Holes In The Trees

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes, I feel invigorated! The cold air sure gives me pep. The breeze in my fur, the smell of breakfast at camp and nice, cold grass makes a Tuesday worth getting up for.

As we were taking our morning hike around the lake at camp, we watched the ducks swim, people walking their dogs and bees buzzing around.

There was a lot of life and activity. But a lot of times, I just like to get a good vantage point and take it all in.

That’s when I noticed so many trees! All different sizes and colors. And I noticed all the holes. There were a lot of trees with holes. And I wondered why.

Girl Person told me that sometimes, trees have holes or hollows like people get cavities in their teeth. She says it can be because of an injury or fungus. Sometimes, birds, insects or other animals can make holes in the trees too.

It got me to wondering if something as strong and rooted as a tree can get a hole in it, why do we feel so bad when we aren’t perfect? By we, I don’t mean me. I am perfect. But you get my point.

A tree can still stand with a hole, or quite a few holes. It can even become a hiding place for animals. Its holes prove to be useful and makes it useful in other ways.

Even if the tree ends up having to come down, its purpose can be in the form of something else like the dock we stood on to admire the lake on our hike.

You see, even if you have holes…many holes..don’t doubt your worth. Let others learn from you, become a place of refuge and most of all, keep standing tall for as long as you can!

This West Virginia place is an inspiration that life is all around us! And that there is always a sunny spot somewhere even in the forest.

Nearly seventy five percent of the state is covered in forests!To some, trees may all look alike. But they each have their own goals towards the sun. They each have roots. Not unlike us.

So take your holes and your cavities and use your experience to teach someone else. Your worth and your value is not in trying to be perfect. It’s in seeing the importance of the holes of your experiences. And recognizing your beauty.

Today, we are venturing out in this West Virginia place! We can’t wait to show you what we find!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Rocky Rocks

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Welcome to New Jersey!

We didn’t get here without some bumps in the road.

A faulty hose when we were emptying our tanks. A transmission in the Big Blue Treat Wagon making odd life decisions. Tires that are hanging on for the ride. And we can’t forget the fuel gauge that always says our tanks are full! That would be nice. But no.

We probably drove a bit too long for our liking without a break. But we didn’t want to get to camp too late because we weren’t sure if the site would fit us all in it. Then we got a call from the campground that someone was in our spot but maybe they would be gone when we got there.

So it was a long day. A rocky kind of day. But. We got there. The space was empty. We fit. And the persons made dinner.

A day after traveling means a day of rest. It’s the best feeling in the world to wake up in a new place. In fact, I’m not sure there’s a much better morning. So when we got up and hit the trails right outside our door, we were amazed. No, I didn’t see my reflection. But I did see so many rocks!

Big rocks, small rocks, a quiet forest and leaves falling all seemed to bring on a sense of appreciation. The world suddenly made sense. Even our previously rocky day made sense.

Because we all have rocky times and rocky days. But those rocks mixed in our life adds for variety and lessons learned help us to be our best.

Big rocks are too hard to move so we have to leave them there. Like bad memories. Bad experiences. Sometimes there is nothing we can do but to build other beauty around them.

Sometimes we can use our bad days on our good days. They make them better.

They build appreciation. Sometimes others can use them to not make the same ones.

Do you appreciate your rocky rocks?

New Jersey? We have a great week ahead. We don’t know what the next day or week will bring. But for now, we will hike among your rocks and pick your apples and lay on our beds among the chipmunks.

Stay tuned for our adventures this week after we get settled in today!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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