Don’t Get Carried Away

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. There’s a lot of things I get carried away with. Being handsome. Being perfect. Being demanding. Arresting. Arresting. Arresting.

But the last week in this Georgia place, we almost gotten carried away. Literally. Have you ever been so uncomfortable and in so much turmoil that you just wanna jump into the shower because you just want to wash away your day? But then you remember that the showers at camp are prison showers. And you just say, never mind? Yeah.

First of all, Girl Person started itching. Itching on her feet. On her head. And everywhere else. Poison. Dern. Ivy. She had to take two showers a day. And then we started getting bugs all over us. Ticks and flies and it all. So we had to get three baths a day. There wasn’t enough soap to wash away our attitude. Because it was hot. Humid. The air conditioning was struggling. And so was our resolve to be model campers.

Sure. We like to be proper. Not make a scene. To at least pretend we are enjoying the day with poison ivy and yellow flies in 100 degree heat. But when the ants came out? We tried to laugh about it. But then, we didn’t. We almost got carried away.

Every time Girl Person would put down her backpack, they would try to carry it off. Despite the fact there was nothing but water inside, they didn’t care. They wanted a home inside. And then they tried to get everyone’s shoes. And chair. And bikes. And well. Girl Person had had. It. With a sound so not of a happy camper, she told the ants that maybe they would stop if she put the backpack in the washer. She said “How do you like that? Well? Bite me again on my poison ivy feet and you will be as clean as an ant at a spa. And there ain’t no spa for ants.” So I didn’t get it.

Girl Person carried that backpack to the washer, as they bit her arm and she just had had it.

Again. She put in the soap. She looked at her backpack. She looked at her dinosaur swollen feet and speckled legs and arms and she sighed.

“Get out of this backpack, folks. No spa is worth your life. I’m giving you a chance. Surrender. Go away. Tell all your friends you drove a happy camper with poison ivy to insanity by biting her. Tell all your friends it was a good party on her dinosaur legs. Do whatever you have to do. Just. Scram”.

They seemed to listen. Rather well. And Girl Person felt ok about her decision not to take them to the spa. But then, right as she loaded the backpack in the washer, there he was. One Lone Ranger.

And he was now inside the washer. The water was about to come on. Girl Person felt so bad she reached inside and so nicely put him on her speckled arm to get him out. And. He. Bit. Her.

Now. If you’ve ever seen someone yell at an ant and a washing machine pouring water all over her, you have a story to tell. If not, I implore you to picture Girl Person and her poison ivy, dinosaur legs and her unhappy camper attitude as she’s yelling at aforementioned ant. And then imagine you’re her camping neighbor. And you wonder why you picked that spot. And right when that person reaches her breaking point, you decide to turn up your radio real loud.

And you see that the Girl Person stops and starts laughing instead of crying. And she looks even crazier. And you decide to change the channel. And she starts cackling even harder. And you just close your eyes.

You see, we’ve all got some crazy waiting to come out. What can push you over the edge and make you question every decision you’ve ever made? Maybe an ant. Or a million. Maybe the heat in Georgia. Maybe it’s a battle with poison ivy. But can you recognize the humor? Or do you let it keep you down?

Don’t get carried away with feeling sorry for yourself. There’s no way to make things better stuck in the same place. You can stop. Drop. And roll. But pull it together. And make what you need to happen…happen. It’s up to you. We are leaving Georgia today. Yeah. That’s happening. It’s been fun.

If the RV starts today after a battle with a 140 pound battery, we are on the road!

Stay tuned!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Your Dog’s Dream Destination May Be In Someone’s Backyard!

This 2 Traveling Dogs Editorial is sponsored by Sniffspot! Enable your pup to get the exercise they need in the safety of a private area. It’s like an AirBnb for dogs! Learn more, find a Sniffspot near you and see out how you can earn money by hosting a Sniffspot in your yard or property too at 

Where is YOUR dog’s dream destination? Some joke that it’s the couch, or in the kitchen.

But what value does exercise and freedom to sniff and enjoy our world hold for a dog? So much value.

Image via Sniffspot

As dogs grow, confidence is key. Staying inside for long periods of time without mental stimulation is detrimental. For older dogs, keeping the mind active is so important. For our Digby, the vet recommended that we still travel safely despite his health problems to keep his mind happy and healthy.

As dog parents, we can only hope the quality of life for dogs keeps improving as more options for exercise are available to us. Recognizing our dogs are individuals and that they need mental and physical stimulation is so vital. Simply having a dog to be an accessory or afterthought in our life is not acceptable. We have to make our dogs a priority like we would any member of our family. It’s up to us. If one way doesn’t work, find another way to get this job done.

But what about dogs that don’t have the social skills or physical stamina for dog parks or long hikes? What about those of us without our own yards? There is an alternative.

Yes. Sniffspot is our new, go to recommendation for dog parents everywhere. And we don’t want it to remain a secret any longer.

Image via Sniffspot

You might just find your dog’s happy place and dream destination in someone’s back yard or private space.

We want more happy dogs and happy dog parents. We want dogs to be able to run if they want to. To explore if they want to. To get the opportunity to be a dog! So think about it. Where would your dog like to go today? Will Sniffspot work for you? Brickle and Digby want you to think about it.

According to their website, Sniffspot is “designed for safe exercise and training for reactive dogs.” Sniffspot “enables your pup to get the exercise they need in the safety of a private area.”

Simply put, you can go to or the Sniffspot app and search for private spaces near you. Some Sniffspots are yards, some are large spaces, some are fenced and some are not fenced. Each Sniffspot is unique and described in the listing. Some hosts will offer that their dog play with your dog, or give you that option. All Sniffspots are rented by the hour with a set price. You book online, wait for the confirmation and you’re set. Is it safe to visit a Sniffspot? Their website explains the process.

  1. Search and discovery: take advantage of our map, host profile and sniff spot profile. Make sure to read all about the sniff spot before booking.
  2. Read reviews: if a sniff spot has reviews, read them to understand what other guests have thought of the sniff spot. However, new sniff spots may not have reviews and you can message the host to learn more.
  3. Get your questions answered: you can message a host to understand more about their listing or ask questions about their policies prior to booking.
  4. Always communicate and pay through Sniffspot: keep yourself, your personal information and your payment safe by communicating and booking through Sniffspot. If you are ever requested to communicate or pay off platform, please report it to us immediately.
  5. Do a safety check: when you get to a sniff spot, look around to understand if there are any hazards for you or your pup, always walk the perimeter of any fenced enclosure to ensure it is secure before letting your dog off leash, and understand how to exit the sniff spot.

As we travel the country for the remainder of the year, we will not only be visiting parks and attractions with Brickle and Digby. But we will be looking for Sniffspots along the way! If you would like to sign up to be a host to help out other dogs and their parents and earn extra money, use code 2TD and get an extra $15 after your first review. You never know…maybe we will be coming to your backyard!

We have to give our dogs the chance to be the best they can be. Where can they be their best? Find their dream destination!

Sniffspot is Airbnb for dog off leash areas! Designed for safe exercise and training for reactive dogs, Sniffspot enables your pup to get the exercise they need in the safety of a private area. With Sniffspot, you can book a private space for safe play and training, socialize your pup in a controlled environment, and provide enrichment through exploring new areas and smells! You can also host your space & earn money to share your yard with doggie guests.

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Rachael Johnson

Co-Founder, 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dog’s Diner

Although this post is sponsored and we received compensation, all opinions are our own.