Take It On The Run

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Not often do I think about where peanut butter comes from. Because it appears. It’s there. It’s yummy. It’s all it can be. Girl Person says in order to have peanut butter though, you have to have peanuts first. And that’s neat. I love peanuts too.

But as Girl Person was driving to get our weekly groceries yesterday, she started complaining. You see, she goes out once a week to get food. She cooks a lot for me and for Digby. And we need a lot of food. But she doesn’t like going. In fact, she says it’s becoming too hard. The heat, the traffic. The rushing around. The money. It’s a lot.

Girl Person says she feels like she is leaving an island when she leaves the campground. An oasis of sorts.

Because the real world? It doesn’t seem real. In fact, it seems as fake as it can be. And we all play the game.

We take it for granted that there is food for us to buy. We take it for granted that it was grown, or made or shipped far distances. We take, take, take. We go thru life fast. We consume fast.

Almost as fast as Digby. But not quite.

When did all this start? When did persons stop giving back anything and only taking anything and everything? And why do they have to do it so fast? Is there a way we can all slow down and think about what we are doing? Even if everyone is doing the same thing? That doesn’t make it right.

Not one of us can change the world. But we can change how we play a part in the world. Taking is not all it’s cracked up to be. Living in an RV, we have no room for most anything. And we notice how much we have. We notice how much we could reuse. And it’s our goal to do better. Even if we have to move somewhere where it’s not such a fight.

If you notice you are taking everything on the run, can you walk today? Maybe think about planting some herbs. Maybe think about making a bird feeder and helping out some birds. And that brings me to a special announcement. Boy Person will be teaching you how to make a bird feeder out of trash! You heard it first! Watch our Facebook page for details.

And remember. When you take everything, eventually there will be nothing left. It’s up to you.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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I Can’t Be Bothered

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. There may be a few things you can’t be bothered to do today. Maybe it’s going to the gym place.

Maybe it’s doing your homework. I haven’t had time to eat it yet.

Maybe it’s cleaning the house.

I have been told I wake up on the right side of the bed everyday.

I guess Sheriff Brickle sleeps on the other side.

I choose to sleep where I sleep though. I choose to wake up how I wake up. Because I choose not to be bothered with the things I don’t want to be bothered with.


That could be worry about me being sick.


It could be wondering about where we are going to go after this. It could be other persons in a bad mood. It could be problems on the news which I don’t see anyway, because we don’t have a TV thing.

No. I choose to not be bothered with things that could bother me. Because the truth is, if I let it all get to me, I couldn’t be happy. I couldn’t smile. There would be no room, and we are already living in a car. So you get it.

I’ve learned quite a few lessons during my almost ten years. It’s that everyone has a lot of choices. Some things we can’t control, that’s true. There will simply be bad days, that’s true. But on the days when it’s not so bad, don’t let it turn into bad. Perspective is key to me. You see, one day I was feeling fine. My biggest worry was if I was going to get one ice cream or two. The next day, I was in the vet person’s office with needles and blankets and it was scary.



I wished for my old problems. And I realized they weren’t such big problems after all.

So on the days when problems try to bother you, don’t let them. Tell them there’s no room at the inn, in your house or in your car.

Instead of worrying about things that can bother you, celebrate the life you have.

I’m still here. You’re still here. It’s not a bother for me to tell you I love you and I need your smile too. Tell someone else the same.

And maybe think about cleaning the house. Just sayin.

Deputy Digby Pancake

Just a few days left!