone? At the end of tomorrow’s blog, we have a really big giveaway for three of our fans from 4-Legger who makes organic dog shampoo. It is the only shampoo we use, and we want you to win some. Come back tomorrow…or….you will be arrested too. Just ask R2D2, Fred, the Grand Canyon and Elk with no last name.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Grand Canyon? You. Are. Arrested.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Let me tell you one thing before your day gets started, or let me tell you one thing at the middle of your day, or let me tell you one thing at the end of your day. The Grand Canyon thing is scary, folks. And I really don’t want any part of it. I don’t care if it was Girl Person’s dream to see this place with me and Sheriff Brickle. I don’t care if there are pancakes in that canyon. And I can sure tell you that I don’t care if there is maple syrup to go with those pancakes in that canyon. I am outta here.

No words. #2travelingdogs #grandcanyon

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It’s been said that Sheriff Brickle is not afraid of anything except losing his handsome. And I have said that is good. Because he can be not afraid of this canyon for the both of us.


The persons and Sheriff Brickle says that the canyon is beautiful, and many people only dream of seeing it in their lifetime. Well, I suggest you go back to sleep and not come here, because it is something that will scare the pants off of you, if you like to wear pants. If I would have had pants yesterday, they would have been blown off along with my dignity.


Sure, I see why people like to gaze out into the vast openness where trees look like bushes and mountains look like anthills. Even if I knew there were pancakes in that Grand Canyon, I wouldn’t be able to see them from up here. And that my friends made it abundantly clear to me yesterday. Grand Canyon? As Deputy, it pains me to say it. You. Are. Arrested.


Some things I feel are meant to be appreciated from afar. Like Sheriff Brickle’s handsome. Some things are meant to be appreciated from up close like dead things to roll in. And if I never see you again, I will remember how your wind almost blew my pancake butt over. Well, not really, but you wanted to.  Yes, on this trip, I feel I have been everywhere, man.  But I didn’t ask for this.

Grand Canyon? Your beauty is breathtaking. Kinda like when you put too many pancakes in your mouth. Your presence is something that I will never forget. I didn’t know that I was afraid of heights until now.  I’ve been everywhere, man.  But I won’t be back here.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Grand Canyon of Arizona! Yes, I know we have been in this Arizona place for over a week now. But if I have to explain to you again why we are taking so long in each state…well. You. Are. Arrested. Big states. Big distances. And tired bodies! That is just the way it is.  Plus, if we want to see something really special to us, or take it easy for a few days, we are gonna do it.  Sheriff’s orders. My orders.

We left that Florida place last May, and one of the places that Girl Person was looking forward to visiting the most on this trip was the Grand Canyon. She told us that she dreamed of taking a picture with us here. And although we just got here, we already can tell that this is somewhere special indeed. Have we saw the canyon yet? No. But it is kinda like if you have not seen me in person, you still know I am awesome. Yes. It is kinda like that.

Sometimes, someone else’s excitement makes you realize that something is special because you see it through their eyes. Have I ever thought about going to the Grand Canyon? Can’t say as I have, unless that canyon was filled with peanut butter cookies, and I don’t think it is. So no.

But since Girl Person is so excited about it, wow. It must be awesome, because she wants to see it with us. I notice that her favorite things are the things that she can do with me and Deputy Digby. And if they weren’t her favorite things, they become her favorite things. And that is pretty awesome by me. Because when she is happy, we are happy and all the way around.

It goes without saying that one of my favorite things is peanut butter cookies, but Girl Person is a very close first.  On this trip, it has become most important that all of our happiness is first.  If we have to slow down, we have.  If we have had to take a break, we have.  We may not have done this at the beginning of our trip.  In fact, we did not.  But with only 7 states left on this Adventure Of A Lifetime, in a way, we don’t want it to end.  Is that wrong?  If so, arrest me.

So Grand Canyon?  We are here until Friday.  Are you ready for us and Girl Person’s drug store shoes which in fact are not appropriate for this location?  We are ready for you. We are ready to step back, look and appreciate all that you have to offer, because we realize that we may never be here again.  And appreciation is the name of the game now for us.  Some things cannot be learned unless you experience the lesson.  And the lesson for this week…for us…is to remember why we wanted to do this trip.  It is to remember the places we were looking most forward to seeing, like the Grand Canyon. And to appreciate that we have all made it safe and sound to this part of the journey.  Those are just a few of our favorite things.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It is Monday. We are still in this Arizona place, and we are not done yet. Like I am never done with pancakes. We are headed today from Sedona to somewhere called a Grand Canyon. Are there pancakes in there? I sure hope so. Because we need a really big boost of energy.  The Grand Canyon was one of the places we were looking forward to most when we left that Florida place last May.  It truly was. But…


The persons are getting tired. And not because we aren’t having fun. But we have visited 41 rescues and shelters so far on this Adventure Of A Lifetime. Our hearts are heavy, but inspired. Our bodies are tired but energized to keep going. And our love for the people doing such wonderful things across the country has grown. But we are weary.


Girl Person told Sheriff Brickle on the down low that she didn’t know if she could do it. I heard her tell him that she didn’t know if she could visit seven more rescues to finish out the trip. And I saw the look he gave her. And she knew. And I knew. And Boy Person knew. If we didn’t finish it? We. Are. Arrested.

Listen baby, ain’t no mountain high,
Ain’t no valley low, ain’t no river wide enough baby
If you need me call me no matter where you are
No matter how far; don’t worry baby
Just call my name; I’ll be there in a hurry
You don’t have to worry


So with that said, we decided to truck on. We decided to load up this Big Blue Treat Wagon for the countless time today and move it or loose it. Even if we are loosing it. Because who gets to go to the Grand Canyon on a Monday? We do. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from finishing this trip and helping seven more rescues.

And we realize our blessing. We realize that there are also pancakes there at the Grand Canyon. At least I hope so! And that my friends is going be pawsome.

Are we slowing down a bit? We are. And you know it is taking us more than a week now to get through each state. But these last states are as big as my butt. And it takes awhile to get around them. Slowing down though isn’t such a bad thing because we get to rest a bit more.


We get to explore a bit more.

Camp life. #2travelingdogs #visitarizona #sedona

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And we get to take a little better care of ourselves.

We realized that we were on no one’s schedule but our own, and that as long as we finish, that is the important thing. Whether it took us a year, a year and a day or a year and a couple months. Our fans understand, and we appreciate that. Even if you didn’t, Sheriff Brickle would arrest you anyways, so then you would understand even more.

The bad thing about leaving our campground in Sedona today is saying goodbye to Ike and Tina. We will miss them.

We will also miss the red rocks and scenery that took our breath away. We have never seen anything like this Sedona place. And we probably never will again.


Some places, we wish we could put in our pockets and carry with us forever. But I don’t wear pants with pockets, or any pants at all.  However, that is what good memories are made of. And if we never visit here again, we will still never forget it. Life is a bunch of memories, good and bad. But if we try to remember the good, the bad seems to be less and less of a memory. And our trip is like that too. For the times we are so tired that it seems we can’t go on, we find something that awakens our souls. We find something that makes us remember the good in people, and the good on our earth.

Remember the day I set you free
I told you you could always count on me darling
From that day on, I made a vow
I’ll be there when you want me
Some way, some how

And we find less bad to think about. Unless somewhere runs out of pancakes. I will never forget that.

We want to thank our campground, Lo-Lo Mei near Sedona, Arizona, Golden Bone Rescue And Rehab, Golden Bone Pet Products and Dr. C at Verde Valley Mobile Vet. Please look for our rescue article on Arizona and video next Sunday, April 30. We will remind you!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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River Deep, Mountain High

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, what a week we have had in this Arizona place. First, we were in the desert. Then, we couldn’t find a campsite anywhere in Sedona. And then. We found the best campsite ever with Ike and Tina. Yes. Ike and Tina. Sometimes things work out, like when I wake up thinking I won’t have the handsomest day ever. And then I do. Every day.

You know, sometimes we find the best friends in unexpected places. Sometimes we find the best friends by not looking for them, and they just appear and make our lives better. Such was the case when I met Al Paca who turned out to be Ike and his friend Tina.

Ike is a rescued alpaca and Tina is a rescued miniature mule here at camp.  I have to say. I was struck by Ike’s appearance when I first met him. Really. I had not ever seen an alpaca in all of my days. His long neck almost rivaled mine. And when we looked at each other I knew. Ike would be my friend for life. Even if I wasn’t here. Even if the miles were as long as our necks between us. Even if the mountains were so high we couldn’t see each other’s necks.  Even if the rivers were so deep that our necks were barely above water.  We would remember each other for the rest of our days.

The nice people at our campground not only brought us farm fresh eggs from their happy chickens here in the morning, but they told us that Ike and Tina were rescued and had each been through some hard times. And even though they loved each other and could not stand to be separated, they sure liked to nag and pick at each other. Huh. Sounds familiar. Deputy Digby? Are you listening?


It made me wonder.  What if we had found a campsite right away here in this Sedona, Arizona place?  We would have never met Ike and Tina.  And then it made me wonder even more.  How many times in our lives had things turned out NOT the way we wanted to, but ended up being the perfect thing for us?  I’m glad it took us so long to find a campsite. So thank you Ike.  Thank you for being my friend, even if it is for a short time in person.  Our friendship will be as long as your neck.  Till the end of our days. Because time, distance and more distance doesn’t separate true friends.  It only makes a true friendship stronger, longer and more meaningful.  River deep, mountain high.  But seriously.  I think I could be a better Tina to your Ike. I’m not too proud to say it.

Yesterday, we visited with the kind folks at Golden Bones Rescue and Rehab. They had dogs.  They had cats.  They had horses.  And yep. They had alpacas.  Stay tuned for our rescue video and article on Sunday, May 7th!  It is going to be awesome.  I will remind you as we get closer.  You won’t want to miss this.  And Ike?  We still have a few more days together.  Until Monday.  Parting will be such sweet sorrow, but we don’t have to yet.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Boys, I Agree…

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Sedona, Arizona?  Pancake, schmancake?  Did you know your name rhymed?  You do now.  Pancakes are always the answer to everything.  It is amazing, isn’t it? You didn’t know your name rhymed till the pancakes told ya. You. Are. Welcome.

We have traveled to 41 states so far on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And each place is different and special.  Like sometimes you want blueberry pancakes, sometimes you want strawberry pancakes, and sometimes you want plain pancakes with lots of syrup and without a dose of attitude from Sheriff Brickle.

But each place we have traveled to has its own special qualities and its own special vibe.  I am all about vibes.  Good vibes.  And Sedona, Arizona, pancake schmancake?  You have some good vibes.  We have never. Ever.  Seen a place like this.

Sometimes, a place literally takes your breath away.  Like overtime Sheriff Brickle looks in the mirror.  He takes his own breath away.  And as soon as we rounded the corner and caught a sight of those red rocks?  Girl Person said, “I agree boys.  This is unbelievable.


Girl Person seems to tell Boy Person a lot of things by talking to us.  And honestly.  I think she is nuts.  When she wants to go to dinner, it’s , “I agree boys.  I do need a night off from cooking.”  When she wants to go to a winery.  “I agree boys.  We do need to try a new wine.” When she wants Boy Person to take the trash out.  “I agree boys, this trash can is overflowing!”.  When she wants the air conditioning turned up, “I agree boys, it is really hot in here.” And seriously.  I agree Girl Person.  You have lost your mind for about seven years now.  I think Boy Person is on to your game.


But one thing I will agree with is that this Sedona, Arizona place has something about it.  Something that makes you want to sit for awhile and just stare.  It has something about it that calls for inspiration and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything in the world.  It makes you remember that this earth has so much to see and show us.  It brings you closer to the way the earth was intended for us to enjoy.  Your beauty agrees with you, Sedona.

As with every place on this Adventure Of A Lifetime that we have set our paws onto, you have taught us something.  Arizona is desert in one place with no dessert and rattlesnakes who take your campsite. It is a canyon filled with bubbling creeks. It is a mountain high of red rocks and colors that blow your mind.  And it is all that you can imagine, and all that you can’t.


The best places on our earth are obviously full of all you can eat pancake buffets.  But they are also full of inspiration to make you a better person or furkid.  They remind you that there is more to life than our daily problems.  They remind you that we are only a very small part of the big scheme of things, but that our presence is hugely important to make a difference when we can.  And today, we will be meeting and visiting with the good folks here in Sedona who not only have a store here called the Golden Bone, but they are operating a rescue and rehab for animals as well.  And we can’t wait to see how they can inspire us too.

Girl Person just said, “Boys, I agree.  It is time for pancakes”.  Actually, she didn’t say that, but I do agree.  Thank you Sedona.  We have a few more days here to enjoy your beauty and we can’t wait to see how you inspire us to keep going and finish our 7 more remaining states and rescues.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Somewhere Out There

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. And guess what? Or as Girl Person says, “guess what, chicken butt?”. We found a campsite near Sedona, which is very good news. And that my friends is putting it lightly. Kinda like when I arrest you. I only say three words, and I say it lightly, but it is heavy. Dern heavy. And finding a campsite? Dern heavy. Dern hard.  Dern impossible. But we did it.  We knew there was a campsite out there!  Somewhere!

It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway, because that is what I do, that being nice gets you further than being not nice. Now. You may think to yourself. Self? When has Sheriff Brickle ever been nice? Well, first of all, You. Are. Arrested. Second of all, a Sheriff has to pretend like he is not nice to be able to arrest. And that is where my Deputy comes in. Deputy Digby can’t be anything but nice which is why he is a Deputy.


He provides my “nice backup” when the mean is overwhelming, just like my handsome. I have to be me.  I have to be a Sheriff to get things done.  That doesn’t mean though that I don’t see the need for being polite.  That doesn’t mean I don’t see the need for being kind. And that does mean I see the need to remind you.

Because when the persons were trying to find a campsite, they weren’t treated so nice.  They weren’t treated so kind.  True, sometimes, things just don’t go our way, or we sincerely can’t help someone like we want to.  But. This experience made them think.  Were they treating others how they wished to be treated all the time?  It’s easy to be nice to people with fur and four paws.  But were they being as nice as they could to others without fur?  Their answer was no.  They could do better.  And I agree with that.  I could get more peanut butter cookies in my allowance.


We all have things that we have to do everyday or that stress us out.  And we have to say that we are tired on the road.  We have saw the good in people, and the bad.  But if you stop and see that person who is in front of you and really think, you may have a little more tolerance and be more kind.  Because that person is someone’s kid.  That person could be someone’s parent, or aunt or uncle.  You don’t know what they have gone through in their life, or what has made them who they are.  It sounds simple as a dog, and I don’t know why persons can’t get it…but can ya just be nice? Someone…somewhere out there deserves for you to be kind to them today.  And for you to make a difference, and a start.  And an example.

Arizona?  You have taught us so far that the desert has its own beauty. But you better carry a lot of water to see its beauty.


You have taught us that the rattlesnakes here like to steal all the campsites as Digby explained yesterday. And you have taught us that we have a lot more to see of you.  We have arrived in Sedona, and we plan to have a great time here the next few days because some nice people reserved a campsite for us, even though they were full.  We get to visit a rescue called Golden Bones Rescue and Rehab who not only rescue animals, but rehabilitate them like Scamp here who will be with them forever.


So as you can see, this is a very different type of rescue.  A kind rescue. And we can’t wait to meet them on their farm.  Unfortunately, Scamp was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis and diabetes and will require extra attention and ongoing medical care and donations to stay happy and healthy.  How very kind the persons are in Arizona who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference.  And since their name is Golden Bones, do you think maybe they have some peanut butter bones for me?

As Sheriff, you know that I always like to elaborate.  I mean, look at me.  My stripes and brindle beauty go on forever, and so does the depth of my knowledge.  Trying to find a campsite reminded the persons that kindness needed to be exercised more in the world.  The simple facts are often the hardest to remember and to put into action.  But if we all try, maybe kindness will return to us too.  Someone…somewhere out there today is loving you today too. It might be me, but more than likely Digby.

Are you ready for us Sedona?  Let’s. Do. This!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Rattlesnakes? There’s Not Room In This Town For The Both Of Us.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Newsflash for you. And when I say newsflash, I am flashing you the news without pants on.

We have been stuck in the desert for weeks now with no dessert to be found. And we really are pooped. And when I say pooped, I mean a newsflash without pants on with poop on me, cause I rolled in it. When a Florida boy hasn’t seen grass in weeks, he gets kind of down. And then. The park rangers told us yesterday that we couldn’t go on any trails here because rattlesnakes and scorpions have started camping here.


And then…we were supposed to be in Sedona yesterday and we could not find any campsite at all. Some were too small. Some didn’t like dogs. Some didn’t have electricity. Some were just well, booked. This Sedona place must be pretty special. Kind of like a dog telling you a newsflash without pants on in poop with rattlesnakes for company. That is special. Does that even make sense? It doesn’t have to. I am not Tom Brokaw delivering the news. He wore pants.  So you know that’s not me.


When someone tells you that you cannot hike with a rattlesnake, you listen. You also seem to start questioning why you are in the desert in the first place.

Oh sure, the desert is pretty. Pretty sunsets and cactus. But those sting ya.


And when you are fighting with the rattlesnakes too, you get kinda irritable. I cannot believe they are doing this.  Apparently, when it gets to this time of year in Arizona, they don’t like the heat of the day.  And so they decided that they need to book the campsites here to stay at.  Every. Single One. When they found out that we were trying to get a campsite, they thought that they would get them first. Arizona rattlesnakes? I have a newsflash for you. As Deputy, I have cleared this with Sheriff Brickle. You. Are. Arrested. And it is my pleasure to do this arrest without pants on.


Now listen.  I know you have your place here, rattlesnakes.  I know that you were here first.  But seriously.  Just one campsite for us?  With electricity?  Is that too much to ask?  I guess it is because every campground the persons called yesterday kinda responded like a rattlesnake too.


Apparently, there is not room in this town for the both of us.  But newsflash.  Without pants on.  We will find somewhere to stay today.  We have to visit an animal rescue called Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab near Sedona.  And we will get there, no matter what.  No matter if we have pants on, or if there are rattlesnakes there.  We haven’t been stopped so far in 41 states, and we aren’t starting now.

Newsflash. I still don’t have pants on after this blog and I am still pooped.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Standing On The Corner In Winslow, Arizona

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Do you ever just stop and wonder sometimes…how did I get here?  Deputy Digby does nothing BUT wonder.  He always seems to have a lot of questions, forgets the questions and then forgets he wants answers.  That is fine with me.  Little less talk, a lot more action.  For Digby, a lot more sleep. And always a lot more pancakes.


Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the place that made me wonder how I got here.  Arizona!  Yes, we finally made it out of that New Mexico place. The aliens tried to get us one more time…but alas, they decided that my handsome was too much for them.

When we finally got into Arizona, I stopped.  I looked around.  And it seemed like we were still in the desert. Because we were I guess.  The first place we stopped was somewhere called a Petrified Forest, and that is enough to scare the pants off of you if you had pants on, which I do not.  But Girl Person said it wasn’t petrified meaning scared, it was old wood that had turned into stone.


Well.  I do know this.  If you stay in the dern desert long enough, it will make you turn into a stone.  Can anyone turn the heat down out here?


Sometimes you just have to wonder.  How in the world did I get here? I mean, really?  What led me up to this point in my life and did I enjoy the journey to get here?  It may not be a place you envisioned being when you were young.  Or maybe it wasn’t a place you thought you would be even yesterday.


But who is to know what tomorrow will bring?  Wherever you have found yourself today, it was probably hard work to get there.  It was probably full of memories, good and bad.  But the journey made you who you are.  And are you happy with that?  If you aren’t it’s time to move on.  Even if you are standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.


For today, we DO find ourselves standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. Now, I am serious.  We are really on a corner.  In Winslow, Arizona.

Well I’m a runnin’ down the road try’n to loosen my load
I’ve got seven women on my mind

At least.

Four that want to own me, two that want to stone me
One says she’s a friend of mine

That’s just rude.

Take it easy, take it easy
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV sound will drive anyone crazy.

Lighten up while you still can
Don’t even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy

That’s what I said!  If you don’t like where you have landed, move on, but appreciate the journey that brought you to where you are right at this moment. Appreciating doesn’t mean you have to stay though. Is it time?

Well, I’m a standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona
Such a fine sight to see
It’s a girl my Lord in a flat-bed Ford
Slowin’ down to take a look at me

Step back ladies.  Girl Person saved me.  Although I think she looks better in her drug store shoes.


And so today.  We are leaving this corner in Winslow, Arizona.  Our journey will take us this week to Sedona, Arizona where we will be visiting with the people who run a very special rescue, Golden Bone Rescue Rehab! We can’t wait to share their adoptables on our page.  And then next week, we will be headed to the Grand Canyon. If Girl Person can get some shoes.  So until then, whatever corner you are on today, stop and think. Do I want to be here? Did I enjoy the journey? Is it time to move on?  Now is the time, because a journey has to start and end somewhere.


We may lose and we may win, though we will never be here again
So open up I’m climbin’ in, so take it easy

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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