The New Kids On The Block Again.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. We hope that you had a good week, despite all the sad news in the world. In case you didn’t know it, YOU are the world to your furkids. We don’t generally watch the news unless there is a report on pancake shortages or peanut butter politics. Usually there is neither.

We had a few “off” days this week. Getting used to being back in the Florida place for a little bit and getting used to being the new kids on the block again…step by step.

Apparently, some riff raft has moved in since we have been away.  Even though the riff raft are three little dogs out to bite our butts, there are some big infractions going on.  And I’m scared about it.  I admit it.  I’m scared about it.  I am running out of pancake butt to bite.

The Sheriff has been under the weather this week, so he hasn’t been in the mood to make the big arrests, and it has been up to me. And it is traumatizing me.  There we are, walking down the road with cars going too fast and people in a hurry.  Then, add to that little dogs running out from their houses to bite our butts all the way down the road!  Now, I will say that they must think this is their job. And our butts are cute enough to bite.  But we have ignored it now for a week and keep walking with yorkie and maltese teeth on our rears. Girl Person has had enough with the bullying.  She told them to go home last night, and that is when they decided to growl and bite her too.  All the while, we are worried about them getting hit by cars and people speeding who don’t care.  I have to wonder.  Why is everyone in such a hurry?  Why don’t people stop and think about how their actions affect others?  Why don’t they realize that slowing down and actually enjoying life and eating pancakes is much more fun than being in a race?  Unless of course they are in a race to get to pancakes.  Which in that case, I understand.

I wish I could give some of my dog thoughts to the stressful furkids and people in this Florida place and tell them that they are missing out on so many good things here like the ocean and the sunshiney!


But isn’t that everywhere?  So many beautiful places we have been on our Adventure Of A Lifetime so far don’t realize how wonderful their state is!  So try and be the new kid on your block today and look around like its all new! Find the happy!  Find the sunshiney.  And don’t let people bite your butt.  Or yorkies. The maltese biting is kinda marshmallowy.. so that’s not too bad. Hopefully Sheriff Brickle will be back to his old self today.  Because I am putting in a call for some butt biting arrests y’all.  The new kids on the block are here. Stay tuned.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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6 thoughts on “The New Kids On The Block Again.

  1. I am an avid animal lover… and forever rescuing animals.. I have three dogs of my own.. and more are welcome.
    What I fall to understand is why do Ppl turn a blind eye towards animals. Why can’t they come fwd and rescue them… why inflict injury on them when you can’t treat them… it hurts me to no end when I see an animal suffering and I am unable to do anything to help…

  2. Jacqueline Healy

    I came across your site in October and have been reading and watching with joy ever since. I am a true dog lover and do what I can for a great rescue group locally here called the Garrido network. John Garrido is a Chicago police Lt who is tireless in his effort to save the dogs whether lost, found, or in need. I just ordered 3 of your calendars. Thanks for making them so big, besides the pics of the dogs I can read them from across the kitchen. The other 2 will be gifts for my favorite dog loving friends. Thank you from Chicago.
    Jacqueline Healy

  3. Rose

    Unfortunately I think the rule of thumb is: people just don’t care. I’m not sure what thumbs have to do with it but there it is. I know that race and I’m not in it anymore. The joke always was that it was a rat race and the rats were winning. We live in the country so we have our little few acres of utopia but even still there are the same careless people. The people who smash our mailbox, the people who throw trash by our property. We always said that when we retire we’re going to the Yukon where there are fewer people, but that never happened so instead we have a fenced play area and a tiny pond, creek and woods. We keep the tent up year round and have picnics with the fur babies. But, we also have fences and security cameras because there are still people. It is unfortunate but that is the way it is.

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