Wish You Were Here

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Today is it. Today is the last day for us in this Grand Canyon place. You know that I am happy about that. If I never have to look over into that black hole again, it will be a day too soon. I don’t care if Sheriff Brickle changed my name to Fred this week in order to protect my identity, and therefore arrest me since I arrested the Grand Canyon.


That is behind me now. And I will leave the ohs and ahhhs and appreciation to the persons. They can love this place as much as they want to.

But we are on our way to a Nevada place, the #42 state on our Adventure Of A Lifetime today. At least we are going to start heading that way. We will get half way today and then start driving again on Monday. It is going to take awhile to get there. But every mile brings me further and further away from this scary place. Goodbye Grand Canyon. It was real. Real scary. And there are no pancakes in that big hole, just a big ol’ plate of terror.


At each and every place that we have went to on this trip, the persons remark that they wish some of their family or friends could experience it too. They often think about how their grandparents would have liked certain things about it. They often think about how some of their past furkids would have liked the places that they were exploring. Or even how some of our fans would like to be there too. It is true that half the fun of seeing a new place is telling others about it. I know I feel like that when I have an excellent plate of pancakes that was better than the last. I want to tell others about it so that I can get more.

It is true that even small things in our day are worth telling people we love about them. Because tomorrow, you may not be able to tell them. Girl Person misses her Granny Person every day. She often goes to call her and realizes that she cannot anymore. She misses how she would have worried about us being at the Grand Canyon. She misses how much she would have liked that elk that we saw at the campground.


She also misses her even when she does the laundry. So although it doesn’t take a special place like the Grand Canyon to miss her, it makes her miss her more.


So if you have someone that you love telling your day’s adventures or lack of adventures to, don’t take it for granted. It is certainly as special as the Grand Canyon to have a someone you can talk to.

And so for everyone who wishes that they could have been with us this week at this place considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, we hope you will still want to be with us when we visit an unknown forest. Or a random trail. Because every day is special when you can share it with the ones you love. And when you tell them about your day, make sure you tell them that they are special too. And for those fans that we love, make sure you look below this blog today. We have a special gift for three fans. We love you all.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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