My Measurements

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. I sure have been hungry lately. When we walk around in the neighborhood, I can smell all of the cooking going on in every house. It’s a lot for a dog to handle.

I see a lot of families getting together and eating and having fun. When we used to be in the campgrounds in our RV, I loved to watch all the happy things.

The campfires and the games. That was nice too.

But I have a question I guess. And it’s something I’ve wondered for awhile.

Why, at this time of year, do persons find extra time to do these things? Do they forget how to measure time the rest of the year? It’s like Girl Person’s baking skills. She never measures.

I said it. She rarely gets that bread or cake right. She can’t expect the same results every time without following a recipe.

Now. I am all about being spontaneous if I plan to be that. But Fruitycake tells me I’m missing the point.

If we want something to work out and rise like bread, or yummy cake, we have to measure.

We can’t expect everything to turn out good magically.

Like spending time with the ones we love. We don’t have to plan out every detail of our time.

But we do have to make an effort to get there. To get to the kitchen to make the bread. We have to start measuring beforehand.

There’s no reason and no reason at all to ignore the ones in our lives. If we love them, we will work hard at measuring time. Whether it’s a call or a text or a message.

My measurements in life are a basic recipe. Effort, action and more effort.

Life gives us many excuses to waste the little time we have. What are your measurements? What and who is important to you?

This week, we are in that sometimes sunny Florida place preparing for Live Like Digby Day this Friday, December 1.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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