Taking Them With Us

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There are many special ones in our lives. Some we only know for a moment. Some we know for a lifetime. Some we lose and miss them dearly.

Sometimes their absence is so great and so deep that we wonder if they were only a dream.

Well, I feel that way about Digby. He was such a big part of my life. But he’s been gone for a little while. And sometimes, his absence is so heavy for me and so painful that I wonder if I just imagined him. How was he here and then not here?

I wonder if you know how that feels. As we pack up our things to move to that Italy place, a lot of memories are coming up. I see that Digby was here. I didn’t imagine him. As we go to donate his little pool, I remember how he loved it.

I see mementos from our travels. I see the stuffed animals that we collected along the way. And as we are trying to get rid of mostly everything though, some things I know we have to take with us. Like the stuffed animals. I will make room.

Surprisingly, many have asked if our persons are taking me and Fruitycake with them to that Italy place.

Many have asked if they are leaving us behind. I never even thought of that.

Dogs aren’t things you leave behind. You don’t pack clothes to take yet leave your dogs. You don’t pack photo albums and leave the dogs in those photos behind. No.

So please don’t worry. Fruitycake and I are always going to be with our persons. Wherever we are. Whatever that takes.

And I told all of my stuffed animals they are going too. Because they remind me of me and Digby’s adventures. Every one of them has a story.

I like to remember the stories when I look at them and know Digby really wasn’t a dream. He was really here. And I really miss him. Although sometimes it’s so hard to miss him.

But I’m so glad he was here. I’m so glad I can remember. I’m so glad I can take the good times with me in my mind. And I’m thankful I can take my stuffed animals and remember those good times.

It’s good to get rid of things and not be burdened down with those things. But if you value something and it helps you to remember, that’s valuable.

Packing up is hard to do. But everyone is going with us that should. We won’t leave anyone behind. That includes you.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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