Husky, The Corn On The Cob

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  You know it’s a good day when you wake up from a nap outside and you see corn on the cob.  You know it’s a good day when you don’t even know how that corn on the cob got there.  What is this, I wondered.  Where am I?


Corn. Not just any corn. Corn on the cob.  

Girl Person told me that her and Boy Person were going to start a campfire and cook some up.  She said corn wasn’t particularly good for dogs, but no worries there.  I didn’t want to eat the corn on the cob. I wanted to admire it for a little while.  Because I had not ever got to see one so close up.  It. Was. Amazing.

I wondered how this particularly corny corn on the cob made its way to our campsite. Girl Person said the someone grew it and that it took a lot of work to make the land ready, to water the corn and to pick the corn. She said that everyone takes for granted how food makes its way to our plates.  I was more impressed by how it ended up by my head at our campsite.


I knew that this corn was destined to be dinner.  I knew that this corn was destined to be enjoyed with a little bit of cilantro and garlic and bbq sauce.  But I thought that if just for a moment, I could give this corn on the cob a name, that maybe others would realize that   Husky was important.  You see, food is life.  Food helps us have energy. Food helps us to grow.  Food is something we look forward to each and every day.  If you wake up and there is a corn on the cob under your head, that is no less believable than believing it just appeared on your plate.  Appreciate it.  Admire it.  Every kernel, every food that we eat has a purpose. And it takes the sun, the rain, the people to bring it to you.

Oh, the simple things in life that aren’t so simple, yet amazing.  Believe in the corn on the cobs of your day today.  Look at just one little thing a little longer.  Like Husky, the corn on the cob. Imagine that there were no small things to appreciate.  Imagine if there was no corn on the cob.  How much we would miss it.

Take what is good about life and concentrate on that when things seem hard like a corn on the cob pillow.  Because you might just find that it was there to wake you up to the better things ahead.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 6.48.10 PM.png

Nugget. Not Nugent.

This is Sheriff Brickle.  When you are on the road all of the time like we are, you learn to adjust in many things.  You learn that when you like a place, you can’t stay forever.  You learn that when you don’t like a place, you can move on.  And you learn that persons and furkids you meet will just be in passing, most of the time.  Time is short with anyone we know.  And even shorter when that furkid is as short as a Nugget.  Which is how she got her name, I suppose.


They say great things come in small packages. And this was the case with Nugget.  I didn’t know her for very long.  In fact, I knew her for as short of a time as my corndog tail.


But I think that no matter how tall you are, you need someone short to remind you of that.  And the ones that are short need someone tall to remind them of that.  And all need to be reminded that there is a place for us all.  No matter what our size.  It’s how we use our abilities that matter. 


When we lack in one thing, for sure, someone else is better.  Deputy Digby is the best at eating pancakes.  I could take them or leave them.  So it takes me to remind him of this love.  I am the best at being a Sheriff.  No question there.  But if everyone was policing everyone else, what kind of chaos would be going on?  Surely, nothing would be in balance.  


Nugget’s persons told us that she was kind of timid around bigger dogs.  But since none of us know we are dogs most of the time, I did not think that this applied to me.  I also didn’t even understand her name at first…Nugent?  Was that her name?  That didn’t seem to make any sense.   

Did they say her name was Puppet?

Nope. That made no sense, because she moved her mouth.  A lot, actually.  So once I figured out her name was Nugget, that she was afraid of big dogs, and that she still liked me?  Well, I embraced it.  I stood even taller.  No, not because I was trying to make her feel shorter.  But because she made me feel taller.  And I realized she liked that.  She liked that she built me up.  She liked that our passing friendship wasn’t just a drop in the bucket.  Yes.  I knew bucket was not her name as well.img_6405

So everyday, while we were at camp together here in this Florida place, we made it a point to say hello, but I had no choice.  She had to get to me and the Deputy everytime she saw us, and she would knock down anything or everyone in her way.  A cup of coffee, a table, her persons.  I was that important.  The truth was, I would cry everytime I saw her across the way, and I wanted to let my guard down.  But I knew that she would be gone soon.  I knew that we would be gone soon.  And I knew that we may never meet again.  Was it worth it?


What I realized was that I was wasting my time.  Simply knowing something is going to end isn’t reason enough to not appreciate it when you have it.  You have the same amount of time in a day no matter how you look at it…up or down.  Yes, I had to look down at Nugget, but she made me look up.  

Many small people in small places can change the world.  If we all appreciated own strengths while recognizing others, how much better would our world be?  There is no right way to look.  Unless it’s up…and Nugget has that mastered.

As Nugget pulled away this morning, I was sad.  Yes, I was very sad.  But like everyone we meet on the road, we take a little bit of them with us.  Even when they are as small as a Nugget.  Perhaps we will meet again, Nugget.  Until then, here’s looking at you, kid.

Some things are put in our life for a short time.  Never. Ever. Take them for granted.  Never ever. Underestimate the size of their impact. And never underestimate the impact you can have on others too.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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