New Travels Recap

This is Digby Pancake. Wow, it has been over a week since you have heard from me. Yeah, I do look thinner. Thanks for noticing.
So there you have it. Girl Person taking up the blog for over a week and slacking her her meal prep for us. Brickle taking the dog blog back over. And even my friend Rooster Man explaining their current living arrangements. I know, I know, it’s a lot to take in. Can you imagine how tired we all have been? But good news is that we are settled to rest and eat pancakes in peace for a little while. And yes, I will take some to the chickens. Don’t you worry. So…Girl Person told me my job today was to do something call recap of our moving experience. She said it’s back to our blog adventures on Monday, so I need to just summarize or something. She said I am a simple man, and I am good at being simple, so this was the job for me as Deputy. Cool. Hand me some pancakes for energy to do this. So here it goes…recap…I can do this.
I like pancakes. Sorry, had to be said.
We moved from Lutz, Florida, our lifelong home and land to go to Sonoma, California. Our dream.
It was hard and tiring. Pancakes please.
We had some problems, the persons cried and my pancake supply was low.
The chickens got moved to our rental place and our house there flooded.
Country Cousin Person offered for us to stay at her beach house. We traveled back and forth to chickens. They were lonely. Chickens were not allowed at the beach!
The persons moved the 3 Traveling Chickens again to a farm at least until January where we can visit them. We will be consider at that point if we are to take them to California or if they are happy.
So, there you have it folks. What was the big deal? Seems like I was able to type this pretty fast. Now, you can read the whole story again by clicking that previous button if you want all the looonnnng details. I suggest just making me some pancakes. In the meantime, we will be taking a deep breath at the beach this weekend.
And yes. In January, California, here we come!
Talk to you Monday!!
-Digby Pancake

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