Be Whoever You Truly Are

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. It seems to me that this Adventure Of A Lifetime has taught us many things.  And I am sure it will be teaching us many more lessons after we have completed it in May.  For this week, we found out that perspective is a pretty good thing.  Sure, it is a lot of hard work being on the road.  It is hard work visiting all of the rescues.  And it sure is a lot of hard work looking this good…if you are Digby.  For me, it comes natural. Seriously.  Just look at me.

Coming back to the “real world” for our break has been hard on us this week.  Traffic, the Florida place heat and routine were things we kind of forgot about.  I even got sick from all the heat, and the persons too. We love seeing our family and friends, but having been removed from regular life for the past eight months, we are finding it a bit hard to adjust.

our old friend Fritz


Girl Person says that one of the lessons she is taking from our trip so far is not making excuses…and being herself.  She explained to me that she used to feel guilty when she wanted to spend time with me and Digby and Boy Person and not, let’s say, go to a movie.  She felt like it wasn’t accepted to be who she was.  A “crazy for her dogs” Girl Person.  But being on this trip, and spending so much time together, she told me that she knew no matter what, there would be no more excuses.  She was going to be who she truly was.  And cherish every moment with us.  No excuses.  None.  Have you ever felt that way?  Guilty for loving your furkids so much that other people find it odd? Well, I find it odd when other people don’t.



Dogs have never had a problem being who we truly are.  If you have been reading The Endless Path book with us this month, you have already found out how much your dog thinks.  How much your dog truly lives.  And how you both fit into a bigger picture of life together.  Our last excerpt from this book spoke to us.  With all we have seen so far on our trip….the good….the bad….we have learned what my friend Gunny put into words in Chapter 28.  This seems profound, especially after the events and losses this week.

“I know now for certain, whether human or animal, we are made of the same stuff, the same consciousness.  A soul is a soul is a soul and my advice to people everywhere is, ‘Do your homework.’  Find out who you are and who you want to be inside.  To most humans I say, ‘Wake up.’  The clock is ticking.  Be aware.  Be awake.  Care more about all of humanity.  Care about your home, Mother Earth. 

Don’t be the same person you started as at the end of your journey in this life.  Let yourself be fragile so that you can open yourself up to all the beauty that’s around you.  Don’t give up on yourself when things get tough.  Don’t give up on others.  Don’t have a closed heart or a closed mind.  Be kind, be generous with what you have to offer others, be courageous, and be whoever you truly are.”

Being who you truly are should come naturally for persons, but as Sheriff, I have seen it is not so easy.  Persons think that certain things are expected of them.  Persons think that they should fit into some mold.  For me, mold on peanut butter cookies is a no go and being put in a mold is a no go.  Both are awful.  If you are waiting for a new year, or a new day to start being yourself, you are wasting precious time.

Find out who you truly are and be that.  Like our friend Gunny.  Yes, he was a dog, and a special one at that.  His book, written with his Girl Person truly made us all stop and think this month.  And we thank Gunny for that.  We also thank our fans for allowing us to be who we are.  Girl Person a crazy secretary for me and Deputy Digby as we write this blog and Boy Person for putting up with all of our crazy and fixing the Big Blue Treat Wagon so we can keep on moving with our crazy.

So find your crazy today.  And be whoever you truly are.  It’s more fun that way.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Purchase your copy of The Endless Path on Amazon and follow author Laurie Duperier on Facebook! You will not regret it.  We thank Laurie and Gunny for giving us the opportunity this month to tell you about their wonderful book, written together, and we hope to keep sharing its message with you.  We also thank them for donating books to the rescues we visit in order to have persons read to the animals there!  




9 thoughts on “Be Whoever You Truly Are

  1. Karen Hampton

    God love you ALL…and ALL us ‘crazies’…. I’ve missed you all terribly. Health issues….better now, YAY!!! Y’all look wonderful….keep on trucking…ERR….Big Blue Wagoning……Be safe, enjoy & carry on your GREAT WORKS!!! Safe & EPIC Adventures. ❤️❤️💋💋🙏🏼😘🐶🐺🍷🍷🍰🍔🍕🚙. As always, LOVE ‘Grammy in Michigan’

  2. I love you guys and all your “crazy”!! Or, I should say, my crazy furbaby “Duke” and I love you guys, although I think he might be a little jealous of the overwhelming handsomeness of the Sheriff. He’s o.k. as long as I keep telling him how handsome HE is!!! 🙂 Enjoy some time off!! Love you!

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  4. Yes ~ 10 years ago when I purchased 110 acres on the Arkansas River to raise cows some people thought I had lost my mind ~ that is where I found myself <3 God bless you all on your journey <3

  5. Thank you for sharing the crazy…you are not alone! I exist for the sole purpose of pleasing my SoulMutt…my relationship with him transcends all others!! ❤ Happy New Year to all of you…glad to have you back in our home state!! WOOFWOOF!

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