See Ya Later, Nebraska!

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. We hope that you enjoyed being with us in Nebraska this week, but as with every state on our trip, it is time that we say see ya! See ya Nebraska!  You were good to us. And we will never forget you.


Nebraska was full of surprises like many of the states we visit.  Yes, there were miles and miles and more miles of fields filled with wheat for pancake making.  There were endless, vast expanses of places untouched by time.  How I have become so observant, I don’t know.  Could have been all that pancake eating this week.



Girl Person made us a Nebraska treat called Runza, but twisted the recipe a little to be like a pancake so that it was healthier.  Yeah, Nebraska.  Your food was Digby Pancake approved.


Then, we visited a place in Nebraska called Hearts United For Animals that has saved thousands of dogs from puppy mills and natural disasters.  If you missed our interview, Sheriff Brickle says you are arrested, but here it is again.


We even got to see waterfalls and caves in this Nebraska place. Yes, waterfalls.  What are you missing about where you live?  I bet there are hidden treasures there too.


If you think we had a good week in Nebraska, you are surely right.  As right as you are that I am the loudest snorer ever in the Big Blue Treat Wagon besides Girl Person.  Did I say that out loud?


So here we are.  Ready to start another week in another state called Iowa on our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We are very pumped up this week to make it one of the best weeks ever.  Girl Person says that every day we are together is something to be thankful for.  So thank you Nebraska for our seven days here this week.  Thank you for the peace and quiet, your friendly people, your food, your coyotes howling at night.  I do not thank you for the biting flies and bee that bit my butt.  But beyond that, thank you.  Till next time Nebraska…see ya!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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