New Travels Recap

This is Digby Pancake. Wow, it has been over a week since you have heard from me. Yeah, I do look thinner. Thanks for noticing.
So there you have it. Girl Person taking up the blog for over a week and slacking her her meal prep for us. Brickle taking the dog blog back over. And even my friend Rooster Man explaining their current living arrangements. I know, I know, it’s a lot to take in. Can you imagine how tired we all have been? But good news is that we are settled to rest and eat pancakes in peace for a little while. And yes, I will take some to the chickens. Don’t you worry. So…Girl Person told me my job today was to do something call recap of our moving experience. She said it’s back to our blog adventures on Monday, so I need to just summarize or something. She said I am a simple man, and I am good at being simple, so this was the job for me as Deputy. Cool. Hand me some pancakes for energy to do this. So here it goes…recap…I can do this.
I like pancakes. Sorry, had to be said.
We moved from Lutz, Florida, our lifelong home and land to go to Sonoma, California. Our dream.
It was hard and tiring. Pancakes please.
We had some problems, the persons cried and my pancake supply was low.
The chickens got moved to our rental place and our house there flooded.
Country Cousin Person offered for us to stay at her beach house. We traveled back and forth to chickens. They were lonely. Chickens were not allowed at the beach!
The persons moved the 3 Traveling Chickens again to a farm at least until January where we can visit them. We will be consider at that point if we are to take them to California or if they are happy.
So, there you have it folks. What was the big deal? Seems like I was able to type this pretty fast. Now, you can read the whole story again by clicking that previous button if you want all the looonnnng details. I suggest just making me some pancakes. In the meantime, we will be taking a deep breath at the beach this weekend.
And yes. In January, California, here we come!
Talk to you Monday!!
-Digby Pancake

New Travels Part Eight

This is Rooster Man. Yeah, bet you didn’t know that a chicken would be taking over the dog blog today. Well, I am. And you better listen up. Also, I ask you to reserve judgement on the persons during this story until the end..and that our friends is still to come.
I have been bored reading these stories on the blog the past 2 weeks. Girl Person being long winded, Brickle beating around the bush yesterday. So, I am going to tell you like it is today. No fluffy words…I have enough fluff and plumage. Nope. No sugar coating it like Digby’s pancakes. And no arresting anyone. Anyone. Listen up. I’m about to give it to you straight, cause I am tired. Real tired. And my hens, Sonoma and Izzy are dern tired too.
So the persons moved from our yellow house to a place 30 miles away until they could go to California in January. You know this. NO secret. Yep, they moved us. In a car. Gandma’s Honda. And it was not fun. They have already told you this. Nothing new here folks. It wasn’t an easy trip and the chickens and I did not like being out there by ourselves. Yes, the persons couldn’t help it because the rental flooded. And yes, they were still taking good care of us, but we were lonely. And Girl Person and Boy Person had a talk with us. I will share with you not all the details, because that is privileged information. And I am not going to linger on and one with explaining why and how and why and how again like Girl Person and Boy Person. Here. It. Is. Straight.
Where the persons have to stay until January does not allow chickens. They did not know how stressful moving us 30 miles would be. We are older chickens. WE cannot take this stress. I do not want to go 2500 miles in a cage. I do not. I would rather be on a farm with 14 other chickens, 5 goats, 3 kids and 2 rabbits. I would rather free range all day on land with persons and other featherkids. Yes, I miss Brickle and Digby. Yes, I miss the persons. But yo. I would rather go to this place for awhile. A vacancy opened up. Boy Person built us an expensive coop. They moved it over there, another 30 miles. And we have earned our new name. 3 Traveling Chickens.
Now. The persons are only 10 minutes from this farm. They are visiting us. They are making sure we are ok. And they say in January, we will consider again the possibility of making the trek to California. But for now, we are happy. We still get to see everyone, and folks? I have 14 new girlfriends!! The persons say we have never been happier. And that makes them sad yet happy. The persons are crying every day. They say they did not abandon us. They say it would be selfish to kill us on a trek we could not take. And I agree. Um….14 new girlfriends? Did I mention that?
So this moving thing….after 2 times of moving us and our coop, we are somewhere new for awhile. Somewhere with people who love us and persons who love us who visit us. Don’t worry about us….or I will tell the Sheriff to arrest you. I promised no arrests though. I forgot.
Digby will continue tomorrow….no lengthy goodbyes from me though. It’s been nice talking to you, and I will miss writing this blog…but girlfriends? Did I mention that?
-The one and ONLY Rooster Man

New Travels Part Seven

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Did you miss me?! Don’t answer that. It goes without saying! I know Girl Person is exhausted from all her talking. She needs to take some days off..(said those bags under her eyes).
So where did Girl Person leave off? Oh yeah. There we were. Staying at our sitter’s house for a week! The persons kept trying to keep what was going on under wraps. But I saw the boxes. Digby and I had went through this before. To be honest with ya, and I always am, I wasn’t liking it. I liked my house and my yard…and well, change seems harder the older I get. But Digby and I also dig travel and I was hoping that we might we going back to that California place. Girl Person and Boy Person had been talking about it for years. So what was the hold up? A new business? Money? So what?! Let’s just go. Yeah, I guess the persons said it wasn’t that easy.
But I saw a sign go up in the yard and I can read. Like I said, Digby and I knew what was going on. As the week went by without our persons, I began to get a little worried. Were they ever going to pick us up? Where were the chickens? What was going on for real?
Then, there she was. Girl Person in our Jeep, ready to take us home. But then she turned and I knew. This was not the way home. This was really happening. Girl Person explained to us that the chickens were fine and that Boy Person was with them. She said we were going to Country Cousin Person’s beach house and that Boy Person would be there later after the chickens went to bed. She told us that our beds were there and our toys and our treats and our food. She told us that as long as we were together, everything would be ok. She told us that we would be staying here for a little while and traveling back and forth to Gandma and Gandpa’s and where the chickens were out in the country. It was all very confusing to me. And forget explaining it to Digby. Good thing about Digby is that he goes with the flow. Me…not so much.
We pulled into the driveway of the beach house and Digby and I flipped out. We ran inside, we explored…we saw our stuff, and ok..yeah. This was alright. We saw the water, a new neighborhood to walk in, and Girl Person said there were even new trails out here.
So that night, Boy Person came home, and all was right in our world. Our family was together except for the chickens, and Girl Person said one of us would be with them every day,driving that hour away until we figured something out.
Digby and I missed the chickens. But we visited them and it was nice. I knew though that they wanted to be with us all the time. And it was breaking my brindle heart. Girl Person said something had to change for the chickens until we left for California. She said we had a few months still at this beach house until we could pack up everything for our big trip of a lifetime. I hate waiting!! Especially for California, our hikes there and yeah…the persons are much happier at the vineyards.
I don’t understand why chickens are allowed in every neighborhood. Rooster Man didn’t understand either and they were showing signs of unhappiness. We had to do something. And fast.
-To Be Continued Tomorrow
-Peanut Butter Brickle

New Travels Part Six

This is Girl Person. Thank you to all the fans who have joined us on our emotional roller coaster of the past week. I am happy to tell you that tomorrow, you have your boys back, Brickle and Digby on the blog! They will be telling the remainder of our story…so far. Because we still have much adventure to come!
Many of our fans commented yesterday that they were upset for us. And I agree, the way I told the story sounded devastating. But at the time, that IS what I felt. A mixture of emotions, good and bad. Not anything in this world is black and white..but brindle like Brickle. A mixture of colors and feelings. Although I was sad…very sad to leave the property, I WAS excited at the journey to come…for us, our furkids and our growing business.
So as I left the blog yesterday, we got the chickens to safety and the dogs were safely staying with their sitter. It was time after a week to pick up my boys. But the night before we were all to be reunited, a rain storm like no other came down from the skies, heavier than all the tears I had cried over the past few months. Our Florida place was already feeling the effects of a flooded summer, and this capped it off. There we were, tired and excited, and standing in the living room of our temporary abode. All of a sudden, rain started pouring in from the ceiling. It only got worse as the minutes went on. Boy Person looked at me, a look of defeat and said to call our Country Cousin Person. Our Country Cousin Person had graciously offered to let us stay at her beach place about an hour away until we could pack up for California. But chickens were not allowed in this area, and so we had never considered it. But looking at the roof and knowing we had to pick up the boys, we had no choice. We would have to go there and stay there and drive back and forth an hour each way every day for our chickens until we could figure out what to do. I was so disappointed our temporary place was flooded, but again, I had no time to worry about it. Sometimes you just do what you gotta do.
Although everyone in our family had been dealing with their own emotions during this time, they never stopped helping us. Packing, moving, letting us use vehicles, providing meals and encouragement. And now, our Country Cousin Person even offered us a place to stay. I felt in a lot of ways we didn’t deserve it. Here we were, abandoning everything we had ever known for a life literally across the country. I wasn’t sorry for our decision, but I still won’t pretend it was all rainbows and happiness.
Again, in every single minute along the way, our furkids and featherkids were number one. Making sure that they were comfortable and happy meant giving up our comfort levels many times. The drive back and forth to sit with the chickens was not easy. And a few things became apparent quickly.
Our temporary place to stay would not be fixed for months.
Our chickens missed us and they were stressed.
So….sometimes, you just don’t know what is going to happen until it happens. Profound, huh? Not really…but in this case we had to stop and think. Would our chickens, who were stressed after a 30 mile transport make it safely 2000 miles across the country? And was it fair on them to do so? We started researching, reading, calling. How were we going to do this? Did the chickens WANT to do this? And all the while, I was thinking of our fans. What would be their advice?
While this was happening, it was time to pick up the boys from their sitter. I pulled in the driveway, and they were so very happy to see us. It was the longest we had EVER been apart. I loaded them in the Jeep and started driving. But instead of driving the way to our old house, I did a U-turn. Both boys jumped up and looked at me. They knew. They had known all along. And it was time to bring them “home”.
Brickle will continue the blog tomorrow!
Thank you fans!
To Be Continued Tomorrow…
-Girl Person

New Travels Part Five

This is Girl Person. So to continue from last week…this time, I will get right to the point.
We had sold our house. It was done. A done deal. No turning back. And yet, wow. We had a lot to do. So much to do in fact that it was hard to be emotional. We had to get our kids taken care of and that was top priority. There wasn’t enough time to find a house in California that would take all of us temporarily until we found permanent residence. There wasn’t enough time to immediately buy a house 2000 miles away. And who would rent to us with 3 chickens? What were we going to do?
We had to get the chickens first to safety. First, a chicken coop had to be built. If you know Boy Person, he is a perfectionist and the coop at our house wasn’t going anywhere with 3 foot of fence in the ground in cement. So before we even started packing, we got to work on a new coop. We planned to take our featherkids with us to California, no matter what that entailed, but first we had to get us all somewhere temporarily. Our business plan was in place for our treats, but now the kids. The coop. And we built it. We had a friend who said we could put a coop on his property and we could live there too before heading to California. This was falling into place. We thought we had it all covered. So we loaded up the coop on the trailer and it didn’t fit. Huh. Should’ve thought of that first. So we drove the 30 miles to our friend’s property at 30 mph. I believe it took ten years off my life.

Once we got the coop to its new location, we started trying to “train” the chickens into getting in a dog crate. This took weeks until finally Rooster Man said ok. We were feeling confident we could do this. We got back to packing. And we prepared for the exit of our lifelong home.
They say real friends help you move. And wow, did they. Real friends and family also help you move chickens. We loaded them for transport the night before closing.

They were scared. Real scared. They cried and paced and it was heart wrenching. We only had 30 minutes of driving, but it was enough for us all. By the time we arrived, it was dark, their new coop was all set up and I lifted Rooster Man and the girls out of the cage.
Why did I think this was going to be easy? I was moving them from the only place they had ever known and they were so scared. Big, tough Rooster Man cried and I cried and I cursed myself for putting us all through this. What was I thinking? We got them “tucked in” for the night and had to drive right back to finish packing. We worked through the night literally and I was covered in mud, dirt, chicken feathers and tired. Real tired. We had taken Brickle and Digby to their favorite sitter’s house. I didn’t want them to see the moving truck and think we were leaving them. I didn’t want them to be stressed, and thought they should have a literal vacation from this madness.
So here we were. Chickens safe. Dogs safe. Standing alone in our house and ready to shut the door for the last time. I sat on the floor and cried. And prayed. And cried. And prayed. Should I change my mind? Boy Person looked at me. I looked at him. And we said not a word out loud.
I went to the blackboard I had left on the wall and simply wrote “Welcome home. Enjoy the gopher turtles”. That. Was. All.

It was a normal Thursday for everyone else. For me, the end of the world. We drove to the title office. I threw the keys on the table, signed my name and that was it. How was it this easy? I felt generations of my family upon me. Letting them down. Was this going to work out for us?

We left and drove straight to the chickens. There they were.

And they were happy to see us. I cried again going on no sleep for 48 hours. And all I wanted was to sleep. We stayed with my family for a few days until we could rest. And then, the night before I was to get Brickle and Digby from the sitter, the deluge of all deluges rained down upon us. And right into our temporary rental. So huh. This was totally not working out. And it was killing me not to tell our fans in real time what was going on.
-to be continued tomorrow…
Girl Person

New Travels Part Four

This is Girl Person. Thank you all for being patient with me as I explain all that has been going on. I know I have kept you wondering, and it wasn’t my intention to drag this on and on. But as I have written our story down, it has become apparent to me that I may seem crazy. You know…crazier than usual.
I am sure for most, the decision of moving is not an earth shattering decision. But decisions for me have never been easy, and this decision WAS earth shattering for me. I was leaving behind land I cherished, a house that Boy Person and I had built with our own hands, and memories from childhood. There was a tree in our yard that I had carved my name on as a child when I had an imaginary house there by the swamp. I now had a real house here. A house that meant something to me…but yet, I was going to leave.
So yes. We put that for sale sign up and like I said, we thought we had a bit to plan. To think. To pack. I thought we had time to let everything sink in with us and our family. Wow. Were we wrong.
The day after we put it up for sale we got a call for a showing. You know the drill. Clean, clean, dogs out of the house…what a pain. Then the next day, another showing. And the next. And then, nine days later, we got an offer. Yes, NINE days. We had been praying for this, but when it happened, I was mad. Who wanted this house? Who wanted this house we had built? Who had a right to be here? Did I want them here? Yeah. No. I didn’t want them here. They didn’t know my Pappy had moved here at three. They didn’t know that after the war he had ran through this orange grove to meet his dog. They didn’t know my grandparents had built their house here. They sure didn’t know the adventures and love and memories with my family I had had here. And they definitely didn’t know they were moving into the middle of a family compound. Ok, maybe we should leave that out.
So we got the offer. We had four hours to decide. We cried. We screamed. We dreamed. We had wanted this. We had. We wanted to move to Sonoma, California. It was our dream to go back. Was this really happening? It was.

We accepted the offer. We packed quick. But it happened SO quick. We had already made arrangements for our business, so that was taken care of. Most of our ingredients are organic and the West is wonderful for supplies, etc. But what the most important thing was our kids. Our furkids. Our featherkids. But first. We had to tell our family.
That was probably the hardest of all. Tears, many tears. And I understood as best as I could how they felt. I sure didn’t know how I felt. But there it was. A decision it took three years to make and nine days to happen. We had a month left in the orange grove. It was time to start building a chicken coop and quick. They were going to have a house before we did.

So we were doing this! A life I had built was now changing. But we were happy, and excited and scared. I’ve told our fans before that since Boy Person and I didn’t have children of our own, Brickle and Digby and my rescue work fulfilled me in a way I needed. For me, it was never about the things I had, but the simple life I wanted. Some may think I was insane for giving up a big, beautiful house to do what we did next…
To Be Continued Monday
-Girl Person
“In the end, I’ve come to believe in something I call “The Physics of the Quest.” A force in nature governed by laws as real as the laws of gravity. The rule of Quest Physics goes something like this: If you’re brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting, which can be anything from your house to bitter, old resentments, and set out on a truth-seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher and if you are prepared, most of all, to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be withheld from you.”- Eat, Pray, Love

New Travels Part Three

This is Girl Person. Back again on the dog blog on day three. And if you are still reading, again, thank you. Peanut Butter Brickle however would like me to take this moment to let you know he is still handsome and being a Sheriff and not letting go of his duties. Digby Pancake would like me to tell you he needs pancakes. More pancakes. Ok, ok.
So, as I was saying yesterday, to make the decision of moving again after being back in Florida for over 3 years was weighing on our hearts and minds. As you can see in the picture above with my mom, our family supported our business, our love of everything dog and of course us. We had a rough time starting a new business for three years, and they were always there to help out. With their help and support, and the fans too, the business was doing wonderful.
So telling them our final decision was excruciating. Plain and simple, they wanted what was best for us, but wanted us to stay. If I typed all of the emotions and conversations we had, it would take weeks and I know you want to hear from Brickle and Digby again one day! But let’s just say it was hard to put that for sale sign up and yes, we put it up.

So there it was. No turning back now. The sign was up and we had a plan for our business to thrive, and we waited. We thought that we had plenty of time to adjust to our decision. Although it was a happy one for us, in many, many ways, it was scary as any change is. After losing my Granny in December, my heart was heavy there with memories. It was hard looking at her house through the orange grove every day. I felt like it was time to move on with the happy memories I had which would follow us everywhere and anywhere we went. But we had to wait till the house sold to move, and so I didn’t want to tell our fans…yet. It was hard keeping it from you. But battling your own emotions and having to explain it to others is sometimes too much. It took me awhile to come to grips with the decision I had made. I was proud of myself in one way, and ashamed of myself in others. Making yourself happy while making others unhappy is not fun.
One thing was for sure. Our furkids and featherkids were the most important equation in this move. We had to have a plan for the chickens immediately. We knew how it was to move with two dogs…but chickens? Would they want to go? Would it be safe? Where would they be happy? What would we do? All of this was in preparation for the house being sold which we thought would take awhile.
We. Were. Wrong.
-To Be Continued
-Girl Person

New Travels Part Two

This is Girl Person. If you are back today for the blog, thank you. I am sure after yesterday’s long winded start to my blog takeover that I lost some people! But sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do.
Our story is one that may be long and winding and complicated. But it’s our story and if it takes me a week to get to the point, well, I hope you are still listening.
So let’s see. Where were we? Yesterday I ended with the question of whether now was the time for a big change again, after being back in Florida for over three years (which was supposed to be one). Good question. Good question. Why was it so hard to make this decision? Yes, I told you about our family, and that was the biggest factor in a long decision along with whether it was good for Brickle and Digby and the chickens. Beyond that, the factor of whether to move our business was important.
People have told me all of my life that if you work hard enough at something, it will be successful. In fact, if one more person tells me that, I may scream. I personally think that this isn’t always true! You can work your booty off and sometimes, things simply don’t work! When we started Your Dog’s Diner and the concept of cooking for your dog, we got a lot of resistance and I doubted that path. The first two years were a struggle, but we believed in the health of dogs and their quality of life and wanted to continue 2 Traveling Dogs and our daily dog blog. It takes money to continue this blog and our rescue work. So saving more lives was our motivation. But you have to have money, and so I worked harder. And harder. And finally things began to take shape. Our business thrived and Boy Person and I were able to work together every day with Brickle and Digby. No, we weren’t making goat cheese like our original plan in Sonoma. But we were making a business work. It didn’t happen overnight. And there were twists and turns. But happy to say that after the blood, sweat and tears we are doing good in that way. There were some years I got virtually no sleep from TV appearances, blog writing, rescue work, family responsibilities and let’s not forget hiking and dog park visits six days a week for Brickle and Digby. There is so much more we want to do for our business and expansion and this contributed also to our decision of whether to make a change again. Would it be good for our business? The answer was a big yes.
What about Brickle and Digby? Our first trip across the country in 2011 was stressful for me! I was so scared they would hate the long trip and I was worried about their safety. I was upset I was taking them from the only home they had ever known. But after an hour on the road, I KNEW they loved it! Seeing new things, visiting new places and people and even the moving truck was awesome to them.

They looked forward to every day and every hour and by the time we got to California, they were different dogs. Forgot about their shelter and rescue issues…they were now confident and thriving! They adjusted well in Sonoma., California and when we left for the trip back to Florida again in 2012, they loved it the same. But now, they are almost seven. I knew that I wanted to make the decision to move again while they were still young enough to enjoy a third trip. I couldn’t fathom moving without them years down the road. So this was a determining factor too.

Many of you know how close I was to my Granny. Since she lived next door to us, we visited her every day and I will never regret coming back to Florida for this experience alone. I would have never had that extra three years with her and I was able to be here and help when she got ill and passed away in December. Yeah, I am not writing much about this today. My heart just can’t take it. I also got to grow closer to my extended family…you know on the same road (haha) including my Country Cousin Person.

So as you can see, the past three years have been hard for us. But enjoyable too. Being able to live next to my parents my entire married life was something that most people may not appreciate. But my parents were always there for us, and when we made bad ones, coming to our rescue. Telling them we were thinking about moving again was the hardest thing I had to do….again….in my life. And we told them this in June. We had finally decided we were gonna try again. Let’s put the house up for sale in a few months, and well, we would see what happened. You know, it could take a year to sell or more….
If you have you ever seen the movie or read the book, Eat, Pray, Love…I certainly felt this way…Hadn’t I wanted this? I had actively participated in every moment of the creation of this life. So why didn’t I see myself in any of it? The only thing more impossible than staying was leaving. I didn’t wanna hurt anybody, I wanted to slip quietly out the back door and not stop running until I reached Greenland.
…to be continued tomorrow…
-Girl Person

New Travels Part One

This is Girl Person. Listen. I know you are going to be disappointed for the next few day because you will be hearing from me and not Brickle and Digby. I get it! I appreciate that! And honestly, I don’t know how long it is going to take me to tell you what I need to tell you. It may take me a week. It may take me two. Some will understand, some won’t. I get that too.
We have always been honest and upfront with our fans. The good, the bad, the ugly. Brickle would like me to clarify that his handsome is always the same. No ugly there.
You may be wondering what in the world we have been doing for the past month and a half. You have seen our pictures on the beach, you know our routine has been different, and it’s true. We have been going through some changes.
That being said, I feel it is important to give you the total back story. If you have been our fan since we started in 2011, please allow us to bore you for a few minutes. There are probably some fans who may not know why we are even called 2 Traveling Dogs. But even those who have been with us since the beginning don’t know everything! You will now.
We started this blog in 2011 because we had decided to move from Florida to California. We thought it would be great to show people how to safely travel with dogs. Of course, the purpose of this page changed at the end of that year to rescue when we realized we had to do something good with our newfound fame. But why were we moving in the first place? That has a lot to do with our changes as of late.
I grew up on the same piece of land my entire life. My grandfather and his family including his aunt moved to Lutz, Florida in the early 1900’s for a better life. They purchased a big portion of land that housed us all from that time till present! Yes, my beloved grandparents lived there till they passed away, Granny just recently in December of last year. My mom and dad are still there. My aunt, my Country Cousin Person and yes, when I got married I also built my house there. We called it the compound because all of us were there. We took up an entire street!
So you can imagine the ties I have to this land. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up on the same land my grandfather and dad did. For us to try and move in 2011 was a decision that was the hardest of my life.
How could I sell my home, one in the middle of all of our family, behind the orange grove? What caused this decision then in 2011? Behind any decision, and especially one that many don’t understand, sometimes, it’s not so easy to explain! I had never, ever thought of leaving this land. I loved my grandparents who were still alive at the time, and of course I loved my parents and family. But Boy Person and I were tired. Tired of the same corporate jobs of insurance and banking. I was tired of being away from Brickle and Digby all the time at work. And I loved to travel. Boy Person and I did not have children and found that fulfilling ourselves meant traveling. Every trip was like a child to us with memories and adventure. Here I am in Switzerland.

We loved food and cooking and we had a crazy idea. After a trip to Sonoma and Napa, California, we decided we were going to do something crazy. We were going to make goat cheese. And we were going to do it in California! Right in wine country. Here is Digby and Boy Person in Healdsburg, California 2011. And we were going to start a blog…2 Traveling Dogs.

After a lot of heartache of telling our crazy plans to our family, we put our house up for sale. A house that we had built ourselves. A house we had spent years building. It was unbelievable. How in the world were we going to do this? Selling our home, disappointing our family and giving up our jobs to make…goat cheese?

After months of trying to sell our house in 2011 and 2012, the housing market collapsed. We couldn’t sell it. We still wanted to go. And we had itchy feet as my Pappy would say. We packed up our lives in a moving truck, thought we would sell the house, and just did it! Moved! We left. Brickle, Digby, me and Boy Person were on our way to California with no place to live and just a dream. Here was the very first story on us…
I loved California. I really did. But I missed my family more. I cried every day, every night. And thought I had made a mistake when after a year of being there, our house didn’t sell. Because our house didn’t sell, our dream of making goat cheese didn’t happen either. So long story short, we came back to Lutz, Florida a year later in 2012. I was happy to come back. I gave up too fast. Missing my family was too much for me. Even though my immediate family of Boy Person, Brickle and Digby were happy there I gave up. I got laid off from yet another banking job and I was tired. I wanted to come home. This was the blog I posted at that time….
So here we went again. Another cross country trip. Back to our family, our home and our land. But making cheese in the hot, Florida climate was just not possible. What to do? Your Dog’s Diner was born. And we regrouped. We put everything we had into our new dog business, concentrated on animal rescue and tried to be happy. Tried to be happy. Tried so much. Our goal was to grow our treat business to make a good, simple living for our family and yes, move back to California after we tried to put our house up for sale in a year or so. Well, that year turned into three as we realized growing a business was much harder than we thought. And then….after growing our business finally after all those years, we thought the time was right. Was it time again make a change?
To Be Continued Tomorrow…
-Girl Person
P.S. This is Brickle. Girl Person is very long winded. Be patient.