Yes. That Oliver. And That Oliver Too.

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I meet so many individuals on our travels. And I never meet a stranger.

Because we are all alike in more ways than we know.

And we all are in the same world just trying to be happy. No matter who we are.

So when I met Oliver at the ranch we were staying at, and we liked each other right away, I knew even if this was the only time we would ever have together, I would make the most of that time.

Some might wonder if Oliver and I appreciated each other. Some might wonder if dogs even have friends.

And i don’t know why persons can’t understand that concept.

Oliver is a friend to me just like a person named Oliver would be a friend. Friends are friends. Yes. That Oliver was my friend. And another Oliver may be another friend at another time. Friends can be whoever you love.

And no matter how much time you have together.

Sometimes I get so happy thinking about how Brickle is my friend. And then I get a thought that we won’t ever be as close as him and Digby were. Or that we won’t have the same amount of time together.

But what I know is that i came into his life at the right time. And he came into mine at the right time. Who has come into your life at the right time? Are they there now?

I am going to miss Oliver. The time we had together at the ranch was fun. And relaxing. And the truth is, that’s our time we had. No one else’s. That Oliver was there in my life at the right time. Thanks Oliver.

The next few days we are high up in the mountains in this Ellijay, Georgia place. A friend at the right time treated us to our stay here. And we can’t be more grateful for the rest and that we don’t have to hunt for a place this holiday weekend.

Friends in our lives can make a difference not just for a day. But for our entire lives. Take the opportunities you have to grow close to others. You are special too. And they deserve to know you too. You are my Oliver.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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