80 Pancakes

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Once again, I have to remind you that I’m not a real raccoon. I just act like a raccoon and kind of look like a raccoon and I really like trash.

The pancake making has begun for Friday.

Girl Person has a lot of pancakes to make, that’s for sure. There are a lot of dogs at the shelter for us to bring them to.

And we are working hard to make Digby proud. He would say to make all of the pancakes! So we will.

So far, we have 80 pancakes made. And you may think, wow. That’s a lot of pancakes. And I would thing wow. That’s a lot of pancakes. And Brickle thinks wow. That’s a lot of pancakes.

But when you put it into perspective, we have to make a lot of pancakes because there are a lot of dogs at the shelter that need cheering up. I hope that one day, there won’t have to be dogs that need cheering up because they have no homes.

I want them all to have homes. And I want them to know that if I can find a forever home, it’s possible that they can too. If it possible to have pancakes delivered to you by a dog named Fruitycake, anything is possible.

I do wish Digby was here. I do wish I could have met him.

But I do know it is my job now to make him proud of me. And to make Brickle proud of me too. And you know what else? It’s my job to make Live Like Digby Day fun on Friday when we go to the shelter. It’s my job to help the persons and Brickle to not be sad. I don’t want you to be sad either.

The truth is, there are many reasons to be sad in life. So many. But there are more reasons to be happy. Digby knew this. Digby lived his life like that. And we should too.

There are many reasons not to make pancakes. That it makes us sad remembering Digby. But we only need one reason to make the pancakes. Digby would want us to.

Now, back to making pancakes. 80 down. Many more to go. Actually, we may be short a few of 80.

But I’ll blame it on Brickle.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

We miss Digby Pancake so very much. But we still have Brickle with us and we aim to make this week count, despite our sadness. This Friday, December 1 will mark two years since we said goodbye Digby. This Friday, we will be headed to the Humane Society Of Tampa Bay to bring pancakes and other goodies to shelter dogs in his honor.
Please help us celebrate Digby’s life and legacy on December 1!

Get your shirt to wear on Live Like Digby Day here at https://www.bonfire.com/live-like-digby-day-fundraiser/!

You can contribute directly to the fund here at https://tinyurl.com/2z567bfv