The Air




This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  As you can see, the look of our website has changed a little bit.  And it might take some getting used to.  Some of you don’t like changes, I know, I know.  But to keep this dog blog fresh and new like my handsome good looks, it was necessary. Do not complain.  Or you are arrested. We are still working on it, so don’t expect it to be as perfect as me yet.  Be patient.  Like waiting on Digby to wake up from his nap.

As you know, we have had a lot of changes this year.  Selling our lifelong home, moving, and preparing for a cross country move and adventure in 2016.  We have so many exciting things in the works.  As a Sheriff, I am unable to let you know all the inner workings. I have to enforce the law, and you are not allowed to know everything.

But there has been something in the air this week.  Yes, most of it is stinky Digby butt.  But some of it is memories.  I had no idea that some memories smelled so bad.

Last year at this time, our Granny Person was very, very sick.  You may remember that we lived next door to her.  It was hard seeing someone we loved getting so ill.  Our whole family pulled together, and we did what we had to do to make Granny Person comfortable at home.  We took care of Cuddles and we were sad. Very sad.  Our nightly routine of watching the news and eating peanuts was running short.  And we knew it.  Even us dogs knew it.

This day last year, we did not know that we merely had one more day with our Granny Person until she took her last breath.  Our fans were so supportive, most of you having followed our blog for the last 4 years. You knew how important Granny was in our lives.  She was our best friend.

It’s odd that I can’t read a calendar, but I know what day it happened.  December 18th.  So as that day approaches this week, we may be a little “off our game”.  We are trying to remember the good memories, but somehow the bad keep creeping in. And we have to think..what would Granny Person want us to do?

Every day, Granny Person looked forward to hearing where we went that day.  She wanted to know all the happenings of our hikes, our meals, our snacks.  She wanted to be a part of our day.  Kind of like we treat YOU fans!  We show you our daily lives, we take you on our hikes and we tell you about our day.  So as tomorrow approaches, you will see that to celebrate Granny Person’s life, we will be going on a special hike.  And we ask you to come with us.

Again, as Sheriff, I give reminders. And yes, I know this website is different after 4 years. But we promise to make it better day by day and we want you to know we always appreciate your love and support! Granny did too.  We told her about you.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle