That Spot

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Do you have a favorite spot? Maybe it’s your favorite restaurant.

Maybe it’s your favorite dive bar. How deep is the water?

Maybe your favorite spot is your couch. Or comfy chair. Or both. Like Digby.

But if you’re living in a house with wheels that moves around a lot, you may have a favorite spot. And then you have to leave that spot.

And you get sad about it. Until you find another favorite spot. But it’s still hard to say goodbye.

Many would disagree with my outlook on favorite spots. They might to tend to think that if I can find another favorite spot so easily, I may not have liked the old one that much to begin with. But that would be wrong.

I like myself and my company. I have learned that each favorite spot teaches me something new about myself, because it is new. If we stayed in one spot forever, what would we be missing out on? What would we not know about ourselves? Who would be missing out on learning something from us?

Today as we leave this Carrabelle, Florida place, I will miss my favorite spot in the sand. Every morning and every night, I sat in that spot because it was just right. It had a view of the water and the trees. And I could see the fishing dock in the distance. And I knew the tree stump there. And it was my spot. But I have to go.

The fact is, my favorite spot here could be changed tomorrow. The tree stump could be washed away. The fishing dock could fall down. But I would still have my company. And my memories. I choose to say goodbye when a place is like I want to remember it.

If you’ve been thinking of making changes, but you are afraid to leave your comfortable spot, think of what you could be missing.

What is comfortable for you today may not feel good tomorrow. Don’t wait until you’re forced to make a change. Have it be because you should. And you want to. And have confidence that your new favorite spot in life is waiting for you to get there. Make the leap.

We are back on the road today! Stay tuned to see where we are going. We don’t know.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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The Tides

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Sometimes the sun shines. Sometimes the rain pours down. Sometimes I’m gorgeous. All the time I’m gorgeous.

But staying near the ocean helps you to realize how little control any one has over much. The tides come in. The tides go out.

Sometimes you can walk on the beach. And sometimes there is no beach to walk on.

Have you ever felt like your tide was low? That you had nothing left? That life and the problems you faced were impossible to fight any longer?

As we walked near the campground this week, we were fortunate to watch the tides.

We got to see the birds and how they fish and fly. We got to see the crabs in the water and how they fight to stay in the water. It’s hard for them at low tide. It’s a struggle. And we almost felt like we needed to help them.

But watching the crabs for a little while, we realized they had it covered. They knew how to fight the currents. They knew how to get back in the water. But it was work. It didn’t come easy. And sometimes we feel like that too.

That there is always a current to fight against.

But when the tides seem at their lowest, you may think high tide will never come again. But it beautifully does.

Just like right before sunrise is the coldest and darkest.

The same can happen with us. We may be at our lowest. But if we believe in ourselves and don’t give up, we can make it. Love yourself with all of your heart.

We may always have a current to fight against like the crabs. Problems don’t disappear. New ones will come.

But if we are strong in our resolve to be better, to feel better, to work to make things better, high tide will come again.

We say goodbye to this Carrabelle, Florida place tomorrow.

Where are we headed? We don’t know. Stay tuned!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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