There’s No Business Like Show Business

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Some of us were made to reach for the stars. Shine. Sparkle.

Some of us were made to keep our paws on the ground. Someone is named Digby Pancake.

It’s not that Digby doesn’t have the talent. In fact, a lot of individuals have hidden talents better than outside talents. But some don’t care for the limelight as much.

So yesterday when we were filming with that Camping World place, I was excited. I love the attention. But all Digby could think about was slipping. He was afraid of slipping as much as Girl Person and Boy Person were afraid of slipping up on stage.

The floors were scary to Digby. And even the reward of unlimited treats and attention was enough to make him want to be a star. For me, just the attention was. We are all so different, aren’t we?

Although all of us want to be our best, we all have our moments when we are afraid at slipping. When we see someone else stumble or struggle, how quick are we to judge them? Shouldn’t we be quicker to help them?

Yes, as Digby struggled with the floors, all kinds of persons care to help him. The show business people, the manager person, and even Boy Person who carried him. And while the show was being filmed, and those star people were shunting, the outpouring of genuine love for Digby was what lit up our skies.

They say there’s no business like show business. And yes, I agree. But as we film for one more day, it’s going to be easier on some of us than others. So we will all see to it that kindness is what shines.

Peanut Butter Brickle