Status Report #4…Narrowing and Rain


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle and I am here to give you status report #4.  Sit down, relax and listen.  Or…you.  Are.  Arrested.  Sit it.

This week has been so busy for the persons and it’s messing up my schedule and my sunshiney time and they better hurry up and take care of a few things.  First thing.  The RV.  The RV.

So they went to a big place with a million RV’s and a million people trying to sell them and they had no peanut butter cookies in said RV’s and they got frustrated and left.  Well, that and too much money.  So they went and looked at a person’s RV far, far away.  It was nice, real nice.  Selling points from the person selling the RV? Let’s see..well.  They said it held lots of liquor, yes they said that.  He said that people threw up in the washing machine, yes, he said that.  He said that it was used to take persons drinking liquor and throwing up in washing machines to football games.  Yes, he said that.  Since it was so nice, Boy Person and Girl Person decided to keep looking, Boy Person climbed on the roof to check for leaks and a rainstorm came with lightening which in turn almost struck them and so that called an end to that.  But, beggers can’t be choosers, we are running out of time, and so this RV is on the list still. Yep, they cleaned it.  And they say dogs are dirty.

The second RV was also from a person it was far away to look at, about 3 hours.  Boy Person went and Girl Person stayed with us and well, he took the house key and locked us out till nighttime. Yep, he did that.  What about the RV?  Junk all inside, a shower that backed up and well, it is on our list of narrowing.  Yep, it’s a toss up. Throw up in the washing machine or a backed up shower?  We are out of time.  And we’ve gotta make a decision.

What about the rain I mentioned?  Well, we have tried to have a yard sale for two weeks in a row and first week it rained on all our stuff, second week, we couldn’t even put out our stuff.  So this week? OH, well, 90% chance of rain according to the weatherman.  I can’t make this stuff up.

Then. Girl Person decided she needed a change and got her hair chopped off and cried all night last night.  I can’t even explain this behavior and don’t want to arrest her, and I certainly can’t arrest her hair cause its gone.

You may think, wow Sheriff, what a status report.  Anything good happen this week?  Oh yeah, it did.  This.

After all the crazy days, after all the chaos, after all the mistakes, after everything, this is the view we had at night.  This planning thing is hard on the persons, but we have to remember our goal of the Adventure Of A Lifetime.  We need your support and encouragement to keep going.  Let’s see what happens in the next couple of days…think positive for us! WE can do this!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle